Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Good Morning all.  Looking forward to the white stuff falling from the sky today.  It does put a damper on meetings in the evening but if I am forced to stay home I will be ok with that too.  Wow, my coffee tastes good today.  I'm in desperate need of something to wake me up this morning.  I gave a client a Reiki session yesterday.  They always relax me and make me tired.  I still need to learn to detach a bit more. 

I will.  Happy as always to help someone struggling so if the byproduct for me is that I am tired, I can handle being tired.  I am going to get right to today's thought.  It may sound familiar but it is so very true, "If it doesn't work out the way you want it to - it will work out the way it is meant to."  Now how many times have you heard that? 

Probably to the point where it is annoying but something that bears repeating.  Many times we wish things would work out a certain way and they just don't.  That's because the Universe has other plans for us.  It goes along with when we think we know what we want but in the end it is something else altogether.  Everything comes down to trust.  When we let go in our own minds and trust that there is a higher power looking out for our best interests then we are free.

We hold onto things that might be unrealistic but at the time we don't realize it.  Think of a job that you really really wanted.  You may get that job and then - uh oh.  It's not at all what you think it was going to be.  It could be a relationship, anything. 

There was a time in my life where I THOUGHT I wanted to go back to work as a teacher.  I had interview after interview yet I could NOT get a teaching job.  In my heart of hearts I did NOT want to go back to a full teaching job and the Universe knew it.  I eventually got back to the classroom but in a much different capacity which allowed me to do that my true calling is.

Had I been a regular classroom teacher, I would never have been able to be what it is I am meant to be and help people the way I am meant to.  Remember...we need patience and trust and once we really understand that and adhere to that thought, just know it will always work out the way it is meant to! Have a wonderful day!~Love, Amy~

Monday, January 30, 2017


Good Morning on this wintry Monday.  Snow in the forecast but nothing to really worry about.  The weather has been pretty warm for this time of year but as of today, we are back to cold so bundle up.  Good for the snow bunnies but not for us warm weather people.  I prefer sunshine and warmth to snowy and cold.  I love the look of the snow and the quiet while it's falling but not the mess afterwards. 

Whatever it is, it is.  Spring will be here before you know it.  Living with my own words, I will enjoy whatever any day brings forth.  If it's cold, so be it.  Warm days are coming.  I just have to wait.  Today's quote is a direct reflection of that, "Sometimes the only thing you can do is patiently wait."  That's it.  Nothing more.  Sometimes you have done absolutely everything you could to make a change, to create something, to make your situation different and now you have to wait for it to happen.

The problem we all have and I am no different, is that we want change and we want it NOW!  We think that if we have done something positive that's in the right direction for us, that we finally took action, change will come immediately.  Hate to burst that bubble but that is not always the case.

It does not mean that you are not on the right path, it does not mean that all the good and hard work you are doing to change your life is not happening.  It just means it's not happening on your time frame.  Be patient, hard as that may be.  If you've thrown it up and out to the Universe, the Universe will hear you. 

You may think you are ready for something but in truth, the Universe knows better.  We have all heard the expression, TIMING IS EVERYTHING.  So true.  Whatever it may be that we envision in our future.  A relationship, a job, a trip, something we have been working on for a long time.  When we are truly ready to receive we will get not only what we need but what we want.  Be patient friends. 

You know how hard it is to take my own advice?  Well it is.  But even reading this to myself is encouraging because I speak truth and in my heart I always know.  Good things are on their way for all of us.  Never stop wanting and working for your goals.  They will be yours, JUST BE PATIENT!  Have a wonderful beginning of the week!~Love, Amy

Sunday, January 29, 2017


It's Sunday.  Relax, do your errands, do nothing.  Have the Sunday you want.  I will try at least part of it.  My precious Mia left me a really yucky present this morning so now that it is gone, I am here with my coffee wishing you all a good morning.  I am going to try a new breakfast.  Gluten free pancakes.  I'm ever hopeful! 

For today and every day, this quote pertains to you, "Whatever life gives you - never stop living."  Notice before how I segued from a gross thing to a good thing.  From poop to pancakes.  Hmmm...what a transition.  BUT, that is what happened this morning.  Now in the scheme of things that really is a small problem.  How do you handle big problems. 

Things that really disrupt your life?  Some of us freeze, some of us stop and think and some of us just stop altogether.  Life gives us all sorts of wonderful things but problems too.  What are we going to do?  We have to keep going.  We cannot get complacent.  When we do, we cease to exist. 

Think of what is going on in our world.  A lot of what is happening is terrible right now but we have our day to day lives.  We have ways to help others to get out of ourselves.  Life is precious, joyful, difficult, challenging and so much more. 

We all know that my theme of whatever I am talking about comes down to NOT GIVING UP NO MATTER WHAT!  Life should not be stressful every minute because if it is then what are you enjoying.  Even if it is just your cup of java this morning enjoy it to the fullest.

Whatever problems you are facing please don't stop living.  Life has so much good to offer.  It is up to you to find it and find it every single day!  I want you all to know that whatever it is I am telling you, I am absolutely doing for myself.  I believe in you all, I believe in myself and I believe in life and that life is wonderful!  Enjoy your pancakes, your French toast, your smoothie, your cereal, your eggs, your Sunday!  Until tomorrow!~Love, Amy

Saturday, January 28, 2017


Good Morning!  I'm feeling great after a good night's sleep.  Nothing like it.  As always, so many dreams.  Every night they become more and more clear.  I kinda wake up refreshed and tired at the same time.  Sometimes I am just as busy at night as in the day! 

It's Saturday.  For the first time in a long time of Saturdays, I have nothing that I HAVE to do.  I do have something I want to do but nothing pressing.  I cannot tell you how good that feels.  Whatever I do today is of my choosing.  I'm sitting at the computer, writing to all of you and drinking my coffee.  Besides reading this, what are you doing at this very moment? 

After your chores and doing all the things you need to accomplish know that it's OK to do NOTHING.  Here is today's quote, "Procedure for life - have fun - enjoy - give love - be loved."  Personally I think that is awesome for today.  Have fun today!  It is Saturday after all.  I plan on enjoying every minute. 

Even though it is cold out this morning, I always enjoy my morning walks with my Mia.  She is so happy to be awake and out of her brother's room.  Her joy brings me joy.  If you don't have a dog you should get one.  I NEVER EVER wanted one but know that she is in our family, I couldn't imagine life without her.

Have you ever been around someone who is always so happy to see you?  That would be your dog!  But you don't need a dog to enjoy life.  You need a great attitude, an open mind and a big heart! 

I truly believe that the absolute best procedure for life is to have fun, enjoy what you do, give love to those around you and know that you are loved!  I don't even know you but I love you simply because you are reading this.  Whether or not you agree with me is of no concern.  Reading this means we are connected and that works for me.

