Thursday, February 28, 2019


Good morning everyone and a happy Thursday as well.  As tired as I was this morning, I had no choice but to jump into the day.  We are lucky when we recognize an opportunity and go for it but sometimes something stops us for a reason that may be inexplicable to us and we stand firm rather than jump right in.  Today's quote is, "When something holds you back rather than propelling you forward - reflect, think and know there is a reason why."

Great ideas are everywhere but what is a great idea for one person might not be great for you.  Hesitation is the first sign that it's not the right fit.  Often it is a feeling you can't explain but your gut is telling you not to go forward.  These are the signs you need to listen to.  

Not every idea is a great one.  Last week I got a phone call from an unidentifiable number.  I don't know why but I answered the call.  The woman on the other end was going to help me get more business.  Sounds good right?  She asked me a few preliminary questions and you guessed it.  I was the perfect candidate.  

Considering what I was asked, anyone was the right candidate.  This was simply a cold call done in a very unconvincing manner.  I listened as long as I could and then politely ended the conversation.  We all like moving forward but we need to find the right people to help us.  The next time you feel held back not by someone else but yourself, reflect, think and definitely know there is a reason why.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019


Good morning everyone.  Happy Wednesday.  Happy middle of the week day.  Happy Hump Day.  Whatever you call this day, it is still Wednesday.  We give nick names to our children, our spouses and our pets but names don't change who they are.  You know who else doesn't care about getting a different name.  God.  That's right.  God does not care what you call him.  You can call him Hashem, Allah, Jehovah, Krishna or Buddha.  However you choose to refer to him, he is still God and he is there to support all your endeavors.

Today's quote is, "God cares not what name he is given - all he asks is that you let him guide you with a loving embrace."  That's right.  All he asks is that you believe in his presence and to know that he is there for you.  I understand that many have a problem with religion but this has nothing to do with religion.  My own son said to me years ago that religion is the cause of all wars.  I can't say I disagree completely.  

Believing in God is not the same as believing in religion.  According to the book, Conversations with Mary, by Anna Raimondi, God is the highest vibrations there are.  These vibrations are there to support us in times of crisis but also in good times as well.  Allow these vibrations into your life.  Allow the love and support of these vibrations, the vibrations of God, however you choose to call him.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Good morning all and happy Tuesday.   Holy cow where did this month go.  Two more days but still.  Best way to look at the fast flying days is to know we are getting closer and closer to spring.  Enough of the weather.  Let's talk about love.  Let's talk about loving the most important person in your life.  YOU!  That's right.  You are the most important person in your life.  If you don't love yourself it shows in many ways.

One way is by not taking care of your physical appearance.  I remember when I had my first child and my mom telling me not to worry about how I looked because I would only be wearing sweat pants.  Ew to that!  I wear sweat pants when I come home from work but it is not now and has never been my daily attire!  Another way to ignore yourself is to put yourself down by thinking negative things about yourself.  You may as well wear those sweats! 

To be loved we must first love ourselves.  Today's quote is, "Love does not need to allude anyone - love yourself and you have succeeded in sharing love."   Not everyone will accept you for who you are.  Not everyone will even want to get to know you.  Not everyone cares!  Which is why you need to accept yourself as you are and that also doesn't mean to stop going to the gym and drinking your celery juice or whatever momentary craze is out there.  Be healthy but not crazy.  

You know exactly who you are.  Don't pretend to be someone else to gain acceptance.  And lastly, care enough about yourself that you don't have the desire to create a new persona around everyone you meet.  We all deserve love and it starts with ourselves.  You will never be alluded by love as long as you love yourself.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Monday, February 25, 2019


Good morning everyone and happy Monday.  When was the last time you made a really good decision?  Most good ones take time as we think and think and strategize and think some more.  Now let's talk about bad decisions.  Those take but moments to make and that's because we put our emotions in charge.

