Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Good Morning on this Tuesday.  Hope Monday went without a hitch.  It went quickly for me for some reason.  I hope the work part of my day goes just as quickly today.  I know, enjoy every minute of your day.  I need to listen to my own advice.  I will say I do take pleasure in the chores at home.  Walking the dog in the sunshine and looking at nature.  Even running into a store for something.  That's because it's my choice. 

Don't we wish everything was our choice!  There are times it is and there are times it just isn't.  One area in our lives where we definitely should have choice is how we live and who we love.  Today's quote, "Labels are for clothing - not people - we should be able to live and love without judgement."  I saw a very powerful program on TV last night.  It was called When We Rise.  It was all about the Gay community and the struggles they went through in the 1970's.  One sad story after another.

One story was about a boy.  18 years old.  He came out to his dad who thought not only was he sick but electric shock therapy would save him and make him "normal."  Can you imagine?  I can't.  First of all acceptance for your children should be 100%.  All kids make stupid mistakes, trust me on that. I know first hand especially with 3 teenagers.  BUT...how can you judge something like sexuality.

First of all, what a struggle it must be to not fit into what society considers "normal" to begin with and then to be judged by everyone AND your parents.  So sad.  The police at the time were so full of hate for these people just because they loved in a different way.  We should all be able to live and love the way we want, the way we please, the way that is perfect for us and us alone without anyone labeling us or telling us we are sick and that we need to change.

Part 2 of this program is on tonight.  I hope you get to watch it.  No one should have to struggle like that.  Everyone deserves happiness wherever it is they find it.  This is a lesson for all of us.  We all struggle to a degree in our daily lives.  Celebrate the fact that someone has found love.  The phrase for that is live and let live.  Today I will add, love and let love!  With that thought in mind, have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!~love, Amy

Monday, February 27, 2017


Good Morning!  Happy Monday, said tongue in cheek!  OK, so it's the beginning of the week.  New Moon wishes are over, (I hope you wrote down your top 10) and the eclipse has passed.  So has my queasiness!  My body could NOT take all that energy.  I'm back to myself and feeling pretty good.  I didn't even get that much sleep but whatever I got seems to be enough.

If it's back to work for you after a break or just back to work I hope it is a productive Monday.  Let's get back to your New Moon Wishes.  It's not as easy as it sounds to write down 10 things you want or the change you want.  You really have to think about it.  Were you honest with yourself?  The wishes don't work unless your heart is really in it.  Today's quote, "Truth reveals itself no matter how hard you try to hide from it."  Always.  The Universe always knows what is good for us even if we don't.  The point is we can try and convince ourselves that we are happy as is.  Situations are different than we imagine but that's just it.  Imagine is the key word here. 

It's hard to look at the truth.  You can be untrue to others and you can even try to be untrue to yourself but truth does show it's head eventually.  No matter what the situation.  Truth comes out.  It may take some time but truth is simply more powerful than untruths.  Now I'm not talking about a lie which truth does overtake.  I am talking about the way you are to yourself and what it is you truly desire and your true nature.  I have a lot invested in the Universe because that is the reason many things happen.

Think of times in your life about the decisions you made.  Of course you made them on your own but at times there really is a power somewhere that made you perhaps change at the last second.  That has happened to all of us.  Be comforted knowing you are not alone.  I know I am.  I see it in the photos I take everyday.  There is always a beautiful Orb watching over me.  I know because not only do I see it but I really feel it.  Truth is there to reveal itself to you.  Welcome it with open arms!  Have a wonderful Monday everyone!~Love, Amy

Sunday, February 26, 2017


Good Morning on this New Moon Power Day AND eclipse!  Wow!  A lot going on.  Eclipses are activators and accelerators able to release what you may not have been strong enough to let go of on your own.  Lots of transformations and revelations.  What is it that you need to let go of but can't?  What is it that you are working towards?  During this time you are meant to heal and grow.

Today's quote, "See what will transform - see what will be revealed - listen carefully to the Universe as you heal and grow."  If any day is the day to do that, this is it!  There is so much upheaval these days.  I feel it.  I feel that I am on the brink of something wonderful but a little nervous and anxious at the same time.  Are you feeling this way too?  If you are, don't worry.  It is quite normal for this type of Universal change.  Change is what it's all about and sometimes change can be very unsettling and unnerving. 

Just relax into it as best as you can and know the Universe has your back.  Listen to the signs.  Look at what the Universe is showing you.  It can be in your face or subtle.  Every day when I walk Mia, I take pictures of the beautiful nature around me and every day there are beautiful orbs surrounding me and protecting me.  I thank them and know they are there for my highest good.  Those are the signs that I get.  You never know where they come from, just be open. 

The exact time for the new moon is 9:58 in the morning but the most potent time to write your wishes is 8 hours after the exact time of the new moon.  However; don't worry, if you write them at 9:58 or 12:00 it's all good.  Most important is to release those feelings of victimization.  Get rid of thoughts as "why me,"  "why does everyone have success and not me?"  "why does everyone else get to have fun and not me?"  As you can see the list can get very long. 

You are no longer a victim.  This is your take charge time.  Let the Universe help you!  Have a wonderful Sunday and New Moon Power Day!~Love, Amy

Saturday, February 25, 2017


Good Morning all!  It's Saturday.  Still kind of warm but cloudy as well.  Enjoy it while it lasts.  Tomorrow is back to winter.  Definitely feeling the pressure of the humidity in the air. Just took two Motrin.  I'm not a huge believer in why suffer.  No need for it especially when there are wonderful creations out there to help us feel better.  I'm all for it!

