Sunday, April 30, 2017


Good Morning all!  It's Sunday.  It is so quiet right now.  Well maybe I shouldn't say quiet.  I hear the washing machine loud and clear.  What I feel is the stillness.  Yes, the machine is going, humming along but even with the noise in the background I feel the stillness of today, this peaceful Sunday. 

Today's quote, " Quiet the chatter in your mind - listen to the stillness instead."  For once really try it.  That is what meditation is all about.  Quieting that constant noise in your mind, that list of what you need to do, that conversation with someone you wish you had, that self-doubt, that self-deprecation.  Leave it alone.  Stop.  Empty your head of all of it.

An easy way to do it without my Guided Meditation is to look out the window.  I know lots of people like the Fall and the beauty of nature during that time.  The leaves that change from green, to red, to yellow and the color of a Fall sky but for me I love the Spring.  The renewal, the joy I feel when everything is opening up.  There is so much green around me right now.

Have you ever noticed how green it becomes after the rain?  Like magic.  Look outside and take a look at Mother Nature's magic.  It's spectacular and it's all around you.  You don't even have to turn it on.  It's right there!  Today I am not only going to look and be outside in nature but I am going to quiet my mind through meditation. 

I am going to the Chuang Yen Monastery today in Kent, NY.  A day of complete and utter peace.  It is so important for us to do that so that we can function and be better people in our day to day lives.  Not everyone needs to or wants to go to a monastery and that's perfectly fine.  Go outside, look at nature, let nature be your monastery.  Have a wonderful and peaceful Sunday everyone!~Love, Amy

Saturday, April 29, 2017


Good Morning all - Saturday has arrived.  Hope you all had a good and productive week or at least just a good week.  I'm going to get right to my quote today just because it feels right.

Today's quote, "Hope alone won't change a thing - you need drive, longing, passion and desire."  How many times do we say we hope this or we hope that without doing anything about it.  I'm in the process of something like that right now. 

I have let something slide for too long that I want to happen but I haven't done anything about it.  Who's fault is that?  I only have myself to blame.  No one else.  Nothing happens by magic.  Whatever means something to you.  Whatever is important.  Take it into your own hands. 

You are the owner of your destiny.  You make things happen.  If you need to, write a list.  Get it on paper.  Prioritize what you want.  Go slow and steady but go.  If everything is great right now then let it rest.  Remember, we all hope something but we all have to make it work! 

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!~Love, Amy

Friday, April 28, 2017


Good Morning!  I just looked in the mirror and wow, I did not like what I saw.  Someone very tired was staring back at me.  Yesterday's mascara seems to have stayed making me look like I have tired, black eyes.  I am tired today too.  Although this week flew it is still Friday, the end of a busy week.  I had a wonderful Guided Meditation class last night.  My client left floating on a cloud!  I love that.  I get such pleasure out of seeing my clients really relax and sink right into the meditation.

I always receive the benefits as well.  There aren't that many times when you can say that where what you give is what you get.  Guided Meditation is a real experience of giving and receiving.  Don't you wish everything was like that?  Today's quote, "The only equality in the world is the way we treat each other."  Think about how you treat others.  That is usually mutual as well.  If someone is nice to you don't you return the affection?

If someone says something nasty or acts out our instinct to repeat that behavior is stronger than being the bigger person.  Being the bigger person takes a lot of time and patience to learn.  We must first breathe before we react but as they say more often we shoot from the hip and give it right back therefore perpetuating bad words. bad feelings and bad situations. 

No one wants to be treated badly so don't let yourself fall into that trap.  That's all it is you know.  A trap.  Who's going to top this!  Don't be a topper no matter what.  Be kind, be generous, be loving.  When people lash out, try and understand rather than lash out yourself.  There are so many reasons people act the way they do.  It is not always easy to find out why and sometimes we just don't care but know if you are communicating with someone who constantly acts out in a negative way, give more love, not less.

I won't even say be the bigger person.  Be yourself.  The kind, wonderful and loving person that you are inside and out!  Have a wonderful Friday everyone!~Love, Amy

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Good Morning!  Thursday already.  I think I want the weeks to slow down a bit.  Everything is going a little too fast.  Funny that I say that because I know when I want something it never seems to happen fast enough!  I'm sure I'm not the only one.  We all need patience!

Today's quote, "The largest fish was once the smallest - it takes time and patience to grow."  It does and we all know it but waiting is so hard.  Enjoy the ride!  That's hard too but make getting there half the fun.  The problem is we are so invested in the outcome we forget the ride of life and what a ride it is.

No one starts out on top.  We all know that but still grapple with "why not?"  It just doesn't work that way.  When we want something it takes time and patience.  I'm as bad as you but getting better.  I am finally enjoying the journey of my growing practice.  If the seeds are planted, trust growth will happen.

I was talking to a client of mine just yesterday about this very topic.  What I said to him was when you think things are too slow, when they are not moving as fast as you want, think of where you were a year ago or even six months ago.  Once I said that to him I saw a smile come across his face and he said, "You're right!"  There is always growth.  Maybe not in our time frame but it is there. 

Acknowledge it however slowly it happens.  Slow is still movement.  When people have small children they feel like they will be changing diapers forever but one day you wake up and off they go to college.  You think, where did that time go?  The phrase take time to smell the roses means just that.  Stop, relax, slow down, the rivers are flowing and flowing in the direction you want.  Have faith, believe and have an awesome Thursday everyone!~Love, Amy

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Good Morning everyone!  It is Wednesday the it is also the New Moon in Taurus.  Many changes are in the works.  New Moon days are always filled with power and are the days to begin creating and manifesting all that you want.

What is it that you are trying to create?  Today's quote, "You are the master of all your talents - use them to bring forth joy, happiness and prosperity and abundance on this day of the New Moon."  There are other times when the New Moon is appropriate for manifesting abundance but never as much as when it is in Taurus.  And there is no better person to know of all you are capable of than yourself.