I don't think I really need me to tell you what a bad idea that is!  Today's quote is "Rash decisions can change your life forever - make them not in anger or despair nor joy or elation."   When we are in a great mood we feel unstoppable and on top of the world.  Sometimes we feel down in the dumps and nothing seems to be going right.  Guess what, the former is just as bad a time to make a major decision as is the latter.

Many years ago, I rented office space for my Reiki business.  I was ready to jump into my new career feet first.  I had no clients but I had space so I was golden!  (Sarcasm here!)  In my excitement I also came dangerously close to ditching an already sure thing; a steady paycheck and benefits.  If I had gone with my emotions, I would have had a lovely office, no clients, no paycheck and no free doctor visits. 

Back then I was just starting out.  Back then I had no clients.  Back then I was dissatisfied with my job.  But back then was the wrong time to walk away.  I was solely relying on emotions as the reason for leaving my job.  In the end it would have been a foolish mistake on my part.  Rash decisions can change everything, sometimes in a good way but also in a disastrous one and we need to do our best to avoid those!

When thinking about making a change, do it with a calm and rational mind.  Never let your emotions get the best of you.  Take your time, get a good night's sleep and revisit what you thought was a great idea.  It may be the worst decision you ever made or the greatest idea since sliced bread.

Have a great Monday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Friday, February 22, 2019


Good morning everyone.  Friday has come.  What a fast week this was.  As the saying goes, time flies when you are having fun.  That's OK.  I still have the weekend and more fun to come.  I've had a great week doing wonderful things for myself including spending time with my husband, getting spa treatments and enjoying the outdoors.

I know my fabulous trip to Jamaica was not too long ago but that was in December and I really am due for more relaxation.  We don't take care of ourselves enough.  That doesn't mean that if we don't get to a tropical island we have failed ourselves.  There are so many ways in which we can treat ourselves like getting a foot massage, a mocha latte or an afternoon movie just to name a few.

Recalling a perfectly prepared mocha latte I recently had, fed not just my thirst for coffee and chocolate but fed my soul by putting me in a great mood.  Could it have been the caffeine?  Maybe, but it wasn't.  It was the act of taking out an extra ten minutes of my day to do something for myself.  

Today's quote is, "Be kind to others but kinder to yourself - to serve takes strength of body and mind."  As a Reiki Practitioner who works with the physical and emotional issues of others I really need to be on my game.  Healing cannot take place unless I am not both physically and emotionally fit.  That means that I need to take care of myself first before being of service to anyone else and not just to those who come to me for healing but to all the important people in my life.

You don't need to be a Reiki Practitioner to need self care.  We all need self care so that we can be the best at what we do and be our best selves whether it comes in the form of a weekend away or a creamy and delicious mocha latte, 

Have a wonderful Friday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Thursday, February 21, 2019


Good morning everyone!  Glad to be wishing you all a happy Thursday.  I've really enjoyed these past few days having just returned from the Emerson Spa in the Catskills for some much needed pampering.  If you can't do an overnight, definitely treat yourself to one of the many spas that have cropped up locally.  A massage can do a world of good.  

I still have four days to call my own before going back to my day job.  It is what it is and the juncture I am at at this point in my life.  Every day I welcome the dawn by giving gratitude to the source and the highest vibrations which instantly changes my frame of mind.  Today's quote is, "Put a positive spin on a negative day - a kind word will turn it around."

The truth is not every day is going to be fabulous and wonderful.  Sometimes we have unpleasant tasks at work that must be seen to completion.  Sometimes we have things to do that no matter how hard we try to avoid, they still need our attention.  Don't go about this with dread.  Change your attitude.  Find one small positive thing.  Say one positive word.  Anything that will change your outlook so you can face the day with a smile.  Giving gratitude is huge.  Thank the day for arriving, the sun for shining and even the problems you have to solve for they too will pass.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Monday, February 18, 2019


Good morning everyone.  Happy Monday.  I'm thrilled to be off from my day job this week and pretty much have it already planned out.  Not everything.  I do enjoy some spontaneity although included will be meditation, seeing clients for Reiki sessions, self-care and who knows what else!  Ahh, the freedom to get up when I want and to have that leisurely cup of coffee.

