Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Good morning!  It has been some time since I have written anything.  Summer mode I suppose.  I will get right to my quote for today which is, "Change is the inevitable part of life you cannot avoid - do your best and embrace it."  That one struck a nerve for a lot of people today.  The only thing constant is change!  Certainly sounds like an oxymoron but it is true.

Things stay the same, no movement, flow, flow, flow then BAM!  Something happens and everything is different.  I will relate this change to myself.  My husband and I took our daughter to college over the weekend.  I look at my daughter and still see the adorable two year old she once was.  Nevermind the fact that we need to send her braless bra.  I still see that sweet little three year old coming down the stairs telling me the dress I picked out for her to wear will be worn when she goes to college! 

Who was this little person?  She is little no more.  She is at a university doing exactly what she is supposed to be doing.  That is not only a big change for her but for me as well.  The house is not just quiet.  It's more than that.  There is a big personality that isn't here.  The other big personality is her brother but because he is older and has come and gone more times than her, I am used to that.

There is one more big personality in the house and soon he too will be gone.  Talk about change.  It's not that I don't have plenty to do and keep me busy.  No.  It is about such an enormous change in their lives, in my life, my husband's life and even sweet Mia.  She has already been feeling it.  But hey everyone, listen up.  Change is part of life and what we all have to experience whether we like it or not.  So like I said, embrace change.  It is inevitable, it is unavoidable and it is what is supposed to occur. 

Don't resist it or put up a fight.  It's going to happen anyway!  Have a wonderful day everyone! Love, Amy~

Saturday, August 12, 2017


Good Morning!  It's a beautiful Saturday.  The weather had originally called for rain but instead the sun is shining brightly!  What a wonderful surprise.  Today's quote reflects that perfectly, "The only thing permanent about life is it's impermanence."  Very true.  Nothing is permanent.  There was a phrase a long time ago that said the more things change the more they stay the same.  Not any more. 

Technology for one has changed so many things but of course I am not talking about technology.  I am talking about us.  I am talking about our lives.  Sometimes we think we want one thing but it turns out we want something else.  Now we need to change the way we go about what we want and how to get it.

Flexibility is important because with impermanence we need to be flexible.  We need to be open to change because sometimes that is what we need.  Another phrase is the status quo but we become bored with the status quo.  We want more or less or different.  Know that change is good and is what lets us grow. 

Without change we are in a circle.  No beginning and no ending.  Release yourself from that circle and know that change is always a good thing even if at first you think it isn't.  Change is the only way we grow.  I am wishing you all a wonderful Saturday and hoping this beautiful day changed you plans to something really fun!  Love to you all!~Love, Amy

Sunday, August 6, 2017


Good Morning!  I'm back from my weekend meditation retreat and like last time, it was wonderful.  Retreats are definitely things you can and should go back to as you get something different out of them every time.

Reflecting on my time there, today's quote is "Human beings have thoughts - our challenge is to observe them and not become them."  That was just one thing I got out of my weekend but certainly an important piece.  We all know that and we have all heard that but how many of us can really do just that?  Observe our thoughts and not be our thoughts.  That is a very difficult thing to do.  In meditation our job is to watch as our thoughts come and go.  To allow them to enter our minds and to easily let them leave.  But we don't do that. 

We hang onto those thoughts for dear life as if they are a life preserver but they don't save us.  In fact they help us drown.  The thoughts we usually hold onto are the ones we are afraid of.  The things we are afraid of such as "what will happen if?" "What am I going to do if?" "How am I ever going to?" and on and on.  Why is it that we don't hang on to, "Look what a great job I did when I," "I can't believe I was able to," and so on. 

We don't hold onto good thoughts because we don't believe in ourselves enough.  We don't give ourselves enough credit and positive feedback.  What this weekend's meditation taught me to do is to be an observer of my own thoughts and once I observe them to release them.  To free my mind so there is room not just for positivity but for observation for the pure sake of observation. 

A bad thought comes in.  Look at it.  See it.  Feel it.  Maybe you know where it came from or maybe you don't but after you have looked at it, seen it and felt it, you can let it go.  Things happen to us.  Things that are good and things that are bad.  Don't hold onto good things either because you need to make room for more good in your life.  Some of us walk around with the notion that you can't possibly have too many positive things in your life.  That is absolutely wrong and it comes from a place where you feel you don't deserve to be happy.

