Thursday, September 26, 2019


Good morning everyone.  Happy Thursday to you all.  How will your story begin today?  How you are going to conquer the world or are you just happy you didn't spill your coffee on your favorite shirt this morning!  Every day is a new beginning.  I know,  soooo cliche!  But truly it is.  If you screwed up yesterday you get to start all over again today.  Sometimes we screw up for days and days in a row and then like a giant light bulb going off in our heads we see the light with intense clarity.

It doesn't matter what has past, what is now and what will be because we are continuing on so many levels.  We continue to learn from experiences and from the numerous characters who play a part in our stories.  Revelations can come from the least likely places.  Ideas, theories, feelings and emotions spring up like flowers pushing through the earth that want to be seen, heard, felt and noticed!

Wherever your journey takes you just follow along.  Can you change it and decide to go in another direction?  Of course you can because your story is still being written. Today's quote is, "The greatest story ever written is the one of your creation along with the song sung in the perfect key."  Well I don't know how well you sing but I can tell you that in the shower, I am a rock star!

You know the quote from Yogi Berra right?  "It ain't over till its over."  How right he was.  We all have those setbacks that make us think we will never get past go.  The old saying, one step forward two steps backwards but sometimes you need to go backwards to go forwards.  If it sounds crazy it isn't.  Think back on a time in your life.

I remember being asked to lead Guided Meditation classes at a local yoga studio.  I was so excited. The owner seemed nice or so I thought!  YIKES!   It was absolutely great until it was absolutely awful.  Fear paralyzed me into staying in a very unhealthy situation.  Where else can I go?  Who else will have me?  The only reason I left was because I was thrown out.  Yes, really!  Me!  Can you imagine?  Turns out being asked to leave that place was a blessing.  Something new and wonderful opened up for me almost immediately.

Is this part of my story?  You bet it is because it is mine, it is part of my journey and let's face it.  It adds some drama to it too, don't ya think?!  The greatest story will be yours and who knows.  It might just become a best seller!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Good morning everyone.  Happy Tuesday.  I love that I get to say good morning to you all.  Everyone reading this has become part of my life. We human beings have many relationships. People who are our forever peeps and those who come and go.  Brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, past lovers, friends and co-workers.  Our goal is to get along with all these characters that play a role in our lives but sometimes disagreements take a starring role.  That is totally normal.  How can you not have disagreements from time to time.

The issue today is what do you do when someone takes a different view point than you?  How do you handle the one who is ALWAYS right no matter what?  Is that you?  We all have our own perspective and view point but when we let things like pride come before an apology, what is it that you have gained?

Today's quote is, "When pride stands in the way love is lost."  I believe that 100%.  It is sad that some actually choose pride over love or friendship.  If the prize for being right or seeing things only through one set of eyes is a day or night spent in solitude I certainly don't want to win.  Speaking your mind is fine.  You should never pretend to be something you aren't or say something you don't believe but if the person opposite you is someone you care about then listen with an open heart and an open mind.

You may never agree with your friend, spouse or co-worker on everything but you can move forward and not let that foolish pride tag along!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Thursday, September 19, 2019


Good morning everyone and happy Thursday.  Can you think of the last time you had an argument with someone.  Do you even remember what it was about or were you so busy being right and standing your ground that you feigned deafness with the person standing before you.   In the heat of an argument rarely do we listen to the other side because what we have to say is way more important!

If this is the way we handle arguments how in the world can anything be resolved or understood?  A circle has no beginning and no end.  Without listening to others, arguments and disagreements are just like that circle.  Today's quote is, "All voices need to be heard without disparagement and contempt but compassion and understanding."

We all know the best place to get ice-cream, haircuts and peace of mind.  Those are the fun arguments to have.  Who wouldn't want to try every ice-cream store in a 10 mile radius!  What?  You don't like ice-cream.  Oh, OK .

SEE!  Wasn't that easy?!  But you know these are not the arguments I am speaking of.  Passionate arguments regarding serious life events or situations are the ones we fight with all our might. If a differing opinion comes into play, listen.  Listen to the other side.  We have all been raised with different parents, siblings and circumstances.  Our arguments are a reflection of a myriad of events.

Agree or disagree but do it with compassion, understanding and love.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Good morning everyone.  Happy Tuesday to you.  When things go our way and the sun is shining boy oh boy do we feel on top of the world. Then there are times when we are just having a really crummy day, nothing goes right and bad to worse is merely moments away.   One unpleasantry can easily be brushed aside but when all seems to go in the opposite direction we kinda lose it, however, the distance and length we take it is entirely up to us.

Today's quote is, "The vortex of self-pity is deep, wide and difficult to free yourself from - use your strength to rise above the current."  A rip tide may kill you but if you know how to swim at an angle you will safely make it to shore.  Think of self-pity as a rip tide pulling you in and trying to drown you.  Its so easy to get sucked in and not fight because it tires you out and all you want to do is give up.

Self-pity does the exact same thing.  It tires us out, takes away our will and drowns us.  As human beings there will absolutely be times when we will feel sorry for ourselves due to loss and emotional pain.  There is no one who enjoys or wants to feel that but how long do we want to be wrapped in a blanket of misery and sadness.

If you experience profound loss you have every right to feel sorry for yourself but you also have an obligation to give yourself love, compassion and more love so that you have the strength to rise again to find joy, happiness and peace.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Thursday, September 12, 2019


Good morning all!  How are you on this Mondayy?  Just checking to see if you are paying attention.  I know today is Thursday.  Do you ever look at the scale in the morning and pretend to see a number that's not really there or perhaps lean a certain way so that indeed that number is there?  I think we all do that and to be honest who cares.  If it makes us feel better that's one little lie that won't get us in trouble.