On this cold and blustery Saturday, enjoy whatever it is you are doing and do it with gusto!  Have a wonderful day filled with love!~Amy~

Friday, January 27, 2017


Good Morning and a happy Friday to all.  Always feel good on the way to the weekend.  Any special plans or nothing at all?  Either way, this is your time so enjoy starting now!

This has been a crazy week honestly.  I'm glad it's over even though it really isn't.  Lots happening in the world.  Some stressful, some OK.  Which do you choose to focus on?  You can make yourself miserable and I know firsthand we are champions of that or we could take very long and deep breaths and know in our hearts that everything is going to be just fine.

Today's thought is "There is no heaven or hell - it is what we create in our mind and our world."  That is so very true.  We choose this everyday whether we realize it or not.  From the moment we wake up we have chosen what kind of day we will have and how a situation is going to be.  The important thing to remember is that it may not be the situation.  It may very well be how we are going to perceive it.

I am not saying that sometimes we have our challenges and sometimes events in our lives are awful, stressful and horrendous!  That does happen.  Again, trust me...I know.  But you have to know there really is a light at the end of every very dark tunnel.  How are you going to go into a situation?  If you truly know that things will work out then you are creating a positive energy.  A heaven of sorts.  But if you go into any situation knowing and assuming it is going to be the worst then you have created your own kind of hell. 

It is always up to you to choose.  Trust me that know at times it is difficult to be positive.  We are human.  I am human but isn't that the better choice?  To be positive.  Even if something in your life is absolutely terrible at the moment, know that in time it will only get better. 

Please believe me as I have been there.  I have lots of experience in terrible but I also have the experience that it all works out.  Be strong for I am strong for all of you!  Have a wonderful Friday everyone!!~Love, Amy

Thursday, January 26, 2017


Good Morning my friends.  A little late today.  I was having a great sleep!  Always lots of dreams.  I hope to remember them later which I'm sure at the strangest of time during the day, I will.

Happy Thursday.  One more day to the weekend.  We might not see sun until 4:00 but sun is sun whenever it comes out.  Some people will say if it doesn't come out until 4:00 what's the point but I am of a different opinion.  AND, I am allowed a different opinion.  Does not mean I am right or wrong, I just see things differently.

We all have differing opinions on things and we are all allowed to express them.  The only time we cannot express an opinion is when we are talking about issues that could be right or wrong.  Not everyone will see our way and we may not always see theirs, it does get frustrating when something is so absolutely right and it just CANNOT be seen by another.

Today's thought, "To argue with ignorance is to scream on top of a mountain - no one will hear you."  That's pretty much it.  Differences of opinions make for good conversation.  Blatant ignorance is nearly impossible to negotiate.  Have you ever been in that situation?  I know I have and it is beyond frustrating.

There are things you need to keep in mind.  If you know the person and situation you are dealing with and you see where it is going then please for your own sanity, STOP.  Even if you are being nice and kind and trying desperately to share your knowledge of what you really do know, if the other side is against you well, you are DONE. 

Like minded needs to be with like minded on issues of real importance otherwise you will make yourself insane.  And you know what?  Aren't there SO MANY other things to make you insane.  Your own thoughts of doubt perhaps?  Leave those thoughts of doubts today and find a friend.  A like minded and sane friend.  Those are the people who will get you through. 

For all of you out there, please know that I am your friend.  No judgement here.  Just love and support and more love.  Seek out a friend today and have a wonderful Thursday!  Until tomorrow!~Love, Amy

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Good Morning on this middle of the week day.  Hope if you had that snow day yesterday you accomplished what you wanted to or you did nothing at all!  Today we are back.  Windy out but I do believe the sun will join us later this afternoon.  Always the sun after a storm.

I love those surprise days where you think you are going to work and then you can't because the weather refuses to cooperate.  I think we are all the same in that.  I mean who doesn't like a free day?  Are you sad to go back to work or just would prefer another weather day?  What is your Wednesday going to be like?  Anything different or just another day? 

Are you anticipating difficulties ahead?  If you are choose today's Reiki quote to help you along.  "Choose a wonderful memory to reflect on in a moment of difficulty."  Sounds so simple, so trite but it's not.  We all daydream, I know I do.  Some of us more than others. Instead of going to that difficult place or that perennial list in your mind, choose something fun to remember.  A place, a meal, an experience.  We have so many of those why go to unhappy times or that list that never goes away.

I can help you with the list.  Whatever it is you need to do write it down, put it in a safe place (where you will remember) and then please put it away.  Leave your thoughts to good things.  We are all the same in that it is so much easier to always go to negativity and upset. 

Change that.  Make it even easier to go somewhere wonderful.  Try it and watch your mood drastically improve.  I would love to hear your feed back tomorrow.  Not so easy I know but change never is.  Start small, start remembering wonderful and happy thoughts!  Have a great day everyone!~Love, Amy

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Good Morning and a REALLY happy Tuesday!  Snow day!  Who doesn't love a snow day!  Did the weather surprise you?  Did you think it was just rain?  I did.  And so today a happy surprise.  Time is so precious that when we get more of it, we really need to enjoy it!  

Or maybe you want to work on something you didn't have time to do.  Or read a book, or bake cupcakes or take a walk in the woods.  Whatever you choose to do enjoy the time.  It is truly a gift.  Today's quote is certainly along those lines.  'Take a risk, embrace a challenge - try something new."  When do you actually have time to do those things?  Perhaps a day like today is a good time to start.  At least a day like today can give you the motivation that you need.

We all need motivation.  True.  Some of us need more than others and that's OK.  However; when you get a day where you are forced to be home maybe you can attempt something you have never done before.  BUT... don't just wait for a day like today.  

Try to go out of your comfort zone a little at a time.  A little bit every day.  You will find that you are capable of so much more than you think.  I have definitely said this before as many of my thoughts are intertwined but I believe what I say.  I want the best for all those out there reading my thoughts and my words.  

Who doesn't want the best for themselves?  Who doesn't have a dream, a desire, a wish? Don't say no because I know it's just not true however small your wish, dream or desire may be.  

Promise yourself that next time you won't wait for a snowy day but perhaps a beautiful day to do exactly what I said.  Take a risk, embrace a challenge - try something new!  Have a wonderful day!~Love, Amy

Monday, January 23, 2017


Good Morning and happy Monday.  I'm here with my coffee pondering the day.  What will it bring?  Who knows.  Guided Meditation class is tonight and that's always great!  I had a dream that 25 people attended my class!  25 people can't even fit in the room but that is always a good sign.  My class is always a good thing for stress relief including my own.  Now more than ever, we ALL need meditation.

Yesterday I attended a meditation class at the Redding Meditation Center in Redding, CT.  I love going there.  I sit in the first row so I can look out the window at all the birds.  Yesterday was just like a spring day.  The birds were out in full force!  After the meditation there is a Dharma talk with one of the monks.  I highly recommend attending a meditation session there.  Let me know!  I'd love to join you.

