Friday, March 31, 2017


Good Morning all!  We made it to Friday!  I don't know about you but this was an extremely quick week.  Some weeks are like that.  Gee!  I hope I don't sound like I'm wishing my weeks away!  Never do that!  Each day needs to be taken as it is.  Of course we have things we look forward to doing but doesn't mean we should disregard the days before.  Whew!  Just wanted to clear that up!

There is nothing I have that is so exciting happening this weekend that I needed to rush the week.  A regular weekend.  Maybe a movie, taking care of the house, the dog, etc.  And of course not waking up so early.  Even though the sun has not yet risen nor will it today I just learned something new.  Did you know the "Sun"  card from a Tarot deck is a one of celebration?  Well I didn't know that and now I do. 

I'm starting to learn about Tarot cards and their meanings.  My interest was always there but has been encouraged by my friend who does this really well and has loves to share with me.  In fact the "Sun" card is about sharing as well.  Today's quote, "If you don't know, ask - if you do know, share."  Why do we think we have to act like we know everything?  I

To me the greatest strength is to be honest with yourself and others when there is something that you don't know.  If one is worried about appearances and how they are perceived, honesty is definitely better.  It's O.K. not to know everything.  No one does.  If you knew everything how could you learn anything!  AND - if there is something that you could share then do so!  Sharing knowledge, wisdom, information, thoughts, feelings.  That to me is empowering. 

And you are appreciated for it!  I love learning about Tarot cards because it is something I have always been interested in and my friend is happy to share this information with me.  The point of sharing is to gain from one another.  That to me is the point of friendship.  Otherwise you could sit around and talk to yourself all day.  We should always be learning.  Age has nothing to do with it. 

Perhaps there are those out there who think they know it all.  Do you like hanging out with those people?  I don't.  Be open to learning always and ALWAYS be open to sharing what you do know.  It could change your life!  Have a wonderful Friday everyone and let me know one thing you learned by the end of this day!~Love, Amy

Thursday, March 30, 2017


Good Morning!  I'm late today.  I won't even go into the weird dreams that were going on inside my head but all I can say is wow!  I feel as though I was in a very deep sleep.  Still got up without my alarm but much later than usual.  I do not like that feeling of being rushed.

Isn't that nuts?  It's 5:37 and I feel rushed!  The funny thing is that all will be fine and in the end I will get to where I am supposed to be on time as always!  Today's quote, "To truly be effective - love what you do."  Perhaps that's why I overslept.  Truth be told the day job that takes me away from home everyday is not my true love.  It's what I need to do at this moment in time.

Now if I had a client at 6:00 in the morning I'm sure I would jump out of bed!  Working with people through Reiki and Guided Meditation gives me absolute joy!  I love not only sharing my gifts but seeing people improve both physically and mentally.  That gives me real happiness.  The other, not so much.

Not to say that I don't try because I do.  After all a job is a job and we all have to try our best but when the love and joy isn't there it is difficult.  That's why it's so important to love, really love what you do!

Personally I know that I am getting closer every day and I will be there completely one day but until then, I like you still have to try my very best.  (during the day that is.)  When you love what you do, not only does it show all over you, your face, your stance, your attitude but to the people around you as well.  The ones you are working with or working on in my case.  And when you are happy with that you will be a magnet!  Who wouldn't want to be around you.

We all want to be around happy people because they bring us joy.  So again I will say to take your time.  Figure out what exactly it is that you want and when you do know that you will touch every life you come in contact with!  Until then try your best always and know that your turn is coming!  Have a great Thursday everyone!~Love, Amy

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Good Morning.  Why does it feel like Wednesday?  Because it is!  Not every day feels like the one it is.  Today is a definite Wednesday feel.  Woke up to lots of emails, mostly nothing and 4 texts.  That doesn't normally happen but when I decide to leave the world for the night, I do so without my phone.  ALWAYS!  I never bring my phone to my bedroom.  There has to be peace somewhere! 

The sun will be out today but not at this early hour.  It was very windy as I heard the wind chimes for what felt like hours.  Maybe that's why I need my coffee this morning.  As far as sounds go there is nothing more calming than wind chimes to if they kept me up a little I can live with that. 

A strange feeling to this week.  It started off slow but I feel like it's almost the weekend.  ALMOST, but not quite.  I'm looking forward to this afternoon.  I'm getting a much needed haircut.  You know when all of a sudden your hair grows and you don't know when that happened?  I'm ready for a change.  Not sure how I want it to look but different than now.

A superficial start to today's quote but fitting.  Here it is, "What  you are now doesn't have to be what you are tomorrow  - we are all capable of change if we want it."  As I said, a very superficial change but a change none the less.  That's usually how it starts.  We want to change something about our physical selves.  Just look on Face Book.  Seems that everyone is drinking a shake or following a food plan to lose weight but that desire to change is what leads people to these different programs and that's great. 

What else do you want to change?  Your job, your relationship, your friends, your outlook and attitude?  You can change anything.  I truly believe that.  The key is the desire for change.  Most of us just talk a good game and don't commit to it.  Change is hard.  Change can be scary.  But you know what's harder and scarier?  Being unhappy in a current situation.  That to me is far worse!

Take baby steps toward what you want.  If someone needs to lose a lot of weight it won't happen over night.  The change has to come in eating habits, portion control and of course a willingness to stick to those new habits.  A new job won't fall into your lap.  You have to look and put out those feelers.  We can all help each other.  If there are things you are not happy about with your partner or spouse you need to let them know.

Maybe they have no idea!  Or do you just like complaining?  Believe it or not there are many of those people out there.  Miserable but happier complaining how everything sucks!  Well if that is truth for you then change it but you MUST begin with your attitude!  That's an easy thing to change and one you can certainly begin with today and now!  Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!~Love, Amy

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Good Morning everyone.  Another cloudy, rainy day coming up but the sun is sure to shine tomorrow!  I don't know about you but I'm really tired of waking up in the dark.  I don't know how they do it Norway.  Always something to be thankful for!

Do you every wake up and think what you are thankful for?  Or thankful that something is over?  We all have that.  And of course it could be anything.  The day, the week, a job, a bad relationship, etc.  The important thing is not to hold onto it.  Today's quote, "If you cling to something because there is nothing better you close yourself to what is best."  That goes for many things. 

Even the day.  If something not so pleasant happened during your day why do you want to cling to it and re-live it?  It's pointless.  All it does is get you upset but for some reason we have to go over and over certain scenarios.  Think about the anxiety level that brings.  Who likes that feeling?  I can answer that.  Absolutely no one!  Bigger things are even worse to cling to.  How many of you stayed in a job you hated because you thought there was nothing else out there for you. 