Everyone deserves good things and everyone deserves happiness.  If you have tried meditating but feel you are not good at it, try again and again.  It takes time, patience and practice.  Don't be afraid of your thoughts.  Only you know what they are.  Understand that you have more power and control than you are aware.  Don't give that negativity power that it does not deserve.  Remember, you are stronger than your thoughts, after all, they are not real, they are figments of your own creation. 

Have a wonderful Monday all!~Love, Amy

Thursday, August 3, 2017


Good Morning all!  It's the first Thursday in August.  As usual summer is flying by.  I never like to see it end so I am really trying to enjoy every single day no matter what it is I do.  Yesterday we had a plumber come to the house to fix our hot water.  Nothing that a credit card and an experienced plumber couldn't solve.  $1,200 later we have hot water. 

I am not expecting anything to go wrong today but one never knows!  Today's quote, "Even if you plan your day - the day may already have plans for you."  That is something we can all relate to, of that I am sure!  I really didn't have any plans for yesterday but I was forced to make some phone calls and wait around until my problem got taken care of. 

The wonderful thing about yesterday was that I got to reconnect with a friend I hadn't spent time with in a long time!  Although spending all that money on a broken thermostat wasn't high on my list of things to do, it was wonderful being with this person.  While my quote focused on the day, it is really a metaphor for your life.

We all know the lyrics written by John Lennon that say, "life is what happens when you are busy making other plans."  Very true.  You can plan from today, tomorrow, next week and after but you can't plan for all the things that happen in between.  Sometimes the only thing you can do is to go with the flow.  Be flexible and most importantly, don't freak out and expect disaster.  The unexpected can bring a wonderful surprise.  You just never know! 

If you have plans for today, I hope they go smoothly and if you don't, I hope something wonderful happens to you all today!  Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!~Love, Amy

Sunday, July 30, 2017


Good morning!  A beautiful sunny Sunday headed our way.  A lazy day for you or do you have plans?  Plans of walking and looking at nature?  The beach?  Household chores?  However you choose to spend your day, release expectation and just enjoy it!  This leads directly to my morning quote, which is, "Give for the pure pleasure of giving - not the expectation of receiving something in return." 

How many of us truly give?  Give things, time, money, ourselves with the expectation that there better be something in it for us?  Be honest with yourself.  It is more the norm than not.  Whatever it is you do give, give it freely and because you want to.  Has anyone ever made you feel guilty because you haven't spent enough time with them? 

We are all busy.  Busy is no excuse.  There is not one person who is busier than another, I'm sorry, it is NOT a contest, however; you know that if you want to see someone or do something for someone, you will.  But if you are only doing it because you know you will "get something out of it," don't bother. 

The most wonderful feeling in the world is to give without expectation.  Give because you want to.  Give because you care.  Give for no reason at all.  Give because you are a caring and wonderful person!  Have a beautiful and wonderful Sunday!~Love, Amy

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Good morning everyone!  It is a cloudy Tuesday but that's OK.  The rain came yesterday and fed my deck plants.  I talk about the weather quite often as it affects our moods.  My moods for certain!  But why let the weather affect how you feel?

Today's quote, "Be aware that at every moment you create your own reality of yourself and the world."  If I choose to be affected by a rainy day or a sunny day or by something someone has said or not said it can be good or bad.  Why let any outside force affect us?  We do and we do this all the time without even realizing it.

When someone says something we don't like to hear we often blame our bad mood on that and allow ourselves to spiral downward.  We have all heard the phrase, sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.  Well, that is partially true.  Words do hurt and they can be much more painful than a stick or a stone but what we can control is our reaction to those words.

We can control our reaction to the weather as well.  Don't let a rainy day get you down.  It won't rain forever and think of all the good it does for the earth!  Always try your best to put a positive spin on everything as much as you can.  I'm sure some of you might even be rolling your eyes as you read this and you know what?  I don't care.  I don't care because I believe in everything I say and everything that I tell you. 

Do I get negative thoughts?  Of course I do.  I'm human!  BUT do I try and turn them around?  You bet I do!  Besides, who wants to be around a negative person?  I don't and I'm sure you don't either.  If that's what it takes then do that.  Ask yourself, "who would want to be around me at this moment?"  If even YOU don't want to be around you then turn it around. 

