Thursday, May 31, 2018


Good morning.  Thursday already.  Last week I had a client who had already attached an emotion to her day before 7:00.  When we do that either negatively or positively we set the tone for the hours ahead.

There are times we wake up full of energy excited to start our day but then there are those times where we just know we would be better off staying in bed.  In most cases that isn't an option.

Today's quotes, "When you know something is bad you feel it and when you feel it turn around and go the other way."  Literally turning around to go the opposite way is also not always an option but metaphorically speaking it can be.

Breathing is underrated yet it is a proven stress reliever.  Long deep breaths help us ground and calm down.  When you sense that bad feeling enveloping you, stop for a moment and take a deep breath.  Allow yourself to reset and begin again.

Don't give in to feelings of helplessness and worry.  Trust that I know how easy it is to do that as I've been there before.  What you have to do is remember how good it is to, well, feel good!

A much more desirable feeling.  When that bad feeling tries to wash itself over you, step back, take a deep breath and reset!  Don't just go the other way, RUN!

Have an absolutely wonderful Thursday! ~Love, Amy

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Good morning and happy Wednesday.  Whenever there is a Monday holiday the week seems to fly but the good thing about this time of year is that the days are longer.  I love taking evening walks after dinner with Mia and listening to the good night chirps as opposed to the early morning ones.

No matter what my day has been like, a walk will always clear my head and bring me back to myself.  My walks allow me to commune with nature and be an integral part of my surroundings.  Obviously something that is very important to me.

Today's quote, "What is it you hold dear to yourself - your integrity - your strength - your will can never be taken away."  I'm not comparing walking with integrity or strength.  If there is a thunderstorm, I will not be going outside.  The intangible is what I am referring to.  Your belief system and your honor, the core of who you are.  Those things are integral to your very being and could never be taken away.

There are times in our lives when we need to make concessions such as at our jobs or with friends or family but our integrity is ours and ours alone, no matter what.   Branches may bend in the wind but a strongly rooted tree will always stand firmly in the ground.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!~Love, Amy

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Good morning.  I hope you enjoyed your long weekend.  Whenever there is a Monday holiday the week always seems off.  Like we are missing a day.  Personally I don't mind as it's one day closer to the weekend although I did miss my Guided Meditation class last night.  That's OK.  My Thursday class is coming up and there is another Monday soon after.

I have my regulars who come to class on Mondays.  I made sure to let them know that class was canceled due to the holiday.  The pre-Meditation me would have been worried about letting everyone know well in advance but the post-Meditation me made a mental note of what I needed to do and it was done.

Today's quote, "Worrying takes an enormous amount of effort - change worry to faith and know the Universe has your back."  I will have you know, I was a world class worrier.  It wasn't just a hobby but a lifestyle that I am most grateful to have given up!  We all worry about things from our families to the weather but what does worry actually do except to cause us stress?

A more productive approach would be concern.  Concern is different than worry.  Both words have such a different connotation.  Worry connotes franticness where concern connotes care.  People who worry will tell you that of course they care but worry is consuming, stressful and quite honestly, unproductive.

Of course we care about our children and their safety but you have to have faith that if they were raised with your value system, they will make good decisions.  You can also worry about the weather ruining your outdoor barbeque but since you can't change rain to sun, you can change your plans.

Instead of worry, concentrate on faith.  The faith to know that things always work out for the best even if it might not seem so at the moment.  The Universe is your guide.  The Universe is the driver of your vehicle, steering you in the right direction so you don't crash.  Remember all those times you've heard me say that everything works out for the best?  This time believe it.

Release the effort it takes to worry and you will feel so much lighter.  Change that worry to faith and believe in the power of the Universe.  As Bob Marely said, "Don't worry 'bout a thing, cause every little think gonna be alright."

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone, I have complete faith that you will!~Love, Amy

Friday, May 25, 2018


Good morning and happy Friday.  I spent some time yesterday talking about the upcoming weekend that I know we are all looking forward to so there's nothing left to say about it except enjoy it!