Well if you stay where you are because someone or you have told yourself there is nothing better you will never find that better job.  Here's a good one.  How many of us have stayed in relationships that we know in our hearts are wrong but we don't want to be alone!  Clinging to a bad relationship just to have someone by your side can be the loneliest time in your life!  First of all, love yourself enough to enjoy your own company because if you don't, no one else will either.  Second, if you stay put and miserable with someone you know is wrong for you then that right person will never arrive.

Even diets.  Find the right exercise program for yourself.  If something is not working for you it doesn't matter that half the world is on it.  What works for you is what matters.  For today think about what it is that you cling to and see if you can let it go once and for all.  I promise something better is on its way!  Have a wonderful Tuesday!~Love, Amy

Monday, March 27, 2017


Wow that was fast!  Good Morning everyone.  Monday already.  This weekend went particularly fast.  That's OK.  There will be another one soon enough.  Another very dark morning with rain in the forecast.  The rain will clear all the snow and hopefully by the week's end it will look like winter is over. 

Today is a special day that comes once a month.  It is New Moon Wishes Day for Aries.  Today's quote, "Find the courage to forge ahead and live your life and dreams according to you on this day of new moon wishes."  Many of my quotes pertain to finding you passion and living both your life and dreams but this new moon that is in Aries speaks specifically of independence, courage and self-confidence.  Without these qualities it would be impossible to forge ahead!

This quote has less to do with living your dreams as it does finding the courage to do so.  Sometimes that's the hardest part.  Mustering up the confidence to make the changes we want.  I also always say to take your time.  We don't always know exactly what our passion is right away.  Most of us live our daily lives, go to our jobs, come home and do what needs to be done. 

Some are perfectly content doing all that but some of us question, "is that all there is?"  When that question arises that's when we know there is something more out there for us.  Be confidence that you will find it and be courageous enough to go for it!  New Moon Wishes are tonight at 10:57 P.M.  The strongest and most potent time to write your wishes is 8 hours after the exact time of the new moon.  Write down 10 wishes by hand, put them in a safe place and let them manifest!  May all your dreams comes true!  Have a wonderful Monday everyone!~Love, Amy

Sunday, March 26, 2017


Good Morning on this dreary Sunday.  Mia is by my feet anxiously awaiting to go for a walk.  She even just dropped her bone at my feet.  Her turn will come.  Right now it's mine and yours.  Even though it is raining I'm still happy to be going outside.  I find my morning walks refreshing and invigorating.  A great way to start my day or any day!

How do you start your typical day?  We all have different things we need to do and different places we need to be.  This is a way you should never start your day.  Angry and filled with blame.  Today's quote, "When anger and blame become your best friend it's time to look at yourself."  How many of us out there blame people or situations for everything that goes wrong in our lives? 

I know the answer to that already.  Too many.  We all know that person who chooses to blame every awful event on their lives on everyone else while refusing to look at the choices they have made.  It all comes down to our choices.  Blame and anger are very real and sometimes you can blame someone or something for something bad in your life, however if it is a constant companion of yours you really do have to look at yourself.  Perhaps it is time to make a change.  A real change.  The one you have always been talking about.  There is no better time like the present as they say.

What are you waiting for?  Any time is the right time.  Take those thoughts and put them into action.  Just thinking about it will make you feel better.  I feel better for you already!  End the blame and anger now.  It does nothing good for you and truthfully only makes you feel worse.  It is nothing but a crutch.  It is now time to walk on your own two feet.  Stand strong.  Tap into your root chakra - visualize red and see yourself able to strongly stand on your own two feet!  I know you can do it!  Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!~Love, Amy

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Good Morning on this Saturday.  Hope you have relaxing things in mind and if you don't, enjoy them anyway.  Time is precious.  It's the one thing we never have enough of especially when we are enjoying ourselves whether we are alone or someone we adore. 

Today's quote, "If time is all you can give - make it count."  Why are we always rushing to the next thing.  I have to admit that of course I do the same thing.  Meditation has made me be more in the moment and it is something that I am always working with but I can give you a very clear example right now.

I want to walk Mia because it's not really that cold out and I want to begin to experience the day.  My coffee is not yet ready yet while I am writing to all of you I am trying to listen to the water from the coffee maker drip.  So you see that even thought I really am writing, thinking and being very sincere in my thoughts my mind can go other places.  That of course is the point of meditation.  To have you be in the moment, right where you are and no where else. 

I love writing my blog in the morning.  It is something I look forward to and something that I am very sincere about.  This is how I begin to make my morning count.  I never see it as a waste as it gets me thinking and communicating.  I value my time just as much as you value yours.  Such a common thought we all have when we do certain things are what a waste of time.  But is what you are doing a waste?

You could look at everything that way especially chores.  Who wants to clean the bathroom?  Ugg what a waste of time.  But no it's not.  You want a clean bathroom right?  I do!  Especially when there are multiple humans around!  Cooking is certainly not a waste of time.  We all like to eat!  And more than just eating.  Who doesn't enjoy a good meal?!  And when you are talking to someone put down that phone.  UGG!!!  Something we probably are all guilty of. 

Be with that person.  Be with that thought.  The phone is a non-responsive instrument.  Make eye-contact.  Don't ever lose that.  So if it is just chores today, a short conversation, whatever it is you are doing and whoever you are doing something with, make those moments count!  Have a wonderful Saturday everyone! Love, Amy

Friday, March 24, 2017


Good Morning all!  Wow!  I rarely get up with my alarm.  I did today and I have to say, I am one tired blogger this morning.  Last night I had Guided Meditation at my house which was wonderful by the way and even I usually get a great night's sleep.

For some reason I was actually wired afterwards.  I even meditated on my own at my favorite center yesterday.  The Redding Meditation Center.  I guess you could say I was on Meditation overload.  One would thing I would be out.  Well, here I am now and very thrilled that it is Friday.

Short day at work which is a blessing today.  I could sit and be in the zone.  Maybe I could even zone with a fellow co-worker.  Someone I have grown very close to and look forward to seeing everyday.  Just because you work with someone does not necessarily mean you would actually want to be their friend outside of work and hang out.  This particular person is one of those.

Today's quote, "Once someone no longer enhances your life you have to wonder why they are still there."  I hope that doesn't sound mean.  It's not meant to but rather really ask you a question.  You know that friend that you have that's always negative?  The one that always brings you down?  The one that's always sick or cancels at the last minute making you have to change all your plans?  Yes, that one.  We all have one. 

When do you let go?  Do you keep them out of habit?  Are they still in your life because they get that longevity pass?   I am hear to tell you that it is OK to let them go and let yourself move on without guilt.  Sometimes we have a hard time letting go because this person has been in our lives for so long they become part of our fabric but at what cost?  If someone is bringing you down think about how you feel when you are with them. 

