Thursday, October 31, 2019


Good morning all.  Happy Thursday and of course Happy Halloween.  Last year on this exact date I was at a funeral so it didn't feel at all like a fun holiday.  I could hear that collective sigh from all of you and I appreciate your concern but the passing of this person brought an enormous amount of clarity from a very old situation.  How unfortunate that clarity and peace was only found after this person was deceased.   

We all want endings to be pretty.  We all want them to be beautifully wrapped packages with ribbons and bows and fond farewells but the truth is sometimes endings aren't pretty.  Sometimes they are ugly, explosive and gut wrenching yet somehow when it is over we are able to breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Today's quote is, "It needed to blow up in order to work out - you just didn't know it."  In a Tarot deck you will find a card that reads: The Tower.  The tower is a castle with flames shooting out of the windows and people jumping out.  You must be wondering how in the world this would ever be a good card to receive so allow me to explain. 

The people jumping out of the windows are escaping not just the flames but the turmoil they are going through.  The destruction of the tower needs to happen in order to clear out the old and make way for the new.  

There are times in our lives when the only way we can let go and move forward is through a necessary disaster.  Take a moment and think about a time when that has happened to you.  Its not a fun or pretty thing to experience but when you step away from those flames wow do you feel great!  Always remember that endings lead to beginnings no matter how horrible they may be and always always remember what you find at the end of a tunnel...light!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Tuesday, October 29, 2019


Good morning everyone!  Happy Tuesday.  One of the things I talk a lot about are mistakes.  I talk about making mistakes, admitting them, owning up to them and apologizing for them but I haven't spoken about forgiving yourself for making them.  A glass blower must create a perfect bowl otherwise it will be sold as a second at a faction of the cost.  In this case perfection is required because no one is going to pay full price for anything less.

Perfection is important when you are creating expensive objects whether it is a vase, a piece of furniture or an item of clothing.  We human beings are not objects.  We are thinking beings who sometimes don't think carefully or thoroughly enough.  We make lots and lots of mistakes from little oopsies to big uh oh's.  Nine out of ten of us will berate ourselves for being careless or stupid leaving few who will simply move past, offering up some self forgiveness.

There are those who believe that only God has the power to forgive.  Well, forgive me for saying this but if that is your belief I do not share it with you one bit.  God is not there to punish or condemn.  We do that all by ourselves.  Today's quote is, "One does not need to beg God for forgiveness - forgiveness comes from within."  If we are the ones making mistakes, blunders and poor choices  why bring God into it?  Why ask forgiveness from an outside party?

If you are alive you have and will continue to make mistakes.  Whether small enough and not deserving of a second thought or really complicated and life changing, what's done is done.  You can't go back, you can only go forward but if you don't forgive yourself you can't move anywhere.  Deep down I know you are all good people and good people make mistakes.  Look not outside yourself for forgiveness but in your heart and say out loud, "I forgive you."

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Thursday, October 24, 2019


Good morning everyone.  Happy Thursday.  As you all know I love taking walks with Mia.  The morning walk is always a quick one.  In order to be on time for work I have to leave fairly early but I always make sure my girl has an adequate amount of sniffing time.   When I return home in the afternoon she doesn't always want to walk but she loves to run around our beautiful yard and is always up for a game of catch the stick.

Mia is not one to be ignored. If I try she will bite my shoes.  She doesn't need words to tell me what she wants. Those soulful eyes of hers say it all.  So that my shoes remain intact, I find the nearest stick and throw it.  She catches, I chase her, and on and on and on.  This is a simple activity that requires participation by 2 otherwise there is no game.

Whether I want to play catch with her or not, I do it so that she can get some fresh air and I know how happy it makes her especially when I have been away all day.  We tend to do lots of things we don't necessarily want to in order to make others happy because that's what friends do.  Friends can argue but still be friends.  You don't need to agree with everything said by one another but then again there are people who can't look the other way in a disagreement and have to be right.