Create the reality of who you are and the world around you in the most positive light possible at that moment in time.  Notice the difference in how you feel and how others respond to you.  You will be amazed!  Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!~Love, Amy

Saturday, July 22, 2017


Good Morning!  Back at another weekend!  You can say that when you are off everyday is a weekend but that's not true.  Every day has a different feel.  No one can tell me that Monday EVER feels like Saturday or even Wednesday.  Today feels very much like the Saturday that it is and I'm happy it's here.  

Most of my days begin in what is usual for me.  Making my bed, coming downstairs, turning on the coffee, writing my quotes and of course walking my beloved Mia.  She is very patient as she knows I have some things to get to before I get to her.  She knows that she will always have a nice walk together.  It is not only what she looks forward to but what I look forward to as well.

Walking Mia is like walking meditation.  It is when I can hear the birds, the bugs and all the sounds around me that let me know it's going to be a great day.  Today's quote, "Relaxing can be constant movement of the body but not constant movement of the mind."  Some people have a very hard time sitting still and are constantly on the move.  We all know people like that.  I am like that.  I love moving around and doing things.  There are always things to be done that need movement BUT if you can't let your mind relax that's not good for your health.  

Thoughts always come in and out but letting them out is so important.  When you walk and I encourage that, just be.  Just breathe and look at all that surrounds  you.  The trees, the sky, the landscape.  Take in the beauty.  Don't go over your daily routine.  When people tell me they can't meditate, of course I listen but I don't believe that about anyone.  Anyone and everyone can meditate.  

My meditations are a wonderful way to begin as I lead people on a guided journey. Some of us need help to clear our minds and that's perfectly fine.  At one time or another we all need some sort of help.  Never say never!  Take a walk and stretch your legs.  Get that morning exercise but when it comes to your mind, let it all go.  

I have faith that everyone can clear their minds.  Take a walk and see your neighborhood through new eyes!  Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!~Love, Amy

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Good morning!  Back from my mini vaca!  Had a really nice time with my daughter being away.  Who doesn't love to get away but sometimes a two week vacation is not possible.  It isn't in the cards for me at this time but a couple of days can sometimes do the trick.  I was in a holistic spa in the Catskills in a small town with nothing going on.  We hiked, got massages, facials, took yoga classes and ate well.  What more could anyone want?

Today's quote which fits perfectly is "A healthy spirit will reside in a healthy body."  How true is that?  We need to treat ourselves every once in a while.  Know that it is not spoiling yourself.  Know that it is necessary to do all the things we need to.  Today for me it is life as usual.  I have a client in an hour an a half.  I have Mia to take care of, some household things and Guided Meditation class tonight!  The fact that I was away taking care of me only helps me to be an even better me!

Take care of yourself first.  Have a good breakfast!  Take a lovely walk.  Do something wonderful for yourself.  It is the stress of everyday life and other stressers that put that weight on and bloat you, not the whole wheat toast!  Being healthy is all encompassing.  Not just your physique.  A healthy mind is that fastest and most efficient way to a healthy body!  So no, don't eat that donut but know that bread is not the enemy.  Negativity is the enemy!  Be positive and upbeat and when you see that glass on the counter - it is half full and NOT half empty!  

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!~Love, Amy

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Aw Saturday!  Welcome to the weekend.  Will it ever stop raining?  Maybe yes and maybe no.  Who cares.  Mia is sitting by my feet happily chewing on her bone.  Rain or shine, she is one happy puppy.  Are you a happy puppy?  We aren't all the time.
Sometimes we are to blame and sometimes not.

Today's quote, "Hour after hour - day after day the ocean waves roll in - find what you love - what you never tire of doing."  That my friends is the key to happiness!  When you do what you love - it isn't work.  Of course we have all heard that before.  Of course we are all aware and know the truth that exists with that.  The hard part is the research.

The research it takes to figure out what you love.  It takes time.  Be willing to put in the time and the effort because in the long run it is so worth it.  Who doesn't want to be happy?  That is what we all strive for.  To be happy.  To have meaning within our day.  To find out our purpose in this life.  That is why we are all here. 

I found my purpose.  I am here for everyone!  I am here to heal.  To meditate with others.  For me this is not work.  Helping people is what I love.  What I enjoy.  It is not work when someone comes to see me.  The satisfaction I get when I know someone walks out of my space feeling so much better than when they came in is indescribable.