Memorial Day weekend is the true start of summer and for me, it couldn't come soon enough.  I thrive in warm weather and sunny days.  Winter will soon be a distant memory as spring gives way to summer and the days slowly heat up.

Sunshine is the revenge for the brutal winter that just past.  Today's quote is "An act of vengeance will end well for no one."  Summer is really not winter's revenge.  It is the proper order of things, nature in this case.  Vengeance is menacing word.  The actual meaning of the word is revenge or payback.

"Revenge is sweet," "payback's a bitch."  I think these are awful phrases yet there are those who delight in them and look forward to how they can hurt someone who has hurt them.  What we all need to understand is that an act of retribution will only cause further pain and suffering.

Inflicting pain upon another whether intentional or unintentional is upsetting but rather than getting back at someone, we need to understand where it comes from and why.  Some of you reading this might be thinking back to a time where you were hurt and that I couldn't possibly understand how you feel but you would be wrong.

If a sincere apology was offered then let it go.  How can you seek retaliation from someone who displays sincere regret?  To seek revenge or to be vengeful shows a disturbing amount of anger and even after retribution that person will still be consumed with hate and fury.

If you are of sound mind, know that vengeance is never sweet, understanding is sweeter.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone whatever you have planned!  I will be back with a new blog on Tuesday as I too will be enjoying these next 3 days.

Have a great Friday!~Love, Amy

Thursday, May 24, 2018


Good morning all.  It's Thursday and nearing a nice long weekend.  We could all use that extra day.  A two day weekend is never enough time to do all that needs to be done and then like Saturday and Sunday never happened, it's Monday once again.

As long as you have that extra day, I hope you can do something fun but can also take a time for reflection.  Today's quote, "In order to see don't just look out - look in."  That's what reflection is.  A chance to go inward.  A chance to examine some choices you have made and the way in which you go about your life.

Looking in is just as important as looking out.  Looking inward allows for an inner dialogue safe from the ears of others.  Let yourself be the one in charge of your decisions and your life but it is in speaking with yourself that inner conversation and self-examination lets you make discoveries.

Who hasn't spoken to themselves either quietly or out loud?  I know that when I have a problem I discuss it with myself, the most important person that could be affected.  Doesn't that just make sense?  And it's not just a conversation, it's a form of soul searching.  We all need to do that every once in a while.

Choose at least one day to take a walk, breathe in the spring air and listen to the sounds of
creatures large and small and as you look out nature will allow you to look in as well.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!~Love, Amy

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Good morning on this Wednesday.  I think we can finally say spring is here as it has been consistently warm.  I love being warm.  I love the lushness of the green grass and full green leaves on the trees.  Isn't nature incredible?

Today's quote, "Everyday there is a chance that something incredible can happen."  Before I give you my thoughts I want you to reread that sentence and think about it for a moment.  Done?  Now what are your thoughts?  Do you believe that to be true?

It is true.  Every day is a different day.  A brand new start and a chance for anything to happen. The unexpected that could not only brighten your day but change your life and your future.  Maybe something you have been working on for so long finally comes to fruition.

The point is to be open and begin your day knowing that possibilities exist.  When you wake up in the morning do you drag yourself out of bed dreading the day?  You have to change that.  I can't say that I jump out of bed with enthusiasm at 5:00 every morning but before I put my feet on the floor, I take a long deep breath and not think.

I let the day begin and evolve by itself without any intrusion from negative thoughts and negative energy.  There are times when we attach a feeling to a day.  Sometimes we just get up feeling crappy and that's because we are human but I have had days where I get up knowing that something wonderful is going to happen.

I really mean that.  It happened one day last week.  I woke just knowing something positive was about to transpire and sure enough it did.  I received a request for my Reiki services at an outdoor event taking place on June 23rd. (more on that later) Because positivity was already there something positive happened.