How are you going to spend the day?  I will be doing my usual.  Food shopping!  Don't know why I gave it an exclamation point.  Nothing very exciting about food shopping.  Just needs to be done.  Today's quote, "The predictability of a day is sometimes exactly what you need."  That suits my day quite well.  Sure I am all for excitement and doing something new.  But there are times when knowing what comes next is just as exciting in its own way.  

Like the cup of coffee I have in the morning.  I know it's going to be there every day and I look forward to it.  I know that I am going to get a wonderful greeting from Mia everyday and I look forward to that too.  My home and all the things in it.  The scent of my favorite perfume.  The taste of my roast chicken.  The sound the fish tank makes.  The creaky noise that comes when I open my bedroom door.  The voices of my kids when they come in and say hello.  Even the complaints about two cream cheeses being open made by my husband.  Yes, these are all predictable sights, sounds and smells.  I can't imagine life without these things. 

Hold on to these predictable moments.  Change is about to occur.  Tomorrow in the New Moon for Pisces and BIG changes will be taking place.  Nothing wrong with the comfort of a day.  Enjoy it and hold on tight for what is to come.  Whatever you are doing today and especially if it is what you do every Saturday, just go with the flow.  Have a wonderful and unsurprising day!~love, Amy

Friday, February 24, 2017


Good Morning and happy Friday.  For me it is back to work on Monday so I will concentrate on enjoying my free time especially today.  It's going to be another gorgeous one out there.  It's funny but when you have nothing to do, every little thing you do have to do seems like an enormous chore.  I think I'll survive.

Is anyone out there off today?  How are you going to spend your day?  Doing chores?  With a friend?  Taking a walk?  However you spend it find some peace in the day.  If you are with a friend today then that is even more special.  How many people can say they have true, real friends.  People you can really count on?  Today's quote, "Hold tight to those who are dear - who have your back - for they are precious commodities."  So true right?  You could be friends with someone for a long time and then something happens.  Something small and irritating or something really big and irreparable.  All along you thought this person was on your side, was your friend, really had your back and then.....gone. 

In this life or any other you don't need to surround yourself with throngs of people.  You don't need millions of friends.  It's just not possible.  A small circle, even 1 or 2 really great people who are there for you is all you really need.  Maybe it's just me but I feel that those who need to be around lots and lots of people who they think are their friends are really searching for adoration and that is another blog. 

Think of your circle.  Think of those who you can count on.  They are your true and real support system.  Hold onto those people because they truly are precious and rare.  Lastly, tell them!  Let your friends know just what it is they mean to you.  Kind words are always appreciated but more than that.  Let your support system know you don't know where you would be without them!  Have a wonderful day everyone!~love, Amy

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Good Morning everyone!  Hope you didn't miss me too much yesterday.  I did not have access to a computer, only my phone and I think I would still be blogging!  I need a big key board.  I honestly don't know how those kids do it.  Anyway, hope you had a good one.  Today is going to be just beautiful.  A real spring like day.  Hopefully you can get out and enjoy it!

Today's quote is very spring like - "If a flower is strong enough to push itself out of the earth - think of all it is that you can do."  We can relate so much of ourselves to nature.  Just look outside at the wonder all around.  Just one of the many magnificent things we can look at is a flower pushing it's way out of the ground after a cold cold winter.  How in the world does that happen?  Yet it happens every single spring.  Every single year.  Year after year after year.  And every year I am truly amazed by this process.  The renewal for new life is so wonderful.  We have that very same ability.  To renew ourselves.  To renew our world and our surroundings.  To create new beginnings. 

Life is wonderful that way.  We get to start over all the time and we don't even realize it.  Be that flower!  Thing is you don't need to wait for Spring to do it.  You can do it at any time.  The choice is always yours.  BUT....because today is going to be such a spectacular Spring like day, I chose this quote to get you going.  Feel renewed, feel alive.  Go for it.  What do you want to do?  If you are not sure?  Always O.K.  Just feel positive like a new Spring day!~Love, Amy

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Good Morning all!  Today is Tuesday and it will be very nice for this time of year.  Even nicer tomorrow.  I had a wonderful Guided Meditation class last night and although I was very relaxed my dreams always prove otherwise.  Good thing I meditate!

Most people are back to work after a nice three day break.  I'm lucky enough to be off the entire week.  I am going into the city today and will be back tomorrow.  A nice break from the scenery up here.  Not that I don't love where I am but it's fun to look at all the different people and all the different clothing they wear.  Like a live show. 

Other than walking around I have no specific plans.  Just like today's thought, "Rivers flow in the right direction without instruction and exertion."  Today I will be a river.  Sometimes it's nice not to have to think at all.  Let the day just flow, let it just be.  That's really O.K.  Not everything needs to or even can be planned.  What is it that you can let go of without feeling guilty or without really caring?  It's very freeing. 

Plan what you need to, what you have to but release what you can.  I am looking forward to being a city wanderer today.  I didn't even make dinner plans.  Usually I am SO organized even for an overnight but you know what?  The city has a gazillion restaurants and it's only Tuesday.  I'm sure I can find a place to eat.  Who knows what stores or galleries I will wander into.  I don't.  And I don't care.  Let the day direct me not the other way around. 

Let the day direct you (if you can, meaning if you are off) but if you are not off.  Try it on a day where you are.  For one day, be a river.  Let it flow, let it go!  Have a wonderful day everyone!~Love, Amy

Monday, February 20, 2017


Good Morning!  Are you off today?  It is a holiday although not everyone has the day to themselves.  I am lucky in that I am off for the entire week although here I am before 7:00 a.m. on the computer.  It's true that your body tells time.  My normal during the week wake up time is quite early and so here I am.

I have a client today bright and early and Guided Meditation class tonight so I am eager to begin my Monday.  By my writing you must know that I love what I do.  It took me time to get to where I am and I am STILL not exactly where I want to be.  I know in my mind where I am going and I affirm it all the time.  I also know that when the time is right for me all things will flow as they are supposed to.  I trust and I believe in the Universe.  Not just lip service from me.