This is not a time to be shy about your talents.  No need for humility.  Be proud of all you possess and let it come forth.  Let all those abilities you have shine through and put your power to work.  Write down the 10 most important things you are looking to achieve but write down these things from your heart.  Believe them and watch them manifest over time. 

Know that you are deserving of all your heart's desires.  It is not greedy, it is not selfish.  It is what you have worked for and are working towards.  The New Moon begins at 8:18 this morning so anytime after that, hand write no more than 10. 

Believe in yourself as I believe in you!  Have a wonderful New Moon Wednesday all!~Love, Amy

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Good Morning all.  Rain for the duration of the day and my body is feeling it.  The high humidity can sometimes give you a headache which is exactly what it has done for me.  Just that dull ache right across my forehead.  Nothing Tylenol and coffee can't fix.  At least I don't have a migraine like my neighbor.  Now those are headaches! 

Did you ever notice that sometimes, well, many times, situations can cause headaches as well.  Either situations we put ourselves in or just happen to be in?  Why stay in something that causes pain?  Today's quote, "Walk away only when you are sure you have done everything you can to make a situation better - why punish yourself."  Many times we stay in things at the hope that it will change and improve.  Whether it is work, a relationship, a friendship.  If something is not to our benefit why remain.

I do get that sometimes you need to be exactly where you are and you cannot just walk away but if you can at the present moment - do it.  We all know how difficult change can be and it doesn't always come when we want it to.  If you cannot walk away, what can you do to make something work?  If that is the way to go then try it. 

What I am talking about is a hopeless situation.  The ones that you in your heart of heart know is wrong on every level.  The hardest thing to do can be to walk away but the benefits you feel may far outweigh the day to day.  Never jump.  Always give careful consideration to every situation and know that you always have support.  You just have to know where to look for it.  Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!~Love, Amy

Monday, April 24, 2017


Good Morning everyone.  Back to work it is.  Really fast weekend.  That's the way it seems to go.  Hope you all enjoyed.  I almost got hit by a truck in my dream.  Good thing I am fast.  I don't know what that was all about.  Maybe it will come to me during the day.  Right now all I could think of is how time flew and in the blink of an eye, it went from Friday to Monday like being hit by a truck!  Maybe.  Sounds good anyway.

As usual there is a busy week ahead for me.  You too I'm sure.  This time of year is always busy with the culmination of many things and things we need to take care of.  But it all gets done because it has to.  We are all capable of so many things especially if we have other people in our lives.  Our jobs are one thing but it is all those other things that also keep us on our toes.

Today's quote, "We are multi-layered beings - don't put anyone in a box."  We are employees, bosses, parents, spouses and individuals.  We all do so many things.  Working, taking care of others, taking care of homes, running errands and hopefully finding our passion and working towards many goals.

Just by looking at someone, you have no idea all that is on their plate.  Although I speak of the superficial my quote is speaking of us as people.  Multi-layered meaning there is so much more to us that what is visible.  Our feelings, our desires and our wishes and all that we can do for ourselves and others.  Our capabilities go far beyond what you can see.  Because you are good at one particular thing does not mean you can't also do something else.

How many times have you said about someone you know, "I didn't know you were..., or you could..."  Understand that life is an exploration.  Some explore more than others but some haven't gotten there yet.  Use this precious gift of time and do some exploration - see how far those layers go.  Have a wonderful Monday everyone!~Love, Amy

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Good Morning.  All I want to do is take Mia for a really long walk this morning but I have to attend a funeral first.  Not the best way to start a day but important to support a friend of mine who is grieving the loss of his mom.  I didn't know this woman but I will help him celebrate her life in the way we all do here which is with a ceremony.  Too bad our culture makes death so awful, not that it isn't.  Those that leave us are terribly missed but we need to remember that our soul returns at some point.  He soul was ready to go and so I will be there to celebrate the departure of her soul.

This is not something I would share with my friend as I do not know his beliefs and would not want to offend him.  Today's quote, "Opinions and advice are two things not necessarily up for sharing."  Aside from thinking I might not be of my right mind he may be annoyed that I dare to think this way.  When giving either opinions or advice to anyone you have to be sure those on the receiving end truly want it. 

There is nothing more irritating than being told something you don't want to hear or how you should do something or what you should do.  If you ask then that is entirely different.  Do you know someone like that?  We all have to be careful with our words.  If someone is asking you what you think you need to make sure they really want to know.  Here comes the classic, "does this outfit make me look fat?" 

Do you think anyone in the world wants to know if they look fat or inappropriate in their clothes.  Of course not.  Now if I decide to wear a bright pink dress today and I am told it is not the most appropriate outfit for a funeral, I would not take offense. That is helpful advice.  Never give hurtful opinions or unwanted advice.  Think of how you would feel and that will be your answer.  Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!~Love, Amy

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Good Morning everyone!  Happy Saturday and Happy Earth Day.  This will be brief and to the point.  Today's quote, "Treat our planet with love and kindness - there is only one Mother Earth - Happy Earth Day."

Today's message is straight and to the point.  Don't litter!  Don't throw things out the window when you drive.  Can you believe I still see people doing that?  Really, who does that.  In this time where our climate is changing, (yes I believe climate change is a REAL and not made up problem), where our icebergs are melting faster than they should, where animals are losing their habitats we HAVE to start to worry. 

It is not only the animals that are losing their habitats.  Think about it.  Our world is changing before our eyes and if we don't do anything about it we will be in serious big trouble.  We cannot go out and buy another Earth.  It won't happen.  All these gloom and doom movies that are made to show what happens when we ignore rising waters and warmer temperatures. 

