Thursday, October 24, 2019


Good morning everyone.  Happy Thursday.  As you all know I love taking walks with Mia.  The morning walk is always a quick one.  In order to be on time for work I have to leave fairly early but I always make sure my girl has an adequate amount of sniffing time.   When I return home in the afternoon she doesn't always want to walk but she loves to run around our beautiful yard and is always up for a game of catch the stick.

Mia is not one to be ignored. If I try she will bite my shoes.  She doesn't need words to tell me what she wants. Those soulful eyes of hers say it all.  So that my shoes remain intact, I find the nearest stick and throw it.  She catches, I chase her, and on and on and on.  This is a simple activity that requires participation by 2 otherwise there is no game.

Whether I want to play catch with her or not, I do it so that she can get some fresh air and I know how happy it makes her especially when I have been away all day.  We tend to do lots of things we don't necessarily want to in order to make others happy because that's what friends do.  Friends can argue but still be friends.  You don't need to agree with everything said by one another but then again there are people who can't look the other way in a disagreement and have to be right.

Today's quote is, "Walk together in understanding or alone in your own convictions."   People have disagreements and differing view points but can still be friends.  Politics is a biggie these days and unfortunately it has also broken up many friendships but if a person is important to you you must find a way to put those opinions aside and see the true human being that you care for.  If that is not possible there will be many wandering lonely souls. 

It is for you to decide what is best.  To hold onto friendships and the people who mean something to you or to be right.  Being right doesn't always work out.  When you know you will never see eye to eye on certain topics with someone you still care for then drop that topic.  Let it rest and remember what brought you to your friendship in the first place. 
 Life is better with friends.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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