I not only enjoy what I do but believe in it too.  If you feel the same about your path then you need to continue no matter what you hear from others.  Today's quote, "If it is worth the work and effort then keep going and never let anyone talk you out of it."  "Friends," and notice I put that in quotation marks are great at talking you out of things.  Ever notice that?  If you do then either don't tell that "friend" anything or drop that person from you life.

Your friends are there to support you.  Or as the saying goes, know from where it comes.  You really have to know who is there to support you and who really doesn't care.  If you have a loving supportive group of friends, consider yourself lucky and if not.  You have yourself.  Be your best friend.  You can do as much damage to yourself as others but don't.  Be your support and your champion.  If you fee there is something you want to pursue then go for it.  If you KNOW that unsupportive person in your life will do their utmost to talk you down, to tell you that you are out of your mind, to tell you you are crazy, then DON'T TELL THAT PERSON! 

Remember you are in control.  Family members too.  Anyone who does not support you does not deserve to destroy your dreams.  Remember, nothing happens over night.  Even lottery tickets are probably bought for years before someone actually wins anything.  Pursue your dreams, go for what you want and if you want encouragement, here I am!  Have an awesome Monday everyone!~Love, Amy

Sunday, February 19, 2017


Good Morning on this beautiful Sunday.  It's already in the mid 40's and going up to the 50's.  Such a feeling of renewal and life when the weather is this warm.  I am definitely a warm weather girl.  I prefer t-shirts to bundling up but whatever the weather brings I make the best of it.  You really have no choice right?

You can't blame happiness on the weather.  Well you can but it's short lived.  Today's quote, "Outside forces offer temporary relief - the ability for real happiness lies within ourselves."  Those outside forces could be anything.  I'm not just talking about the weather.  A brand new pair of shoes, a new shirt, a good meal.  All of these things give us happiness for the time we have them.  Some of us are excited as soon as we make a purchase but once that box is brought home the happiness has been left in the store. 

Now I'm not saying I don't love a brand new pair of shoes.  I do!  I'm a shoe girl too!  But shoes are not going to give me long lived happiness!  Shoes will be my temporary fix until that next purchase.  Inner peace is what will give you happiness in the long run.  You know what gives me real happiness is taking my dog for long walks and appreciating the beauty that is all around me.  Natural beauty is there whether it is raining, snowing, freezing, windy.  Nature seeps into your being.  If you can learn to appreciate that and find beauty in all there is you can find peace within yourself.

No other person can bring you real happiness either.  They can certainly complement you and bring you joy when you are around them but finding that perfect person who may or may not exist is not going to do it either.  I'm not saying when you are with that wonderful friend or partner they can't make you happy.  But what happens when they are not around you?  Can you go on?  Can you feel the same peace with them and without them?  That's the real question.  Let no one person or pair of shoes control your mood and how you will feel.  Find that feeling of joy and peace within yourself.  It's there.  Take a walk today.  Enjoy the sunshine and the beauty created by Mother Nature and I promise you will be renewed!  Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!~Love, Amy

Saturday, February 18, 2017


Good Morning and happy Saturday!  I have a whole week off so I it is a really happy Saturday for me.  I had a wonderful Friday as well.  My longer meditation will be on FaceBook soon so that's exciting!  I had a lovely evening with the woman who did the recording because I certainly wouldn't know how. 

Another thing to add to my list - learn technology more!  That is something for me and only me to learn.  I can control that aspect of my life.  Whether I choose to or not is a different story but I am working on it.  Today's quote, "What are you going to control when there is nothing to control."  Obviously that does not apply to my lack of knowledge with technology because that is something that is totally up to me.

Are you one of those control freaks?  Do you need to control everything and are unhappy unless you already know what the outcome is?  What happens to you when you give up that control.  How do you react when there is nothing you can do about a situation?  That can be awfully scary for some of us.  That's where the ultimate trust comes in.  Forgetting about trust this time just let go.

Letting go can be so freeing.  Have you ever tried it?  Difficult for some as I said but sometimes it's great to say, WHO CARES!  THERE'S NOTHING I CAN DO ANYWAY!  Control what you can, release what you can't.  Start small.  I think it starts with people.  We want to control others.  Their responses to us.  Their behavior to us.  Their attitude to us.  The list goes on.  We are all individuals and we all respond how we feel fit.  A real friendship is not based on control.

I can't even control my dog.  Even she has her own mind.  Try it if you never have.  You will look at a person or a situation in a new and different light.  AND, you will feel so much better.  I promise you that!  Would love to hear the outcome!  Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!~Love, Amy

Friday, February 17, 2017


Good Morning and happy Friday on this holiday weekend.  As much as I love all of you, I am looking forward to not sitting at the computer at 5:30 in the morning.  No energy today for some reason and I don't know why.  It was not a particularly late night for me but I did have a lot of dreams.  Most dreams that I do have are so real that I feel as though I am really there and therefore my sleep is quite busy.  Remember what is said about dreams.  Dreams are not dreams!

Any plans for the long weekend?  Do you even have a long weekend?  Not getting up super early is vacation enough for me AND the weather is supposed to be very spring like.  Great Mia walking weather.  If you have absolutely no plans, that's OK too.  As long as you feel good and going with the flow of the status quo.

Some of us have a rough time with the status quo.  We feel that we have done so much to change our lives, to move things in a different direction but it is not going fast enough.  Today's quote, "Feeling stagnant does not mean you are not evolving - you just might not be aware at this moment."  This might apply to you not only today but for a while.  I completely understand.  There are times I feel this way too.  You work hard to change, do all the right things, open your mind, change your patterns and still...there you are, the same you. 