We have but one place to live.  If we have ANYTHING in common, this is it.  We all share the Earth.  Do something small.  Pick up garbage, turn off lights, open windows, stop using aerosol spray.  One thing over time really can make a difference.  Treat her kindly, treat her with the love and respect she deserves and hopefully she will be here a whole lot longer after we depart!  Have a wonderful day everyone!~Love, Amy

Friday, April 21, 2017


Good Morning!  Cannot believe the week is over.  Where did it go?  So fast.  I know some weeks go by more quickly than others but this one seemed to disappear before it started!  Since when does a work week go faster than a vacation week.  Not complaining.  NOT AT ALL, just observing.

I hope your weekend brings good things, fun and joy and may it go much slower than the week.  Isn't it awful when you wake up and look forward to the night so you can go back to sleep?  I don't know if coffee is even going to do it for me today.  Yesterday was an energizing day in many ways.  I had a treatment of my own and in the evening had a Guided Meditation session.

I am more than relaxed but I have a clear head and once I get going the day will takes it's course.  The only thing I should have done last night is go to sleep earlier than I did.  After Guided Meditation I am both relaxed and energized.  Sometimes I go right out and other times I just want to enjoy that relaxed state by staying up longer.  Mistake on my part last for sure.

Today's quote, "We are all perfect in our flaws, mistakes and imperfections - it is what makes us human."  We make mistakes all the time.  I know I do.  We strive for perfection but is there really any?  Even as close to it.  Why does it upset us so when things are not perfect and what is perfect anyway?  Why is it necessary and said it should be so? 

It is just another way we are so hard on ourselves.  If you are constantly striving for perfection how can you enjoy anything?  It is always what is perfect for you.  Enjoy the process and even the mistakes you make along the way.  They are teachers to learn from.  That doesn't mean stop trying to change things or improve yourself to be healthier, more fit or happier.  It means to let go of that fake image we all have in our minds.  The one we see in commercials or print ads. 

Be yourself, be who you are and love yourself exactly AS you are!  Have a great Friday everyone!~Love, Amy

Thursday, April 20, 2017


Good Morning!  It's Thursday.  This week flew for me.  You too?  I have Guided Meditation tonight and as always, really looking forward to it.  I love that I have made meditation a part of my life.  It is not something I ever thought about let alone thought I would be doing as a way to help myself and others.  Guided Meditation helps me just as much as it does my clients.  We all benefit.  As I help other release their stress mine joins the ride.  And what a ride it's been.  Absolutely fantastic!

I am really enjoying the ride of life.  Three years ago I would never have envisioned what I am doing now.  I feel happy and blessed to do the work that I do and love that I reach out to more and more  people all the time for what I do is so necessary for everyone!  Today I will concentrate on the importance of my class tonight and not focus on silly things that will happen throughout my day and you know they will!

Today's quote, "Let the little things remain small and not affect you - save your strength for what is important."  YES!  If I do say so myself!  How many of us let the nonsense ruin our day?  Sad to say but I would guess many of us.  And why is that?  The little things are like mosquitos.  Annoying little pests.  That's exactly how you should think of them.  Just annoying little pests to be flicked away before they bite you.

If we let all the little things bother us how can we focus on what we really need to.  Those little things are mere distractions that take us away.  They can create havoc and remove our focus.  Don't let them.  If you let everything bother you how can you enjoy anything?  On a personal note I too have learned not to let the little things get me down.  Here is a perfect example.  Teenagers in the house.  Crumbs on the counter.  Piles of clothes on a bedroom floor.  Got a dog?  Toys wherever they happen to drop especially the heavy bones on the bamboo floor.  But here is the alternative.  No teenagers in the house, no Mia.  Get my point.  In the scheme of things as they say these really are little things. 

Annoying yes but not life changing.  Let these things, annoying as they are remain little.  It's not important.  It's not going to ruin your day, change  your life or affect your path.  It is a mosquito.  Flick it off and move on!  Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!~Love, Amy

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Good Morning on this Wednesday.  Already the middle of the week.  It's great when you think it's a Tuesday but it's really a Wednesday.  Not as much fun when you think it's Friday but really Thursday.  I slept a little longer today.  Strange because yesterday after my work day I had nothing to do!  Sometimes I really like that.  Walk Mia, make dinner and lots of time for me to just be. 

Today will be busier but that will be fine too.  Tonight I will be attending a seminar on healing in nature.  I'm looking forward to it.  I feel like I do that everyday.  Mia gives me that opportunity.  Nothing like having a dog to get you to go outside.  I get to enjoy not just a beautiful day but the freezing cold, a gently rain, even a pouring rain.  Each weather day has it's value as long as you are dressed for it you can see the beauty in it.  I do have to say there is nothing like a gorgeous Spring day after a rain. 

I'm happy that Winter has come to a close even though we really didn't have much of a winter this year.  Spring is just gorgeous.  The leaves are on their way, the flowers have emerged from the soil and it seems like every bird has made its way back from the South!  Today's quote, "Endings are there to create new beginnings."  The end of Winter certainly left us to create Spring.  The end of one season always leads way to another. 

The ending of anything always leads to something else.  Hopefully something bigger, better, different, a simple or complicated change.  Whatever it is an end will always lead to a new beginning.  Sometimes we don't want things to end but depending what it is it is necessary to bring about a change. 

Sometimes change is just the natural progression.  Children can't stay in high school forever.  They move on to college, to jobs to a drastic change but an important one.  For a young person what a wonderful opportunity to create a new beginning.  Is there something ending in your life that you are sad about?  Don't hold onto that sadness.  Acknowledge that you have it but release it so there is room for growth.

Are you angry about something coming to an end?  Don't hold onto that either.  Don't hold onto anything.  You cannot move on if you are holding onto what was.  It is true that everything does come to an end at some point in time.  Acknowledge it for what it was and still might be but know that when something, anything, whatever it is, is over, you now have room for a new and fresh start.  A brand new beginning.  Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!~Love, Amy

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Good Morning!  I always have a great night's sleep after Guided Meditation class.  I had lots of dreams but at the moment I can't remember a single one.  Something will pop into my head later most likely at the most random time.  Happens all the time.  Did you ever think about that?