Today's quote is, "Walk together in understanding or alone in your own convictions."   People have disagreements and differing view points but can still be friends.  Politics is a biggie these days and unfortunately it has also broken up many friendships but if a person is important to you you must find a way to put those opinions aside and see the true human being that you care for.  If that is not possible there will be many wandering lonely souls. 

It is for you to decide what is best.  To hold onto friendships and the people who mean something to you or to be right.  Being right doesn't always work out.  When you know you will never see eye to eye on certain topics with someone you still care for then drop that topic.  Let it rest and remember what brought you to your friendship in the first place. 
 Life is better with friends.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Good morning everyone!  Happy Tuesday.  Our day to day existence is taken up by our day to day stuff.  That stuff is our life!  Job life, home life, family life and hopefully some me life in the mix.  There are times we forget that we want more out of our lives because we are too busy doing.  When we are too busy doing we don't even remember what it is we wanted or wanted to change.  Wouldn't it be lovely if we could snap our fingers and say "now!"

Nothing works that way.  Change can be swift or gradual and something you have been working on.  The thing about change is that it happens when you are tired of  your present situation.  It is when you begin to think of what it is you would really like to be doing in your life.  The other type of change happens due to something completely out of your control.  When you think you couldn't possibly be ready.  

Let's say you go to work every day.  Might not be your dream job but there you are and one day, just like that, you get fired!  Let's say Prince Charming is not so charming after all.  Hmmm.  Let me tell you a story about a Reiki Practitioner named Amy.  One day at the studio where she worked, Reiki was not very well understood so she was asked by the owner what else she could do.  The owner and Amy decided that she could lead Guided Meditations.  These classes became so popular that word got out about Amy and another studio came calling.  

Well the owner was not happy.  She thought she not only owned the studio - she thought she owned Amy.  When she confronted Amy to ask her if she was teaching classes elsewhere, Amy said yes.  OK everyone!  Enough of that BUT the story is not over.   The owner was so outraged that I would dare to expand my practice (very spiritual right?), that she demanded the keys back and threw me out!

I was stunned.  I was floored and naturally I was upset.  I assumed I would lose my students and be bad mouthed all over town but that didn't happen.  The other studio flourished and my students followed me.  Other doors continued to open all because of getting the axe!

Today's quote is, "Messes create chaos and upheaval - sometimes the necessary force to propel you forward."  That certainly applied to me.  Had I not been asked to leave where I was, I would have stayed and continued to be abused, accepting it because I thought there was nothing else out there.  There are those who are complacent and prefer to stay put in their misery.  There are those who get change thrust upon them due to upheaval completely out of their control.

It doesn't matter what causes your shift.  Not everyone sails into change.  In fact most of us are resistant to it and only do something when catastrophe strikes.  Whatever works is what I always say.  If you are the latter in my description and disaster if  your boost for change, celebrate the fact that something lit a fire underneath you and propelled you forward.  

The very word chaos sends shivers down our spines but I am here to tell you to look at chaos as a catalyst, the very one to create the change in your life!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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  Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Thursday, October 17, 2019


Good morning everyone.  Happy Thursday.  Being here before.  Reincarnation.  A pre-determined destiny.  These are all topics I have written about before.  Do I really believe in this stuff?  Yes I do.  Do you think I'm crazy?  I can't answer that but if you read my blogs you probably think I'm onto something. 

What I know for sure is that we are all here fulfilling a destiny that was pre-determined by our past life experiences.  We are here to correct the mistakes we have made in the past, once, twice or too many times to count.  BUT!  We are not destined to be prisoners of a life we no longer want.  The key to changing that pre-determination is awareness.

Our conscious and subconscious minds need to remember the crazy stuff we did and more importantly, remember the end result.  Those deja vu moments?  Yea.  Memory.  Those times when you think to yourself, this looks familiar or this sounds familiar.  Yea.  There's a reason for that.  The reason it is familiar is because you've already experienced it.