You will get there.  Trust me - I know you will.  If not today or tomorrow, down the road.  Just stay on that road.  It might get a little bumpy at times but eventually it all smooths over!  Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!~Love, Amy

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Good Morning all!  It's been awhile I know.  How is everyone?  I will be honest here.  My computer was not working properly so I had to use another one in the house that is not always available and I thought I would take a bit of a break.  I started to feel that I was too repetitious even though many of my thoughts relate.  I am back today and it feels good and it feels right!  

I have friend who is a great person.  A wonderful person but chooses to help those around him at the expense of himself.  I have been thinking a lot about him because he is doing it again.  Do you know anyone like that?  Are you yourself that person?  

Today's quote, "It's admirable to save those you love - love yourself enough to save yourself first."  Don't ya think?  Who doesn't want or need help?  At times we all do and it's wonderful when someone is there for you.  Truly there for you, enough to change your life but what about the one doing the saving?

Is that person sacrificing everything in order to help someone else?  Of course we all feel good when we do for others but you can't leave out the most important person which is you!  This is not selfish!  No!  Not at all.  It is imperative to take care of yourself so that you can be offer proper support.  Never forget how important you are.  If others rely on you make sure you are strong enough to help them.  

If you are not, then learn to say no.  That's perfectly O.K.  It's not mean, it's not rude, it's what has to be at that particular moment.  Get that massage, take that walk, read that book.  Find time for you and only then will you have all the time in the world for those you love and who need your help!  Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!~Love, Amy

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Good Morning!  It's been a few days.  Hope you all had a wonderful fourth of July.  Mia had a terrible fourth of July.  The sounds of the fireworks terrified her although we were able to watch an absolutely spectacular show right in our backyard.  I love fireworks.  I think they are beautiful and festive and symbolize summer but for Mia, I am glad they are over.

I know today will be a better day for her and she won't be scared to go outside like she was yesterday.  There are always lots of fireworks leading up to the big day so I am thankful they are finished.  What if there are more?  I can't think about it because it hasn't happened yet. 

Today's quote, "Concentrate on what today will bring - tomorrow is not here yet."  How many of us perseverate on what will be rather than what is?  On all that has not yet occurred?  Guilty right here.  It's something else that I have worked really hard at not doing.  It is very easy to tell you to be in the moment but how many of us really are?

I would plan for our next vacation while on vacation.  You can worry about tomorrow's weather.  That's a list that can go on and on.  I have begun a new summer schedule for meditation.  I worry about who will come.  Who can come.  BUT....I also decided to stop.  Whatever happens will happen.  And so instead of worrying, I am excited to see who will show up.

It's not that we don't think about the future but don't just think about tomorrow.  Think about today.  Live for today and enjoy today.  Before you know it, tomorrow will be here!  Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!~Love, Amy 

Monday, July 3, 2017


Good Morning!  I took a break over the weekend.  I think I will be doing that over the summer.  Seems that everyone is in a different routine and maybe not as attentive to things as we normally are and that's perfectly fine!  Sometimes we all just need a break.  You all know how happy I am for my break.  I can't seem to get enough sleep although I believe I am stabilizing finally!

Rest is so important and so is taking care of yourself.  I plan on doing a lot of that this summer.  That falls in line with today's quote, "The voices in your head that tell you you are beautiful, wonderful and a gift are the voices you need to hear."  We are all really great at bashing ourselves.  To do that, no one needs a teacher but when was the last time you praised yourself?

Praise is a good thing no matter if it comes from outside or yourself and the truth is if you don't feel good and confident that's also what you show to the outside world.  Let yourself know how wonderful you are.  Let yourself know you are beautiful inside and out.  Tell yourself these things everyday and believe it!  Have a wonderful Monday everyone!~Love, Amy

Friday, June 30, 2017


Good Morning - I'm feeling a bit odd.  Still getting used to time off.  Lots of people around, lots of people on vacation.  It's interesting how so many people are out of their routine and it presents a strange feeling all around. 

I will get right to my quote today which is, "An impenetrable bubble around you will prevent pain and suffering from entering but also love and kindness - open up your vulnerable side."  Too often we shield ourselves from pain but while doing that we shield ourselves from love as well.  We don't think of that. 