When you wake up and you know you were dreaming but you can't remember anything and then suddenly much later in the day and completely out of nowhere, you remember!  It could be the most banal thing that spurs your memory.  I love when that happens.  I know today that's going to happen to me!

When I do remember I'm sure it will bring a smile to my face as I woke up feeling calm and peaceful.  Yesterday was an anxious day for me but as I said, Meditation clears all that away.  I awoke feeling so different in a good way.  Today's quote, "Clinging to something because it's better than nothing leaves no room for what is waiting for you."  We all do that and with so many things. 

Jobs, relationships, our lives.  So many people live unhappily because they fear making a change.  There is nothing to lose by trying something new.  And if you try something new and realize what you had is better at least you tried!  Why are we all so afraid of change?  Stepping out of your comfort zone always brings some, well....discomfort!  Suffering in misery is sometimes easier than moving on and complaining about it, well that too is part of the package. 

Stop talking about what you want and go for it!  Don't get me wrong.  Sometimes where you are is exactly where you need to be and change at the present moment is just not possible but know, truly know that you situation at the moment is not your forever situation. 

Know that when the Universe gives you that push in the form of a job opportunity, a blind date, a plane ticket, change is coming.  For now enjoy this beautiful day.  Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!~Love, Amy

Monday, April 17, 2017


Good Morning!  It's Monday and back to work for all.  I hope everyone had restful holidays and found some time for peace and solitude.  So important in our busy lives.  No matter how busy you are always try and find a moment for yourself to unscramble your mind.  So many thoughts come in and out on a daily basis.  In order for us to be our very best we need to find a time to just be with a clear mind.

Guided Meditation class is tonight and of course I am looking forward to it.  I along with the rest of the world need to detox from information overload, worry, stress and the simple tasks that make up a day.  Meditation cures all that for the time you are in that blissful place.  The more you do it, the more you are able to calm your mind and yourself in times of personal anxiety.

Notice I said personal anxiety because that's exactly what it is.  We do this to ourselves and we do it to ourselves in so many ways.  Today's quote, "Aggressively approach those negative voices in your head - you will win as you are stronger than they are."  You are but you must believe it to be so.  It is clear why we do that to ourselves.  We feel we don't deserve whatever it is we are going after. 

Perhaps when you were younger someone told you your dreams are just that.....dreams.  And so you have learned over time to understand that what you really want and desire can never be yours.  You have been conditioned over time by people around you (and believe it or not some of these people think they have your best interest at heart but don't see the damage they have done.)  And so this conditioning becomes ingrained in your thinking.  This is the way it is. 

The voices in your head may not even be yours but they are there telling you over and over again what you cannot do, what you cannot have, what will never be.  Stop it right now!  When those thoughts come in - push them out.  Let them know there is no longer any room for them.  They don't belong there and they are no longer welcome. 

When your desires are more real than your doubts put up your dukes and fight off that negativity.  It takes practice, trust me, I know but it takes a true belief in yourself and a knowing that there is so much more ahead of you no matter what anyone tells you, especially yourself!  Start small and start today.  You are strong, you are wonderful and you are on the road to change!  Have a wonderful day everyone!~Love, Amy

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Good Morning all and Happy Easter if you are celebrating.  It is just gorgeous right now and will only get nicer as the day goes on.  Not sure of my plans today.  My last day of freedom before going back to work.  That is not a complaint, rather a statement for my day job allows lots of vacation time not to mention the summer off.  Since not everyone can say that I am grateful for all the time I receive.

If for today I have no plan, so what.  It will be fun to see where the day takes me!  Today's quote, "Even if you have no plan in place - rest assured one is already there for you."  While I was talking about my day, my quote is talking about the bigger picture.  The first part is to figure out what you want and where you want to be but if you don't know how yet, that is OK.  When the time is right the plan will be there. 

The Universe looks out for us.  We will make mistakes, we will suffer upsets and disappointments but that is all part of the plan.  All of it...the upsets, failures, disappointments, successes...they are all part of the plan.  The plan that takes time.  You just have to be willing to wait and above all trust!  That is the biggest plan of all.  For you to have trust in the way things are working out even if you are unaware. 

Whatever happens today, tomorrow and in the future, know that it is your personal plan on the road to working out.  Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday!~Love, Amy

Saturday, April 15, 2017


Good Morning!  So quiet in my house today.  Quiet outside today too.  Has that pre-holiday feel.  Whenever an important holiday approaches, you can feel it.  More cars on the road, people out shopping.  Everyone busy!  And then the calm.  I'm feeling very calm today.  Already have my day planned.  Nothing terribly exciting but that's OK.  Simply looking forward to my day!

This has been a bit of a catch up week for me as I was off for the entire week.  It's wonderful being able to do the little things that take up time but need to be done.  Always nice having time to reflect and take long nature walks and connect with the world outside.  Reflection is always a big part.  When we are alone, we all tend to think.  Sometimes too much but we also think about our present situations.

Where we are in life and what we are doing with ourselves.  Today's quote, "It takes brains to know what you don't want - it takes passion to know what you do want."  Ain't that the truth!  Intellectually we all know what we love or despise because it comes out so easily, "I could NEVER DO THAT!"  But in order to know our passion we need to think with our hearts.  Our hearts speak to us in many ways.  It will let us know quite definitively what we want and what we don't. 

You can't explain passion but you know when it is there.  Passion is something that drives you.  That tells you to keep going until you reach your destination.  Passion is the driver behind the wheel.  Our intellect is there for protection.  Our intellect talks calmly to us letting us know that we won't be happy with certain things.  It lets us know that we are fine where we are now because we have to be but passion is something entirely different and do know the difference!