Redding is not that far but it is a bit of a distance.  It is also an hour and a half class, maybe longer than you have meditated before.  Maybe my class is perfect.  It's closer and it is only 40 minutes.  Lengthy meditation like anything else is something you build up to.  Something that takes time.  Perhaps you are not yet ready. 

Today's quote sums that up.  "Look closely at what you are avoiding and why - maybe it's not the right time."  Maybe you really want to challenge yourself to meditate longer, to change your eating habits, to join a gym, change your job.  The list is endless.  Just because you are not doing all these things at this very moment does not mean that you never will.  It means that for whatever reason you are not able.  Whether it is physically or mentally unable does not matter.  

Don't pressure yourself.  Change happens when we are ready and the timing is right!  That is really the key.  The first step to change is desire and if you are thinking about it and desiring it well that's wonderful.  The holidays are not the best time to focus on dieting and joining a gym.  If the economy is shaky, that's not the best time to look for a new job.  If the choice is going to meditation class or saying to yourself, "there's no way I could do that for an hour and a half," then clearly, that is not the time to make a change.  

If you are avoiding something, anything.  Look closely at what it is and why you are avoiding it.  Timing is everything and your time will come.  I promise!  Have a wonderful day!~Amy~

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Good Morning on this foggy Sunday!  It is pretty early for anyone to be up on a Sunday but I was having lots of strange dreams and truthfully, I just wanted out already!  I'm pretty excited though.  No, I won't be watching football, I will be meditating at the Redding Meditation Center in Redding, CT.  It is a lovely place.  I made a commitment to myself to attend once a month and I have been holding true to that.  Of course if there is a month that I simply can't make it, I WILL NOT beat myself up over it.  

This brings me to today's thought. "Companion Guide to Life? Non-existent - you create your own."  That's right.  No one is telling me that I must meditate once a month.  I chose and am choosing to do that for myself.  My life is ever evolving as it should be.  I get bored easily.  That's just me.  Some people like the routine of knowing what comes next.  Part of me enjoys that routine as well, but not for long.  

We as people should always be changing and growing.  What is it that you do for yourself to grow?  Do you go to a gym, a yoga studio, a meditation center, a zumba class?  Did you always want to but for some reason did not?  

Now is the chance.  Create the life you want for yourself.  No one is going to do it for you.  I have said these things many times before about changing your life.  Going for what you want, living your dreams.  I repeat myself because so many times we see the words but we don't really read them.  I'm hoping that one of these days these words will become your reality and I will be so excited to hear about it.  

Leave out what you should do.  Think about what you want to do.  Your life is yours alone!  Forget those that tell you no and that you can't.  Create your companion guide and be your best friend, your best support.  Know that I am now and always will be here to support all of your dreams big or small!  Have a wonderful Sunday everyone however you choose to spend it!~Love, Amy


Good Morning!  For anyone looking for my blog from yesterday, Saturday.  I was unable to get to it so here it is!  My Reiki thought for Saturday was this, "Don't be overwhelmed by the darkness - know there will always be light."  

I believe that quote to be very powerful in light of what is going on in our world.  Things are changing in a way that does not make a lot of us happy but we have no choice but to go forward. As bad as things may seem we always have to have hope, strength and courage.  What are the alternatives?  There are none.  

Whether you are happy or unhappy regarding the outcome of our new and changing world we have to keep in mind that things will eventually get better no matter how bad they are at the moment.  Rock bottom is a scary place to be.  We can only rise from there.  

If you can, forget the world for a moment and know that if you are in your own personal darkness, that too will change.  I've been there as I am sure you have too.  When you are at your lowest.  It takes time but I know in my darkness I was eventually brought up to the surface.  It may take time and there is of course no time table but know that eventually there will indeed be light.  

Sorry again for the delay.  I do hope this brings some comfort to all of you out there!  
Hope you had a great Saturday!~Love, Amy

Friday, January 20, 2017


Good Morning and happy Friday everyone.  The weekend is just about here.  Savor it, enjoy it, it goes way too fast.  Right now I am enjoying my coffee.  It tastes so much better this time of day.  I'm not one of those all day coffee drinkers.  The morning does it for me.  As much as I'm not a fan of a 5:00 wake up, I look forward to my morning Joe!  

So in all honesty how are you all today?  I'm not sure I can answer that myself.  Without sharing opinions or expressing my feelings this morning, let me simply share my Reiki thought for today.  "Difficult as it is to fathom the unfathomable - believe the unbelievable - prayer and peace are still more powerful."  

Have you ever gone through a time in your life where you just couldn't believe what was happening?  I know I have.  Such a difficult time that it seems like a nightmare come to life?  I can attest to that.  Times that you wish were just a dream and that you could open your eyes and be done with it.  It's awful.  Truly awful.  But how did you get through?

Many of us are feeling that today.  To quote REM, "It's the End of the World as We Know It."  Some of us are elated while others are distraught.  But to use a suitable phrase, it is what it is.  The present situation is one that is not changing for some time whether it is personal or of this world.  While we may FEEL powerless, we most certainly are not.  

We are all much more powerful than we think and that we are aware of.  You've heard it before and it is true.  Prayer is one of the MOST powerful things.  You know it is.  Don't you pray for good things to happen?  Prayer comes not just with hope but with true belief.  It is that hope and belief that gets us through and the more we believe the more change comes about.  Peace is another factor.  Be peaceful all around and around yourself.  Stress and anxiety cause fear and hopelessness.  Release those feelings and turn them around.  

Prayer is cheap.  Costs nothing and is always there.  If there is something that is weighing heavy on your heart or your mind, pray for peace.  Those are the actions that speak MUCH louder than any words.  Have a wonderful and peaceful day!~Love, Amy

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Good Morning!  By 10:00 this morning it should be bright sunshine.  We haven't seen that in a few days.  I know I'm excited!  I have been missing my vitamin D.  Hope you all get outside today at least for a little while.  Take a break at work, grab a cup of coffee or just take a brief walk.  There is NOTHING like fresh air and sunshine!

I love the outdoors especially on a beautiful day.  I thrive in nice weather.  Some of us enjoy the cold more and that's fine.  I just happen to like warmer weather.  I prefer the things you can do in the warmer weather as opposed to cold.  I like to ski but honestly too much trouble for me.  The last time I went skiing I have to say, I had a lot of fun.  I'm no expert but I was dressed properly even though it had seriously been the coldest day to date that year.  It was something I hadn't done in a long time but I was fine.  I didn't need the expensive skis or boots or all the other things that go along with skiing.  I had sufficient equipment and off I went.  

You don't have to be an expert in everything!  If you have the desire, the passion, then you can do anything.  Here is today's quote, "The passion in your heart speaks louder than the credentials you have on paper."   Did you ever notice, (well how could you not) that whatever it is you do, people will always ask about your credentials.  Somehow we have been tricked into thinking that where you studied, who you studied with, where you went, where you received a degree is more important than how well and how passionate you are in what you do!