That imprint is still with you long after they are gone.  Your health matters!  You matter!  If you can't as they say, "throw the baby out with the bathwater," then make it gradual.  Just don't hang out as much.  There are lots of people out there in this world.  Find the ones that compliment your life and you.  The ones that add to your state of being.  It's really important.  When I go into work today, I know I will be looking for this person.  We talk.  We share ideas.  We are interested in what each other has to say and most of all we are supportive of each other.

Find a friend like that.  I promise they are out there!  Sometimes letting go is the first step toward growth!  Have a wonderful Friday everyone!~Love, Amy

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Good Morning on this Thursday.  Ugg!  Winter is refusing to leave.  I just checked the temperature.  16 degrees!  Yikes!  I feel like I've been saying this everyday but Spring is coming!  It is!  Really.  Winter likes to have a strong foot hold as if it never wants to leave but have faith all!  It will!!

I am going to get right to today's quote because it is like winter.  "Clarity leads to power."  I was watching and listening to something about abundance.  The narrator was talking about all the things that we feel that have importance to us.  What abundance means to us as individuals and that when we know exactly what it is then it can be ours.  What popped out for me was the word clarity.

You must be clear in order to have what you want.  I talk about this all the time in different ways.  How can you achieve what you want if you are not clear?  You cannot manifest with thoughts of , "well, I think.."  NO.  You can't start a thought, a wish, a want or a desire with "well."  That already implies uncertainty.  And to continue with , "I think" really enforces that you are not sure.

This is why I always say and repeat and repeat that you must be clear.  There is no rush.  Take your time.  Sorry if I sound like a broken record but we don't always hear what we need to.  We hear things when we are ready.  I have been told certain things many many times by a very influential healer in my life but because I wasn't ready I did not hear.  All of a sudden a light bulb goes off and your ears are clear.  You've heard the message.  You understand. 

The most empowering thing for personal growth is when you hear the message that helps you on your path.  It will happen.  Be patient.  Another thing I say all the time but another thing you really need to hear.  Clarity and patience.  And don't forget time.  We are all still here.  We aren't going anywhere.  When you know what you want.  When you are clear, that is when you have the power and that power will lead to change!  Have a wonderful day everyone!~Love, Amy

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Good Morning all!  Winter is back after a beautiful day yesterday.  Although technically Spring March is still very much winter.  I had to shut my windows because the wind chimes were making so much noise blowing in the wind.  I love the sounds they make, just not when they stop me from sleeping!  Oh well, here I am writing to you in the dark.  Looking forward to real Spring and real morning light!  Always good to look forward to something!

Is there anything you are looking forward to today or in general.  Is there something you want but are unsure how to go about it?  Today's quote, "If the why is important to you- the how will find its way."  How true that is!  If something is important enough for you to want to change or fix and there is a real reason and you know if it is YOUR reason then it is very real - how you end up going about it will eventually reveal itself to you. 

It may take some time.  You may have to think about it.  Do some research on it.  Ask lots of questions.  Take a course.  Read online.  Whatever it is.  If why you need to change your life or situation in whatever capacity then how you do it will follow.  Think of it like a formula.  I want this - I have to do that.  It sounds simple put in words like that and I know it isn't but when that lightbulb goes off you will know what to do.

We have all been in that place where we said to ourselves what it is we want to change and what we want to do but then sat back and also said to ourselves, how in the world am I going to make that happen.  But then you talk with people, watch a video, read something and there it is.  An answer revealed.  I know I say this often but I mean it.  Don't ever beat yourself up if you don't find the how immediately.  Rarely are things immediate. 

In our lives we need to learn to be patient.  It is hard sometimes but life changes take time - the right ones that is.  I write to you everyday.  I write a Reiki quote everyday.  I am a Reiki practitioner.  I lead Guided Meditations.  I LOVE what I do.  This was and is my path BUT I have been traveling on this road for  long time.  My journey is not complete either for I am still traveling.  When I decided this is what I wanted to do I knew in my heart why I wanted to do it but it took some deep soul searching at first.  When I knew it was only then that how I was going to get there began to come to me.

I don't know what my next step is.  I do know that I am every changing and growing and when I discover why I need to keep going the way in which I go about it will be there.  I know I will continue finding my way, changing and growing.  We are all here to change, grow and share ourselves in the most positive way with others and the world!  Have a wonderful day everyone!~Love, Amy

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Good Morning everyone!  How'd you sleep?  I lead a Guided Meditation last night so I slept really well and up way before my alarm.  I prefer that than the shock of that tiny ringing.  Always jolting and a sound you don't really want to hear!  Perhaps you like the sound of your alarm.  That's fine if you do. 

We all have our likes and dislikes.  They are not always the same.  Foods, vacations, seasons, rain, novels.  We all have opinions about everything as well.  Who doesn't offer their opinion when discussing a restaurant.  The typical question is, "have you ever been to...and what was it like?"  BUT - there are times when we may ask someone's opinion but don't really want it.  If you don't then don't ask.

Today's quote, "Unless it is wanted or asked - you keep your opinion and I'll keep mine."  What do you think about that?  Sometimes we are so eager to give our opinions and share what is on our minds we don't realize that it's not really wanted.  Well if that happens then you have to be clear.  Do you want an opinion or not.  That's one thing everyone is ALWAYS willing to share!  An opinion.  It is the one thing we all ask of others but don't necessarily want to hear.

If you do hear an opinion that does not please you, think first if you asked someone for it.  It is a sure fire way to either get into an argument or seethe in anger.  Have you been there?  I'm sure you have.  We all have.  If you are doing something that you think is wonderful and feel like sharing that information then do so.  Just don't end your story or idea with "what do you think?" because if you do, you will find out. 

We all have opinions but they aren't all necessarily for sharing.  Know when to share and know not to AND know when to ask and when not to also.  Don't blame someone for telling you what you don't want to hear if you are the one that asked!  AND if you ARE asked an opinion it is OK to say, "do you really want to know!"  That is the best way to keep friends and keep peace!  Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!~Love, Amy

Monday, March 20, 2017


Good Morning and Happy Spring!  Yes it came and it's here arriving at the early time of 6:28 A.M.  The fact that it's dark as coal and 30 degrees right now certainly does not feel as though it is here but it is.

Spring is and always has been a time of renewal and rebirth.  The most obvious thing to think of is the nature that surrounds us all.  The buds on the trees start coming out, the flowers begin to spring from the ground and we feel like crawling out of our winter cocoon.  We begin to change from all those dark colors we have been wearing to those that are more colorful and cheerful.  Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with a black T-shirt!