Today happens to be a day of honor.  Although those past presidents are no longer here, we still honor them.  It is important to honor those in your life who are no longer here.  Some take that honor further than it needs to go.  Have you ever seen a movie where the character is on their death bed and makes the visitor promise to either not do something or do something?

That scene has been played out in real life for many people.  Its easy to make a promise to a dying relative but how many of us actually stick with that promise.  I truly believe in comforting the dying but not if it has no relevance in your life or will cause you, the living any sort of pain.  Today's quote is, "Question honor if it leads to eternal punishment."   Perhaps you made a promise but realized later how unrealistic it was to even consider keeping.

We are not here to suffer because we made a promise to a dying relative.  We are here to live.  Life is for the living not for the dead.  Can you honor someone?  Can you hold their memory close?  Of course you can but if honor is only there to cause you suffering then you need to question that honor.  Would the person you so revered wish suffering upon you?  I hope not. Or was it a case of misery loves company?   Only you will know the answer to that question.

I will be back on Thursday as I will be honoring myself with some self-care tomorrow and Wednesday.  Have a wonderful Monday everyone and do something wonderful for yourself!

~Love, Amy

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Friday, February 15, 2019


Good morning everyone!  I hope your Valentine's Day was filled with love and hearts.  Happy Friday to you all.  Each and every day has a certain feel.  We all know what Monday feels like but should we value it less than Friday?  I say no.  Every day has something to offer.  It's like the weather.  While you may find a sunny day preferable to a rainy one they both have value.  One warms our face while the other makes the flowers grow.

Today's quote is, "Feel the rain - the wind - the snow and the sun - they are all beautiful in their own way."  Think of the first snow storm of the season or a cool fall breeze.  Think of that first warm sunny spring day and a gentle rain.  Days and days of rain and snow might be tiresome but it is nature in action.  Once we recognize that we can appreciate it.

We all have preferences.  That's not what this is about.  It is about finding value where you may not have and finding beauty you didn't know existed.  I for one love summer.  I love going to the beach and feeling the sand in between my toes.  I even love sitting on the wet sand right down by the shore and letting the waves roll over me.  

When I am on the beach I feel as though I could stay there forever.  Then August comes and I'm tired of the beach.  I begin to long for cooler days and the changing colors of the leaves that Autumn brings.  I also love my birthday which is in September.  If summer never ends, my birthday will never come!  Each season brings with it it's very own beauty.  

Look for the positive in the negative.  The sound of thunder and the wind, the coolness of the rain, the beauty of a snowfall for without this we might never see a rainbow. 

Have a beautiful and wonderful Friday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Thursday, February 14, 2019


Good morning everyone.  Here we are together on a Thursday.  Not just any Thursday but Valentine's Day.  In honor of this day of love I am going to talk about what it means to love someone.  We think we know but ask two different people and you will get two different answers.   I do know this, loving someone does not mean you have to spend every single second together. 

I remember when I was first married and a friend of mine was in town.  She came over to my apartment and the first thing she asked me was where my husband was to which I replied, "I don't know."  She was both shocked and appalled when I told her I didn't know because I myself had been gone all day.  That sentence was followed by another expression of shock and awe.

She couldn't believe we were both doing our own thing and I couldn't believe she thought that was strange.  My husband and I were independent people who had lives before coming together.  Being married didn't change that.  Today's quote is, "Love someone let them free - love someone let them be - love is neither possession nor ownership."

Just because you are a couple does not mean you are not an individual.  You can love your partner when you are together and when you are out with your girlfriends.  Even now in 2019 I have heard women say, "my husband would never let me...."  We don't start out as couples.  We start out as individuals with lives and aspirations.  Just because you become a couple does not mean you have to give up on those things and more importantly give yourself away.

To love someone is wonderful.  To have love in your life is a blessing and treat that person as such.  Wishing you all a wonderful Thursday and a wonderful and happy Valentine's Day with your special Valentine.  

