Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Good morning everyone.  Happy Halloween.  It is not my holiday I prefer although I love the warm cozy colors of fall. and it just so happens that orange is my favorite color. 

Bonfires are warm and inviting especially this time of year.  It is nice to feel the cool air around you while the flames create warmth.  Fires can be very dangerous too and worse if we are the ones who caused them.  Today's quote is, "Extinguish the fires you created - it is your job alone to put them out."  

Take a moment and think about that one.  We are capable of many things including generating our own messes but that's alright as long as we don't blame others while the flames get higher and higher.  The first and most important thing we need to do is recognize a self-made fiasco and then contemplate how to get out of it.

Instead of panicking, look at it as a way to exercise the creative part of your brain.  How's that for being positive!  If we are capable of getting ourselves into a mess then we are just as capable as getting ourselves out of one.

When you prepare a meal, you clean the dishes.  Life isn't always so simple, it rarely is.  It's too easy to say, "this happened because of this," or "if ....." Again blame becomes the scapegoat.  Be the responsible party for the messes and successes in your life.  When those flames are out of control, grab that extinguisher and put them out and when those accolades come, receive them with dignity and grace and know you did this both on your own.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018


 Good morning everyone.  All I can say is happy Tuesday.  I know it's early but already I am thinking about the weekend.  Love that I will be at KAHLO on Saturdays for Reiki.  Love the flow and direction of my life.  As hard as I have worked and continue to work on my path, it is not all me who is responsible for where I am going but those past lives I am connected with who have shaped me and have allowed me to continue.

Every Medium I have seen has told me that I was a doctor or healer in a past life so it is only natural for me to continue as a healer in this one.  Today's quote is, "The teachings of our ancestors reverberate in our present lives even if we don't hear them or feel them - they are within us."  A truer statement could not be said.

Even if you are skeptical about past lives have you ever wondered why you are drawn to love or fear animals?  Have you ever been curious about why you love or hate roller coasters or that you are fearful of heights?  Most of us would say "I just am."  I would say, "no you're not."  Certainly the Past Life Regressionists (yes they exist) would say there is always a reason why we love or fear something.

That said, there is also a reason why you are either drawn towards or repelled from certain professions.  I know with absolute certainty I could never be an architect or an engineer.  I despise math and anything to do with numbers.  I have absolutely no interest and even when I try to understand and focus on any mathematical concept, I can't follow it.  I completely space out.  I've heard, "just try and you'll get it."  No.  No I won't.  I can't and I am fine with that.

I am quite sure that none of my ancestors were mathematicians.  I am following in the footsteps of those who came before me.  The lineage of my ancestors who were doctors, healers and shamans remain in my being and in my very core.

Now take a moment to think about your profession.  Your likes and dislikes.  Did you choose them or were they chosen for you.  You may think this was all choice and free but chances are they were chosen by your ancestors long before your earthly arrival.

Have wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Monday, October 29, 2018


Good morning to you on this Monday in October.  My how this month has flown.  We say that about summer, the holidays, the weekends.  All the fun things in our lives always go too quickly.  Time goes so fast which is why we refer to it as flying.

What seems slow is that journey to get to our dream destination.  Not a trip or a vacation but our true end point.  The one that we struggle to arrive at.  When we do get there and I have no doubt that each and every one of us will, it will seem like we've always been there.

When that day comes, others may be envious because they have not yet arrived but they also have not seen what it took to get to that place.  Today's quote is, "Of course the butterfly is beautiful but we were not there to witness the transformation - the shedding of its skin to become the creature we admire who could soar above the rest."   You are the only one aware of the effort it continually takes to remain on your path allowing you to get from A to B.

It is the same with everyone.  I ran into a woman I have known who via Facebook sees what I have been up to.  She complemented me on my quotes and persistence and then said, "wow, you're doing really well!"  I was pleased that she liked my quotes but I was more pleased that she noticed and recognized my persistence.  You see, that right there is the key.  

I've told all of you this before.  I didn't just wake up one day, decide to be a Reiki Practitioner and said, "hi world, here I am, I'm ready!"  NO!  It took work, effort, more work and more effort and my work and effort continues every single day.  That is what she didn't see.  She did not see all it took to become a Reiki Practitioner, leader of guided meditations, photographer and author.

Never be envious of someone's success because you have no idea what they went through to get there.  We may arrive at different times but we all get there eventually.  Delight in the success of another and when your time comes you will receive that well deserved pat on the back!