Our thinking minds are important.  Don't get me wrong.  We need them.  They put the reigns on things where they should but it is our true passion that gets us going.  Listen to your mind and your thoughts that come from that place and then go full speed ahead with your passion!  It will take you further than you ever imagined!  Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!~Love, Amy

Friday, April 14, 2017


Good Morning on this Good Friday.  A very holy day for many.  This entire week has been a very holy week for many people.  Today especially is very significant.  I myself do not participate in much religious holiday celebrating except for the meals I choose to cook.  Not making light of it at all, it is just the way I choose to celebrate. 

Keeping spirit within myself and around me through nature and feeding the people I love brings joy and happiness to me and so that is my way.  Whatever is your way, if it gives you joy then that is all that matters.  Sometimes we see people pretending to be happy.  Pretending to be something they are not.  Today's quote, "The invisibility of pain and sadness does not mean it does not exist - be kind and courteous - loving and forgiving." 

These are the things that you cannot see.  You can see someone smile or hear someone laugh but seeing someone in emotional pain does not always show itself.  It goes back to not always knowing the life of someone else.  Not knowing what is making them hurt and why.  I'm not going to talk about judging.  I will save that for another blog but what I am bringing to light here is just because you can't see what is going on, on the inside does not mean it isn't there.

We all have times of real emotional stress and upset and many of us choose to keep these feelings locked up inside as not to burden others.  Being kind and courteous costs nothing.  Same for being loving and forgiving.  Unless we walk around with signs on our necks shouting out to the world what we have been through or why we are snapping at others does anyone really know?  NO - no one knows what is in your mind that is breaking your heart. 

Unfortunately pain and sadness is alive and well for many of us and many times the holidays make it much worse.  Of course for every day but especially for today, share a smile, open a door, open your heart and forget the past.  Have a wonderful Friday everyone and always keep in mind, this too shall pass!~Love, Amy

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Good Morning all!  Did you get to see that moon last night?  It was pretty incredible.  I was able to take some photos.  It looked liked it was alive which sounds strange I know but I was able to capture the vibrations around it.  No wonder we all act strange and feel weird when there is a new moon above us! 

That would be the one time you are not responsible for your actions.  For the most part we are responsible for our actions and our behaviors.  If you don't like how you react to things you can change that through your thought process but only if you yourself are unhappy.  Today's quote, "Don't change a thing about yourself to fit into someone's life - if you have to change - you don't fit."  How many times have you done that?

That is something you do when you are young unfortunately.  We think that if we become someone else then the person we like will like us more.  How uncomfortable is that?  How long can you go on not being who you really are?  Not being true to yourself?  There is definitely a finite period for that.

If you have to change for anyone to like you then they are not your friend, companion, lover or anything to you.  Of course I am hoping I am being clear and I am not saying be a jerk.  Well if you are I bet you don't have a lot of friends!  NO - what I am saying is stick to your beliefs.  Be strong in what is important to you.  Don't change your beliefs because that friend doesn't agree and you fear that friend will disappear.

Be strong in your convictions and be the wonderful person you were created to be.  When you are you, when you are who you were meant to be, when you are true to yourself - you will be appreciated and loved.  It doesn't matter if you fit into someone else's plan - the important thing is that you fit into yours!  Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!~Love, Amy

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Good Morning everyone!  A mixed day ahead weather wise today.  Maybe some rain, maybe some sun.  However you are going to spend it, make it meaningful to you.  I am going to take a yoga class later today.  I haven't taken a formal yoga class in years!  I've done it at home but I haven't even done that for quite some time.  I will take it slow as although I do exercise, yoga is something completely different and I don't relish the idea of being in pain afterwards.

Classes are fun once in a while.  It does work to get you more motivated than when you work out by yourself.  You can't help but look at the person next to you and try either to keep up and do better.  You just don't want to show off and try and do something you can't.  Always listen to your body because it will tell you either softly or loudly!  I am excited for class today though and am looking forward to that group energy.

Today's quote, "You have more stamina than you think - more motivation than you are aware - fuel your dreams with both."  This quote goes deeper than a yoga class but I can use this as a way of understanding.  That desire to go the extra mile and push yourself in order to achieve what you want no matter what it is.  If it is an exercise class that you want to attend but feel you can't because it has been too long and you think you would look foolish.  Well - foolish to who?  Be proud of yourself for going in the first place.

Misery can be a great motivator.  How long do you or anyone want to remain in a situation that no longer serves them?  If all you are doing now is thinking about how to get out of it be proud of that too as that is a start in the right direction.  Nothing changes or gets accomplished from wishing.  It is desire, stamina and motivation.  You need all three.  When that desire for change is stronger than complacency things will be different because it is at that moment you will decide it to be!  Wish me luck in class today!  Have a wonderful Wednesday everybody!~Love, Amy

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Good Morning all!  I have become your morning weather person and I will tell you it is already like a beach day!  Well not really but it will be later.  80 degrees as of later today.  Please, please go get some sunshine.  This incredible weather is only a tease before the real thing so enjoy it while it lasts.

I refuse to get political on my blog but I have to comment on something I did see on a social media post.  A policeman threw a 22 year old girl down to the ground after some sort of altercation.  I cannot for the life of me imagine what exactly a 22 year old skinny girl could have done that would warrant that kind of behavior from a man of the law. 

We could all be asking ourselves what is going on?  Today's quote, "What is the equation for happiness - first to love yourself."  You may be wondering what in the world that has to do with the above story.  I will tell you.  Anyone who exhibits that kind of behavior does NOT love himself or even like himself.  He is merely exhibiting power of the very worst kind.  Abusive, mean and brutal. 

Remember, this was an unarmed skinny girl in heels.  A threat to a police officer?  No way.  Therefore this police person has only one way to feel good about himself and that is to be a bully.  What must he have been like as a child.  My hope of course is that he loses his ability to remain on the job but we must think deeper on this one.  This is a person who is really and truly unhappy.