To me that is crazy.  Sometimes I find myself doing the same thing and I know it is purely out of habit.  More interesting to me is how someone came to what it is they do.  Teaching for example is a passion.  People who go into that field love and are passionate about children.  That to me is far more important than a degree for a known college.  You could have all the degrees in the world from the best schools but if you hate kids and you are teaching, you are clearly in the wrong field!

People judge doctors that way as well.  Everyone wants the doctor who went to Harvard but if that Harvard educated doctor has the worst bedside manner ever then who cares where he went!  You want a doctor who is not only passionate about what he does but passionate about his patients.  That is the doctor I would choose.  

The next time you come across someone in whatever career they are in.  Don't ask where they went to school or who they studied with.  Instead, find out what led them to where they are today.  Once you ask that question and you see that spark in their eyes as they describe their journey, you will know they are indeed passionate about what they do!  Forget credentials and go for the passion!  Have a wonderful day!~Love, Amy

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Good Morning!  It's the middle of the week already.  That went fast.  I had a great night's sleep last night.  I have to say, I really enjoy sleeping.  I know that is something that many of you struggle with so when it happens, it is a wonderful thing.  A proper sleep is what gets us going through our day so today I am ready!  

I don't know what is going to happen today.  I try to look at everyday as a new adventure.  Maybe a happy surprise of some sort or maybe just a regular day.  I have a client coming in this afternoon.  Always wonderful.  I love all my clients and of course sharing my gift of Reiki.  Who else knows what will happen in my day?!  I don't.  Do you know what is happening in your day besides the usual?  Be open.  Don't assume.

Just like today's thought, "Never let anyone put you in a box - least of all yourself."  Do you let people do that to you?  Do you do it to yourself?  It happens when those familiar words, "I can't," or "I could never," or "No way."  All those negative thoughts that plague you and tell you you can't really live your dream or change anything about your life.  

Change can take place slowly or quickly but whatever is going on, never put limits on yourself and never box yourself in.  There are alternatives and even if you can't see them right away, even if they don't present themselves immediately, it does not mean they don't exist.  

Did I ever think I would have a blog?  I will tell you a definitive NEVER!  I still feel so new to this world of technology and yes, I really do need to get over it.  But I AM!  I am taking small steps.  Doing what I can.  I am loving my blog and loving sharing with you all.  Months ago I never thought I would have this going.  There was a time I too would say, "I could never do this!"  But why not!  A combination of intention and desire got me going.  I work so hard to encourage others, I need to practice what I preach.  

I will never let anyone box me in, least of all myself.  I will continue to grow in a pace that works for me and I am here to tell you that you can do the same.  Get out of your box!  You are more than capable!  Never ever forget that!  Have a wonderful day!~Love, Amy

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Good Morning - back to reality for most of us but the good news is that it is a 4 day week.  Time goes fast, it will be the weekend before you know it so even though I am looking forward to the weekend, don't rush it.  Find some good each and every day!  

Today is going to be wonderful as I have a Reiki client later today and tomorrow too.  The act of helping someone brings such joy to me which is why I do this kind of work in the first place.  My path has led me to where I am and not only want do I want to help others but I need to.  It has become who I am.  I wish that for everyone, to find your true passion.  

Sometimes or I should say, many times we get stuck.  We either know or don't know what it is we want to change or we do know but getting stuck makes us stay in a situation we don't really like.  Even if we muster up the courage to leave or even THINK about leaving, we say to ourselves, "it's not so bad."  Today's quote reflects that thought, "Distance makes it easy to remember the good from a bad situation but always remember why you left in the first place."  Absolutely.  

I believe that the further away we get from something our inner mind tells us it really wasn't so bad and if we are really past it we block out the bad completely.  That's human nature and while I have to say it is somewhat of a good thing, goes along with "time heals all," we decided to change for a very real reason.  WE WERE NOT HAPPY!  

Change relates to anything in your life.  A job, a relationship, a living situation or ourselves.  What is it that you want to leave behind?  Ask yourself why.  Why do we suffer in silence in our misery, leave it and then pine for it?  Doesn't make sense does it.  I will tell you, no it does not.  If there is anything in your life you are thinking of changing that too let's you know something is missing.  

Change is good.  Not only good but necessary for personal growth.  If change is on the horizon for you at this moment or in the back of your mind, know that the desire for change means that you are growing whether you are tired of accepting bad behavior from others, tired of your same old situation or just desiring something new.  

Don't be afraid.  Go with it.  And remember, you are wanting something that you are not getting now.  With that thought in mind, what is your true desire?  Have a wonderful day!~Amy~

Monday, January 16, 2017

Guided Meditation and Reiki: GRATITUDE IS KEY

Guided Meditation and Reiki: GRATITUDE IS KEY: Good Morning and Happy Monday on this Martin Luther King Day. Hopefully you all have a day to yourself.  My house is so quiet right now.  No...


Good Morning and Happy Monday on this Martin Luther King Day. Hopefully you all have a day to yourself.  My house is so quiet right now.  Not even the baby is awake.  No I don't have a baby.  We all refer to my dog Mia as the baby because she is...well, the baby!  

I never wanted a dog.  NEVER!  My kids as all kids do wanted a dog more than breath in their lungs. Too much work but over time and not that much time, I grew to love her.  I too begged and begged but nothing changed in my household growing up and so I learned to be happy with what I did have.  I didn't have a dog, but I had goldfish and a turtle.  I had a goldfish named Sam and he lived for 6 months!  Crazy right?!  Nothing special, just a fish store gold fish that we all assumed would be dead the next week but he lived!  And he lived!  I remember being really sad when he finally did die and my mom and brother and I had a little ceremony over the toilet bowl as we said our farewells to Sam.  

I was happy with Sam and I was happy with my turtle.  I even had a pet salamander for a brief time until we realized he shouldn't live his life in a cup.  But I was happy with what I did have.  I was never getting a dog and instead of wishing and pining for what would never be, I was happy with what was.  

How many of us can say that?  Today's quote is, "Instead of wishing for what you don't have - show gratitude for what  you do have."  Why is it that for most of us we concentrate on what we do not have?  I moved up here after having lived in a beautiful 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment in New York City to a house with 3 bathrooms!  I was in heaven.  I had lots of space and a beautiful backyard.  Still do as I still am in my same home, however when my oldest son went to pre-school I was surrounded by people who had really big homes.  I would take him to play dates and come home upset because I didn't have a big home.  

When I think of it now I get upset with myself.  My husband and I worked very hard for what we did have and for the home that together we had purchased.  How dare I put that down.  But I did.  The truth is that I didn't want the life that any of those people had, I wanted my life!  You see you can't just trade in the big house, or the better car.  It's the entire life you need to trade.  It was then I realized, you know what?  I have a wonderful life.  A loving husband, 3 beautiful children and yes, a beautiful home. 