Today's quote, "Renew your sense of joy, your love of nature and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you."  A simple quote today but perfect for this special first day of Spring!  Yesterday in the late afternoon I took Mia for a walk around the reservoir.  It was just slightly windy and the water was moving at a pace ever so gently.  The sun was gleaming on the water and on the snow.  I was able to feel the warmth of the sun on my face and I do believe I even got some color!

At one point, Mia plopped herself down on the snow and refused to move.  I watched her looking all around and taking it all in.  No one had to tell her to stop and look at all the beauty we come across every day on our walks.  She found it all on her own.  Instead of pulling her to keep going, I stood in the street for the five or six minutes she sat to look around me.  To watch the water.  To look at the trees swaying ever so slightly and to listen to the quiet that was all around me.

I even had another one of my dreams but this time instead of getting lost I found my way!  The snow was all over so I didn't recognize my route but I got to where I was going and that was a wonderful feeling.  That means that I know exactly where I am going and I will get there!  On this first day of Spring take a walk.  Even a short one.  Look around you because wherever it is you take yourself you are sure to find beauty!  Have a wonderful Monday everyone!~Love, Amy

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Good Morning on this Sunday before the Spring Equinox.  The Spring Equinox represents the point of balance between the darkness and the light.  It is always a time of growth and renewal.  We simply start to feel better in the Spring.  Light is around us longer, the sun is closer to us so our bodies are warmer.  It is a time when just like the flowers we too start to bloom.

How is it that we are going to bloom and which direction are we going to lean?  Before we start the process we need to know where we are going and how we are going to get there.  Today's quote, "Without a vision you cannot take action."  How true.  You can't just say I want change and leave it up to the Universe entirely.  You still have to have a plan.  When I say the Universe supports you I mean it but you are still the director of your life.  The Universe will support all your choices but you still can't be lazy.

How are you going to get to where you want?  I know I also talk about everyone having their own path and I believe that to be true as well but you have to be part of the process that brings the change you want into your life.  I lead Guided Meditations and I am a Reiki Practitioner.  Now I could close my eyes, point my face in the direction of the Universe and wish for clients but all that will do is hurt my neck.

If I want clients I have to advertise.  I have to let people know what I do.  I have to get myself out there.  In other words it is not going to happen just because I want it to.  I must have a vision of what I am going to do and then I am going to take action so that I can achieve my goal.  I am not different than you.  There is no magic to success.  Even manifesting what you want needs vision first. 

So before you get sad or think nothing wonderful is going your way or will ever happen for you visualize what it is exactly that you want for only then can you go about getting it.  Don't get frustrated either.  Take your time.  Your goals are important and so are you!  Start small.  Visualize a wonderful Sunday breakfast and make it happen!  Have a wonderful day everyone!  ~Love, Amy

Saturday, March 18, 2017


Good Morning all!  It's Saturday.  Coffee is brewed and my cup is right next to me.  I hope you slept well.  You must be tired of hearing about all my weird dreams but I just have to say they get weirder and weirder.  Always so real.  OK, I have to share just one.  Well let me back track.  I bought these cookies yesterday.  They only come around once a year as they are special holiday cookies.  I was so looking forward to eating them and they were so disappointing! 

Here I was ready and willing to give up all these calories for what I thought were going to be amazing yummy cookies.  I guess I was more disappointed than I thought because I dreamt that I was in a country store and I was going to buy a strawberry rhubarb pie.  That's another one of my favorites.  I love rhubarb.  When it's the season I will make it myself! 

The cookies that I wanted were ones that I never would have made myself but only because of time, not because of ability.  I know I could have done a better job.  Today's quote, "Never measure yourself next to anyone else - we all have different visions of how we want our lives."  I'm not talking about my life as a baker but I know I would have made them the way I wanted to.  There is a vision there.  Everything we do before we do it comes with a vision first.  No one jumps right in to anything. 

BUT - you cannot look at anyone else's approach.  You need to approach things how you would approach them.  Self help books are great to get you started but you don't really know what it is the other person wants out of something.  And I'm talking larger than cookies here.  It's like a household.  You don't really know what's going on unless you live there.  From the outside everything could look amazing, manicured and perfect but on the inside it could be oozing with unhappiness and misery.  YOU DON'T KNOW!!!!!  I do know.  I experienced that years ago.  I learned a long time ago that how things appear is not always how they are.

This is why you should never ever measure yourself next to anyone.  You don't know the road someone took to get to where they are.  Their road is not yours and never will be.  We all have our own roads and paths on which to travel and some destinations are further than others.  The end destination is what matters.  Start your vision and if you already have go positively forward and don't look behind you or next to you!  The Universe is supporting you always!  Have a great day everyone!~Love, Amy

Friday, March 17, 2017


Good Morning!  It's Friday!  St. Patrick's Day.  Just saying.  It is not a holiday I celebrate but if you do, enjoy!  Crazy that I did not work for two days yet again I am very tired this morning.  I'm sure it has to do with the cold and the dark.  It's pitch black out there.  Does not make you want to jump out of bed that's for sure.  Even my Mia doesn't move.  I am looking forward to real Spring.  The Spring when it is light in the morning and much warmer.  Soon it will be here.

I really do love all seasons but Spring is especially well - special.  The birds have come out of hiding, the chipmunks are back and the most miraculous thing for me has always been the way the crocuses push up out of the ground just like clock work.  That to me is amazing.  From the cold hard snow covered ground come these beautiful flowers.  Reminders of things to come.  Reminders of change, growth and opportunity.

Today's quote, "Greatness can be achieved on an ordinary day."  How is that greatness you ask?  Think about it.  Think how hard those flowers have to work to push themselves out of the ground and blossom.  And they do this every year.  AND, every year it amazes me.  That from these tiny buds on the trees come these beautiful green leaves.  That the entire landscape of where we live looks completely different.

That is the greatness of nature.  It nature can do those extraordinary things just think of what you can do!  When you put your mind to something and I mean really put your mind to something great things can occur.  Keep in mind that great to you is not great to someone else.  Our opinions of great differ and of course that's OK.  The easiest example for all of you is to use myself. 

At this point of my writing you all know how important my work is.  My Meditation and my Reiki that I share.  When someone comes to me for either one, I know how much I have helped them get closer to their goals.  How do I do that?  Well both those modalities help to clear blockages.  Those awful mental blockages that tell us what we can't do and why we can't do them.

Once those are cleared we can then become the person we were meant to be.  I'm not advertising.  Just saying!  Knowing how much I help people is my motivation for this kind of work.  Helping people is for me the greatest thing.  Let's take another example.  While I am writing to all of you I am listening to WFUV.  If you never listen to it you must.  They consistently play great music!  How do you feel when you listen to certain songs and certain singers.  You can feel a joy a sadness.  You can feel something.  Someone who writes and sings music is changing my day for sure. 

