Tuesday, October 1, 2019


Good morning everyone.  Happy Tuesday.  I think we will all be happier when hurricane season is over.  One month to go.  Water is so necessary but can cause such damage.  Hurricanes mean strong winds and pelting rain.  When the storm ends, water that has risen subsides, recedes and finds its original level.

People in our lives are similar to the many levels of water.  Some are beneath us in vibration and so we don't understand each other.  Some are higher than us not allowing us to see eye to eye but when we come into contact with just the right ones, our eyes lock and we comprehend one another without a single word being spoken.  That's how we know who can be our friend, our lover, our partner and confidant.

Today's quote is, "Water continues to rise until the highest level is met."  All of us are that water that continuously rises until we are on equal footing.  It is what we are all aiming for.  To be on that high level together.  We have enough going on in our lives without needing to entertain storm surges and gusty winds.  Allow for the natural order to occur in your life without force.  The ones that are meant to be there will flow your way like peaceful waters in the calmest stream.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!~Love, Amy

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  1. So many things occurred to me as I read today’s beautiful blog entry. I think of the destructive rising waters of a hurricane that eventually recede making regrowth and rebuilding not only necessary; it also provides the opportunity to rebuild in such a way as to prevent such devastation from happening in the future. The same can be said for all of our trials and tribulations in life. The thought also popped into my head that we are already on equal footing. No one is better, smarter, wiser than anyone else. We just have different experiences and we’re all in this life together. It’s the realization of the reality of our equality, among other things, that raises our vibration. Thank you once again, Amy, for sharing your wisdom and providing food for thought.