This is a person who was never happy with himself or anything about himself.  It is a classic situation.  Beat up someone else so that you can feel better about yourself.  And this is why when it comes to love, you are number one.  Self love is the most important love there is.  I always say this during my Guided Meditation when we arrive at the heart center.  I we don't love ourselves, how can we have the ability to love another for self love is the most important of all the love there is.  How can we show compassion if we don't know what love is? 

When you love yourself unconditionally it is only then that you will find true happiness.  True love of ourselves gives ourselves to be open to our hearts dreams, wishes and desires because if we love ourselves we know we deserve whatever it is we want.  Think about it.  When we focus on the negative it is because we don't think we are deserving.  I am here to tell you that you deserve everything that you want and more BUT if you don't count yourself as your first true love then you just placed yourself on the back burner.

Be in love with yourself, love yourself unconditionally and support yourself and see how you change!  To love yourself unconditionally is NOT conceited.  It is crucial for the life you wish for.  Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!~Love, Amy

Monday, April 10, 2017


Good Morning all!  It's another beautiful day and a holiday later this evening for some.  Tonight is Passover and if you are celebrating then I hope you have a wonderful evening.  Holidays are often times of reflection although religiously why not use it simply for yourself?

A time where another year has passed and you can reflect on what was.  Today's quote, "Leave past hurts behind and let them cease to exist."  Easier said than done for a lot of people.  I get it.  But why relive it?  What is the purpose?  What is it going to do for you aside from get you upset all over again? 

If someone hurts you, decide if you want that person in your life.  Don't just fester in anger and upset.  Talk about it, act on it or move on without drama.  We have all been hurt.  We all know what that feels like.  It's awful but going over and over and over it only makes it as fresh as when whatever happened, happened.  Moving on is hard for some and I understand that but in order for live for today you cannot live for yesterday.

Memories are keepsakes.  They are not there to torture us.  What they are for is to remind us of good times and bad as well.  Choose to repeat the fun stuff - not the bad.  The hope is that you learned.  Remember - every experience you have in life is there to teach you something.  You may not figure it out right away but I promise you - there is always a lesson. 

Go out today and enjoy this beautiful day.  It was chosen just for you! Have a wonderful Monday everyone!~Love, Amy

Sunday, April 9, 2017


Good Morning everyone!  The birds are in full chirp today although it is still a cold morning.  They have their feathers to keep them warm.  I love the early morning when the world becomes alive.  It is such a welcoming sound.  So many different bird sounds as well which is like music in the morning.

I won't go on and on about my dreams again,  well maybe just a little.  They are getting more and more real each and every night.  Last night I dreamt about getting a new apartment.  No I'm not moving.  It symbolized change and cleaning as strange as that might sound.  The apartment in my dream although tremendous was filthy!  I cleaned my house yesterday and love the after effects!  Not a fan of mess.  Definitely a fan of change.

Sometimes that change makes us nervous.  Is the change what we want?  Is the way we are going about it the right way?  The mind can think of so many ways to deter us.  Today's quote, "Whenever doubt creeps in - put out the do not disturb sign."  Doubt is there all too often.  Change that thought around.  We can doubt ourselves about everything if we let ourselves.

It's about how easy it is to go into that negative space.  That negative world in our minds.  It's become so much easier for us which is a shame because we are all capable of great things and creating anything we want.  I spoke of that yesterday when I talked about manifesting both good and bad.  Both positive and negative in our lives. 

Think about it.  Why would you want negativity and doubt to fill your space?  If something doesn't work out but you tried at least you can say you tried.  You gave yourself a chance.  Sometimes you need to just go for it.  Change can be hard enough when someone else is feeding you that doubt poison so why do you need to add to it by feeding yourself the same poison? 

There will always be some doubt when trying to make major and even minor changes in your life but understand you have one life.  Live it to the fullest.  Create what it is that you want and shut the door on doubt!  Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!~Love, Amy

Saturday, April 8, 2017


Good Morning!  It's Saturday.  Mia's been ready for her walk for a little while but she will just have to wait.  My coffee cup is calling.  So nice not to get up at 5:00 although I was up at 6:30.  That to me is a luxury and now I am ready to start my day.

Are you going to have a great day?  Do something fun?  Even if not, visualize a great time.  Today's quote, "Powerful thoughts both positive and negative manifest into reality - breathe in the good stuff - exhale the rest."  Now I know that is NOT a new thought but something that you need to be reminded of and reminded of frequently. 

Anything at all that comes to your mind can have either a negative or positive impact.  "I'm going to have the WORST time tonight."  Well if that's what you are putting out there then no matter what you already are assuring yourself of a miserable time.  "I heard the food here isn't that good."  You have just assured yourself that your dinner is going to be mediocre at best.

Think of all the things you say during the day that are negative and watch how they unfold.  Exactly as you have said both in your mind and out loud that they would.  Manifesting is so powerful that we don't even realize it.  Why not take all that negative energy and create positive energy.  It's the same thing!  Leave out the word, worst, awful, any word that you can think of that is negative and replace it with best, wonderful, fantastic!

We are all so much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for.  That voice inside your head that says, "I knew it" when you talk about an event that you have already predicted would be terrible, the day that was going to turn out "just like you knew it."  Only because you yourself described it that way in your head!  If you can predict the worst then you can predict the best.

I hope you have read this through for this is so important!  I should tell you in advance this subject will come up again because we don't always hear things the first time or even the second.  We hear things when we are ready.  I hope you were ready today!  Have a wonderful and I mean wonderful Saturday!~Love, Amy

Friday, April 7, 2017


Good Morning all!  It's Friday!  Yes.  It's here.  The last of the rain will be here today and then we are on for some much needed sunshine.  As a matter of fact, days and days of the stuff!  Get out there and get your vitamin D.

I love to bask in the sun.  I love just sitting on the grass with my baby (Mia) looking up at the blue sky.  I must have done outdoor work in my past life!  What are the things that are important to you like that.  Simple things but things you can't be without.  I for one really can't be without the sun. 