Teach your children gratitude but it must come from you first.  Let them know there is ALWAYS someone with more whatever that more is.  We all work hard for what we have and we all need to take the time to thank ourselves for what our hard work brought us.  Life should always be lived in gratitude because when it does, you will truly be a happier you!  Have a wonderful day however you are spending it and if like me you are cleaning today, be grateful that you have a home to clean! ~Love, Amy

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Guided Meditation and Reiki: LET YOUR BEAUTY COME THROUGH

Guided Meditation and Reiki: LET YOUR BEAUTY COME THROUGHhttps://meditationandchill.blogspot.com: Good Morning and happy Sunday.  Good coffee again today.  Here's a plug for Starbucks Morning Blend or it could be the organic milk I ad...


Good Morning and happy Sunday.  Good coffee again today.  Here's a plug for Starbucks Morning Blend or it could be the organic milk I add.  I really taste a difference.  So, YUM!  Feeling so relaxed because I know I have an additional day to my weekend which is always great!  AND, I am doing something very special for myself today.  I am attending a Sound Bath Meditation.  The person leading the meditation will be using Meditation Bowls.  The sounds emanating from these bowls is amazing and several will be used!  I will be sure and tell you all about it tomorrow.

I'm wearing my comfy "meditation clothes."  What else, black yoga pants and my favorite long sleeved black t-shirt I got from the GAP on sale last year.  I seriously think it was about $5.00.  Who doesn't love a bargain?  Does it really matter what I am going to wear?  No.  Does it matter what anyone is going to wear?  No.  Is it a fashion show?  Definitely not.  Participants will be lying on mats with their eyes closed.  Does it matter what you look like?

Well, to some people it DOES matter.  Even for Meditation they need to be in the "proper outfit," that what ever they need to look the part.  They need to fit in.  If what you are doing is true to yourself then who cares?  The true you is always there.  And what about hair and make-up.  Are you kidding?  On a Sunday morning?  I'm lucky my hair is clean.  It is not make-up that makes someone beautiful.  It certainly does enhance a pretty face but if what is underneath the skin is ugly then all the make-up in the world won't change that.  

Today's quote points that out,"Make sure the beauty you see is also the beauty beneath."  We all dress for occasions, even Meditation.  We all want to look our best but if our best underneath is mean spirited, that will make itself apparent on the outside as well.  Have you ever known someone who you thought was absolutely breathtaking, beautiful or just very pretty but once you got to know them they suddenly were not as breathtaking anymore?

I have.  I remember many years ago a woman who I ran is somewhat the same circles as who I truly thought was stunning.  However conversations were always negative and downright nasty.  She had become in my eyes someone I wanted to avert at all costs since being around her had began to make me very uncomfortable.  The fact is we all know people like that.  Beautiful package on the outside but when you open it up it's spoiled.  Make-up does not cover up nasty.  Nothing does.  We all have our negative days but we need never to have nasty ones.  It's amazing how they come right through.  

Whatever it is you are doing today, wear make-up or just wear yourself!  If your inner thoughts are beautiful that is what will be projected.  Project yourself to the world today on this Sunday as you are!  Have a beautiful day because you are too!~Love, Amy

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Guided Meditation and Reiki: GRAB THE GOOD

Guided Meditation and Reiki: GRAB THE GOODhttps://meditationandchill.blogspot.com: We made it to the weekend!  Happy Saturday everyone.  Sorry if this is later than usual but I will never get up at 5:00 on the weekends, how...


We made it to the weekend!  Happy Saturday everyone.  Sorry if this is later than usual but I will never get up at 5:00 on the weekends, however last night was an obligatory event that ended really late for me and so being that today is Saturday, I slept!  

I am enjoying the most delicious cup of coffee today.  Funny, I make it everyday but today's tastes really good.  Who knows, maybe it's because today I have time to savor the flavor instead of using it as solely a wake up tool.  Whatever it is, I hope you are having the time to savor and enjoy your coffee too and not just that but the day and the entire weekend especially if you have that bonus Monday.

I like that word savor.  To savor something means to really enjoy it, to let it linger.  There are many things we can savor and even emotions fit into that category.  Why is it that we hold onto all the bad?  All the negativity?  Always that feeling that things won't work our way.  Today's quote is something that can help us, "Grab onto the good and positive emotions more easily than the bad and negative ones."  Simple in thought but not so easy to do.  Drop the thought that nothing good can happen, that you are not good enough for things to go your way.  

You are not only good enough but worthy of wonderful things.  Savor that thought!  Don't go backwards to whatever happened that made you upset because those feelings pop up all too easily and we not only remember the moments but the feelings attached.  If you feel yourself getting stuck stop immediately and remember something wonderful in your life.  Once we go down that negative path it is so easy to continue on the spiral.  

Never go down, go UP!  Way up.  Go up the road to positive thinking, to positive memories.  Don't rehash, relive and worse, don't let yourself get caught up in sadness and the events that made you feel that way.  

Let go, release but don't just say it, reallly do it!  Right now at this very moment, try this.  Remember something exciting, something terrific that you did, a trip you planned, a meal you ate.  What I am saying is that it could be anything and what I am also saying is grab onto that right at this moment.  Feel yourself change!  It really works! 

Hoping everyone has a happy, fun or simply mellow and relaxing weeknd with happy and wonderful thoughts!  ~Love, Amy

Friday, January 13, 2017

Guided Meditation and Reiki: GREAT DAYS AHEAD

Guided Meditation and Reiki: GREAT DAYS AHEADhttps://meditationandchill.blogspot.com: HOORAY!  Good morning everyone!  We made it to Friday.  I hope I won't be saying that every Friday but no promises!  Friday is Friday an...


HOORAY!  Good morning everyone!  We made it to Friday.  I hope I won't be saying that every Friday but no promises!  Friday is Friday and I'm sure there is no one out there who does not agree with me.  I don't know about you but for me I have a 3 day weekend which is really nice.  Time is one thing there is never enough of and having that extra day even to cook or clean is always nice.  Yes, I plan on doing some of that.  
An extra day is a gift and I  plan on using it and being thankful for it.  This does relate to today's quote, "Don't just anticipate good days after bad but great ones after good."  Think of the freedom you have tomorrow because it is Saturday.  I understand that Saturday is sometimes a day of errands for many of us but errands that you can do at your leisure.  Things that need to be done but that you are not pressed for time.  If you get all of your errands accomplished on Saturday then Sunday will be even better AND if you are off on Monday, even better still.  

Think of your days and time and everything else as always getting better and better.  Begin each day with the thought that it is really and truly and new day and a new beginning and things can only get better.  That really is true.  Whatever it is you are going through that at the moment might be difficult, know that time helps to heal and make the sadness and upset go further and further away from you.