Have a wonderful Monday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Friday, October 26, 2018


Good morning to you.  It's Friday.  Choose the feeling for the day right now.  Positive or negative or neutral.  We don't always go around jumping for joy just as not everyday is our worst either.  Sometimes a day is just a day, ordinary, lacking both angst and excitement.  Those days are perfectly fine.

Whatever day it is we are the ones who have chosen it.  Today's quote is, "Consciously or subconsciously we choose a path of destruction or success even when we are not aware we have indeed made a choice."  No one sets out to choose a path of destruction but it happens.  Perhaps because we have not learned the lessons set out for us.  

We date the same people, get the same job, have the same friends and manage to find all those people and situations that aren't right for us until we learn the lessons the Universe has sent to us.  Until then our path can very well be destructive.  Not that we want that but that's what happens.  

Just as we choose a bad path some of us are good students and don't need to be taught and re-taught our lessons.  The lucky ones learn right away and easily travel down that road to success.  The road where we truly want to be.  

Pay attention to everyone you meet.  Regard each situation you are drawn to with caution.  Ask yourself why you have been pulled in a certain direction and towards certain personalities.  I believe destruction can be halted if you proceed with slight hesitation.  Understand that hesitation gives us time to think about what we are doing and ponder the consequences of our potential actions.  

You can try these techniques all you want but if your lessons have not been learned they will be repeated until they have lead you either to ruin or triumph.  Know that you are not a bad person, just a slow learner. 

Have a wonderful Friday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Thursday, October 25, 2018


Good morning all.  Did you wake up feeling good, refreshed and ready to start a new day or are you tired and dragging yourself to work this morning?  Moods and feelings can change a million times a day depending on what is going on.  You could start out your day energized and happy then drop your coffee, get smashed by a car or forget your glasses.  Poof!  That happy feeling just vaporized.

It is those minor things that go wrong that cause us major irritation but why do we let it get to us?  At the moment it is annoying but in the scheme of things its not so bad.  Why do we let what happened yesterday affect our mood today?  We can buy another cup of coffee, spray SHOUT on our clothes when we get home and make the font bigger on the computer screen and forget about what was.  Whatever it is, we are the ones in charge of how we let things affect us.

Today's quote is, "If you rise in the morning to unhappiness know with conviction you have the power to change it."  I could just see those eyes rolling right this moment.  Another case of easier said than done but we really do have that power.  The problem is that we don't always use it. We don't believe our own strength to overcome obstacles and indeed there are obstacles we face on a daily basis. 

Its too easy to be stuck and mope about all our irritations and annoyances big and small.  Here is one thing you can work on and I'm not talking about even changing your mood as much as knowing you have that power.  That that power is deep within you and that  you can turn a crappy day into something much more positive.  If not a wonderful day then at least a good one.

Have a great Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Good morning all.  Are you working today?  If you are off then lucky you.  If you could skip work today, how would you choose to spend those free hours?  Don't start listing all the chores you would tackle.  That too is work!  If there was absolutely anything you could do for a day, what would it be?

I am almost certain that you all went right to your list.  You know that list that never ends.  As adults we have responsibilities and can't just skip out on them.  But what if we held onto that carefree attitude we had when we were children and decided to spend a day off doing something fun or maybe nothing at all. It might be hard but it is possible.

Today's quote is, "Be the child you once were - free of ego - accepting and happy to just be."  Now of course we can't still be children but we certainly can free ourselves of ego.  Is it hard?  You bet.  I have been to many meditation sessions where the leader talks about letting go and releasing your ego.

During many of these sessions I would wonder to myself how that could be possible.  It is the second part of the sentence that makes it easier to do.  It is the part that says be accepting and happy to just be.  How many of us have to be doing something in order to be happy.  How many of us have a hard time just being?

Mia has a favorite chair in my house.  It is a big comfy chair in my living room situated in front of a bay window.  Many times when I come home from work, there she is.  Sitting in that chair, staring out the window.  What is she looking at?  Birds flying by.  Squirrels and chip monks running about.  The occasional car driving by.  Whatever it is, she is so happy to sit and watch.  

How long can she do that for?  I have no idea but I would guess it is longer than either you and I could.  I could practically feel the judgement coming through the computer.  Let it go.  Do you remember as a child, looking at stars in the evening sky or lying on the grass and staring up at the clouds?  We've all done that.  I've done that and I'm sure you have too and no one judged us while we did it either. 