Manifestation at work!   Know that every day is new and unlike another.  Know in your heart that good things are on their way.  Twist negativity into positivity.  You might not jump out of bed at 5:00 but you can think good thoughts anytime of day!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!~Love, Amy

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Good morning all.  Welcome to Tuesday.  Last night was a Guided Meditation night so I had a really good sleep.  Our entire day depends on how well we sleep at night.  When you are well rested you feel refreshed and energized and ready for anything but when you don't, you drag.  There have been days when I wake up looking forward to when I can go back to sleep!

Meditation has been a lifesaver in terms of getting not only proper rest but a calm mind so that little problems remain just that - little.  Today's quote, "Give the proper amount of thought to each situation - don't overthink or exaggerate."  Are you an over-thinker?  Do you look at a situation and automatically allow your head to go to bad places?  Why do we do that?

We are all guilty, myself included or rather I used to be.  Meditation has helped me to look at a situation objectively so that I don't dwell or begin to think the worst.  My catch phrase is "calm your mind~soothe your soul."  It works!

If you don't want to meditate, find something that works for you so that your mind doesn't go to places it shouldn't.  The worry and stress that overthinking brings you is damaging to your health as stress is one of the leading causes of sickness.

Think of a time in your life where you had to make a difficult decision.  Were you able to decide immediately or did you think, re-think and think again?  Any decision we make in our lives needs careful consideration but once you make that decision, be done and let it go.

Stand by your choices and don't look back.  Have the confidence in yourself to choose wisely and net examine in excruciating detail why you chose A o
ver B.

Choose to have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!~Love, Amy

Monday, May 21, 2018


Good morning and welcome back.  I look forward to welcoming everyone back after the weekend.  Writing my blog helps to ground me and get my week going.  I hope it does the same for you.

I'm just as tired of rain as everyone else although I have to say, everything looks so lush and green.  The air smells good and I just love listening to the birds making their presence known.  I hope the rain didn't ruin your weekend plans but if it did, you can't blame the weather.  You have to blame yourself for not making alternate plans.

Today's quote, "Flush out the poison of blame or you will be forever be stuck."  Blame is a poison.  It is what so many resort to rather than taking responsibility.  Before you blame someone or something, look at how you helped create an unwanted situation or how you could change it.

Blame is also a habit.  If you are accustomed to placing blame whenever things don't go your way the first thing you will do is resort to what is comfortable and for some that is blame.  This habit must be broken.  I call it a poison because poison poisons you and sinks into your very core.

If the poison of blame is within you, flush it out as it will never serve you well.  When the temptation to blame comes to you stop for a moment.  Think of how a situation could be handled differently.  Every problem has more than one solution and it is up to you to discover it.  I know you can.

Take a deep breath everyone and know that Monday will be a great dat!

~Love, Amy

Friday, May 18, 2018


Good morning and happy soggy Friday! Unfortunately more rain is in store for us this weekend. Can’t do anything about it so maybe it’s s good time to tackle some indoor projects you’ve been putting off. I may start with my linen closet.

Just because the weather is not the best it doesn’t mean we can’t be happy and still do something fun. Today’s quote, “Grant yourself permission to live life to the fullest-to live in abundance and joy.”  Isn’t that what we all want? And don’t we want this in rainy weather as well as beautiful?

The problem is twofold. We think 1) it isn’t possible or 2) we don’t deserve it.  Why is it that we believe abundance and joy are unattainable?  That it is for someone else but not us?  I used to think like that until I realized it is the result of a mindset.

If we believe we are undeserving, we get nothing.  Isn’t it interesting how we negatively manipulate ourselves into acceptance?  Accepting that something is either impossible or that we don’t deserve more or better.  We need to change that mindset ASAP but in order to do that we need to believe we have the power to change.

Are you willing to do that? It is entirely up to you. I was willing then and still am now. I know there is so much more abundance ahead for me and I’m not just speaking of financial but dpiritusl and emotional as well.  Change your mindset from negative to positive, from scarcity to bountiful, from sadness to joy.  If I did it I know you can too!!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone and a wonderful weekend whatever the weather brings! Know and believe you deserve it!