So you see the greatness I am talking about can be relatively small.  I'm not talking about curing cancer (which would be awesome) but if you can make someone feel good with a song, a yummy breakfast, a compliment, a smile then you have achieved greatness on an ordinary day! Have a wonderful Friday everyone!~Love, Amy

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Good Morning on this back to work day.  I sound like I am talking about Monday but no.  It's Thursday and after two snowy days life is back to normal.  I don't know about you but I am tired today.  Even though I had those days to catch up.  My bed was very comfy and hard to leave but I'm here with my coffee saying my good mornings and starting my day.

Another cold one on the way so bundle up out there.  It can't last forever.  I've been hearing birds more than ever for this time of year and for these cold temperatures.  Poor little creatures can't figure out what's going on.  Their instincts tell them that when it's cold they fly south but when it's warm they stay around.  When something is instinctual no one has to tell you.  You automatically know.

If it's cold outside you know to dress.  If you are in a work environment you know how to act.  No one has to tell you these things.  Unfortunately we get told other things like how things are going to be.  Well only you know that.  How many times have you been told what it is you can't do?  What you should do?  How you should do it?  Overall in a life time or your life so far, I'm sure it is more than you would like to hear. 

Same for me.  Why is it so easy for others to knock us down?  It just is.  How many times have you heard go for it!  You can do it?  Not as many as you would like and I'm sure of that too.  Today's quote, "Let go of what you've been told - go with what you know and feel."  No one is you.  No one knows how you feel and what your inner being already feels and knows.  At times it really is best to keep those feelings to yourself and just go with your gut as they say.  We are all meant for something very special designed just for us by us. 

For some it takes longer than others to find out what that is but the great thing about life is that there is not time frame to pursue those dreams of yours.  Of course life happens too.  Notice I did not say it gets in the way.  A job, your kids, your spouse, chores, errands.  But if there is something deep inside you know you want to do you know what it is and you cannot let anyone or anything deter you.

Just like no one has to tell your heart to beat, no one can tell you what you cannot do because you already know.  Trust the most important!  Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!~Love, Amy

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Good Morning on this dig out day!  Another day off due to dangerous roads.  No complaints on this end.  Another good night's sleep.  Today I REALLY have nothing to do!  Maybe I will actually learn to relax!  Doubtful but worth a try.  Some people actually get more stressed on days like this because they are stuck.  Can't leave the house, can't do those errands, can't do their day to day life.

Accept it because when the weather does not cooperate there really is nothing we can do about it.  It's all about accepting change.  Can you do it?  Can you really accept change?  Do you even want to?  Today's quote, "If you long for change make sure change is what you really want."  It's one thing to talk about it and another to want it.  Entirely different.  I finally understand the saying talk is cheap.  It means you can say anything but are you going to act on it.

We all talk about change and different things we want for ourselves and for our lives but when it comes down to it is it what we really want?  Another saying that rings true is be careful what you wish for!  Very true.  You can wish and wish and finally you have manifested what you wish for and then suddenly, uh oh.  Not sure if I really want this situation or this opportunity or this drastic change in my life. 

Maybe this just is not the right time for the change you think you want.  Timing is important and if change does not come at the right time for you that could be a problem!  Don't be too hard on yourself either.  Look long and hard at what it is you want to change.  Just make sure that the change you talk about is really and truly what you want!  Have a wonderful and safe day everyone!~Love, Amy

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Good Morning on this very real snowstorm!  Connecticut has issued a travel ban.  A road travel ban that is!  I just opened my front door and it is snowing and blowing!  Mia is going to get a shortened walk today for sure!  I won't be able to deny her her playtime though.  She loves this weather!

Since we just had a snow day AND a weekend I so happy that I don't have to clean or shop.  I will be cooking today and I do love to cook and what a great day for it.  I hope you can do whatever it is you want at your leisure.  I didn't even wash my hair last night knowing I would be home. doesn't look too bad. 

I've already passed a few mirrors.  Not too bad for hair that needs to be washed and I got a lot of sleep.  Are you one of those who dislikes mirrors?  Don't.  Today's quote, "Love what you see in the mirror - let the beauty inside reflect outward."  It is not conceited to love yourself and walk proudly by a mirror! 

How many times do you walk by a mirror and say to yourself, "yuck."  You don't like your hair, your make-up, your body, your outfit.  That list can be long.  But why?  It all comes from being proud of who you are.  Your entire package.  When you are feeling good it shows!  We all know that.  When we feel good is when we hear from others how great we look. 

It has nothing to do with the amount of make-up we have on, how our hair is done, what we are wearing.  It has nothing to do with the superficial.  It has to do with us.  Purely us!  Of course we all look better when we have had a good night's sleep.  When we are rested and refreshed but if we are feeling good it shows!  Always! 

You are all beautiful especially when our thoughts are beautiful and positive!  Walk proudly by that mirror and look at your beautiful self!  Let your inner beauty shine on and blanket your outer self.  Love yourself - love what you see!  Have a beautiful day everyone!~Love, Amy

Monday, March 13, 2017


Good Morning on this dark Monday.  Aside from messing up your sleep turning the clocks ahead means that it is so dark out in the morning.  I don't like that at all.  Kind of like back to square one.  Makes you more tired too getting up when it is pitch black out there. 

Notice I didn't say, I hate getting up in the dark.  I hate when the clocks change.  How easy would it be to say that?  Kind of rolls off your tongue so easily.  If you start your day saying what you hate, you could really keep going and going and start thinking of all the other things you hate.  Like I hate weak coffee!  Today's quote, "Never start a sentence with I hate - never start the day with that thought."  No matter what it is and how trivial it may seem.

Those words really change your mind set.  Hate as we know is a really strong word and should not be lightly thrown around.  It is very severe and mean.  OK, I get it.  I hate getting woken up by my alarm.  Instead, try other words.  I really dislike when my alarm goes off.  I hate getting up in the dark.  Not a fan of getting up in the dark.

I hate this person.  How about - me and so and so just don't see eye to eye.  Or if you dislike someone that is real too.  How you feel is important and does not need validation from anyone but you saying you hate someone is almost like saying you wish them harm.  No matter how much you may dislike someone or how much I dislike someone, I never want harm to come to anyone.

Do you know a negative person who is always hating everything and everybody?  I do.  I don't think I have every had a conversation with this person where that sentence did not come up for sure once but several times.  I'm not even the one saying it yet it makes me feel anxious and uncomfortable - just hearing it!  SO - can you imagine what it does to you to repeat that over and over again? 