Just for a day, go back to childhood.  Treat yourself to a starry night or a day filled with puffy clouds.  Work will be waiting for you tomorrow.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Good morning everyone. Welcome to Tuesday.  If someone were to ask you about your children (if you have any), I'm sure you would perk up with pride.  I know I do.  I'm very proud of my children and the way they continue to mature.  I'll be really excited when they clean their rooms and put the dishes in the dishwasher.  Perhaps they are not as mature as I would like!

Did you all notice what I did?  I took that pride and twisted it with a little humor.  Nothing wrong with that but it is what many of us do when it comes to our own accomplishments.  We receive a compliment and then have that "aw shucks, it was nothing," attitude.

Why is it that we can't beam with happiness when receiving a compliment?  Today's quote is, "Be proud of your accomplishments - let self love rule and ignite your inner light."   If  you've done something you are proud of it is perfectly fine to let the world know, or at least your friends.

A real friend will find joy in your happiness and cheer you on but the main cheerleader in your life needs to be you.  I've spoken before about self-pride and self-love but I know many of us need repitition.  When you do something you love you have already ignited that fire within.

When that something turns out just the way you want it to, that feeling of pride overtakes your entire being.  You know what I say to that?  Let it!  You've put in the work, now reap the rewards and shine on!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Monday, October 22, 2018


Good morning everyone.  Hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to face another week.  Of all the friends you have who is the one you can really count on or do you have someone in your life that resembles that at all?  I know that throughout my life, different people have come and gone.  Some have remained longer than others but I can't say I am friends with everyone I was friends with ten years ago.

Life and situations both bring about changes.  One of those wonderful changes is the flow of who comes in and out of our lives.  This is because people can grow apart emotionally.  There are also those times when a friendship is no longer mutually beneficial and you simply part ways.  The relationship has simply taken its course without any feelings hurt and only sweet memories to recall.

What about that person in your life who you think is your friend but does not have your best interest at heart.  The one who instead of supporting you is secretly jealous of you.  One wouldn't think that adults can behave in this manner but they most certainly can and do.  That friend who you come to for advice but who steers you the opposite way of where you should be going. 

Today's quote is, "Be aware of unwanted suggestions that intentionally divert you from your path."   When I was a child I had a "best" friend who never really took on that role but as a child and as an insecure child, I would listen with intent at the suggestions of my friend never realizing that my happiness and well being were never on her radar.

Now that you are adult and more aware of who you are, are you also aware of that type of person in your life?  The one who really does try and divert you.  Who gives you bad suggestions on purpose because they can't find the joy in your happiness.  Who would think those people exist but they do and sometimes they are the ones we call "friend."  Jealousy is one of the most destructive emotions anyone can have.  It is destructive obviously for the envied but also for the jealous person. 

That emotion does nothing but create chaos in your soul.  A true friend needs to be someone you can count on.  Someone who cares about what happens to you and answers your questions honestly and with pure intent.  Be wary of those who are never happy for you when things are good in your life but show up as soon things take a turn for the worse.  Like an ambulance chaser they are the first ones on the scene not to support you but to commiserate with you and to show you how they have it worse.

Seek out a friend for guidance and support but if you are truly on your path, you will feel it in your heart!

Have a wonderful Monday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Friday, October 19, 2018


Good morning everyone.  Well it's here.  Friday.  Of that I am certain. I am also certain that I will get in my car and go to my day job and that at 2:30 it will be time to go home.  There are many things we can be certain about.  We know our schedules and responsibilities.  We know who and what needs to be taken care of and so we go about our day without giving it a second thought. 

What about your path?  Are you certain you are on the right one or have you been receiving signals telling you to make a right or a left.  Even when we think we know what we want we still get that twinge on hesitation.

Today's quote is, "Doubt and insecurity are a wave that washes over us bathing us in a sea of uncertainty - be still and surrender until still waters return."  In essence, just chill.  Doubt and insecurity are a normal feeling for everyone no matter what their confidence level is. If in your heart you are traveling down the right path, surrender to those thoughts of doom!  Stop thinking and don't allow your mind to create all the ways everything could go wrong. 