DON'T DESPAIR!  Change takes time.  LOTS of time.  Things and situations don't just happen over night.  It does take work, effort and mindset.  Ask yourself first if you are really and truly working to alter your life.  If you are then that's fantastic and be happy that you are on your way.  Just because you don't see results immediately, don't think the Universe has forgotten you.  It hasn't.  The Universe knows you better than you think and is there to help you and to be a support. 

Let go of the thought that nothing good is ever going to happen to you.  It will.  It's hard to be patient but I will tell you, things are moving along as I sit here and write these love letters to all of you.  I was just scrolling in Face Book and this came up, "Everything will fall into place, be patient!"  And so you see, I am not the only one with this thought and knowledge.  Trust as always.  Have faith even though it might be hard. 

You are amazing, evolving and growing.  Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not happening.  Have a wonderful Friday everyone!~Love, Amy

Thursday, February 16, 2017


Good Morning!  I got up late for me today.  Late night last night for me too.  I went to a meeting at a hospital that wants to integrate different kinds of practitioners along with medical doctors.  It's about time.  I don't believe that anything alone is the answer when you are sick but a combination of medicine and holistic healers whether it be acupuncture, Reiki or meditation can be something to help a patient get well faster.

A healthy and happy mind will help heal an unhealthy body much faster than when that person is sad and depressed.  Sometimes you need to get to the root of the sickness.  What is causing whatever it is that the person is feeling.  Sometimes it begins as stress.  WOW!  Stress can certainly do a number on you.  Of course sickness comes from real diseases but stress can cause a lot of sickness as well. 

There are many reasons and layers to all of us.  Let's move from sickness to beauty.  That too comes in layers.  My quote today, "True beauty comes in many layers."  It certainly does.  The first one is the one you see.  It is your appearance to the world.  Your outward appearance.  Of course your face but your smile.  But what is behind that smile?  Is it a sincere smile?

Sometimes we smile because we have to.  We are in our work place and the boss walks by and we make eye contact.  Smiling at your boss is automatic.  Even if you despise this person, you are not going to look at him with a scowl, unless of course you want it to be your last day!

BUT, if you do despise your boss and you are smiling then true beauty does not lay behind that countenance.  When you walk by a colleague that you truly like and respect, your smile becomes wide and filled with real joy.  Behind that smile is a real meaning of friendship and so underneath you are beautiful too.  The saying goes that beauty is only skin deep but it goes all the way down to your heart.  Be true to yourself and others when you offer a smile.

I get it.  You want to keep your job and it IS polite to smile.  But offer a real smile even if it is just for yourself.  You will feel better.  A smile goes a long way and will reach down to your soul.  Smile for those around you and mostly, smile for yourself.  Be that true and beautiful person that you are outside and way down deep too!  Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!~Love, Amy

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Good Morning on the Wednesday.  How are you all feeling today?  My house is beginning to be infested with sick germs.  I'm planning on coming out unscathed.  Time will tell.  For some reason now is the time everyone starts to get sick.  The weather is crazy.  One day warm, one day cold.  One day rain, one day snow.  Hard to keep up and know how to dress. 

The good news is that it's getting lighter and lighter every day which means spring is on it's way.  All in all this winter has not been as severe as in the past so no complaints from me.  I love walking my baby in the late afternoon because the sun is still out at 5:00.  That's the time I do a walking meditation.  Walking gives me a chance to think, reflect on the day, look to the future. 

It gives me a chance to evaluate and what's going on in my life.  I think about how I can improve on things in my life and think about how I am going to attain what it is I really want.  Today's quote, "Are you living your dream or dreaming your life."  Before our lives become a reality we think deeply about what it is we want and yes sometimes we dream about it.

Tomorrow I am having a Guided Meditation class at my house.  The thought to do this in my own space never occurred to me.  I do Reiki sessions there so why wouldn't I do Guided Meditation there as well?  I can't answer that.  I can say that my dream is to have Reiki and Guided Meditation here.  I thought about it, I acted on it and slowly it is happening.

Now don't think that all this happened in a week.  Hardly.  This part of my life has been a process.  It's very important that you all know that.  Each phase of your life takes time.  Sometimes it takes a while just to process what it is you want, then comes the phase of how it's going to happen and then of course implementing what it is you want.  You need to be willing to give it time.  Don't be impatient.  It's so much easier to give up but think how proud of yourself you will be if you keep going and going. 

Life can be a challenge.  But it is YOUR life and YOUR challenges.  Think of the alternatives.  Do you want to give up on your dreams?  I always look at it this way.  I'm not dead yet.  There is so much I still want to do and I know it will get done.  It will get done for you as well.  It might not be the right time but that is different from the time will never come.

Trust me that it will.  Be strong, stay with your dreams.  Never give up, continue your hard work and celebrate every step you take.  I will celebrate with you!  Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!~Love, Amy

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Good Morning and Happy Valentine's Day!  I love Valentine's Day!  I don't know why but I always have.  I like celebrations in general but I think Valentine's Day is so pretty.  All that red!  Very powerful.  Red is the color of grounding and the ability to stand on your own two feet strongly and proudly.  Love is a feeling of strength as well.  It can give us the ability to be strong or weak but whichever you may feel - you know when it's there.

Of course today's quote is directly related to this once a year day although I DO mean it for every day, "Show love - share love - be love and celebrate this day of love."  If at the moment you don't have a partner or spouse it doesn't mean you can't celebrate a day of love.  Children, friends, pets....they all count.  And yes, strangers too.  Give a smile freely today, (and of course this should be everyday too.)  You never know who is hurting inside and who will just light up when they see a smile from a someone they don't know.