It is wonderful to anticipate good days after bad but how many anticipate great ones after good?  Let the good get stronger and stronger.  Leave bad days behind you and anticipate and enjoy great!   Have a wonderful Friday everyone and know that today is going to be a GREAT day!~Love, Amy

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Guided Meditation and Reiki: LET TIME REVEAL

Guided Meditation and Reiki: LET TIME REVEAL: Good Morning all!  Hope everyone is well on this Thursday.  Crazy weather we are having.  Freezing the beginning of the week and already 50 ...


Good Morning all!  Hope everyone is well on this Thursday.  Crazy weather we are having.  Freezing the beginning of the week and already 50 degrees at 5:30 in the morning.  Lots of vitamin C everyone and if you are sick, STAY HOME!  No one wants your germs.  

The problem is everyone thinks their workplace will die and fall apart without them.  The truth is this really won't happen.  The truth is people would probably be really happy if you didn't come into work sneezing and hacking away and spreading your sick germs everywhere you go.  That sense of responsibility is wonderful and admirable however at the same time it is selfish!  You need to know that the work place you are at will survive without you.  That's a small thing you can change.  Anything else you want to change but are unsure of?  Here is today's thought, "There is always something you ca do to change what you don't like - the answer will reveal itself eventually."

I'm not saying change your responsible nature, what I'm saying is that your health comes first and that means you come first.  Many of us put everyone in front of themselves, their spouses, their children, their jobs.  The truth is you need to be well to attend to all these people in your life and events as well.  It is NOT selfish to put yourself first especially if you are sick.  What use would you be to the workplace anyway?

This also goes along with being taken advantage of.  Some of us are simply too nice.  If you want to be stronger work on changing that.  If you feel stuck in your life but you don't really know the answer at the moment, then it's really not the right time for you to know.  The Universe is always watching, always guiding.  Don't get me wrong, we have a big part in the direction our life takes us.  I do know that first hand but I do feel that when you need to make that change, the time will reveal itself to you.  It's all about trust!  Go on with your day, go on with your life and know that things will change for you if you want them to but always always at the right time.  It really does work out in the end!  For today, change something small, empower yourself, you can do it because you are strong!  

Have a wonderful day everyone!~Love, Amy

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Guided Meditation and Reiki: THE CHOICE IS YOURS

Guided Meditation and Reiki: THE CHOICE IS YOURS: Good Morning on this middle of the week day.  Almost there!  You can make it through.  Well, I am MUCH more awake this morning.  I went to b...


Good Morning on this middle of the week day.  Almost there!  You can make it through.  Well, I am MUCH more awake this morning.  I went to bed at a ridiculously early time but you know what?  I feel so much better.  Never overestimate the power of a good night's sleep!  Works wonders.  I need to be clear today as I do have a client later this afternoon and need all my energy.  We all have those days where we can just muddle through but today is not one of them.  We have choices on many days and some days we don't.  We are lucky that we have lots of choices which leads me to today's quote,"Freedom to say what is on your mind - to be who you want to be - to do what you want to do - cherish that freedom."  I think many of us take those freedoms for granted.  We live in a place where we have so many different choices to make us happy whether it is through a job, where we live, a relationship even what we eat.  You are only stuck if you want to be.  Yes, I understand that sometimes where you are in a moment in time is where you need to be.  Maybe at the moment you are not in the perfect job but it is leading you to where you want to be.  Maybe at the moment your living situation is not the best but it is not permanent.  Even dieting!  Look at what's out there!!!  Shakes galore, Paleo, Vegan.  The list goes on.  And we also have the choice to say how we feel!  In fact that is really important.  Communication.  We are lucky that we have all these freedoms.  If you are feeling stuck at the moment just know that those freedoms are there and that no one can take them away.  The only one who CAN take them away is you by not believing you have choices.  So if you are feeling stuck in WHATEVER!!!  Know that it is only temporary and that in time things will change just when you are ready.  You are in charge!  You will make it happen!  Because the choice is and will always be yours!  Have a wonderful day!~Love, Amy

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Guided Meditation and Reiki: LET YOUR ANGELS BE YOUR GUIDES

Guided Meditation and Reiki: LET YOUR ANGELS BE YOUR GUIDES: Good Morning!  Yes, I sound chipper but believe me, today I am not.  I led my first Guided Meditation class of the new year last night and n...


Good Morning!  Yes, I sound chipper but believe me, today I am not.  I led my first Guided Meditation class of the new year last night and not only did my clients get a good night's sleep but I myself slept straight through.  Lots of dreams, some of them so real.  Well, I can always say they are so real because they always are.  Remember - DREAMS ARE NOT DREAMS!  I actually had a bit of a bundt cake with lots of sugar on it in my dream and I swear I still feel it on my teeth and tongue!  The reason why my dreams are so real and vibrant is because I am opening up more and more all the time.  Now you may think this next statement will be a little strange but then again if you are reading it, well, it goes along with me and what I am about.  I have guides and angels and you know what!?  So do you.  As of now you just might not be aware of them but trust me....they are there.  And on that note - here is today's quote, "We are all being guided and watched to encourage us to reach our fullest potential."  YES!!!  We absolutely are.  No doubt about it in my mind.  I know I keep talking about dreams but for me wherever they take me, I AM THERE.  I remember conversations, colors, tastes and of course people.  Dreams help us resolve matters in our lives.  Freud told us that and he is right.  But they are so much more.  Real conflicts can be worked out.  I do know this is the case with me based on the conversations that take place in them every night.  Before I started Meditation and Reiki I would have vivid dreams as well but since doing both these healing modalities, I have opened up even more as these "dreams" are more real.  No wonder I am tired when I get up!  Let yourself open up and you too will have these experiences.  They might not happen right away but you need to commit to letting things happen.  Don't close off.  This is not crazy talk.  What do you think makes you make certain decisions?  Of course it is what is happening with you in your life but know there are forces around you and from the past that lead you in a certain direction.  The more you open yourself up, the more you let yourself be guided by a higher power.  I know I did not get to this place all on my own.  My angels are here to protect me every step of the way!  Now take a deep breath if you want, but trust me!  Oh, and let this fit in with yesterday too!  Take that deep breath and please don't judge.  Be open.  Be accepting and have a wonderful day!~Love, Amy~ 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Guided Meditation and Reiki: A BREATH ON A MONDAY

Guided Meditation and Reiki: A BREATH ON A MONDAY: Good Morning - It's here!  Monday!  Ugg.  Don't know about you but I had so many dreams last night and I was all over the place in t...