I am not saying there are things you will not like and things that will upset you.  We are all human and don't always jump out of bed with a huge smile on our faces if we can jump out in the first place, just be mindful of your words and how you use them.  Replace them and see how it makes you feel.  I promise you WILL feel a difference!  Look at the bright side always - the light is coming!  Have a wonderful Monday everyone!~Love, Amy

Sunday, March 12, 2017


It's a cold Sunday!  Good morning everyone!  Gearing up for the snowstorm Tuesday?  I am.  I already planned a cooking day.  Well, not to get ahead of myself and take it one day at a time.

Let's try again.  Good morning on this cold and sunny Sunday.  It feels like the day is already over.  Why oh why do we have to change the clocks!  All is does is mess everyone up.  Here I am at 9:00.  Poor baby hasn't even been walked.  It's amazing how we take an hour for granted.

When you lose it, it definitely becomes a big deal.  Make the most of your day.  I plan on making a nice breakfast today.  Haven't had a nice Sunday breakfast in a while.  I will celebrate Springing ahead.  Hope your sleep goes smoothly tonight too.  This time change really messes everyone up!  Should we blame someone or just go with the flow. 

We can but it won't help anything.  Today's quote, "Blame never works out a problem - it creates a new one."  Blaming the world will certainly create a problem for you.  What I am talking about is not blaming the world but things on a much smaller scale like friends, family members, etc.  What does blame really do?  It throws off any responsibility that you may have.  That's all it does.

Certainly things happen that can be attributed to others but if you are on that constant road of blame think about where it gets you in the long run.  Blame is a pattern.  Break that pattern right now.  If you need to blame someone for something first look at your part in it.  How did you contribute to a problem.  It is so important to look at both sides.  Never accepting responsibility is truly awful.  I have first hand experience with someone like that.  All it does is cut a conversation short or eliminate it at all. 

Stop blaming and really look from both sides.  And so - the day is the day - I will not blame anyone for losing time!  I will make the most of it!  Hope you all cook a wonderful breakfast today!  Have a great Sunday everyone!~love, Amy

Saturday, March 11, 2017


Good morning!  It's Saturday.  How did you all survive the snow that wasn't?  I mean there was snow but nothing we could not have all muddled through.  In any event, I was very happy to get one chore completely out of the way.  Today is walking my baby and food shopping.  Nothing special but nice when done at my leisure! 

Not excited to go out there right now.  It's way too cold.  How are you going to spend your day?  Some chores, some relaxation?  Today's quote, "Use time to heal your body, your mind, your spirit, your soul."  That could be the best use of time if that is how you are choosing to spend it.  Personally I need it too.  I need to learn how to separate myself so that I may be a better healer so for me, this quote is something I need to live by.

I do address it every day by walking the dog.  That is my walking meditation.  Any way you meditate is soothing for your soul and clearing for your mind.  It is a way to rejuvenate your spirit.  Believe it or not, cleaning the house could do the same thing for you.  Anything where you are not concentrating particularly on you.  Let me try and explain.  When you are cleaning or walking or doing anything physical, you are concentrating on the activity but during that time since you ARE concentrating on the physical, your mind is calm and at peace.

Does this make sense?  It will.  The next time you are doing something that requires your body, try and stop and see what it is your mind is doing or where it is going.  Your mind, spirit and soul is the most important.  If your body needs healing it will happen but most important is to heal what you cannot see or feel.  Take time today.

Take time everyday as best as you can.  There is not such thing as a healthy body without a healthy mind, spirit and soul.  Remember, the most important person is you!  Take care of yourself!  Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!~Love, Amy

Friday, March 10, 2017


Good Morning on this very snowy Friday!  Home day for me and probably you too.  Roads are bad and it's going to snow at least until the afternoon.  A dream come true!  Of course I won't be sitting around.  I will be cleaning the house but at least I don't have to do it on Sunday!  Amazing what makes me happy! 

How are you going to spend this day?  Always a gift.  Don't feel guilty if you do nothing at all!  I'm even excited to take Mia for her morning walk.  She loves the snow.  I love walking in the snow and listening to it fall on the ground.  It's magical.  It's also always kind of warm when it snows.  Yes - a walk in the snow is a wonderful way to start my day!

I will still make sure to bundle up and protect myself from the wind.  Today's quote - "While our outer layers differ - inside our hearts can give and receive love,"  lets us know that what really is different is just what we look like.  Deep down we all want the same things.  To love and be loved.  Who doesn't want that?  Whether someone is smiling or looking grumpy we all want love in our lives.  Don't you?

Love is just as important as food and water in sustaining us.  Really!  Think about it.  I'm not even talking about romantic love.  I'm talking about family love, love from your friends, simply knowing that people really really care about you.  That is basic and that is what we all crave and desire.  There is nothing like a good dinner but it's even better if you have someone to share it with. 

Love is what we all have in common.  Smile at the next person you see.  Even a small gesture as that shows you care and after all - that is what we all want!  Have a wonderful Friday everyone and show you care, show the love!~Love, Amy

Thursday, March 9, 2017


Good Morning on this Thursday.  From warm beautiful weather to possible snow tomorrow.  The craziness of March.  Lots of dreams again.  I remember it very clearly this morning.  I had a dream about getting lost.  Happens a lot to me and that is quite self explanatory.  I know what path I am on and I am very sure about it but since I like you are human, I also question myself at times too.

Part of the dream took place in a beautiful hay field which I was very happy to be in but then I also had to use the bathroom in my dream and couldn't find one.  Clearly, as a healer I need to take better care of myself.  If you have any dreams you think are odd, feel free to let me know and I can certainly help you with them.  Just know you are not crazy. 

Now back to being lost.  This is extremely common because as I said at times, we all feel lost.  We all want to know we are on the right track and we all want our dreams to manifest faster than they are.  Today's quote, "We are all deserving of our desires - just because they didn't come when we want them does not mean they aren't on their way."  Perfect right?  It is for me anyway.  As I said, I am on my path and am going in the right direction, but who doesn't want what they want when they want.

Sorry if I am making this a little too personal but at this point in my blog it's important for you to know that there are days I struggle too.  Does not mean that I am not positive and give out that positive energy everyday but there are those days where I feel under attack myself.  When that happens I need to read my words and believe them which I do.  It also means that I need to take better care of myself.  Working on it.

You work on it too.  You are really the most important person in your life.  How is your life going to function without you?  How is your family going to function without you?  Never think it is selfish to give yourself love, support, a day off or whatever else it is you need.  There!  You have my permission.  If you feel you are on the right path then keep going.  There will always be bumps in the road because such is the nature of life but bumps are bumps - not road blocks.  Remember - you could drive around those as there are always detours! 