If you're feeling doubtful and insecure then go with it but only for a moment until you begin to imagine all the ways things can go right!  Doubt and insecurity can be a tsunami, never mind a wave.  If that feeling enters your mind, let it in but at the same time visualize yourself  floating on your way to safety.  The safety of your dreams and life as you want and it.  This I know for sure, you are certainly on your way!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone! ~Love, Amy 

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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Good morning everyone.  What was the last item that you purchased?  I don't mean groceries or deodorant.  I'm talking about the last thing you bought that you really wanted and couldn't wait to have.  Was it an item of clothing?  A pair of shoes?  Something for your home?  

Think back and try to remember how long that good feeling stayed with you after your purchase.  Was it days, weeks or merely a few hours.  I have another question for you.  How often do you make extravagant purchases because you just have to have that item?

We often buy things thinking it will make us happy and quite often it does.  The problem is that happy feeling is short lived, vanishing until our next big ticket item is bought.  This leads me to today's quote which is, "True true happiness can never be bought."  

Indeed a variation of "you can't buy happiness," or "money doesn't buy happiness."  You can choose whichever one you want or stick with mine.  There is no sale on happiness.  Ever.  Anywhere.  

Happiness is something found within yourself, not at Bloomingdales or Manolo Blahnik.  As wonderful as that new item may make you feel, it will soon vanish and leave you longing for the next purchase and the purchase after that and the one after that.  Buying becomes an addiction that can never be satisfied.  

The best thing you can do for yourself is to spend time outside in nature.  Look around at all the Universe has to show you.  Take a deep breath and appreciate your surroundings.  The best part is it won't cost a cent!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Good morning all.  Everyone reading this right now has an amazing talent.  How do I know that?  Because we all do.  We all have something and maybe even more than one thing what we do really  well.  

I know there is someone reading this right now who is an incredible Medium.  I know there is someone else reading this right now who is an excellent swimmer.  Whether it is cooking, yoga, teaching, or a million other things, we all have that one thing we can do better than anyone else and should be most proud of.  Now for the but: do you really know it and believe it.

Today's quote is, "If you told yourself how amazing you are would you believe it."  Down with self-deprecation.  I'm really good at that!  Own your success.  Don't be shy.  Be proud of what it is you do best.  That's why people seek you out for your meals, your downward dog, your products and in my case, my healing.  

Yes, I am proud of what I do and I finally believe it.  These quotes have helped me just as much as they help all of you (at least I hope they do).  When a thought comes to mind it is because either someone I know is going through a rough patch or I myself need guidance.  At one time I needed this quote because although I was seeing clients for Reiki sessions, there were also times I couldn't believe people would actually come to me.  

Crazy right, but not really.  Not if you yourself don't believe in your talents.  I knew I was not alone in these thoughts but with time I really and truly began to believe in myself and what I could offer.  I also know that many of you reading this are still insecure in your gifts.  Don't be.  Own them and share them proudly.  You've worked hard to master those talents.  Is there room for fine tuning?  Always but if you don't say it, I will.  You are amazing.

It's your turn.  Say it and believe it!

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Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

Monday, October 15, 2018


Good morning everyone.  Some Mondays can be so hard.  Either I get a great night's sleep or all night I am subconsciouly aware that in a few hours it is the beginning of a new week leaving me unable to  get that full and proper rest.  It is as though I am already aware of how tired I will be in the morning.  Not the best start to the work week.

Poor me.  A tired beginning but I am quite sure that I will sleep like a baby tonight.  That's a positive way to view a problem that is shared by many.  Who isn't tired on a Monday?  What I can also do is blame my job.  Ugg, why do I have to be there at 7:30?  Why can't they start later? Why, why, why?

Feel sorry for me.  I have to be up at 5:00.  I have so much to do.  If only I didn't have to....And on and on and on.  I am not alone.  Most of us are early risers because we have jobs, families and life to attend to.  At this point it is a fine line between the desire for sympathy and wanting to blame someone or something on a situation.

Today's quote is, "If your preference is for self pity it is not sympathy you are looking for but a place to lay blame where it does not belong."   Not everything has a fault.  Sometimes things just are as they are.  Who chose the job where I need to get up at 5:00?  That would be me.  I can't blame the job for being what it is?

We do that for so many things in our lives.  When we are faced with misfortune or an unfortunate event, often we want to lay blame somewhere or anywhere.  Things happen.  Sometimes really bad things happen and there are times where we will find it practically impossible to not find fault any place outside of ourselves.

Always question but in the end, learn acceptance.