Today's quote is, "Our story began before we arrived."  Our story did indeed begin way before we were flesh and bone but the intended ending doesn't have to be realized.  There are always choices you can make.  Make a left or a right?  Take the long way or the short cut?  Go to the party or stay home?  Take the elevator or the stairs?  Fly on a Monday or a Tuesday?  These are not gut wrenching decisions.  These are not ones we takes days agonizing over yet they could easily be the ones to change the course of our lives.

I met my husband through a personal ad in New York Magazine many years ago.  Yes really!  As I went to mail the letter I debated whether I should throw it in the trash can or in the mailbox.  The two of them were right next to each other.  I literally had my hand hovering over the trash can but in a split second decided to mail the letter.  

For twenty seven years the recipient of that letter has been my husband.  Had I thrown it in the garbage instead, my life would be completely different.  The smallest change you make could end up being the biggest and the one that changes your path completely!  And by the way, thanks for all the smiles.  I fee the love!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Good morning everyone!  Happy Tuesday.  This time of year is beautiful.  The leaves are no longer green but a variety of red, yellow and orange.  An open windows lets in the crisp, clear air, the blue jays are vociferous and every day is a good hair day.  C'mom, you know how you feel when your hair is on fleek!

The last of my geraniums are still holding strong outside but soon the night temperatures will prove too cold for future blooms.  I'm not a green thumb kinda gal, more of a black one which is why summer is perfect for me (and them).  I buy my plants, put them in pots and let them do their thing which is grow and beautify my deck.  When autumn comes along I no longer pay much attention to them nor do I bring them in the house.  

I let them live out their lives outside and do it all over again next year.  Summer plants do fabulously well outdoors especially when we have summers like we just had.  Brilliant sunshine, warm temperatures and not too much rain.  With the proper amount of care and surroundings we too can blossom and bloom.  Today's quote is, "A planted seed requires the right conditions before it can blossom and flourish."  

It seems so simple right?  But what happens when we have a hot, steamy summer and you forget to water them?  You can practically hear them screaming for refreshment never mind looking at them wilting in exhaustion.  Each and every day you must think of yourself and treat yourself like the blooming flower that you are.  Hear your inner voice and listen carefully to its call.  You know exactly what you need whether it is more sleep, a bigger breakfast, a solitary walk or a new life.  

Whatever it is you desire can come to fruition as long as you put yourself in charge.  You, not anyone else are the master of your destiny.  Treat yourself with loving kindness however it looks and recognize yourself as the beautiful bouquet you are.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Thursday, October 10, 2019


Good morning everyone and a happy Thursday to you all.  I write my blogs during the day sitting on the same chair and typing on the same computer.  I much prefer a desk top as I can't seem to get the hang of a laptop.  Its just my personal preference.  I limit my writing to weekdays so that when I write it could be any day of the week.  Often times I sit down and feel like I never left.

Did you ever get that sensation of Deja Vu?  The feeling that you have done something before and have been somewhere before?  Scents and sounds can bring us back to a memory and sometimes to an exact moment.  Its actually pretty cool.  I remember it happening quite frequently when I was a kid and then less and less as I got older.

Whether you have these moments often or can't recall, it does not change the fact that we have all visited this place before and many years down the road, we will be here once again.  Today's quote is, "We are eternal - we are past - we are present - we are future and we shall return."  We strive to learn and to do better each and every day.  Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail.  Sometimes we are quick learners and sometimes repetition is needed.  

When someone leaves this Earth much sooner than we would like it causes sadness and heartbreak.  Telling you that you will see each other once again brings no comfort in times of loss.  What can bring comfort is knowing that a breeze on a summer day, a rainbow after a storm, a feather on your path or a familiar perfume is that person's way of communicating and being present once again.  

