Tuesday, October 29, 2019


Good morning everyone!  Happy Tuesday.  One of the things I talk a lot about are mistakes.  I talk about making mistakes, admitting them, owning up to them and apologizing for them but I haven't spoken about forgiving yourself for making them.  A glass blower must create a perfect bowl otherwise it will be sold as a second at a faction of the cost.  In this case perfection is required because no one is going to pay full price for anything less.

Perfection is important when you are creating expensive objects whether it is a vase, a piece of furniture or an item of clothing.  We human beings are not objects.  We are thinking beings who sometimes don't think carefully or thoroughly enough.  We make lots and lots of mistakes from little oopsies to big uh oh's.  Nine out of ten of us will berate ourselves for being careless or stupid leaving few who will simply move past, offering up some self forgiveness.

There are those who believe that only God has the power to forgive.  Well, forgive me for saying this but if that is your belief I do not share it with you one bit.  God is not there to punish or condemn.  We do that all by ourselves.  Today's quote is, "One does not need to beg God for forgiveness - forgiveness comes from within."  If we are the ones making mistakes, blunders and poor choices  why bring God into it?  Why ask forgiveness from an outside party?

If you are alive you have and will continue to make mistakes.  Whether small enough and not deserving of a second thought or really complicated and life changing, what's done is done.  You can't go back, you can only go forward but if you don't forgive yourself you can't move anywhere.  Deep down I know you are all good people and good people make mistakes.  Look not outside yourself for forgiveness but in your heart and say out loud, "I forgive you."

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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  1. I forgive myself , saying loudly to myself , as my daughter is sleeping in the next room . Happy Tuesday and good morning and thank you for writing your blog Amy