We can make up all sorts of white lies to make ourselves feel better.  Those pants aren't THAT tight.  I'm too busy to..... but what about the lies we tell ourselves that cause damage to our esteem and to the goals we wish to achieve?  What happens when we say we aren't good enough at this or that or anything?  What happens when we tell ourselves, "we will never....."  Said often enough we believe every word.

Today's quote is, "Lie to yourself often enough and it will become your truth."  If you are constantly berating yourself about yourself how what is the motivation to change?  How can you possibly motivate yourself to push forward towards your goals?  You can't.  And you can't because you begin to believe all the awful things you've said about yourself.

Does that mean walk around and say, "look at me everyone, I'm fabulous!"  Yes it does!  You thought I was going to say no and I thought I was going to say no but as soon as I looked at that sentence I thought why not!

Here's an idea.  Throw out those damn pants. The ones that are too tight.  The ones that cause you anxiety every time you open your closet.  The ones you never liked anyway and buy ones that flatter you, fit you and make you feel like a rock star!  There is nothing that can stop you on your way to Goal Street as long as you push those old lies aside.   Turn down the volume of defeat and turn up the swag and if I pass you on the street, I may just ask for an autograph!

Have a fabulous Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019


Good morning everyone!  Happy Tuesday.  Even though it's Tuesday, I'm feeling a little Monday today.  You know that feeling right?  We've all had a great weekend doing a million things or nothing at all and then the inevitable happens.  Its Sunday night and we deflate like a Macy's Day balloon.  The last thing we want to do is be woken up by a ringing alarm.  After the initial shock, we get up and start our routine, and realize Monday isn't quite so bad, and Tuesday will be just fine by the way.  When we reach our respective work places we can relive our weekends via conversation.  

Camaraderie at our work place is important.  Co-workers are a support system for each other and together create a positive atmosphere.  One where you can vent one minute and laugh the next.  You can say that your co-workers are the glue of the workplace.  I like to think of all of us as co-workers on this earth with one goal in mind.  Love.  Finding love, real true love.  That is our goal.  

Today's quote is, "True love and compassion is the universal glue that holds us together."  We are in desperate need of love and compassion.  It is difficult to write this and ignore the hostility in the world but we also need to see what all this hostility is doing.  It is tearing us apart when the truth is we all want love and in order to receive that love we must find the compassion in our hearts so that love can be shared and distributed wherever it is needed.  

We are more alike than different.  Tall, short, bald or brunette, vegan or not, love and compassion is a universal desire and the glue that bonds us as one.  

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Thursday, September 5, 2019


Good morning all!  Happy Thursday.  Are you one of those who subsist on coffee and can't even think of food until about 8 or 9:00 or are you the type that wakes up absolutely ravenous?  I've encountered both.  Days where coffee is all I need to get going and days where if I don't eat something fast I feel as though I might pass out.

How do you feel about your life at this very moment?  Are you satisfied?  Are you comfortable just existing in your so called lot at the moment or do you have that itch to move from complacency?  Its never easy but only you can decide when to take that giant leap forward.

Today's quote is, "Common among us is the hunger for success - uncommon is the will and determination to get there."  We all want success.  We all want more, however; we don't all have the same tenacity and will to reach our desired destination.  Some will find it easier to give up, preferring to imagine the look of success rather than the feel of it.  This is not a criticism.  This is a fact.  What is common amongst us is the boredom that eventually consumes us as we go about our day to day dreaming of what if and knowing there is more out there for us.

Just because you work hard does not mean your goals will be reached.  It takes more than work.  It takes desire, visualization, prayer, (yes prayer!), will and guts!  Don't just hunger for success -want it, see it, pray for it, go for it and make it happen!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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Tuesday, September 3, 2019


Good morning everyone.  Happy Tuesday and welcome to September.  Many if not most of you have been working all summer.  I of course have been busy with Reiki sessions, Meditation classes and so much more.  As of today I am back to my day job.  Summer comes and goes like the flashing light on the tail end of a lightening bug.  I miss those little guys.  They are my absolute favorite bugs but as I come back to my day job their image will be in my mind.

I did something else this summer that I hadn't done is a while.  I baked!  I baked pies and cookies and experimented with other types of desserts.  Out of  three children only one was home for the summer and she is the one who is ever so mindful about what goes into her mouth.  I had to convince her that mindful eating means that you can have your cake and eat it too!  Just not the whole thing.  I used to bake quite often when my kids were little.  I could whip up cookies and pie crust with little effort but when you stop doing something for a while you forget a detail here and there.

Indeed I forgot a key ingredient in my first pie crust but remembered for the second one.  Not an earth shattering mistake but all that delicious fruit would have been wasted had I forgotten that key ingredient again.  We make mistakes all the time.  Some are small enough to breeze through.  Some are life changing.  That phrase right there is the key to learning.  Life changing!  If you have made a life changing mistake perhaps it wasn't such a bad mistake after all.

Today's quote is, "Accept you mistakes with grace - we all make them - learn from them and grow from them."  Unless you get nothing out of them, a mistake is never a waste.  Look at all the time I spent talking about pie crust.  I love pie and I was really looking forward to eating it but when it was out of the oven it was inedible.  That mistake was never made again.  Life changing?  No.  But our tummies were happier the second time around.

In my life I have made mistakes that at one time I wished I had never made.  Reflecting back, those awful mistakes enabled me to grow in ways I would never have grown had I not made them.  As awful as they can be, mistakes are part of your tool box.   The one that you will both learn and grow from so that they are never repeated.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy 

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