Be strong all and me too!  Keep your dreams and desires alive and well and really and truly know that just because they didn't arrive yesterday does not mean they won't be here tomorrow!  Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!~Love, Amy

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Good Morning!  You are probably sick of hearing this but OMG - what strange dreams I had last night.  I'm not even going to try and describe them because even for me, they are too weird!  O.K.  moving on.  It's Wednesday.  The middle of the week and a gorgeous sunny day coming up to make up for yesterday.  I don't mind the rain.  Really I don't. 

What I do mind is the humidity and headache that came with all that barometric pressure.  Boy do I feel that!  Anyone suffer along with me yesterday?  The problem is you can't shake it until the weather changes.  Mia and I even had a nice walk yesterday afternoon.  The birds were loving the rain - my hair wasn't.  I went to bed and slept really well.  Up before my alarm which tells me I was ready to start my day!

When I have a good sleep I certainly find it easier to be pleasant and nice and a smile is more apt to come upon me which is a good thing for those facing me!  Today's quote, "A thoughtful gesture can be seen heard and felt."  So true.  You can really be responsible for changing someone's day in the most positive direction.  Who wouldn't want to be responsible for that!? Opening the door for someone, a smile, feeling good yourself and passing along those vibes.  Don't make fun of that one.  You know you can feel someone's vibes just as much as I can.

They blow by you like the wind.  Sometimes they feel great and sometimes you just feel like you are in someone's way.  How are you going to be today?  Just knowing the sun is going to come out later makes me really happy.  Make sure you get some outside time today.  Sunshine is even more important after the rain.  We all need to replenish ourselves. 

When you get to work today, put a smile on your face and keep it there.  You cannot believe how you can change someone's mood and make their day.  A big smile to all of you, lots of love (which is always) and wishes for something great to happen today or just a wonderful Wednesday!  Enjoy the sunshine!~Love, Amy

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Good Morning all!  I woke myself up at 4:15 sneezing, went back to sleep and here I am.  Coffee is the best invention EVER!  I might even have to get more when I am at work.  We will see.  One moment at a time.  Anything wonderful on your agenda today or will it be a typical Tuesday?  What is a typical Tuesday or typical day?

Today's quote, "What miraculous thing will happen today."  Maybe nothing at all.  Maybe that is the miraculous part of the day.  That nothing special or different will happen.  I will share something.  I have a meeting today.  It happens to be a rather serious one at that but I have decided that it will go in my favor!  That's it!  What will happen is what I want to happen. 

That will be my miraculous event for the day.  Without going into boring detail I will just say that it was something that had me on edge but once I changed my mind set to know things will absolutely go my way then for sure I decided that is what will be miraculous for me.

Sometimes it could be something really small.  Doesn't have to be big.  Running into a friend, getting something special in the mail, your favorite lunch, hearing birds outside, smelling the air as it rains, hearing your favorite song as you are driving to work.  All those things could be what is the beginning of a wonderful day. 

Remember to celebrate the small things too.  Honestly those are the things that also deserve your attention.  I hope you have a wonderful day today and find something to celebrate.  Start with your first sip of coffee!  Enjoy everyone!~love, Amy

Monday, March 6, 2017


Good Morning on this Monday.  Freezing now but warming up later!  I should have been a weatherman!  No need to look outside, just open up my blog!  A busy week?  An exciting week?  Anything going on or just a regular week.  Be surprised.  You never know what could happen.

Tonight I have my Guided Meditation class which always makes me happy.  Yesterday I went to a class for myself.  The wonderful Redding Meditation Center in Redding, CT.  I love that place.  It is situated in the woods so when I look out while I am meditating I can see all kinds of different birds.  It is just beautiful and of course, peaceful.  It is especially nice going before I have my own class.  Not just relaxing but mind clearing - the most important.

This to me is so important.  For me to help others I cannot just pretend to do this.  I need to for everyone else but mostly for myself.  Today's quote, "Keep it real but mostly keep it real for yourself."  I was never actually sure what that meant.  Now I do.  Simply means be honest but most importantly, be honest with yourself.  I have no problem using myself as the example.

Meditating which you all know is dear to me and what I love is so important to me.  I will be very honest right now.  When I started I could never imagine just sitting and meditating.  It was very strange to think I could really accomplish it.  And I mean for even 5 minutes.  Yes!  Crazy right?  "I can't just sit." I thought.  But I could.  Not only could I but I craved it. 

Do you remember how I challenged myself in December by going to an all day Meditation retreat?  I thought I could never do that either but I did.  Not only did I but I found that it was wonderful.  How could I tell people the importance of meditating if I didn't practice it myself?  Pretty hypocritical don't you think?  You can't tell people what to do if you don't do it yourself.  That's the keeping it real part.  And so whatever it is you do keep it real for yourself. 

You are the only one who will know but you will feel better if you do!  Have a wonderful Monday everyone!~Love, Amy

Sunday, March 5, 2017


Good Morning all - it's Sunday.  Don't dread tomorrow.  You still have an entire day.  Wait - maybe it's me I'm talking about.  I think I'm just tired today but here I am.  Can't sleep anymore.  My day has begun.  Soon to walk the baby and soon to go to a meditation for me.  I try and go at least once a month.  I don't know what happened to February.  Always such a short month.  I get distracted like everyone else.  Other things and events come up.  I am also like everyone else in that I do the best I can.  We all do.

Meditation is a commitment I made to myself.  Sometimes it's hard to keep those promises we make to ourselves.  We won't be as disappointed as if it were for someone else, however if we want to really change something then we need to make a concerted effort.  Today's quote, "There is a difference between routines and patterns - keep old routines - throw out old patterns."  Routines are getting up, having coffee, walking the dog.  You know.  Those mundane everyday things we do without a thought attached.

Patterns are completely different.  Patterns are going out with the "same" guy, working at the "same" job, having the "same" conversations with family members that get you upset.  Patterns are things we repeat that are bad for us.  That don't allow for change but rather bring us back to the same old us.  They never allow for growth.  It's literally doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  Never works. 

I understand that it is difficult to break old patterns.  Our bodies and minds are used to doing things a certain way.  Finding those same people who treat us not the way we want to be treated but since it is familiar we go back.  That could not just be relationships but jobs as well.  It takes strength to see those old patterns too.  It is the hope that eventually you do see these patterns and work hard to break them.  If we don't then that same person will just keep coming back to our lives over and over again.