Today's quote, "Your soul remembers what your mind might not."  That is so true.  Things that happen to you that feel so familiar.  People you are sure you came across once before.  Situations you feel like you've been in.  You may not remember but your soul does.  It is imbedded in you.  This is way we repeat patterns.  This is why we sometimes do things we shouldn't do and be with people that are not the best for us.  OR - sometimes things work out.

We are capable of repeating good stuff as well.  Some events in our lives really are soul deep.  It's that deja vu feeling we sometimes get.  When things feel as though they are not in your control that could be the reason.  We have all been here before is not just a phrase.  It is true. 

I talk about change all the time and how it is possible.  If you feel stuck and keep repeating patterns the very reason could be because of these memories that go cell deep.  Don't blame yourself - understand yourself.  Also understand that what it is that wasn't worked out before came back to work itself out in the present time.

You are a wonderful, rich, layered human being.  Next time you have any of those familiar feelings be safe in knowing you have returned and you will be back!  Have a wonderful Friday all!~Love, Amy

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Good Morning!  I slept so well last night how about you?  This is an odd week.  The last one before a Spring break and let me tell you, it is DRAGGING!  Not complaining.  Nope, not complaining.  I feel as though I was just writing about the last break.  It's just that when you know its coming, you are READY!  Not that I have any real plans for next week.  In fact, none at all.  Just chillin' as they say.

Lot of walks.  Looking at the weather report for next week is telling me it is going to be gorgeous so lots of hiking with Mia is one of the best ways I can spend on my free time and happy to say, not waking up at 5:00!

Today is going to be a wonderful day as I get to leave a little early and do some errands before coming home.  I have my Guided Meditation class tonight and 6 people will be joining me.  Very exciting!  The room is always filled with wonderful energy as the people who come to my home are all wonderful!  As a matter of fact, everyone I work with is wonderful which is why I love what I do. 

Help people through Guided Meditation and Reiki.  For me there is no better reward than when someone tells me how great they feel after any session.  My path is to help others and I am doing just that.  Are you on your path yet?  Have you listened or heeded to any signs.  Or are you feeling stuck in a rut.  Today's quote, "Not learning from your mistakes guarantees they will revisit you over and over again until you do."  That could be something seemingly simple as taking the same kind of job.

I remember years ago when I was job hunting.  I thought a particular company would be a great place for me to be until a channeler pointed out to me that it's "still an office."  It didn't matter what company I would be shuffling papers for.  It would all be the same.  What about your relationships?  How many times have we dated the same guy wrapped up in a different package?

We do things because they are familiar.  They are comfortable.  We find the same people to be in our lives because it is what we know even if we are unhappy but there comes a time when we need to look carefully at that unhappiness and really see what it is doing to us. 

Let's say it is safe to say that no one and I mean NO ONE really wants to be unhappy.  We have the power to change that.  We have so much power but not all of us use it because we don't believe it's really there.  Trust me it is there, you just have to be ready.  Perhaps you aren't ready and that is the problem at the moment.  There will come a time when you are ready and only you will know when it is.  We are all children in this world learning in a big classroom.

Pay attention to your actions and see if they are redundant.  Only then will you really see and start learning.  Unlock the key to your happiness.  It all starts with you.  Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!~Love, Amy

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Good Morning!  My coffee is at my side and I'm ready to go.  Sleep was wonderful and it would have been awesome to stay in bed today but unfortunately it wasn't an option.  Yes I'm tired.  I'm sure you are too.  I really feel bad for teenagers who need to get up early.  For years and years studies have shown that it is nearly impossible for them to rise early and yet high schools across the nation have early starts.

What are you going to do?  It would be nice if someday a late start time actually happened but I think it is one of those things that will be forever talked about rather than actually changed.  And so across our great country are many many tired teenagers.  When you come to work do you tell people how tired you are?  How hard you work?  Are you a complainer or do you just know one. 

We all do.  Is your complainer just that or a topper?  You know.  The ones who can top your story no matter what it is.  Like your life is a contest with them and theirs.  Today's quote, "Someone will always have a better story, a more difficult time, a longer illness - understand it is their ego that needs the boost."  Yes, THOSE people. 

So annoying but they exist and we have to co-exist along with them.  What you do have to do is understand where it comes from.  It comes from not feeling good enough.  It comes from insecurity.  It comes from that desire to let you know how wonderful they are because they themselves don't believe it.  What better way to appear better and stronger if everything you go through is MORE than someone else's experience!

I know it can be aggravating when all you want to do is express yourself to someone but as soon as you do, you really aren't being heard.  That other person is just waiting to tell you all about themselves.  Let it go.  Just listen.  That other being needs encouragement and support.  What that other person is saying is that they really are having a more difficult time.

Read between the lines.  Be a support as much as you can.  Your simple understanding will change the way you see things.  People tell us all sorts of things but if we really and truly listen, we will really and truly hear!  Enjoy your coffee and have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!  ~Love, Amy

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Good Morning on this rainy Tuesday.  Get ready for all day rain.  Truly a sleepy day.  Make extra coffee.  It's going to be one of those days.  I had a  wonderful Guided Meditation last night.  I used the image of a beautiful spring day in a field of flowers.  I will keep that image in my mind if I find myself drifting during the day which is a huge possibility!

Days like this lead me to day dream.  Watching the rain is mesmerizing in a different way than watching snow or looking outside on a beautiful day.  Something about seeing the drops falling to the ground and the grayness that surrounds the rain.  Beautiful in its own way but also hypnotic.  Day dreaming is fun.  What do you think about when you day dream? 

Do you even allow yourself to do it?  Even the way I am talking about it like its a bad thing.  It isn't.  It lets you really think about nothing and everything.  Mostly we start thinking about things we want.  Material things, what we want in our lives, how we want our lives to be, what we are going to make for dinner, the list of chores we need to take care of.  A million thoughts cross our minds when we give ourselves the freedom to just be.