You can't just keep out the bad without keeping out the good.  Vulnerability is not always a bad thing.  You should not always be afraid to let your guard down.  Be open to love and caring from others.  Be open period.  Life is full of disappointments but life is full of wonder as well.  If you close yourself, you never know what you are missing!  Have a wonderful Friday everyone!~Love, Amy

Thursday, June 29, 2017


Good Morning!  I feel like I haven't been to work in months.  Why is that?  I had a nice day yesterday.  Took Mia for a long walk in the morning.  Made a really nice breakfast for myself and sat outside to eat.  Looked at my beautiful flowers that I planted and took another great nature walk with my son in the afternoon.  A great way to spend a day!

I'm also trying to write a book of all my quotes!  This is something that I have wanted to do since last year but I am daunted by how "easy" it is to self publish.  I decided that I am going to try again.  Today's quote, "Temporary upset does not mean permanent disaster."  Not that not writing a book is a disaster but being frustrated by not knowing how to take each step can be. 

Have you had a temporary upset in your life?  Who hasn't.  But know that it will change because things always change.  Know that whatever seems hopeless and upsetting at the moment won't be that way forever.  Nothing is permanent, only your mindset.    If you feel frustrated, take a rest but keep going. 

Now may not be the time for the change you need but never ever give up.  Temporary is short - not forever.  Keep that in your mind and know that in the end, it all works out!  Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!~Love, Amy

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Good Morning.  I already feel like I have been off from work for weeks.  As much as getting up at 5:00 is not fun at all, there is a plan for the day.  Not for one minute do I mind making the day my own, just that it takes getting used to even though it is what I want.  I am reliving a quote at this moment.

Time is so valuable.  You cannot buy it.  You simply have it or you don't.  Time can be earned.  Money can be earned.  Even if you don't have a lot of time to yourself, you can find a way to enjoy what little you have.  Sit outside.  Take a walk.  Just be out in the sunshine.  You can earn money but how much do you need to be happy?  Some have more than others and some are envious of what others have.  Today's quote, "Rich can take you places and buy you  things - rich in your heart opens up the world to you." 

The more love you have in your heart the richer you are.  Money does not make you rich.  Yes, it allows you to buy what you need and more but we all know those people who have so much yet give so little.  Why is that?  It is as if that is the only power that exists is money.  What a terrible thing to hang over someone.  You may not want to share your money but you can always share your heart. 

Whatever time you have, be in nature and let the earth nurture you.  Buy someone a cup of coffee today and see if that small act of kindness does not open your heart!  Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!~Love, Amy

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Good Morning!  It's Tuesday and my second day of not getting up at 5:00.  I promise not to say that everyday but it's so new I just have to relish in my extra sleep.  What I love about having my summers is the time.  Time is always so precious. We never seem to have enough of it.  Even though I don't have to be anywhere or do anything specific this summer, it will still go fast so my goal is to enjoy every minute.

Today's quote, "what if, "what if" became a reality - would you be happy, would it really be what  you desire."  That's something to think about.  Often times we wish for things to happen to us or for us.  We daydream how we want out life to change.  We think about how we want things to be different but did you ever think about what would happen if all those daydreams became a reality?

The hope is that you would be happy and those daydreams you create in your mind are what you really want.  Today's quote is very much like, be careful what you wish for.  Some of those sayings are very true.  When we are presented with our dreams will we know what to do with them.  Will we be happy or even satisfied?  

Dream big, dream large but when you dream know that if what we dream becomes a reality, know that you will also be ready for your dreams to come true!  Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!~Love, Amy

Monday, June 26, 2017


Good Morning on this Monday of my first true day of my summer break.  How nice is was not to get up at 5:00.  Even though I went to bed kind of late for me, I still was able to get up at 6:30.  Funny how 6:30 seems like a luxury but let me tell you, it truly is.  There is nothing more I dislike than being tired.  I don't think anyone out there likes that feeling.  Of course one way to solve that is to go to bed earlier in the evening if that is at all possible.  

Like anything else you need to do what works for you.  Today's quote, "All methods don't work, keep going until you find one that does."  Of course!  So simple but that applies to anything and everything you do.  We are all creatures of habit and just because we do something one way it doesn't mean that's it.  