Good Morning - It's here!  Monday!  Ugg.  Don't know about you but I had so many dreams last night and I was all over the place in them.  They say dreams are not dreams.  If that is the case, and I do believe that to an extent then I know why I am tired.  I also feel that even while I am sleeping, I know I have to get up and my sleep is disturbed just waiting for that alarm to go off.  And by the way, I NEVER need an alarm.  Always up before it.  Usually the first thing in my mind is how tired I am going to be during the day but here I am, writing my blog and drinking my coffee feeling pretty good.  Ah yes, and this leads me to today's thought, "Step back and take a breath before you judge the day."  I do this to myself everyday but writing this quote has helped me today (and yes, I will continue to live my words, they are not just for you all out there!!!)  Why should I assume what today is going to bring?  In truth I have no idea because the day is just about to happen.  Am I tired?  Well, I won't lie.  Yes a little bit but I know that soon that coffee is going to kick in, a nice shower is next and if being hit by 15 degree weather doesn't wake you up then I don't know what will!  But seriously, today is Monday.  The first day of the work week.  I have a client coming to my house today for a Reiki session, (which I love!) and tonight I have my first Guided Meditation class of 2017.  Very exciting!  So whatever is happening now I have SO MUCH TO LOOK FORWARD TO!  I love my home space for Reiki sessions and I love the clients who come to see me.  Tonight I get to meet some new people and that is always a treat.  My joy is turning people on to the gifts of both Reiki and Guided Meditation and I am lucky enough to be able to do both in one day.  Who knows what will happen before that.  I've talked a bit about my day job.  It is not my passion but something I need to do at this moment in time but as I said yesterday, I will see a good friend there and that is something to look forward to.  I choose to be excited by the day ahead of me but also have no expectations.  I will now take a long deep breath and let the day flow!  For today, I ask the same of all of you.  Let your day flow and leave judgement at home!  Have a wonderful Monday~Love, Amy

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Guided Meditation and Reiki: THE STATUS QUO

Guided Meditation and Reiki: THE STATUS QUO: Good Morning!  Just back from walking the dog.  Poor baby kept getting salt in her furry paws.  Good thing I just bought very warm mittens j...


Good Morning!  Just back from walking the dog.  Poor baby kept getting salt in her furry paws.  Good thing I just bought very warm mittens just so I could walk her and not feel the cold when I wiped her paws.  Feels good to be back in my nice warm house.  Cold today but the sun is absolutely glorious!  Gives you the illusion that it is actually warm out.  I love seeing the sun no matter what the temperature is.  I can't turn winter into summer but I can make the best of my day.  So for today's thought, "If at the moment things can't change - make the absolute best of them."  I cannot possibly turn today into July but I can enjoy the warmth of the sun on my face and the way it shines on the trees and the snow.  I love listening to the quiet and even the occasional car.  We are all guilty of this but we should not wish time away.  Even when we are looking forward to something we need to really take one day at a time and concentrate on the present moment.  Tell me how hard that is to do!  I know!  I'm right there with you.  It is something I am trying every day to do.  But getting back to not being able to change a situation.  Do your best to find something, anything good about it.  I've talked a bit about my day job.  The day to day of it is well,  let's just say not particularly fulfilling, however; I have lots of time built into my day where I can take a walk, tend to other things I need to do while still there!  Who can say that?  I have a wonderful friend at work who I look forward to seeing every day!  Who can say that too?  Look at the bright side of where you are in your day, in your week and in life.  The change you want will come when you are ready and when the Universe sees fit for you.  Trust and believe!  It's what we all have.  So on this cold cold day, look to the sun and feel it's warmth upon your face and look at the beautiful sky but please remember to take care of your furry friends today!  ~Love, Amy

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Guided Meditation and Reiki: YOU ARE YOU

Guided Meditation and Reiki: YOU ARE YOU: Made it through a week and now it's Saturday.  Here I am waiting for the snow.  Just came back from walking my furry friend.  It is COLD...


Made it through a week and now it's Saturday.  Here I am waiting for the snow.  Just came back from walking my furry friend.  It is COLD out there.  Just beginning to feel  my fingers but even so, what a beautiful morning it is.  Quite other than the leaves blowing, and the trees swaying.  I love that sound, like a wooden door opening and closing.  I'm really a beach girl but I love these days too.  The days when you can feel the snow about to arrive and all you have to do is wonder about dinner as you sit and sip your coffee.  How are you going to spend your day?  Snuggling up to a fire?  Shopping?  Watching movies?  What is your style on a day like today?  Here is my quote for today,"If your style is big and bold don't make it mousy and shy for someone else - be who you are."  All too often we conform to who we think people want us to be because we "think" we should.  Why?  Where did that come from.  I will tell you.  Insecurity.  The thought that people won't like us or respect us if we show them who we really are.  Well to that I say, STOP!  Be yourself always.  If someone does not like you because of your opinions or manner of dress then why do you want to be their friend anyway?  Of course I am not saying go on a job interview in a mini skirt and heels but in life if that is who you are then go for it!  Be proud of yourself!  It took a long time to get there.  We are always evolving and of course you should keep evolving but essentially  your style should always reflect who you are and so be bold, be shocking, be amazing and mostly be proud of who you are.  If you are not accepted for your true self - find those who accept wonderful, amazing you!  Have a fantastic Saturday everyone! ~Love, Amy

Friday, January 6, 2017

Guided Meditation and Reiki: WHAT'S IN A NUMBER

Guided Meditation and Reiki: WHAT'S IN A NUMBER: Good Morning and a very happy Friday to all.  I for one am very happy I can sleep tomorrow.  This getting up at 5 is for the birds and the b...


Good Morning and a very happy Friday to all.  I for one am very happy I can sleep tomorrow.  This getting up at 5 is for the birds and the birds aren't even up.  So hoping for a small delay today but the weather did not bring the storm we all hoped for.  That's OK because the up side is it IS Friday after all!  Any big weekend plans?  I don't know yet what tomorrow will bring but I do know that tonight I will be celebrating the birth of my first born!  Yep!  Today my oldest turned 20.  Of course he thinks he is so old.  Out of his teens to him means he is a man.  Well, that's debatable.  No he is not 12 but to me, his mom, of course he will forever be my baby, my oldest but  young and with so much to learn and so much still ahead of him.  This brings me to today's thought and here it is, "You are old is you think you are old - you are young if you think you are young - there is nothing in a number."  A number is a way to keep chronological records.  I am quite sure that in biblical times they didn't count years.  There are indigenous tribes that also don't count years.  We count years as a way to keep track and keep records.  HOWEVER, there are those who turn a certain number and describe themselves as old.  My son for example was very keen on letting me know how old and mature he is now that he is 20.  Really?  Old? Definitely not!  Mature - maybe in some ways but as his mom, I know he has so much to learn.  When we are young all we want to be is old and of course the opposite is true.  Some people are born old.  Some people grow into their "numbers."  I prefer to avoid what a number should mean and that's a good question.  What should a number mean?  If you are 30 are you now mature and worldly with the weight of maturity on your shoulders?  If you are 17 are you naturally carefree?  What if at 17 you are the "man" of the house because of circumstances like your parents are divorced or sadly the man of the house no longer exists and you have had to be the responsible one?  What if at 30 you have been spoiled all your life with no real job, still living at home and having your mom cook for you?  Sounds to me like those numbers should be reversed!  Well they are not always.  So you see, age is merely a number.  You either fit into it or you don't and believe me that is perfectly fine!  I for one will NOT discuss my age!  Haha!  I feel good in the skin I am in.  My mindset is that there is SO much more ahead of me and whatever it is that my age says, I still feel that I have A LOT to learn!  My son, well.  He will get there one day, of that I am sure.  But for now, let him feel "old and mature," because changing from you teens to no longer in your teens is, well yes, a VERY BIG DEAL!  So for all you people out there young and old, but especially young at heart, have a wonderful and happy Friday~Love, Amy

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Guided Meditation and Reiki: PRAISE NOT PUT DOWNS

Guided Meditation and Reiki: PRAISE NOT PUT DOWNS: Good Morning all!  It's cold today so prepare.  This is when people get sick.  Cold one day, warm the next.  People going to work sick b...