Today's quote, "What is it that you really want - its ok not to know - its ok to be content just being."  All too often we don't let ourselves just be.  I know I spend a lot of writing time talking about achieving your goals and going after what exactly it is that you want but it becomes hard and difficult to focus on that all the time.  Sometimes day dreaming helps you discover things about yourself you didn't know.  One thought leads to another and another and another. 

That's what day dreaming is.  Permission to wander and let your mind travel and through that traveling discoveries are often made.  So let yourself day dream.  Let your mind wander and take you on a journey.  You never know what you will discover.  But mostly - for today and maybe even tomorrow and the day after that and after that, if you need to just be, know that THAT is perfectly fine.  Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!~Love, Amy

Monday, April 3, 2017


Good Morning on this cloudy Monday.  At least it is warmer although it can't compete with yesterday's gorgeous weather.  Better a cloudy Monday than a cloudy Sunday.  Today is going to be a great day!  I have a full house for Guided Meditation class this evening.  I always use weather and season related scenarios for my meditations so I will use these clouds to my advantage.

What is wonderful for you today?  If today is a regular Monday then that's also fine.  Whatever is, is.  Is there something heavy weighing on you that doesn't seem to go away?  Today's quote, "In the worst of situations find your inner strength and know that it will change, resolve and get better."  This goes for anything in your life.  It's one thing being positive in a unpleasant situation but it is entirely another to know, really know and understand that situations change over time.

Time is always the key.  Things do change, they do resolve and they do get better.  Time is the great healer.  We all know that.  We've heard it a million times.  "Time heals all wounds."  But it is true.  What seems horrible and unbearable one moment changes and fades.  You will always have your memories or your experiences but time is an amazing thing.  We tend to remember the good of a situation rather than the pain. 

That's just one wonderful thing about human nature.  Again, take this quote for any situation in your life.  An unpleasant work experience, relationship issues, a divorce, a friendship break-up, even a death.  We are all much stronger than we give ourselves credit for because whatever has happened in our lives, good bad or ugly, here we are reading a morning blog, having our morning coffee, going to work, getting our children ready to school and facing another day.

The important thing is to take care of yourself any way that you can and to clear your mind.  Take a walk in nature.  Meditate.  Listen to your favorite music.  Make your favorite breakfast.  You are amazing and strong.  Use that strength to change what you want, resolve what makes you unhappy and know that the world will look completely different for time is all it takes.  Have a wonderful Monday everyone!~Love, Amy

Sunday, April 2, 2017


Good Morning!  Although chilly right now, the sun has promised to come out in full force later today.  I think it is just about rising.  Nice to see after a few rainy days but looking at the bright side, the crocuses have begun to bloom and that's a sure sign of changing weather!

I love all seasons for they each bring with them something special.  As cold as winter may be, a beautiful white snow is fun to walk in and listen to as it falls to the ground.  Fall brings with it the colors of the changing leaves.  Summer can be hot but the days and long and the birds wake me up singing their morning songs and here we are approaching spring.  Yes, spring does bring rain but rain has its value.

I've talked about not saying the word hate before.  It is a word that comes so easily for us because it is very descriptive.  "I hate the rain," "I hate Mondays," "I hate the cold," "I hate my job."  You can hate all day long if you want to.

Today's quote, "Allow no room for hate to be in your heart," refers exactly to that.  Now if you hate your job I'm not telling you to love it.  I'm telling you to find something positive about it even if it is just a paycheck.  What could be more positive than that?  If you hate Mondays because you hate your job or you just don't like that the weekend is over and here we are back on a Monday, well, I'm not saying love Mondays but I am saying that when you wake up say, "today is going to be a great day!" 

Put as much of a positive spin on things that you can.  It's so important.  Hate brings negative energy and literally changes the molecules in your body.  Simply stated, hate nothing.  You can dislike all you want.  You can even despise but you cannot hate.  Try an experiment.  Every situation where you use the word hate, make a substitution.  You will see and feel a difference.  It's hard at first and I understand but it is absolutely necessary for your own well being.  Have a wonderful Sunday everyone and start thinking of the wonderful things tomorrow will bring!~Love, Amy

Saturday, April 1, 2017


Good Morning all!  It is a sunny gorgeous day today!  NOT!!! APRIL FOOL'S!!!! Actually it is cloudy, overcast, damp and drizzly.  That's the best I can do for this first day of April!  Don't worry, tomorrow will be sunny or so say the weathermen.  I slept like a rock last night.  Ten hours!  CRAZY!!!! 

It's not that I was just mentally tired but physically as well.  Does that happen to you?  We push ourselves so much that once in a while we just need to catch up.  Indeed I did.  Feels good not having to rush anywhere.  For me that is always the best part of the weekend.  No rushing!  We don't listen to our bodies enough.  When we don't is when we get sick which is why it is so important to take care of yourself.

This is also a very transitional time.  Mercury retrograde is coming up very soon.  There is always a wave of emotions and upset at this time even though it is about a week away.  If you are feeling emotionally charged in any way heed to my quote today, "Darkness before the dawn - sunset before sunrise - rainstorm before a rainbow - in the end the light prevails."  Because it always does.  I know you hate that topsy-turvy feel.  We all do.  Just know it is a time of transition and in the end it will all work out.

If you are feeling this way, you are not the only one.  Perhaps your spouse is too or your children.  If there is tension in your home it absolutely can be attributed to this planetary event.  Sometimes it is subtle and sometimes it knocks you over the head.  Spring in general is always a time for renewal and regrowth.  It is a time of change for many and that change can be anything.

Be strong in this time of change, in this Spring renewal and in the upcoming retrograde.  Just know you are not losing your mind.  Know this upheaval is part of the plan, you are one with the planets, the earth and nature and you will be blessed and looked after.  Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!~Love, Amy