Open up your heart and share yourself today.  Yes, yes, everyday but today especially.  It is Valentine's Day after all.  You will be amazed at what you get back with the little you give.  You can show love by doing something very little today too.  A compliment always goes a long way but do make it sincere.  And just be happy.  Who doesn't like someone who's happy!  It's contagious. 

Today is a light but meaningful quote.  Show love to all you know, share love to all you know, be love and light yourself always and however you celebrate this day of love, make it wonderful and meaningful to you.  Happy Valentine's Day my friends!  Sending love out to each and every one of you today and always!!! AND...have a wonderful Wednesday!~Love, Amy

Monday, February 13, 2017


Good Morning on this very windy Monday.  Icy roads out there so be careful!  For some reason I got up way before my alarm even though I went to bed later than usual.  I still have lots of time this morning.  I even exercised already.  Too bad the baby can't walk herself but that's OK, it's our time together!

I'm hoping you all get off to a good start for the beginning of your week.  A delayed start for work is always a good beginning for me.  Do you  have meetings coming up this week?  Family stuff?  Anything pressing?  Here is a good quote for that.  "When people push your buttons - replace them with boundaries."  Does that happen to you?  Why is that?  That's a hard one. 

Do people do that to us or do we allow it or is it a combination.  When we are in a situation with a boss we need to do what they say because she or he is well....the boss.  But just because someone is in a position of power over us it does not mean that we allow that person to walk all over us.  There are definitely polite ways that let someone know we are not a doormat.  We are not there to be walked on or over. 

It's tough especially when someone IS in a higher rung of the ladder than you but what you have in common with that person is exactly that.  You are both people who deserve mutual respect.  No need to be rude or demeaning but respectful and kind about it.  You know the exact moment when someone is pushing your buttons too.  When that happens you need to take a REALLY deep breath and let the other side know that whatever words are coming forth are simply not OK. 

Done in a respectful manner no matter who is doing the pushing will back off.  I speak from experience on this as well.  Just so you know, I do have good ideas but they also come from life experience.  It is so much easier to just "take it," but when you are seething inside then it really is NOT OK. 

This is a big life lesson as this is one of these things that can be really hard for some of us.  Here's a tip.  Practice a conversation in a mirror.  No, it's not silly.  When you see yourself face to face you realize that no one, not even yourself can push you around.  Don't allow it.....EVER.  You are too important.  Your opinion matters and most of all so do your feelings!  Have a wonderful Monday everyone!~Love, Amy

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Good Afternoon everyone!  Sorry for the late post but I got caught up in my morning routine.  Reiki thought, making coffee, walking the baby and making breakfast.  Gluten free pancakes with protein powder and almond milk.  Delicious and shh!  No one knew!

Once again it's a snowy day.  Coming down pretty heavy but so beautiful.  Loving having nothing to do.  How are you spending your day so far?  Even if you just look out the window consider it productive.  Did you ever open the window and listen to the snow?  The sound it makes falling on the already fallen snow if meditative in itself. 

Maybe you are thinking about other things too.  Today's thought, "Let your mind take you to where you want to be - your physical body will soon follow."  Think about that.  Before we take physical action in anything we do it is first a thought.  That thought can be there for quite some time before we actually do anything about it but rest assured,  we will get to it when we are good and ready. 

Unfortunately doubt will be there too but you have to move through it.  Clear that doubt out of your mind because that's the first step to moving on.  Instead of thinking negatively go the positive route.  Don't give yourself a time limit but don't take forever either.  Action gets action.  That first step is always scary but if you get past the first one you can get through the second one and keep going. 

Use today to ponder and think hard where it is you want to be and what you want.  The Universe will always tell you when the time is right.  So many thoughts come into our minds at once but the important ones stick.  You will know which ones to delete and which ones to keep.  Trust trust and trust!  For today enjoy the snow and the peace and quiet outside.  Your time will come.   Have a wonderful Sunday!~Love, Amy

Saturday, February 11, 2017


Good Morning on this quiet Saturday.  How are you all today?  My house is very quiet right now.  I saw Mia walk past.  Right now she is quietly playing with one of her toys.  Aww - to have a baby in the house again. 

I had an interesting evening last night.  Unfortunately I was not able to do my recording as my friend was sick.  Not cancelled - just postponed for now.  Since I had gone out and bought some delicious cheese and cracker I thought it would be nice to invite someone over who I hadn't seen in some time. 

It was lovely to see my friend but the story she told me was far from that.  Her daughter has decided to live with her father and stop speaking to her mother altogether.  The worst part is that she won't discuss this with her mom or give her any reasons at all.  Needless to say my friend is at a complete loss. 

Today's quote, "Love and light to all those who remain closed and refuse to see a different point of view - sometimes they are the ones that need it most."  Wow!  Whatever way her daughter is looking at her mom is punishing them both.  Her absolute refusal to talk to her.  In her mind her mother did something OR her father convinced her that her mother did something.  Either way, it is heartbreaking.  Because it is her daughter she will not hate her but have you ever found yourself in a similar situation?  Has anything like that ever happened to you? 

Where someone just refuses not only to see your point of view but to even talk it out with you?  So sad.  Those people are completely closed.  So easy to be angry at them but we need to turn that anger around.  Those people need love.  Yes, simple sounding but so true.  These are the people that need to turn around but can't always which is why we need to send them love and good energy.  Whatever they are going through must be so painful that they themselves don't even realize it. 

If you know someone like that - truly look at them.  Try and sympathize and not punish.  With love and light, hopefully they will turn around.  It may take longer than you want but eventually something will click with them.  Send love and light out there all the time.  Positive energy is very powerful.  I do hope you are not in a situation like my friend but if you are - my love, light and energy is with you!  Wishing you all a blessed day!~Love, Amy

Friday, February 10, 2017


Good Morning!  It's Friday.  How great is a snow day the day before.  One day back and two off.  I could live with that!  I can even do some errands before getting to work.  Great day ahead!  As practitioners we often don't take care of ourselves, however; today I am having some wonderful cranial sacral work done.  Really looking forward to it!