~Love, Amy

Thursday, May 17, 2018


Good morning and happy Thursday.  There is so much going on in the world right now but I will continue to remain positive.  I am always hoping for the best and looking at the bright side even when it is dark.

Today's quote, "Broaden your view to see things you never saw before - that you never knew were possible," could help us all to do that.  This is similar to a previous quote but adding the last 3 words changes it and widens your vision.  To broaden your view on anything is important.  It means looking at something in a way you never did before.  Expanding your scope to see things you never knew were possible and opening up your imagination.  It allows you to say, "what if?"

What is the "what if" in your life?  We all have them.  What if I did this instead of that?  What if I went here instead of there?  It is never too late.  Why wait to see the change you wish to create in your life?

Too often we wait for the right time.  What is the right time?  When is the right time?  Is there a right time at all?  Opportunities sometimes present themselves in the least likely of places.  Sometimes you don't want to do something but your inner voice is telling you otherwise.

Let me share a story.  Last summer, I saw an Instagram post for an open house at a place I really wanted to connect with yet I decided I wasn't going.  The next day I walked right passed a sandwich sign on the street inviting all to come.

Can you believe I still questioned going; however, my inner voice won out and I went.  It turned out to be life changing for me.  It was there that I met the people who would help me put together and publish SEASONS OF THE SOUL and help me create my website.  Had I not gone I promise you, my book would  remain nothing but a dream and I would NEVER have a website or two dear and (I'm sure) lifelong friends.

You can walk with your head high and your eyes wide open but more importantly, keep your mind wide open!  You never know what possibilities are there for you!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!~Love, Amy

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Good morning.  We are at the halfway point of the week.  Almost time to start thinking about the weekend but not so fast.  We aren't quite there yet.  Right now at this very moment reflect on your thoughts.  What are you thinking about?

Today's quote, "Welcome all thoughts that come to you even the negative ones - they found their way to you for a reason - give them love, surround them with understanding and then let them evaporate and be on their way."  Whether you are thinking about what to eat for breakfast, if you don't like your hair or what you would do if you didn't have to go to work today, let those thoughts come in and go out.

As human beings, that's what we do.  We have thoughts all day long.  Some of them are pleasant and some not so much.  The point of today's quote is to let you know that all thoughts, whatever their content from benign to significant are ok to have.  When positive thoughts find their way into our mind we feel great.  We feel positive, happy, even elated but when negative thoughts enter our minds, we get upset and allow them to bring us down.

I'm not here today to tell you to stop any negative image or thought that comes into your mind (you can't). I am here today to let you know that for whatever reason a negative, miserable image sprang into your mind, accept it, observe it and most of all, don't berate yourself for anything you are thinking, good or bad.

We all have those internal conversations which help us work things out.  You're probably doing it right now as you read this.  Let those thoughts come.  Let those thoughts go.  What you should not do is judge yourself for any of them.

Here's wishing you a very thoughtful day!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!~Love, Amy

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Good Morning!  Whatever is in your future for today, visualize that it will be wonderful!  Visualization is a way to help things begin to take shape.  Today's quote, "Visualize the world you want to live in - the places you want to be and the things you want to do - see them as if they are happening for when you do that you will be living the life of your dreams and the life that is meant to be yours."

While this is a long quote, it is well worth reading.  Don't we all want to live a wonderful life?  We begin when we are really young by saying what we want to be when we grow up.  I remember being a little girl saying that I want to be a famous actress when I grow up.  That didn't happen but I have to say, due to my quotes and blog, I am known by more people that I would had I not been doing this.

I also said I wanted to live in a foreign country one day and I did.  Think back to all the things you said you wanted to do or places you wanted to be.  Why do we stop?  We stop because we "grow up," (whatever that means) and think that as we get older we need to be responsible.  We need to get married and take care of a spouse, we need to take care of our children and we need to get jobs to earn a living.

Where and when does fun and enjoyment come into the equation?  We are all busy and I get that but life should be lived to the fullest.  Life is there for so many things, not just work.  What is it that you want out of yours?  Let me tell you how you can make things happen.  Once again, I will use myself as an example.

