Thursday, July 14, 2022


 Good morning, everyone and happy Thursday.  What we read and hear has a way of influencing us to do many different things from trying new restaurants, to seeing certain movies and reading certain books.  Everything from our style of dress to our political viewpoints can be influenced by many factors.  

The word, "influencer" has taken on a different meaning as of late.  It refers to the ones who are experts on everything from raising children, to losing weight, to putting on eyeliner.  All these experts can be found on Instagram and because we see the number of followers they have, well then, they must be credible!

I have years of experience putting on make-up, trying different diets and I'm happy to say my children made it (whew) through childhood without all these "influencers."  Not to say I cannot learn from someone else but what I value more is sharing kindness and love.

Today's quote is, "Love is the biggest influencer."  Allow your vulnerability to shine through.  Let your heart be open.  Kindness and love are such an easy thing to share.  Let love be the biggest influencer in all that you do.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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