After that, I am doing a recording of one of my Guided Meditations.  I will be having a very zened out afternoon followed by a celebratory glass of wine.  How lucky am I to be me?!  I have been going through lots of changes.  It has taken time but change is starting to happen.  As you know it does not happen "just like that," as some of us think. 

Change is a process.  For some of us that process takes longer than for others.  And again, that's O.K.  The first thing you need to do is to make that change in your mind.  You have to really commit to it.  Know that you want to.  Today's quote, "Don't downplay the decision to make a commitment - it's the first step in changing your life."  You see what happens is that you think about it and ask yourself repeatedly, can I?  Will I?  How can I?  So many questions. 

The wonderful thing about making this decision is that you have to tell no one.  Not a soul!  Keep it to yourself and just do it!  You will know the right time.  It will hit you one day, when you are going about your business.  You will wake up and decide, "this is it."  No more of what was, but now what can be.  There is no telling when it will happen but trust that it will. 

Like I said, some of us feel it sooner than others but we all feel it sooner or later!!  And when I say not to downplay that decision it means praise yourself for getting there.  Cheer yourself on.  It is a wonderful thing and a wonderful decision whenever it happens to you. 

So see what it is that you want to change and make a commitment to do it!  It truly is the first step in changing what is, changing the way things are and indeed changing your life!  Remember too that it does not have to be a big thing.  A class you always wanted to take but keep putting off.  Write it in your calendar.  That gym membership you have been thinking about.  Buy it.  That closet you wanted to clean.  Clean it.  Whatever it is and however small.   Do it today!  After work of course!  Have a wonderful Friday everyone!~Love, Amy

Thursday, February 9, 2017


Good Morning!  Our first real snowstorm of the year!  If we don't have any more, I am perfectly fine with it but have to say - so nice to be forced to relax.  Relaxation can take many forms.  My relaxation for the day will be cleaning my house.  I'm actually looking forward to it because I love the end result! 

What is relaxation to you?  Are you cleaning?  Clearing out a closet?  Cooking? Baking?  Or are you doing what my quote says, "When all you can do is look out the window - relax and reflect."  I believe that the Universe gave us a snowstorm to force all of us to relax!  I'm not kidding.  When do we ever get this chance?  We are all always so busy running here there and everywhere.  Doing chores, taking care of others.  When do we get a chance to take care of us?

A day where you cannot leave the house if not a bad thing.  I understand that there are those who simply cannot sit still but now is the time to learn.  Now is the time to learn what it is to really chill.

Look at this day as a gift - of course not just this day but everyday!  It is absolutely gorgeous out there and if you simply find a comfy chair to sit in and watch the snow come down, then I think you will be totally productive.  Where are your thoughts going to go?  Are you going to think about one thing you need to do?  Are you going to think about a million things at once?  Or are you really just going to look out the window?

Try an experiment today.  If you do choose to sit in that chair and look outside - grab a note pad and write down any thought that comes to mind.  Don't judge it - just write it down.  Write down every thought that comes to mind.  Give yourself time.  There are no limits especially on a day like today.  Sit there for 10 minutes or an hour.  Whatever is comfortable for you.

After you write down all your thoughts - close the book and look at them later today.  You may or may not surprise yourself but I will tell you this.  By giving yourself permission to reflect without judgement you will feel a definite release.  So whatever it is you choose to do today - however you choose to spend your time.  Relax in the way you want, reflect in the way you want and relish in the beauty of a winter storm! Have a wonderful day!~Love, Amy

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Good Morning!  It's Wednesday, the calm before the storm.  Our first major snow storm is to arrive tomorrow!  According to my phone by 1:00 A.M. it will begin.  We are sure to awake to a winter wonderland.  Who doesn't love a good snow storm?  As long as you have wood for the fireplace and food in your house, what more do you need?  Prepare everyone.  I think tomorrow just might be a French toast day!

So what are you thinking of at this moment?  Are you excited about a storm?  Are you dreading it?  Are you thinking about a co-worker, your boss,  a friend, spouse, a situation, or maybe just nothing at all.  We have talked about thoughts manifesting to reality many times (and I'm sure I will again!) but this is a different kind of manifesting.

Today's quote is, "Ugly thoughts begin to appear on the outside."  Digest that one for a moment.  I have to use people for this one just because it is the easiest one to relate to.  Have you ever known someone either from a distance or close who is just beautiful, stunning.  Really a pleasure to behold and look at. 

THEN, they say something that shocks you.  Something that you can't believe just came out of their mouths.  And you think to yourself, "what did I just hear?''  I'm not talking about a disagreement or something that is silly that just came spewing forth but something really really offensive.  And then, just like that, your opinion of this person and obviously your feelings change. 

It may be so severe that you wonder how you could have been friends with this person to begin with.  Slowly, those ugly thoughts that were just spoken begin to show themselves physically.  No matter how attractive or beautiful someone is on the outside, if their inner thoughts and their inner being don't agree, the ugliness begins to appear on the outer layer. 

This one is very true.  Think back to anyone you have every known or know now.  Physical beauty has to match inner thoughts and inner beauty otherwise there is a real disconnect.  I have witnessed this myself for sure.  Don't analyze this.  Just think about it and always always, think carefully before you even LET yourself think ugly thoughts.