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Have a wonderful Monday everyone! ~Love, Amy

Friday, October 12, 2018


Ahhh!  It's Friday!  Good morning everyone!  I love Fridays.  It is the last day of the week I have to hear that 5:00 A.M. alarm go off.  The day will come when I will never have to set an alarm at all and although I look forward to when that happens I'm not wishing for it to be now.  

I am doing what I am meant to do at this moment in time, what I love to do and what I have to do and really, I am fine with it.  The Universe has also chosen my soul, who I am and the person I am still becoming.

Today's quote is, "Of all the people in the world the Universe has chosen you to be exactly as you are - a loving beautiful being of light."  We all go through difficult times in our lives.  Days that are better than others but that's to show us our humanity.  If everything was wonderful all the time, how would be appreciate anything.

What we all need to know is that the Universe is there for us even if we don't think so.  Sometimes our hardships are there to teach us a lesson.  Sometimes our hardships are there because we didn't learn the lesson the first time.  There are times things happen because we need to learn to appreciate what is right in front of us.

One thing for sure is that we are indeed exactly where we are meant to be and as we were meant to be.  Loving, beautiful beings of light.

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Have a wonderful Friday everyone! ~Love, Amy

Thursday, October 11, 2018


Good morning all and a terrific Thursday as well.  How willing are you to be open minded?  Maybe the question should be how stuck in your ways are you. It takes a long time to see things in a new light.  If you are willing there can be a whole new world out there.

Today's quote is, "You can force nothing - not change, not attitudes, not behaviors unless you are willing to open your heart and open your mind."  This is so true.  Nothing can be forced and I think you know that.  Think of a conversation you've recently had.  Was it a true conversation or were you trying to convince someone to accept your view point.

Think of a conversation with someone who actually responded, "wow, I never thought of that!"  The person who replied in that way has shown a willingness to open their heart and mind to a new way of thinking.  How refreshing that is when it happens which is why I asked if you are stuck in your ways.

To an extent we all are.  We see things the way we always have in a a certain way and think that's the way it is.  Or is it?  There is a black and white illustration we have all seen.  The one where some without hesitation see and old woman while others see a man with a beard.  Who is correct?  Everyone.  There is no right or wrong, just a different way of looking at the same thing.  

It's fun to watch two different people with two different viewpoints look at those optical illusions and see what the other person sees.  That is how we need to look at life.  You can never force your opinions on someone else but you can share them and hope the other person is open minded enough to listen and see.

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Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy


Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Good morning everyone.  I can't believe its October.  I know we've been here for a little while but I just had to say it.  Summer is already such a distant memory.  I love the freedom that summer offers me but no complaints about the Fall.  Every season is unique in its own way.  What I'm longing for is freedom but it will come when the time is right!

There are times when I was actually feeling sorry for myself.  Instead of denying those feelings I went with them, not to drown in self-pity but to acknowledge those feelings.  Today's quote is, "If sorrow is what you feel bathe yourself in love and friendship as you would another."  

If a friend confessed their sadness to me, why would I dismiss it?  I wouldn't because a true friend is there for you in good times and bad.  It is equally important to be your own friend as well and to be there for yourself.  How do you do that?  By recognizing sadness within yourself and not beating yourself up over it.  

When sorrow is what you are feeling, accept that emotion and give yourself the love you need to get through it.  Be that good friend not just to others but to yourself.    Surround yourself with the love you need to get through a difficult time.  

Not everyone is attentive to the needs of others.  Don't wait for comfort to come to you but be the comfort yourself.  Wrap yourself in a blanket of love and friendship and keep it there until the sorrow is gone.

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Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! ~love, Amy

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Good morning all.  Sometimes I wake up excited to see what the day will bring.  And then again there are those other days where I can't wait for it to end even before it began.  Yes I have those days too.  What makes so many of our days not just worthwhile but amazing is when something wonderful happens seemingly out of the blue.

A random text from an old friend, hearing a great song on the way to work, watching a bunch of turkeys crossing a road.  Another wonderful thing that happens is when an opportunity arises from out of nowhere.  Today's quote is, "It is when you least expect an opportunity that it is presented."  How many times has that happened to you?

It has definitely happened to me and when it does it is a true gift.  Opportunity that unexpectedly presents itself is so special but you have to be aware of it.  When the owner of KAHLO, (the new and beautiful boutique in Pound Ridge where I am their Saturday Reiki Practitioner) messaged me in July I was taken aback.  I wasn't even sure how she knew me.