I have been on a few meditation retreats so my name is now on a list of retreats.  Some of them are local and some are not.  One day when I was looking at a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, I thought how great it would be if I could not only participate but be an integral part of it leading Guided Meditations and giving Reiki sessions. 

I began to visualize myself being asked to participate in a retreat with no place specific in mind.  Just last week I was contacted by someone to be the Guided Meditation and Reiki component at a retreat in the Adirondacks which is one of my most favorite places.

I didn't cast a spell to make this happen.  I used visualization to manifest this and make it a reality.  Exactly what I talk about all the time.  I need to share with you to help you understand that this does work!  This blog couldn't come at a better time.  The New Moon in Taurus is today at 7:47 this morning although it is just as potent for the next 8 hours.

Write down your 10 most desired wishes.  10 things that you would like to see happen in your life as if they are happening right now but don't just write them, believe them to be real.  It is possible to manifest anything.  Our thoughts are so powerful we don't even realize it.  We are experts in negative manifestation, now be experts in positive.

The good thing is that there is a New Moon every month and every month as you participate in New Moon Wishes you will be closer to living the life of your dreams, the life that is meant to be yours!  And by the way, a beautiful beach is next on my list and you are all welcome to join!

Have a wonderful day everyone!~Love, Amy

Monday, May 14, 2018


Good Morning and welcome back!  For all my friends who are moms, I hope you were treated well and for those who are not, I hope you had a lovely Sunday with or without your mom!

I love writing my blog.  I know that my words offer inspiration and support and not just to those who read my quotes and explanations, but to myself as well.  Interestingly, there are times when I have gotten criticism from some of my quotes.

That's O.K.  I write from the heart and what I feel.  I also understand that not everyone is going to agree with me but because I am human, I don't life being criticized.  I've learned over time that maybe I was criticized because I touched a nerve with someone or that particular quote resonated too close to home and they simply couldn't handle it.  Or perhaps it was a true and pure disagreement and criticism was the only option.

Today's quote, "Detach with compassion those who have hurt you whether done through malice, deceit or intention but do not detach from the lesson you hopefully learned by the presence of that soul in your life."  A lot to digest but what I am saying is to compassionately remove yourself from people who have hurt you in the past and that this person who hurt you, entered your life for a reason.

People who criticize me may be in my life so that I may learn to deal with condemnation without getting my feelings hurt and taking that criticism personally.

When something is done to someone maliciously or deceitfully it certainly is a reflection of them.  Are you malicious?  Are you deceitful?  I would hope and think that anyone connected to me is not and that they are simply trying to live the best way they can.

Remove yourself emotionally from those who harm you in any way but look for the lesson that was presented as this lesson is a two way street.  Observe their actions and your reactions and know this is nothing more than a lesson and gift from the Universe!

Have a wonderful day everyone!~Love, Amy

Friday, May 11, 2018


Good Morning and yes, it's Friday!  I hope you had a wonderfully productive week and if it wasn't as productive as you would have liked it to be, have not fear.  Another one is on its way.

Today's quote, "Often we ask ourselves how we got here - retrace your steps and you will see you are exactly where you are meant to be."  Although we could apply this quote to how it got to be Friday so fast, it is referring to us and how we got to where we are in our lives.

I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog and so I began one last summer.  I gave it up because I just did, but with encouragement from some very close friends, I came back to it.  I am glad I did.  Did I every think I would be writing a blog let alone writing one on a daily basis?  Absolutely not.

I didn't even understand what it was or what the point was.  Now I see that it is a way to reach people, to share what I know and most of all, to let others know they are not alone.  Its like being in a classroom and not raising you hand.  When that one brave soul finally does, you hear that collective sigh from the rest of the class as if to say, "Yay, I didn't get it either!"

Earlier in my life I was a teacher with a classroom full of children.  Now I lead Guided Meditation classes in a room full of adults.  Teaching is teaching, right?  As a mom, I was (and still am) always there for my children to make them feel safe and secure.  As a Reiki practitioner, people come to me for emotional relief and support knowing that they are safe and secure with me.