~Love, Amy

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Good morning everyone.  It is Wednesday, smack dab in the middle of February.  How long are you going to put off what you were supposed to do yesterday?  There are so many reasons why we procrastinate but the main one I believe is because of the word "Can't."  We sell ourselves short way too often as if we've done whatever we can and there is not more.

Today's quote is, "The key to unlock your potential is within yourself - find it and don't let go."  Know that you have more beneath the surface that you fail to explore.  And why is that?  Fear.  Fear of failure but sometimes just plain old fear.  

This quote is not about trying.  It really is about knowing that you have more than you think.  Remember when you were in college and you prepared for a test by studying a little bit every night?  Me neither.  I never did that.  I crammed like most people.  I studied my ass off for hours the night before and I have to say it worked.  Don't tell my kids!  

That proved that the ability to do well on an exam was within me all the time.  I didn't need to study every night even though that would have been the better method.  The ability to retain information was there and ultimately the potential to be a good student was also there.  

Revisit your college self.  Never once did he or she think they were going to fail that exam.  Why as an adult would you think you are going to fail at your endeavors now?  Take out that key, unlock that door.  There is so much more for you to explore!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! Love, Amy

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Good morning.  Any of you out there have kids?  If you do you know that at any age they can and will throw all sorts of goodies at you.  I'm not even going to share what has been tossed my way but let's just say hair dye was created especially for moms.

When my kids say, "mom, I have to tell you something," I usually stop breathing allowing the sound of my beating heart to become ever so audible.  Mind  you I could be told something wonderful or not so wonderful.  Either way my reaction is the same until I am able to breathe that heavenly sigh of relief.

Unfortunately I have been told some things I would rather not hear but it is always followed by a reason.  Rather than getting upset I listen.  I may not be happy, but I have learned that listening is the most important thing you can do.  Today's quote is, "Understanding is not as important as accepting - accept first and understand later - not just in your intellect but in your heart."    

When we are told something that is outrageous and or upsetting it is very difficult not to react.  It takes years of practice but think about the person who who just committed that outrageous and upsetting act.  Think for a moment how they themselves feel and the courage it takes to admit it.  This is why one needs to simply listen and accept.  

Everyone has a reason for whatever it is they do, are about to do or have done.  Do not allow anger and upset to consume you.  Find it in your heart to listen, accept and understand.  

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Monday, February 11, 2019


Good morning everyone.  Hope you all had a good weekend  and are refreshed and ready to face the week.  I usually start my day reading the news and what has been going on in the world around us.  My favorite part of the news are the pet rescue stories because everything else is so awful.  I'm not even talking about what is going on in Washington D.C. but the horrific stories of crimes committed around our country.

You have to wonder what makes some people so cruel and what makes some people so open and forgiving.  Today's quote is, "Divine is the spirit that holds love for all humanity even when ours cannot comprehend acts of evil."  How much forgiveness do you hold within yourself?  What is your capacity for love?  These are questions not often asked.  I can say that I am not God and could hold absolutely no compassion for someone who for example, abuses children.  If you abide by the saying there is a reason for everything which I often do, I cannot ever imagine a reason why a child should be harmed.  

The other side of that coin is the belief that everyone deserves love no matter what it is they have done in their lives.  The movie Dead Man Walking is a perfect example of this.  Sean Penn's character rapes and murders two complete strangers for fun.   While in prison he is counseled by a nun who befriends him and grows to love him and is with him at the time of his execution.

The main point of the movie is to show the dehumanization of the death penalty but to also show the sheer indifference to human life from one human being to another.  As the switch was turned on to fill the murderer's body with poisonous fluids part of me was happy yet part of me was sad and disgusted watching a man being put to death.

Can I call myself divine? No.  I am not there and I am OK not being there but it is good to know that in this world the Divine do live among us.

Have a great Monday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Friday, February 8, 2019


Good morning everyone.  Let's get right to it!  Just yesterday I wrote about tomorrow coming and here we are with today's quote which segues into, "Empowerment comes from making things happen - not waiting around for them to."  Right?! How good do you feel when you can cross something off that never ending list.