The plan was to discuss offering Reiki sessions at her store.  Pound Ridge?  "That's kinda far," I thought.  Hmmm.  Well, I decided to meet with her and I believe you know the rest.  It would have been just as easy to go with my initial thought but what a mistake that would've been.  Instead of meeting with the owner the day after I was asked, I could've put it off and risk having her lose interest in me entirely.

You see the Universe set up this unexpected opportunity for me but it was up to me to act on it.  Now think back if you can to a time where an unexpected opportunity came your way.  Did you go for it or tell yourself now is not the time.  The Universe is there to help you.  We all have dreams and goals and sometimes the road to those dreams and goals is presented with unexpected possibilities and opportunities.  Keep your eyes open so they are not missed!

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Have a great Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

Monday, October 8, 2018


Good morning everyone.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to rock this week!  The other night I had a dream that I had gained an enormous amount of weight.  Everything felt tight even my underwear!   I remember being so uncomfortable and wondering how it was possible to gain 12 pounds overnight.  When I awoke the next morning I was grateful that it was only a dream.

A few days prior to that dream I had over indulged in foods richer than I normally eat leaving me to feel full and bloated.  When I do that I actually look forward to getting back on track and my dream was simply a reminder of that.

What if I had really gained 12 pounds?  Would I be upset?  I would because my clothes would be tight so yes I would be upset.  Would it mean that I am not worthy of love?  Absolutely not.  If you think that is going too far it isn't and I will explain why.  Let's get to today's quote which is, "Be the love of your life before seeking love from someone else."

When we negatively label ourselves we are throwing it out to the Universe not realizing the Universe is listening to our every word.  By doing so we are saying we are undeserving and unworthy.  Unworthy of love, success and anything positive in our lives.  If we gain 5 pounds or 50 we are still who we are.

We all strive to be our best selves but we also need to be forgiving.  Love yourself no matter what.  It is sad that we place so much value on the physical presentation of ourselves and others when there is so much more we have to share.  Love yourself no matter what.  Be your own champion and your biggest supporter.

When you are confident in who you are and know how wonderful your being truly is, love will find its way to you whether you are looking for that special person or just a friend.  Remember that you are a being of light.  Let that light shine brightly no matter how tight your pants may be!

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Have a wonderful Monday everyone! ~Love, Amy

Friday, October 5, 2018


Good morning everyone.  I hope you took the time to greet yourself today in the way that I just greeted you.  You are special and deserve special treatment.  Remember that always.  If you honor yourself you will never let anyone mistreat you.

When you love and appreciate all the wonderful things about yourself you will realize what great company you are!  Today's quote is, "Learn to love yourself - for when you do loneliness will never be yours."  It is important to love yourself for many reasons and yes, even to alleviate loneliness.  If you love and appreciate yourself you already have good company. 

There is a difference between being lonely and being alone.  When we are lonely we yearn to be in the company of others but if we are depressed and lonely, sullen and lonely, miserable and lonely, why would anyone want to hang with us, including ourselves. 

Often we make the mistake of thinking that being in the company of others will prevent us from feeling lonely.  That's only true if we are happy with ourselves and won't change whether we are with someone or not.

When we love and value ourselves we don't mind being alone.  We can appreciate our surroundings wherever we happen to be.  A walk alone becomes meditative and blissful.  A meal eaten by yourself becomes a celebration of the food in front of you and a contemplative moment becomes just that.  A moment of contemplation free from judgement and attachment.  

Love yourself like no other.  Be your best friend so that when that soul mate, partner or friend finds their way into your life they will compliment you, not complete you for you are already complete.

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Have a wonderful Friday everyone! ~Love, Amy

Thursday, October 4, 2018


Good morning everyone.  What kind of a sleeper are you?  Are you a deep sleeper?  A light sleeper?  One who gets up from the slightest noise or someone who is out the moment your head hits the pillow?  The one thing that both deep and light sleepers have in common is that they all dream.  We all dream.  Some of us are more vivid dreamers than others. Whether or not we remember all of our dreams, we always remember one thing that seems to hold no significance or so we think!

There are dreams that jolt us out of bed and those that make us want to stay there.  Ones that frighten and alarm us and those that enlighten and delight us.  Dreams serve a purpose.  They can help us work live out our fantasies or help us sort out real life problems.  In essence, dreams and even nightmares serve a purpose.  

Today's quote is, "Through dreams it is possible to purge what is useless in our lives."  How wonderful it is to purge.  Purging is cleansing and freeing and helps us to unload all that does not serve us in our lives.  Even the weirdest and most random dreams have a purpose.  