The safety and security I offer is the same whether it is for family members or clients.  The love I give is really the same.  Everything I have done in my past has brought me here.  My past experiences as a teacher and mom have contributed to what I am now.

We are all where we are meant to be at this very moment in time.  I really do believe that.  Even if you are not happy with your current life situation, keep in mind that you are being lead to your destination slowly but surely.  It may not occur in the time you want it to but will occur when it is supposed to be.

Know the Universe has your best interests at heart.  TRUST!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!~Love, Amy

Thursday, May 10, 2018


Good Morning!  The weekend is almost upon us.  Have you decided what you are getting your mom for Mother's Day?  At least remember to give her a card.  It's a little thing but without even knowing your mom, I'm sure it is a big thing for her!

Whatever you do for her, whether planned or spur of the moment, I'm sure it will be appreciated.  The other day it looked as though Sunday was going to be a beautiful day but now it looks like it's going to rain.  What if it does and you planned something outdoors?

Are you the kind of person that gets paralyzed when things don't go your way or the way you expected them to?  I know the feeling.  I'm sure you have had it at least once in your life.  It's awful.  You plan, plan, plan and then just like that, something rained on your parade.

Today's quote, "It is your job to explore options to find new ways to solve your problems keeping in mind there is always a way."  There always need to be a Plan B, the alternate to your original plan.  When things don't go according to your expectations, look at it as a way to get creative!  Look at it as a way to explore options that you may never have thought of.

If asking for help is one way, then ask away!  It's still you figuring out an alternate option.  You may be frustrated as that is quite natural but whatever you do, don't give up.  Find a way.  Get creative and be resourceful.  Problems can be a challenge but can also be a way to discover new things about yourself and just how creative and resourceful you can be.

Remember there is always a way, ALWAYS!

Have a wonderful day everyone!~Love, Amy

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Good Morning and welcome to Wednesday.  A beautiful day on the horizon.  Is it me or do you feel like we just left Monday?  I always think it's funny when you can say to someone, "wow, the day went so fast today," and the other person says, "today was the slowest day ever!"

Perception is everything and everything is perception, isn't it?  We all perceive things differently.  Today's quote, "Be more observant of behaviors, they are never your imagination, rather a reflection of a perceived reality."  After writing this quote, I began to think, whose reality?  I'm glad I'm writing this because something upsetting happened to me and it really got me thinking.

I posted one of my quotes on Face Book as I normally do but for some reason this post was deemed inappropriate due the content.  What?  Yep!  That's exactly what I was told.  By now you all know me pretty well.  My quotes are meant to help and inspire anyone and everyone who read them.  Why on earth would I post something inappropriate?

The truth is, it was not inappropriate, but instead was perceived to be.  Perceived by someone else or perhaps more than one person.  The message of today's quote is not to be absorbed into someone else's reality.  That "someone's" reality is dependent on that person's day, their mood, their circumstances and any number of things that we may not be aware of.

We will never be inside the mind of someone else nor
would we even want to try.  Don't shift or change yourself because of how you might be perceived.  Believe in yourself and be true to who you are.  ALWAYS!

Have a wonderful day!~Love, Amy

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Good Morning! Hope everyone had a good start to their week.  I had a good Monday and a lovely Guided Meditation class last night.  I am in full participation even though I am leading the class.  I used my beautiful new etheric weaver which really does kick it up a notch!  I slept great!

If sleep is what  you are after, I have to say, my classes help.  Are you looking for something to help you on your way?  Today's quote, "You wouldn't shop for oranges in a shoe store - when aiming for your goals, make sure you seek them in the right places."   Don't ya think?!  I can't help but think of the song, Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places!  Same idea.

You have to know where to go to seek the help you need.  If you don't know where to look then you need to ask or do your own research.  It's not enough to say I want this or that, you still have to be active in your life.  If you've done the first step which is discovering what your want for yourself, the next step if finding out where to go and never be afraid to ask!  If you continue to travel on the wrong road, you will never reach your destination.