Death is not sad.  Loss is sad but keep in mind this will not be our first prom.  And by the way, I do hope you had a great time!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019


Good morning everyone!  Happy Tuesday. About a month ago I was scrolling through my phone looking at Facebook.  Hardly an unusual activity since approximately 2.7 billion use it.  What stopped me in my tracks was a photo of a woman who died suddenly at a very young age.  

I was compelled to read her obituary given her appearance which was that of a healthy and attractive woman.  Not one who looked at all sickly.  It was said that her death was sudden and that she was surrounded by her loved ones.  Sudden.  That was the word that struck me.

Of course she died surrounded by her loved ones.  It was a Sunday morning and she should have been in the kitchen making pancakes for her kids.  Instead she was in her bedroom under the covers from a sleep she would never awaken from, unable to hear the pleas from her family to start breakfast.  

You can obviously see this touched quite a nerve inside me.  I didn't know this woman.  I didn't know her friends, her family or anything about her.  All I knew was that she died without warning, without explanation and without any good-byes. 

I was sad for her family but distraught over this stranger.  A woman I did not know but one who had so much more of life to live and like most of us put her interests aside due to other obligations. When is the time to put ourselves first?  The truth is there never is a right time but it should be sooner versus later.  

Today's quote is, "The impermanence of life justifies reaching for all it has to offer."  We hear the expression, "you never know" but a what a true statement.  Do you actually know if you will wake up
tomorrow?  We all assume we will.  There is simply no way to be 100% sure of anything.  Now of course I'm not for being reckless and irresponsible but I am for living your life to the fullest.

I am for enjoying small moments and big ones.  I am for trying new experiences and tasting new foods.  I am for living your best life possible because as the saying goes, "you never know."  Now go eat that donut you've been craving and enjoy every sugary bite.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy 

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Thursday, October 3, 2019


Good morning everyone and happy Thursday.  When we are engaged in something we love the time seems to fly by as opposed to when we are doing something that is unfulfilling and boring.  Its as though time stands still and all you can do is wait for the next minute to pass.  If I am describing you then you need to find a new line of work.

What's that you say?  You can't?  And why not?   Huh?  I'm waiting.  If this sounds at all familiar because you've had this conversation with yourself way too many times I am here to tell you that you are not stuck or destined to a life of monotony and why is that?  Read below!

Today's quote is, "Be open to the possibilities that are there - that are real - that exist and are endless."  When we are wearing cement shoes not only are we unable to move forward but we feel as though options were not meant for us.  But here's the thing.  If we are the ones who put those shoes on then we are the ones who can also take them off unless of course we have convinced ourselves that there are no other shoes in our size.

Sometimes it is us who are our biggest obstacle.  "I can't" is so ingrained in our minds that we become paralyzed and don't even bother trying to move forward.  Stop limiting yourself!  Visualize what you love and actually see yourself in action.  Do this over and over.  Visualization leads to manifestation.  It really does.  Just try it.  We do this in the negative all the time so why not go for the positive?  Just remember possibilities are numerous, they exist and are out there waiting for you!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Tuesday, October 1, 2019


Good morning everyone.  Happy Tuesday.  I think we will all be happier when hurricane season is over.  One month to go.  Water is so necessary but can cause such damage.  Hurricanes mean strong winds and pelting rain.  When the storm ends, water that has risen subsides, recedes and finds its original level.

People in our lives are similar to the many levels of water.  Some are beneath us in vibration and so we don't understand each other.  Some are higher than us not allowing us to see eye to eye but when we come into contact with just the right ones, our eyes lock and we comprehend one another without a single word being spoken.  That's how we know who can be our friend, our lover, our partner and confidant.

Today's quote is, "Water continues to rise until the highest level is met."  All of us are that water that continuously rises until we are on equal footing.  It is what we are all aiming for.  To be on that high level together.  We have enough going on in our lives without needing to entertain storm surges and gusty winds.  Allow for the natural order to occur in your life without force.  The ones that are meant to be there will flow your way like peaceful waters in the calmest stream.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!~Love, Amy

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