Don't fear them.  Embrace them as a gift from your subconscious.  Let them amuse you, arouse you and awaken you to your inner most desires and lead you to whatever it is you need to release.  Let your dreams be your friend!

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Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

Wednesday, October 3, 2018


Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday.  If you were asked which attribute matches you best would you say you are mostly positive or mostly negative?  Without question I believe you know what I would say about myself.  

I would describe myself as a mostly positive person looking at the glass half full rather than the other way around.  I would say that the rain is nourishing for the earth and that every problem has a solution but because I also happen to be human I am sometimes overwhelmed by an inexplicable sadness. 

I would say that there are times seemingly out of nowhere when my emotions do not feel like my own and without any effort at all the tears begin to flow.  Do I feel bad when this happens or out of control?  Absolutely not.  When those tears fall they are a major release leaving my body depleted and exhausted yet simultaneously rejuvenated.  Sometimes we all need a good cry.

Today's quote is, "Embrace the release provided by your tears - let them warm and comfort you in times of sorrow."   When was the last time you cried?  Why is it that we feel we are weak if we succumb to our emotions.  The fastest way to sickness is for us to hold back our feelings and emotions.  When we stuff them deep inside us they aren't gone.  They are temporarily hidden until they can hide no more.  

Our emotions end up boiling over and surging through us like a volcano burning us from within.  As human beings we will all be stricken with emotions that seem to attack us at our core but rather than fight back, go with it, have a good cry and let those tears flow.  Let them calm you, sooth you and comfort you like a warm blanket on a cold winter's night.  

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Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Good morning everyone.  Are you one of those people who puts everyone before yourself?  Those who do are not just moms either.  They are husbands who work hard to provide for their families, they are grandparents who focus on their children and grandchildren and they are friends who are a support system.

People who put themselves behind those in need are all of us at one time or another.  As kind and wonderful as you might think that is, it is depleting.  When you take your energies and give it to everyone else but yourself, what are you left with?  Not much. 

This is another example of how thinking of yourself is not conceited but absolutely necessary for your well being and that of the ones you choose to care for.  Today's quote is, "We must focus on our lives first before being effective for someone else."  It only makes sense.  How can we be truly helpful to anyone if we are last on the list.  We can't.  It's just not possible.  

When I say that we must focus on ourselves and our lives it means that we must take care of ourselves first in order to be useful to others.  How do we do that?  Simple.  Take a walk.  Get a good night's rest.  Eat well.  Get a massage if that's what you like.  No longer do you need to spend a fortune for one, there are places all over that are really reasonable.  Instead of saying, what you should do, DO IT!  And please carve out some fun time for yourself.  

Taking care of yourself doesn't need to be an enormous undertaking.  Do something small every single day so that rather than depleted you are refreshed enough to be a help, a support and a rock for all those you love and care for!

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Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

Monday, October 1, 2018


Good morning everyone.  Today I am back as it is Monday once again.  Have you ever had a conversation with someone only to be completely misunderstood.  You said one thing but the person you spoke with heard something completely different.  

It is like that old game of telephone where you whisper something into someone's ear and by the time the last person hears it, the message has been fully changed to something entirely different.  It's funny when you are playing a game but not in a conversation where feelings could be hurt and explanations can be misconstrued by those you love and care about.

Today's quote is, "Misunderstanding is confusion and chaos - understanding is the light of illumination - the clarity gained."  How many times have you had an argument with someone only to have it end with, "but I thought you said..." "but I thought you meant...."  When we speak to each other we must do so not only with kindness but with utter clarity.  

Simple misunderstandings can lead to confusion, chaos, bitter feelings, broken hearts and lost relationships.  Although that list seems long, I stand by it.  That overwhelming feeling of enlightenment when understanding comes into play is glorious!  "Oh, THAT'S what you meant!"

If we are clear the first time around we can avoid causing upset and pain.  If you need to speak with someone about something delicate you need to have your thoughts in order so that you are absolutely clear and there is not a chance for misunderstanding.  If you see someone walking away scratching their head that is a pretty good indication that clarity was not received!  

Believe it or not, speaking clearly is an art that not many people have mastered.  Next time you need to have a deep conversation with someone important to you, gather your thoughts and even rehearse your words.  Confusion and chaos is hard to clean up but when the light of clarity shines on you there is nothing like it!

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Have a wonderful Monday everyone! ~Love, Amy