If you don't want the same life, break those old patterns.  Come out of your comfort zone and see what it is that you need to change.  Is it your reaction?  Is it your mind set?  So many things but have faith that it can be done.  All that I talk about takes work and if you are willing to work, you can do anything.  First on your agenda should be breaking those old patterns.  The ones that no longer serve you and probably never did.  The first task is to recognize them.  Next comes the work.  I know you can do it!  I'll even start with myself.  I will NOT dread Monday.  It's only Sunday!  Enjoy every minute and have a wonderful day!~love, Amy

Saturday, March 4, 2017


Good Morning - It's Saturday and I am dreading walking the baby in this arctic cold.  I think my body has gotten used to sunshine and not quite ready for the blast of cold air.  The good news is that it is Saturday.  Feeling groggy this morning.  Anytime there is a huge weather shift it plays havoc with my inner being and state of mind.

I will get over it because this blast of cold air will not last forever.  Tomorrow is going to be cold once again in the morning but by the afternoon it will return to normal.  The saying tomorrow is another day is so true.  Today's quote, "The next 24 hours will always be better" rings true to me today.  I was told that  geomagnetic storms was happening on March 1st and was going to continue for 2 days influencing Earth's atmosphere.  When things of that nature occur it changes not only Earth but us as well. 

I was very emotional also having feelings of frustration.  For me the frustration came before the emotional.  It doesn't matter which came first but if you had any of these feelings yourself it could absolutely be attributed to this storm.  If you are sensitive like me the weather as we call it greatly influences us.  I see it in myself and I see it in my baby (Mia).  She is just as receptive.  Animals usually are.  Look what happened in Thailand years ago.  Right before the Tsunami hit, it was the animals that started panicking and searching for higher ground.

It is their intuition, their inner feelings that tell them something is very wrong.  When storms as this one happens, we too search for higher ground or in the human case, higher meaning.  We are uncomfortable in our minds and sometimes our own skin.  What I am telling you is that if you did feel any discomfort, anxiety, frustration, sadness, you name it.  It can all be attributed to this storm.

The good news is that it is over!  Just like that things change.  Moods stabilize and you are ready to rock and roll once again.  Whatever it is you are going through always gets better with time.  Time is the key.  Every minute, every hour and 24 hours is even better.  A brand new day!  With that thought in mind, know that tomorrow will be even better.  Any big plans for the weekend or just happy knowing it's here?  Whatever it is for you enjoy it!  Even the cold cold air.  Spring is on it's way!  Have a wonderful Saturday all!~Love, Amy

Friday, March 3, 2017


Good Morning on this very brisk Friday!  We made it to the end of the week.  I don't know about you but it went extremely fast for me.  I have a busy day ahead and a busy weekend but it's all good.  I am treating myself to Meditation again this Sunday.  I go to a place in Redding, CT.  Would love for you to join me!  It is the real deal.  There is always a Dharma talk at the end with this lovely monk. 

It is so peaceful and relaxing even though my mind has thoughts coming and going.  That is completely normal when you meditate.  I am not to the point of a monk, just a person doing the best I can at what gives me pleasure and peace.  What gives you pleasure and peace?  It's OK not to know.  The world is full of possibilities.  Like my quote of the day, "There are endless possibilities for you - when you decide which one is for you it will be there waiting." 

I really believe that.  Just so you know, I do believe everything I write.  Not just lip service to everyone.  It takes time.  We all have to be willing to wait.  Not everyone wakes up knowing what it is they want.  I, like you had a path.  I did many different things in my life.  The beauty of life is that you don't have to do just one thing.  It is a terrible feeling to be stuck and to think there is nothing else out there for you but I also believe that if you are stuck at the moment it is only because you have not yet found your true passion.

I have found that what I really love is helping others through Guided Meditation and Reiki. took time.  Another good thing is that I have lots of it!  There is no age limit to finding what makes you happy.  Never ever think that is a reason to not pursue your dreams.  It is sad that many of us out there think, "is this all there is?"  NO.  There is so much more. 

Trust me - you will find it.  Like I said, the possibilities are endless and don't let anyone talk you out of them.  Go with the day, the weekend, the week and one day there will be something that will spark you - that will ignite inside you.  I promise!  Have a wonderful Friday everyone!~love, Amy

Thursday, March 2, 2017


It's Thursday!  Good Morning.  Seems like no amount of coffee is going to help me today but that's OK.  The cold air of the morning will.  Lots of dreams, strange sleep.  I'll figure out later what it means.  Hard to remember at this very moment.

Tired as I am today is a brand new day.  Today's quote, "You are the miracle of life - how are you going to share this gift."  I bet a lot of you never think about it.  You take for granted the fact that here you are.  You didn't ask to be here.  Just another day.  What gift?  I have to go to work, I have a million chores to take care of, house, kids, dinner, laundry, dog, etc. etc.  The list can be never ending.  We are all more than our chores and our jobs and our to do lists. 

We are us.  We are all magnificent with wonderful gifts to share with each other.  Stop and think about that for a moment.  Yes!  I am talking about you!  You do have a gift.  Do you know what it is?  Maybe you don't but it's there.  It could be something as simple as making someone smile! 

Yes, never belittle a smile.  You never know if someone is having a bad day and a simple smile could turn all that around.  So a smile is a gift.  A joke is a gift.  Kind words are a gift.  Those are the true jewels.  Look outside.  That surely is a gift.  The beauty of nature, the sun, the wind.  It's all there for you to enjoy.  For today, share a piece of yourself and see what happens.  The gift you share benefits you as well.

Enjoy your coffee and the fact that you could even sit down and have it.  Share it with someone or just your thoughts.  Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!~Love, Amy

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Good Morning on what is going to be a very warm and rainy Wednesday.  It's a wonder more people aren't sick.  Right now it's 53 degrees and that's at this early hour of 5:42.  Friday night it's supposed to get down to 19!  CRAZY!  We all made it to the middle of the week.  Feels like a fast one.

Today I've chosen a quote about words and language.  "Intimidating language ends communication - listen with love and support - hear the other side and show you care."  This solely has to do with friends and family.  (Not the world! and I think you know what I mean).  How many times do we shut down when we are arguing a point with someone and just shut out the other person.  Think about it. 

Do you want to be shut down?  Of course not.  That's why hard as it may be, listening is very important.  We all want to be heard.  When you do speak you also have to watch the words and language you choose.  It a real conversation is what you are after then be careful.  Language that's mean and hurtful and intimidating is just going to serve to cut things off.  I'll use the overused word I have come to dislike.  Be mindful!  Yes!  Be careful and thoughtful of the words that come out of your mouth. 

Speak to someone the way you want to be spoken to.  So simple but sometime so hard to accomplish.  If your point is to shut someone down you know what to do but if you want to keep things open you also know what to do.  No matter what the conversation is - be loving - be open and really listen. 

Try it - the end result will surprise you!  Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!~Love, Amy