Sunday, July 30, 2017


Good morning!  A beautiful sunny Sunday headed our way.  A lazy day for you or do you have plans?  Plans of walking and looking at nature?  The beach?  Household chores?  However you choose to spend your day, release expectation and just enjoy it!  This leads directly to my morning quote, which is, "Give for the pure pleasure of giving - not the expectation of receiving something in return." 

How many of us truly give?  Give things, time, money, ourselves with the expectation that there better be something in it for us?  Be honest with yourself.  It is more the norm than not.  Whatever it is you do give, give it freely and because you want to.  Has anyone ever made you feel guilty because you haven't spent enough time with them? 

We are all busy.  Busy is no excuse.  There is not one person who is busier than another, I'm sorry, it is NOT a contest, however; you know that if you want to see someone or do something for someone, you will.  But if you are only doing it because you know you will "get something out of it," don't bother. 

The most wonderful feeling in the world is to give without expectation.  Give because you want to.  Give because you care.  Give for no reason at all.  Give because you are a caring and wonderful person!  Have a beautiful and wonderful Sunday!~Love, Amy

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Good morning everyone!  It is a cloudy Tuesday but that's OK.  The rain came yesterday and fed my deck plants.  I talk about the weather quite often as it affects our moods.  My moods for certain!  But why let the weather affect how you feel?

Today's quote, "Be aware that at every moment you create your own reality of yourself and the world."  If I choose to be affected by a rainy day or a sunny day or by something someone has said or not said it can be good or bad.  Why let any outside force affect us?  We do and we do this all the time without even realizing it.

When someone says something we don't like to hear we often blame our bad mood on that and allow ourselves to spiral downward.  We have all heard the phrase, sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.  Well, that is partially true.  Words do hurt and they can be much more painful than a stick or a stone but what we can control is our reaction to those words.

We can control our reaction to the weather as well.  Don't let a rainy day get you down.  It won't rain forever and think of all the good it does for the earth!  Always try your best to put a positive spin on everything as much as you can.  I'm sure some of you might even be rolling your eyes as you read this and you know what?  I don't care.  I don't care because I believe in everything I say and everything that I tell you. 

Do I get negative thoughts?  Of course I do.  I'm human!  BUT do I try and turn them around?  You bet I do!  Besides, who wants to be around a negative person?  I don't and I'm sure you don't either.  If that's what it takes then do that.  Ask yourself, "who would want to be around me at this moment?"  If even YOU don't want to be around you then turn it around. 

Create the reality of who you are and the world around you in the most positive light possible at that moment in time.  Notice the difference in how you feel and how others respond to you.  You will be amazed!  Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!~Love, Amy

Saturday, July 22, 2017


Good Morning!  Back at another weekend!  You can say that when you are off everyday is a weekend but that's not true.  Every day has a different feel.  No one can tell me that Monday EVER feels like Saturday or even Wednesday.  Today feels very much like the Saturday that it is and I'm happy it's here.  

Most of my days begin in what is usual for me.  Making my bed, coming downstairs, turning on the coffee, writing my quotes and of course walking my beloved Mia.  She is very patient as she knows I have some things to get to before I get to her.  She knows that she will always have a nice walk together.  It is not only what she looks forward to but what I look forward to as well.

Walking Mia is like walking meditation.  It is when I can hear the birds, the bugs and all the sounds around me that let me know it's going to be a great day.  Today's quote, "Relaxing can be constant movement of the body but not constant movement of the mind."  Some people have a very hard time sitting still and are constantly on the move.  We all know people like that.  I am like that.  I love moving around and doing things.  There are always things to be done that need movement BUT if you can't let your mind relax that's not good for your health.  

Thoughts always come in and out but letting them out is so important.  When you walk and I encourage that, just be.  Just breathe and look at all that surrounds  you.  The trees, the sky, the landscape.  Take in the beauty.  Don't go over your daily routine.  When people tell me they can't meditate, of course I listen but I don't believe that about anyone.  Anyone and everyone can meditate.  

My meditations are a wonderful way to begin as I lead people on a guided journey. Some of us need help to clear our minds and that's perfectly fine.  At one time or another we all need some sort of help.  Never say never!  Take a walk and stretch your legs.  Get that morning exercise but when it comes to your mind, let it all go.  

I have faith that everyone can clear their minds.  Take a walk and see your neighborhood through new eyes!  Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!~Love, Amy

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Good morning!  Back from my mini vaca!  Had a really nice time with my daughter being away.  Who doesn't love to get away but sometimes a two week vacation is not possible.  It isn't in the cards for me at this time but a couple of days can sometimes do the trick.  I was in a holistic spa in the Catskills in a small town with nothing going on.  We hiked, got massages, facials, took yoga classes and ate well.  What more could anyone want?

Today's quote which fits perfectly is "A healthy spirit will reside in a healthy body."  How true is that?  We need to treat ourselves every once in a while.  Know that it is not spoiling yourself.  Know that it is necessary to do all the things we need to.  Today for me it is life as usual.  I have a client in an hour an a half.  I have Mia to take care of, some household things and Guided Meditation class tonight!  The fact that I was away taking care of me only helps me to be an even better me!