By the way, oranges are just about out of season. Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!~Love, Amy

Monday, May 7, 2018


Good Morning!  Monday, a new beginning, a new day, a new week.  What are your plans for the week?  I might be one of the rarities.  I like Mondays.  Mondays equal Meditation.  My Guided Meditation class meets every Monday and because it is something I love, I look forward to the first day of the work week!

I am blessed that I found my passion.  Helping people through Meditation, Reiki and addressing issues that we all have in common, these are things that bring me true joy and happiness.  Life is both long and short.  We always hear that you need to live life to the fullest and I agree.

Today's quote is meant for all of us! "Choose to embark on a journey that will bring you joy and happiness."

Living life to the fullest does not mean negating your obligations.  We all have them.  Our jobs, our families, our pets but that doesn't mean that we can't pursue what will ultimately bring us joy.  What is your path?  You may not know it yet.  Sometimes it takes longer than you think to reveal itself to you.

Everything you do leads you to where you are.  Everything I have done in the past has lead me on a journey to become a healer but if you had asked me 20 years ago what I would be doing, I would have had no idea.  I would never have guessed that I would be a Reiki Master Practitioner.  I never even thought I would have a dog!

This passion that I have to help people is what brings joy to my life.  I am pleased that my journey has taken me here and it is far from over.  I know there is so much more ahead for me but whatever it is that lies ahead, I know it will bring even more joy and happiness!

Let that be your lesson for today.  When you find your passion, stick with it.  It may take longer than you want but so what!  Remember, we are all on a journey.  The Universe want us to be happy and fulfil our dreams no matter how long it takes.  You will get there at your pace and at the right time!

Have a wonderful day everyone!~Love, Amy

Friday, May 4, 2018


Good Morning.  The end of the first work week in May.  I for one am thrilled not to see snow and feel cold.  I am very ready for sunshine and warmth.  I love seeing all the new growth.  The leaves have started to come out, the flowers have been blooming and the birds sound as if they are having a party.

Spring is the true signifier of renewal and change.  The time to let go of what we don't need or want in our lives.  Today's quote, "Rid yourself of unnecessary poison in your life be it food, people or emotions."  Honestly the list of poisons could be much longer than this one but let's start with what I think we all struggle with.

Who doesn't know someone who complains about their bodies?  Food is nourishment, strength and survival but it could also be comfort and addiction.  With the change of the weather comes a desire to eat things that we might not want when it is cold.  Salads, fresh vegetables, fruit, grilled chicken, fish.  Our desire to eat healthier seems to get stronger when it is nicer outdoors.  This is the perfect time to take long walks.  The days are longer and the nights are warmer so get out there when you can.

Next, let us get rid of toxic people in our lives.  We all have those.  The "Friend" that drags you down, the energy vampire.  Know that you have worth and value.  If a person in your life is a true friend then they are there to support you and listen to you and you are there to reciprocate.  Everyone we meet is there to serve a purpose even if it is a lesson.  There are those who will be with us now and in the future but there are those who simply shouldn't be in our lives anymore.  It is up to you to discover the difference.

Lastly, get rid of all those negative thoughts in your head.  Those negative emotions that are wearing and weighing you down.  Bad things happen all the time, unfortunate events that we can't control.  Let it go.  Why hold onto something that you have absolutely no control over?  We know it makes no sense but we do it anyway.  Introduce yourself to something new.  If you've been curious about Meditation, try it!  If you've been wanting to try Reiki,try it!  Both of these modalities will help you move through negativity so you can get back to being your positive self!

Here's hoping
your list of poisons is short!  Have a wonderful day everyone!~Amy

Thursday, May 3, 2018


Good Morning.  Another work week is almost done.  Do you ever stop to think just how much you pack into a week?  If you went day by day, you would look at yourself in amazement at how you got it all done.  Please say something nice about yourself today and every day!

Being human is something we all have in common.  We have a range of emotions on any given day.  One of my least favorite is anger.  We all have it.  We've all been there but what do we do with it?