What I am talking about is more than getting your grocery shopping done and cleaning the house.  Two chores that are not only a constant but one I personally am ecstatic about when they get done.  I of course am talking about what we do to shape our lives in the way we want to live.

I've said this many many times and I will say this again.  Start small.  If you try and do too much you are liable to throw your hands in the air in despair.  Don't do that.  But do make a move.  Anyone who knows me knows that technology is sooooo not my thing.  I am both afraid of it and don't understand it yet I need to make friends with it because not only has the world moved in that direction but people rely on technology to find things like, um, let's see....Reiki Practitioners!

I cannot tell you how excited I was when I learned how to link my website to my blog.  I knew it had to be done so I found the source that would help me and low and behold, I did it!  A small thing for some but awfully big for me.  Make a choice.  Sit around, complain and wait or pick yourself up and get to it.  

Have a wonderful Friday everyone! ~Love, Amy 

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Thursday, February 7, 2019


Good morning all.  Today is here.  It arrived last night at one second after midnight.  Even though many of us are just starting our day we always need to make the most of it because before you know it, night has fallen and it will be tomorrow.

Today's quote is "Tomorrow is sure to come - what will you do when it arrives."  Why do today what you can do tomorrow is not only a familiar, albeit sarcastic phrase but also one that resonates with many of us.  Um, yea, me too!  

It all depends upon how you handle pressure.  Some of us thrive on it and can only get things done under the gun, so to speak while others get so overwhelmed they can't do anything.  It can be hard to find the balance.

If you are one to put things off, I feel your pain!  I too have been a friend of avoidance.  There comes a time though when you need to cut loose from that friendship and move forward.  Nothing gets done unless you commit to action.  

Have a cup of tea, or coffee or a snack or whatever you need to get you motivated.  Make a list and put a plan in place.  Put post-its everywhere as reminders of the impending day....tomorrow!  If change is what you want, then you need to be the key participant for it.  The smallest thing you do is still something and will get you on your way!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Wednesday, February 6, 2019


Good morning everyone.  Do you have a routine to your morning?  Of course you do.  Get up, pee, coffee.  Sound about right?  The other hundred things you do I will never know unless you invite me over really early.  I also do many more things than the first three every day including walking Mia but before I venture out I look at my phone for the weather.  Why I bother I'm not really sure.  February, winter, 6:30 in the morning.  Yea it's gonna be cold out there. 

I don't really need to look at my phone for the weather for obvious reasons.  I already know what it will be like out there.  O know the answer to my own question.  "Amy will it be cold out?" "Yes Amy, it will."  We often have the answers to many of our unasked questions because they lie within ourselves.  Today's quote is, "Be guided by your intuition - the place within you that has all the answers you need."

How many times have you uttered, "I knew it," regarding a variety of situations and circumstances in your life?   You said it because you did know it.  Whatever that it was, you already knew and why?  Because you listened to your intuition.  You listened to that voice inside your head that is so often correct about the many things you questioned. 

Intuition is that feeling you get from your very core.  When you know the answer before you ask.  When my husband and I were ready to leave the city for the suburbs we looked at more houses than I was able to count.  He liked every one that we saw but I saw things differently.  I knew the moment I walked in the front door of someone's house whether or not I would be able to make it my home.  

The only house out of all the ones we looked at already had two bidders ahead of us.  The realtor assured me that we needed to keep going.  I assured her that this would not only be our house but our home.  One month later she called and said, "you got your house," to which I replied, "I already knew."

Never underestimate your intuition for it is both wise and knowing!

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019


Good morning. It's Tuesday.  I had such a busy weekend doing things I wanted to do and things I needed to do.  What a feeling of accomplishment.  It is sometimes hard to get motivated on those cold cold days but then there are those days where you are unstoppable.  No chore is too tedious or difficult to keep you from having fun too.