We all begin pure and beautiful and then somehow get tainted over time.  I am here to tell you that you don't have to allow that to happen.  Try your best to look at the good side of things and people.  Give the benefit of the doubt in your own mind so that you not only remain beautiful on the inside, but on the outside as well.  With that thought in mind, have a beautiful day everyone!~love, Amy

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Good Morning on this not yet, but almost very rainy day.  Sorry to say I am not feeling so chipper today.   I had a wonderful Guided Meditation class last night which not only gives my clients a good night's sleep but ensures that I too will be out.  I have not yet peeked outside my window but I hear it's already raining.  This will mean that even Mia, (dog daughter) will not venture out of bed.  Ahhh....to be a dog.  Come on, you know you would LOVE to try it for just one day!

Tomorrow is another day and supposed to be nicer and warmer.  Today's quote can definitely relate to today's weather.  "Somewhere a rainbow was created from a storm."  That is another quote that is metaphorical and literal.  Of course we know that rainbows appear after a rain.  But we also know that things settle down after tumultuous beginnings. 

It may take some time but things eventually level out and become manageable.  Is there something tumultuous in your life at the moment?  Are you going through a hard time?  Whenever we are in it, it's hard to see out of it.  I know.  I have had my share of difficult times and situations but trust me.  Every day gets better.  That is not to say there won't be bumps on the road to recovery but time is a great healer.

Things, whatever they may be for you DO get better over time.  That's the beauty and wonder of life.  We are here to experience so much.  Not just joy and happiness but pain and sadness too.  Let me give my mom credit now.  As she has said to me multiple times, "how do you know the good if you never experience the bad?"  Now I know some of you are thinking, why do we have to experience the bad anyway?  I will tell you. 

Simply, it is part of life and all that it has to offer.  The good, the bad and the ugly!  Have faith, have trust and please believe that everything will be better.  I hope that no one out there is suffering too much but know that your rainbow will appear and when it does, bask in all those glorious colors!  Have a wonderful wet Tuesday everyone!~Love, Amy

Monday, February 6, 2017

I"M GREAT AT......

Good Morning!  It's Monday and we are all off to a brand new week.  What wonderful thing is going to happen to you?  Wait for it, be excited.  O.K. I am annoyingly cheerful today but why not?  I slept well.  My morning friend, (my coffee) is right beside me and I am writing to all of you!

Today's quote is, "Let the voices in your head cheer you on - not cut you down."  In other words, be your own cheerleader!  If no one else is going to do it then do it for yourself.  After reading my blogs I hope that you are all closer to loving yourselves every day.  It is so easy to find our faults, our short comings.  Don't make it a sport.  Something to do when you are bored.  Look at all the wonderful things you can do.  Your accomplishments. 

That is the point for today but don't just stop at today.  Do this all the time for yourself.  Start small.  List and I really mean this one.  List as in write it down.  ONE thing you are really good at.  Something you are really proud of.  Put it in your pocket and take it out to look at it during the day.

At some point you will forget that it is there and when you find it, you will read it and smile.  I promise!  This goes for me too you know.  I can be just as guilty as anyone else but whatever it is I tell all of you, I do for myself.  What I say and what I tell you are not just words but a way to live.  Our potential is so great but we all need to believe it.  I am here to tell you you are wonderful and filled with potential.  I am here to be your cheerleader but YOU need to take over as well. 

So for today start that list no matter how small AT FIRST!  Then watch it grow.  Soon that list won't even fit in your pocket!  Have a wonderful Monday everyone!~Love, Amy

Sunday, February 5, 2017


Good Morning on this Super Bowl Sunday.  Can't wait to see Lady Gaga.  I am sure she will be amazing, political, entertaining and simply wonderful.  What are your plans for the day?  Breakfast, waiting for tonight and errands in between?  Don't forget your coffee.  I need to make more!

I already walked my love, Mia.  When we began it was beautiful and sunny but by the time I got back home, it was already cloudy and feeling a bit like snow is in the air.  Today's thought is "Sometimes all you have to do is turn around and the whole world looks different."  Just like that, things could change.

Whether it is the day, the sky or your point of view.  Sometimes something just happens but you decide to look at it a different way.  My quote today is both metaphorical and literal.  Don't be stuck in your ways.  Try and see things from another point of view.  It is all about not being closed minded but rather open to new and different. 

Again, this is not a new subject.  I have tackled it before but maybe you haven't heard it before.  Maybe you won't hear it for another ten times which is why I feel it is important to continue my mission of positive encouragement.  What is it that you are stuck on?  What is it that you refuse to see differently?  Ask yourself that question.  Be honest with yourself too.

If you are not able to change at the moment, that's perfectly O.K. I am not here to berate anyone.  Whenever you decide to look at the world in a different way things will indeed change.  Trust me that I also need to see these words to understand them.  Use this quote as an experiment.  You don't even have to tell anyone.  Make it your own little secret.  Just try and see what happens. 

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!  Whatever it is you choose to do today, do it with new eyes and a new point of view!  Who knows, maybe you'll even root for a different team!   OR.....maybe not!   ~Love, Amy

Saturday, February 4, 2017


Good Morning all on this cold cold Saturday.  I was very happy to get out of bed this morning.  I am doing a recording of a Guided Meditation and although I am very excited to not only do this but to have been asked in the first place, I still don't want anything to go wrong.  Yes, a bit of anxiety for the blogger. 

Let's get back to the original excitement of the request.  It was something that came out of the blue.  The person who asked me is a client of mine but she is very busy and I haven't seen her in a while.  Clearly my meditations stuck with her and clearly she had this in mind but I didn't.  And so this event for me is absolutely wonderful.

You never know who is thinking of you just because they are not at this moment on your radar.  Let's get to today's quote.  "Why not believe in magic - magic is hope dressed up in stardust."  The magic of what has happened to me is that I too thought it would be cool to record my meditations.  Many people have told me they like my voice.  I accepted the compliment graciously but never thought it would go any further.