Today's quote, "We are sophisticated enough to understand what causes anger - be enlightened enough to let it go."  We know ourselves.  We know what bothers us.  What irritates us.  We know the things that make us angry but do we know how to let go of that anger.

I'm not saying we should negate our feelings.  I'm not saying that we should never get angry.  What I am saying is that we shouldn't hold onto it.  Holding onto something so negative seeps into the core of our being and you become anger itself.

Look at what happened to make you feel that way.  Acknowledge your feeling and the source from which it came but don't become that feeling.  As in meditation, let it come in and let it go out.  Enlightenment is a faraway place but it doesn't mean we can't try to get there.

Every day you get closer, for we are all a work in progress!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!~Love, Amy

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Good morning and welcome to Wednesday.  I have a very exciting day ahead of me.  I am being interviewed for a YouTube show featuring my book, SEASONS OF THE SOUL.  I am not only proud of my work but proud that I had been sought out as a local author.

Is it conceited to feel that way?  On the contrary.  Why shouldn't I be?  Why would it be wrong to celebrate a wonderful achievement?  Today's quote, "Be your best friend - be your own support - let  yourself know how important you are in this life" lets you know you are not boasting if you say you  are proud of yourself.

As my own best friend, I would support myself and my decisions.  There are times when we seek the advice of others.  For example when we are unsure of a situation we may be in or a decision we have made.  Having a friend to mull it over with is important but in the end, who makes that final decision?  We do.

Would we consciously make poor decisions?  Do we want ourselves to fail?  Of course not.  We talk to ourselves, (I do). We give ourselves scenarios and in the end, we are the ones who decide what is best for us.

Friends may support, love and truly care about  your well-being but we are all so busy!  We have busy lives and crazy schedules.  Friends can't always be there when you need them, even if they want to.  You know who will always be there for you?  You!  The best person to help you make important decisions in your life is you.

Listen to your intuition.  Let glittering indigo lead the way.  You already know which choice to make.  Support yourself, love yourself and be your very best friend!

Have a wonderful day everyone!~Love, Amy

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Good Morning.  I promise not to be a weatherman but today will be gorgeous.  Make sure you get outside for some Vitamin D.  There is nothing more beneficial than a good dose of sunshine.

You know what's not good for you?  People who insist on being a victim.  Those who continually blame outside circumstances for their own problems.  Sometimes things happen that we have no control over, things that are not our fault.  Today's quote is "When you change your role from victim you will be able to achieve so much."

This refers to the person who refuses to take responsibility for their actions.  The person who refuses to look at how they got where they are and what lead them there.  If someone tells you that you will never be successful at_____________, how do you respond?  Do you say, "Yea, you're right, do you give an excuse or do you say to yourself, "I can do this

I knew that I wanted to turn my quotes into a book.  I had absolutely no idea how to do it and if I got a dollar from everyone who told me to self-publish, I would have a lot of dollars.

I had no interest in self-publishing because I didn't know how.  It's just not my thing and I know my limitations.  Let's just say, I had no interest in learning how but the book was something that I really wanted to get done.  Instead of being Eeyore, and saying, "I'm never gonna get this completed," I found a way!

It was a process but I accomplished what I wanted.  A finished and published book!  I talk about myself and use myself as an example because I have been through trying times and situations just like everyone else.  There are time I too have made myself the victim but I also realized it got me nowhere.  I've written about blame before and as you read many of my blogs, you will indeed see that the same themes do come up time and time again.

There are some issues we all have in common and discussions that bear repeating.  You don't always hear it the first time or the second but when you do it's like magic!  This is one of those topics that bears repetition.  You could choose to be a victim for most anything that has happened in  your life beginning with the family you were born into.  (That's another blog!)  But where will it get you?

You can show support and even sympathy for someone who has faced hardships.  We've all been there.  The change you want to see in your life belongs only to you.  If things don't work out, stop, take a breath, make a plan and then take action.  Blame takes you nowhere, action takes you everywhere!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!~Love, Amy