Today's quote is, "Who says you can have but one great achievement - there are no limits to you and what you can do."  I believe that.  Do you?  Do you believe that you were put on this earth to accomplish one thing and one thing only?  If you do then change your belief right now!

When we think of what we've achieved the list is longer than we realize.  We could go way back or to last week.  We put so little value on what we think is the mundane for example making dinner.  Last week I made this amazing Japanese fried chicken dish.  Was it earth shattering?  No it wasn't but I was excited to have made something new for my family.

Last year I took one hundred of my quotes and photographs and created a book.  Why is that less important than my Japanese chicken?  They both brought joy to me and to others.  Will I cook more dinners and try new recipes?  Absolutely.  Will I write another book?  I just might do that.

Never belittle anything you do that holds meaning and importance to you and the ones you love.  If you are a mom with little kids and you got them to bed without the usual night time drama then pat yourself on the back for what an accomplishment that is! I remember those days oh so well.

Tap into talents you never knew existed.  I know you have them as I am confident we all do.  Your greatest achievement is yet to come and there are no limits to how many you can have!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Monday, February 4, 2019


Good morning all!  Happy Monday.  I have really perfected my overnight oats.  My recent addition is papaya and more almond milk making my oatmeal super creamy and delicious.  So yummy on a cold winter day.  When you go out for a meal is the other person's choice consistently better than yours? 

That would happen to me all the time.  My husband always ordered the better breakfast, dinner or lunch and I would be most unhappy.  More than once I would return my dish to get what he was eating and my entire mood would change as well as our dining experience.  Who wants to look at a miserable face! 

What a good husband I have to put me before himself to make sure I was happy.  When you love and care about someone you want them to be happy even if it means waiting to eat your food while a new order is placed.  I love good food and going to great places whether they are known for their avocado toast or their fresh fish.  This may sound a little extreme but a bad meal puts me in a bad mood. 

What would happen if everything put me in a bad mood.  I'm not so sure that my loving husband would continue to be as supportive and why should he be?  It's draining to constantly be responsible for the happiness of someone else.  There would come a time when his happiness would have to be front and center.  Today's quote is, "There is no one's misery that should come before your happiness."  

Support is one thing but being an enabler is another.  In my life there have been people who were just plain miserable no matter what.  The ones who could never see the sun behind the clouds.  As a friend we try and be supportive but when it deprives you of your own vitality it is time to sever that relationship.  I do believe those folks were in my life to teach me a lesson on boundaries. 

I am a good friend and a supportive friend. I am someone you can turn to and trust but I want that reciprocated and if it is not then I need to move on as we all should.  Your happiness is just as important as someone else.  A one sided relationship can never work unless you fancy yourself to be a punching bag.

It all comes back to deserving and knowing that you are entitled to what we all want; to be happy!

Have a wonderful Monday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Friday, February 1, 2019


Good morning everyone.  Holy cow!  Not only is it Friday but it is February the month of love.  Welcome to both.  Valentine's Day, one of my favorite holidays is this month.  As commercial as it has become I still love the brilliant red color used to wrap up chocolate hearts and small boxes of jewelry.  I even wrap my wrought iron banister in a garland of red every year and put hearts on my glass door.  I bet you didn't know how corny I really am!

I don't care!  It makes me happy.  Every day should be your very own Valentine's Day filled with love and hearts.  Today's quote is, "When we choose to see the good in our surroundings gratitude spills from our hearts like a waterfall."  A true statement for sure.  When you are in a place you love and one that makes you happy, you feel it all over.

I love my home.  I feel good the minute I step inside the front door, (even if I don't have plastic hearts clinging to the glass!)  I am thankful that I have such a beautiful place to call home and thankful that I have the most loving dog who greets me like she hasn't seen me in a million years every single time.  Am I thankful?  You bet I am. 

I've taken it a step further by thanking the Universe every single day for the abundance in my life  and for what is coming my way.  When there is so much good around you it is only right to show gratitude and appreciation.  Will we have bad days and tough times?  Always!  But when you can turn your focus to the good that is already there and to all you have the Universe will not only hear you but send you more!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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