Doing this today is a bit magical for me.  It is a step in a wonderful direction.  It gives me the ability to not only get my meditations out there but to really help more people.  After all, the real reason for doing this IS to help others, to calm others of all those emotions that can destroy us.  Anger, fear, jealousy, anxiety.  You name it.  Never a shortage of feelings and emotions that can cripple us making it impossible to go forward.

So what is magical for you?  What is it that you are hoping for?  Never give up and even the slightest dream that you may THINK is silly, is NOT!  If it is yours, give it credit.  Something you want?  Go for it.  Dress up that hope in stardust and wear it proudly!  You never know when it is your turn so be ready!  May it rain stardust all over you today!  Have a wonderful day all!~Love, Amy

Friday, February 3, 2017


Good Morning and happy Friday to you all.  I don't know why I feel like I don't have to go to work but alas, I do.  You know why?  Years ago offices had what is called "Dress down Friday."  I don't work in an office but I do dress down on Fridays.  Really down.  Like ripped, comfy jeans and comfy shirt to match.  Makes me feel like I am starting my weekend early. 

I dress differently according to my mood.  My mood today is weekend.  The good thing is that no one tells me what I can and can't wear.  Clothing is a personal decision and I know I am not offending anyone.  I've seen that too.  However; what is offensive to some may not be to others. 

Clearly we all have our own style.  As in today's quote, "Defy anyone who says you can't - show them you can."  Now I know that you must be thinking, "she can't be talking about clothes."  Well, I am talking about everything that pertains to you. 

Clothing is an obvious and easy thing to pick on.  "You're wearing that?"  Have you ever heard that from anyone?  I know I have.  Clothing is one way we show the world who we are.  Why can't we express ourselves how we feel?  And yes, it goes beyond clothing.  Never let anyone tell you the things you can't do.  That's entirely up to you. 

If I become repetitive, too bad!  I will not apologize.  It takes some of us longer to hear very important messages and I do believe this is an important one.  Whatever it is you wanted to do, to be, to have, I can bet someone in your life (I know it happened in mine)  said, "you can't."  I heard that a lot in my life.  I am not regretting my life but I do know if I had more positive reinforcement things would have turned out very differently.

I'm just saying that if that is the case for you, then I am here to let you know  you can.  Let me be your positive voice.  Let me be the one to cheer you on because someone has to do it!  You are never too old or too anything else.  You can always change your life, it happens when you are ready.  So look to me for encouragement always.  I believe in all of you!  Have a wonderful Friday everyone!~Love, Amy

Thursday, February 2, 2017


Good Morning on this cold one.  Wishing you all a wonderful day.  It's back to work for me.  Feeling a little better.  Still a bit stuffy but yesterday at the horrendous hour of 5:30 in the morning I just could not get out of bed.  So, here I am at almost 5:57 and functioning pretty well thanks to my hot cup of Joe!

I have to say, it was great being home yesterday.  Well, let's see.  Was I home.  Of course I was but even when I am sick I can't sit still.  For me it was an opportunity to do a whole bunch of things I just needed to get done!

Today's quote, "The accomplishment of the smallest of chores deserves praise."  That might not get as many "likes" as yesterday's quote but you know what.  I like it.  In fact, I like it a lot!  I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday and we were talking about all the things that the collective "we" have to do all the time.  How we get overwhelmed, but also how if we do just ONE thing on our list, we should be happy!  Celebrate if you will.

How long is your list?  Sometimes it appears as though it is endless.  Sometimes just as we finish 3 things, there are 10 more right behind.  Is that true for you?  It is for me.  If you truly look at one thing that you crossed off your list, don't sigh and get all bent out of shape because of all the other things you still need to do. 

Look at that chore and smile.  Be happy that something was crossed off.  Be happy that that chore is over and done with.  Celebrate the accomplishment of something no matter how small.  It will help you to get more things done.  It goes along with not beating yourself up over every little thing.

This is a good lesson everyone.  So think about what it is that you need to accomplish today.  Narrow down your list and if you only get to one thing then know for today that's all you could do!  Give yourself a pat on the back.  Celebrate what you DID do, not what you couldn't get to!  Have a wonderful Thursday all!~Love, Amy

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Good Morning all!  Sorry I'm a little late on a weekday but I have a slight cold today and thought it best to actually listen to my body for once, sleep a little later and not go into work.  Believe it or not, that is a big step for me.  Why do we insist on going to work sick?  All we do is spread out sickness to everyone else! 

So here I am with my morning coffee.  Feeling better already!  Only myself to answer to today.  My thought today has nothing to do with being sick but then again, maybe it does.  The state of the world and certainly our country has changed tremendously.  There are facebook tiffs all over the place.  Discussions and disagreements have turned ugly and what a shame.  How is it that people verbally treat each other with such disregard and disrespect?

Today's thought is, "Argue, fight, disagree but do it with love, kindness and respect."  That is so important.  You can argue.  You can fight.  You can disagree.  But you can also do it with respect for the person you are arguing with whether it be your spouse, your friend or a co-worker. 

When a discussion becomes a fight, it is no longer a discussion.  It then becomes a matter of wills and who is right.  Who is the winner.  Do you listen with an open mind?  Many of us don't at all and that is when the arguing begins.  We are all entitled to an opinion and when going into a conversation or disagreement, it is important to know that both parties are entitled to their own thoughts.  Their own way of seeing things. 

Don't disparage someone just because they are not of the same mind set as you.  Listen, discuss, and yes, even fight about it but respect that the person you are arguing with is not you.  Perhaps they have a completely different set of values.  Perhaps and most likely, they had a completely different upbringing than you.  The reasons are too numerous to even mention.

The next time you have a disagreement with anyone, remember....RESPECT, RESPECT, RESPECT each other and then go get a cup of coffee together!  Have a wonderful hump day everyone!!!~Love, Amy