Good Morning all!  It's cold today so prepare.  This is when people get sick.  Cold one day, warm the next.  People going to work sick because you know, the world will come to an end if you don't show up.  Do everyone a favor.  Don't be a hero.  The world will seriously not come to an end if you stay home and take care of yourself rather than come in to work sick and pass around all your germs for others to take home to themselves and their families.  What must go through someone's mind when they come to work sick?  "I have so much to do, only I can take care of this, how will people look at me?"  I think THAT is the big one.  How will people look at me?!  Who cares?  If you are a responsible person then the reason you are home sick is because you are or you are taking care of something that you need a full day to do.  Why beat yourself up?  Here is today's thought which reflects that, "We are all here to support each other - we bash ourselves enough."  I'd say.  It goes beyond the I'm not good enough.  All this what if, and what will people think.  Next time someone is sick, instead of assuming they are out partying, why not really support that person to co-workers by saying nice things.  Praising the work of the person and really acknowledging that something must truly be wrong.  I have this very funny postcard that I bought many years ago just because it IS funny but unfortunately so true.  It goes like this, "If  you want to find a girl's faults, praise her to her friends."  OMG!!!  How true - "Sally is so pretty, don't you think?"  "Oh yea, but did you ever see her without her make-up?"  Yes, I KNOW you have been there because I have been there myself, (I'm ashamed to admit).  I look a lot better with make-up too but to wear or not to wear, well that is my business!  Maybe Sally feels the same way but as friends do we need to point that out?  NO WE DON'T!  Praise your friends, your co-workers, and by all means PLEASE PRAISE YOURSELF!  Self deprecation can be a form of humor but don't let it seep into your skin.  Know you are wonderful, amazing and fabulous.  For today, try not to put anyone down but ESPECIALLY yourself!  Have a wonderful day!~Love, Amy

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Guided Meditation and Reiki: GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT

Guided Meditation and Reiki: GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT: Good Morning!  I am NOT back in the swing of things.  I am sooo very tired today.  Strange dreams - very real.  Dreams are not dreams you kn...


Good Morning!  I am NOT back in the swing of things.  I am sooo very tired today.  Strange dreams - very real.  Dreams are not dreams you know.  Lots of activity and people in my dreams last night so I was busy.  I did a lot of traveling and now I'm paying for it!  I hate those days where all I want them to do is end so I can go back to sleep tonight!  However, the saving grace is that it is hump day!  Wednesday AND I am out a bit early as well.  So enough complaining.  Here is my Reiki thought for today - "Fight with all your being and all your strength to achieve the life you want for yourself."  That goes for anything.  Even making the day better.  I know I am trying to change my life.  Patience is something that I really need to learn so at the moment that is what I am fighting for.  To be patient and to know that the life I want is around the corner because I know I am doing all that I can and can still do more.  What is it that you want and can you wait for it to happen.  Do what you can but don't beat yourself up.  Know that everything takes patience.  I have always had to learn that but now more than ever.  I know that it all works out but for what you want you do have to fight sometimes and not now or ever give up.  So for today, enjoy your day, find something good and wonderful about it and be your very very best champion!  I will always be on your side!  Have a wonderful day!~Amy~

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Guided Meditation and Reiki: HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL

Guided Meditation and Reiki: HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL: Good Morning!  And we are off.  Back to work, back to our routines.  Trying hard not to be crabby.  I have a lovely cup of coffee sitting ri...


Good Morning!  And we are off.  Back to work, back to our routines.  Trying hard not to be crabby.  I have a lovely cup of coffee sitting right next to me in my favorite cup so I think, (hope) I am off to a good start.  Let's get right to it then.  Today's Reiki thought - "On the Ship of Life - Anchor Yourself to Hope."  That's all we can do don't you think?  Hope springs eternal as they say.  Hope is what keeps us going because without it, we wither away.  Viktor Frankel, a philosopher wrote a book and memoir on hope.  It is called, Man's Search for Meaning.  It is about prisoners at Auschwitz who held so tight onto the notion of hope that that is what literally kept them alive especially prior to the Christmas holidays.  (Ironic yes).  Prisoners held tight to the hope that "This Christmas" we will be out and no matter how sick, they would make it to Christmas.  Of course when they were not released and set free, many died but the fact is that they kept going because hope was all they had to hold onto.  Now I'm certainly not nor will I have the audacity to compare ourselves to prisoners of Auschwitz but what are you a prisoner to?  Is it your job?  Your relationships?  Your own thoughts?  There is no need to be.  Open yourself up to the hope that things will always be better but don't rest on hope alone.  Work on one or all these things if you need to.  Never ever give up hope.  Hope is real and not frivolous.  Be strong and determined and always keep hope alive!  Have a wonderful day!~Love, Amy

Monday, January 2, 2017

Guided Meditation and Reiki: LET THE MORNING INSPIRE

Guided Meditation and Reiki: LET THE MORNING INSPIRE: Good Morning and Happy New Year again.  Last time I will say this because we are now officially in 2017.  Nice to have that extra day off as...


Good Morning and Happy New Year again.  Last time I will say this because we are now officially in 2017.  Nice to have that extra day off as I am now home getting my act together before it all starts again tomorrow.  Instead of looking at the day to day as drudgery, try looking with new eyes.  As I say in my Reiki thought today, "Inspiration is everywhere - open your eyes and see it."  I really believe that.  You never know from where it will come.  A post someone writes on Face Book, a comment from a friend, a beautiful morning sky.  Leave yourself open and be open minded.  If anything you can change about yourself for this brand new year, it is to be more open and really look at what's around you.  Do you look or see?  Those are two very different activities.  When we cross a street, we look, but when we look at nature, do we really see the beauty in it?  If only for a moment seeing the beauty that exists naturally can change your day.  See things in a new light.  Open your eyes wide and take it all in.  Be grateful and thankful for what is in front of you as inspiration truly is all around.  For today open your eyes a bit wider and see the blessings around.  Have a wonderful and brand new day! ~Love, Amy