Take care of yourself first.  Have a good breakfast!  Take a lovely walk.  Do something wonderful for yourself.  It is the stress of everyday life and other stressers that put that weight on and bloat you, not the whole wheat toast!  Being healthy is all encompassing.  Not just your physique.  A healthy mind is that fastest and most efficient way to a healthy body!  So no, don't eat that donut but know that bread is not the enemy.  Negativity is the enemy!  Be positive and upbeat and when you see that glass on the counter - it is half full and NOT half empty!  

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!~Love, Amy

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Aw Saturday!  Welcome to the weekend.  Will it ever stop raining?  Maybe yes and maybe no.  Who cares.  Mia is sitting by my feet happily chewing on her bone.  Rain or shine, she is one happy puppy.  Are you a happy puppy?  We aren't all the time.
Sometimes we are to blame and sometimes not.

Today's quote, "Hour after hour - day after day the ocean waves roll in - find what you love - what you never tire of doing."  That my friends is the key to happiness!  When you do what you love - it isn't work.  Of course we have all heard that before.  Of course we are all aware and know the truth that exists with that.  The hard part is the research.

The research it takes to figure out what you love.  It takes time.  Be willing to put in the time and the effort because in the long run it is so worth it.  Who doesn't want to be happy?  That is what we all strive for.  To be happy.  To have meaning within our day.  To find out our purpose in this life.  That is why we are all here. 

I found my purpose.  I am here for everyone!  I am here to heal.  To meditate with others.  For me this is not work.  Helping people is what I love.  What I enjoy.  It is not work when someone comes to see me.  The satisfaction I get when I know someone walks out of my space feeling so much better than when they came in is indescribable.

You will get there.  Trust me - I know you will.  If not today or tomorrow, down the road.  Just stay on that road.  It might get a little bumpy at times but eventually it all smooths over!  Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!~Love, Amy

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Good Morning all!  It's been awhile I know.  How is everyone?  I will be honest here.  My computer was not working properly so I had to use another one in the house that is not always available and I thought I would take a bit of a break.  I started to feel that I was too repetitious even though many of my thoughts relate.  I am back today and it feels good and it feels right!  

I have friend who is a great person.  A wonderful person but chooses to help those around him at the expense of himself.  I have been thinking a lot about him because he is doing it again.  Do you know anyone like that?  Are you yourself that person?  

Today's quote, "It's admirable to save those you love - love yourself enough to save yourself first."  Don't ya think?  Who doesn't want or need help?  At times we all do and it's wonderful when someone is there for you.  Truly there for you, enough to change your life but what about the one doing the saving?

Is that person sacrificing everything in order to help someone else?  Of course we all feel good when we do for others but you can't leave out the most important person which is you!  This is not selfish!  No!  Not at all.  It is imperative to take care of yourself so that you can be offer proper support.  Never forget how important you are.  If others rely on you make sure you are strong enough to help them.  

If you are not, then learn to say no.  That's perfectly O.K.  It's not mean, it's not rude, it's what has to be at that particular moment.  Get that massage, take that walk, read that book.  Find time for you and only then will you have all the time in the world for those you love and who need your help!  Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!~Love, Amy

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Good Morning!  It's been a few days.  Hope you all had a wonderful fourth of July.  Mia had a terrible fourth of July.  The sounds of the fireworks terrified her although we were able to watch an absolutely spectacular show right in our backyard.  I love fireworks.  I think they are beautiful and festive and symbolize summer but for Mia, I am glad they are over.

I know today will be a better day for her and she won't be scared to go outside like she was yesterday.  There are always lots of fireworks leading up to the big day so I am thankful they are finished.  What if there are more?  I can't think about it because it hasn't happened yet. 

Today's quote, "Concentrate on what today will bring - tomorrow is not here yet."  How many of us perseverate on what will be rather than what is?  On all that has not yet occurred?  Guilty right here.  It's something else that I have worked really hard at not doing.  It is very easy to tell you to be in the moment but how many of us really are?

I would plan for our next vacation while on vacation.  You can worry about tomorrow's weather.  That's a list that can go on and on.  I have begun a new summer schedule for meditation.  I worry about who will come.  Who can come.  BUT....I also decided to stop.  Whatever happens will happen.  And so instead of worrying, I am excited to see who will show up.

It's not that we don't think about the future but don't just think about tomorrow.  Think about today.  Live for today and enjoy today.  Before you know it, tomorrow will be here!  Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!~Love, Amy 

Monday, July 3, 2017


Good Morning!  I took a break over the weekend.  I think I will be doing that over the summer.  Seems that everyone is in a different routine and maybe not as attentive to things as we normally are and that's perfectly fine!  Sometimes we all just need a break.  You all know how happy I am for my break.  I can't seem to get enough sleep although I believe I am stabilizing finally!

Rest is so important and so is taking care of yourself.  I plan on doing a lot of that this summer.  That falls in line with today's quote, "The voices in your head that tell you you are beautiful, wonderful and a gift are the voices you need to hear."  We are all really great at bashing ourselves.  To do that, no one needs a teacher but when was the last time you praised yourself?

Praise is a good thing no matter if it comes from outside or yourself and the truth is if you don't feel good and confident that's also what you show to the outside world.  Let yourself know how wonderful you are.  Let yourself know you are beautiful inside and out.  Tell yourself these things everyday and believe it!  Have a wonderful Monday everyone!~Love, Amy