Explore, be creative, use resources, whatever it is you choose you have to keep going until you find the right balance for yourself in whatever it is you want to change or even to keep the same.  The best part is that you need permission from no one.  Be confident in knowing there are many ways to do something and with perseverance and stamina you will find your way!  Have a wonderful Monday everyone!~Love, Amy

Sunday, June 25, 2017


Good morning on this Sunday! Do you have a beautiful view outside today? I do! Do you wish you were somewhere else? I don't and you should not either.  Today's quote, "Along with someone else's life come their problems and hardships-be happy with all that you have."  How often do we wish for what someone has whether it is their house, their money, their things?  Why is it that we are not satisfied with what we have? Why do we always want more? When you find yourself in that longing mode do your best to stop yourself. Enjoy all you have because without even knowing I know you are blessed!  Have a wonderful Sunday everyone! ~Love, Amy

Saturday, June 24, 2017


Good Morning all!  It's Saturday and my summer vacation has officially begun!  Very happy to have some time to myself, to do the things I need to do and what I want to do.  My meditations will be twice weekly rather than once and whatever else I want to do I can.  Sorry this is late as I have been just exhausted.  Trying not to use that word but that's what it is! 

I slept many hours last night and still I feel drained.  There was a lot happening in my life which I shared with you all.  Prom, graduation, my older son home for the summer, the three of them here, there and everywhere.  Getting my parents, bringing them back to their home.  You get the picture.  And now here I am finally able to take a breath!

Today's quote, "When the end comes it is never truly the end - merely a new beginning."  I don't know if I should have saved this quote for when all three of my kids will be gone in September but this absolutely applies to me right now.  Although my winter job has ended there are so many other things I want to do and will do.  What about you?  Have you just recently ended something?  Is there something you did not have time for and now you do?  Think of it all as a circle.  Beginnings and endings.  That's what makes life. 

Yesterday I spoke with an old high school friend.  We haven't spoken in years.  Of course we are connected on Face Book so we are virtual friends but I am glad he took it to the next level.  We all have our hundreds of virtual friends but when someone reaches out, how nice is that!   That is a new beginning.  A new person in my life and I think that is wonderful!  Whatever it is you want to try - do it!  Don't stop yourself because it is never ever too late.  Doors open and close all the time just as endings and beginnings!  Have a wonderful day everyone!~Love, Amy

Friday, June 23, 2017


Good Morning on this Friday!  Today is a day for New Moon wishes so this will be brief!  Today's quote, "On this day of New Moon wishes manifest love and safety for all those who mean to the world to you." 

That's it!  Directly from the new moon in Cancer we are to manifest feelings of intimacy, love and support of our family but of course at any new time there is a new moon we can manifest anything we want to happen in our lives.  If we want something to drastically change, of course we have to put in the work but we have to believe it will happen.  Concentrate very hard and diligently on what it is you want in your life.

As you know the new moon comes around every month.  Never lose this opportunity to manifest what you want and may all your dreams come true!  Have a wonderful Friday everyone!~Love, Amy

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Good Morning!  It's Thursday.  Day after graduation for my twins.  High school is now officially done along with everything else.  Football, track, prom, their entire suburban school experience before they are off and running to their new adventure which will be college.  Very exciting for them and for me.  I am so happy that they will be where they are meant to and if they don't change the world, that's O.K. as long as they change themselves.

Leaving high school is also a time to leave friendships.  When we have our high school friends we think we will be friends forever.  In some cases that's true but in most, we move on.  We simply don't have as much in common with the ones we grew up with and seem to bond more with the ones we are with day to day everyday.   Some of our friendships in high school were tough and it is then important to leave them behind.  They will leave much behind - past hurts as well. 

High school friendships can be difficult as you are growing in a different way but you have to let go of past hurts and move on.  Today's quote, "If someone hurts you in the past - don't make a plan to hurt them in the future."  Why would anyone do that?  Revenge is not sweet.  Not at all.  Revenge keeps the pain going, revenge does nothing but keep that pain fresh in your mind.  Again, why would anyone want to continue and carry that with them.  All it does is keep it going. 

If someone hurts you in the past, try your best to understand and why it happened.  People will hurt you over and over again.  Of course not everyone you meet but things happen.  Is the hurt accidental or intentional?  Big difference there and only you will know.  If you can let it go then let it go but never ever plot your big revenge.  The only one who will truly suffer will be you.  Wishing you all a wonderful and peaceful Thursday! ~Love, Amy

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Good Morning all on the Wednesday of my children's high school graduation!  I am not getting sentimental.  I just can't believe it.  Having an older child, the younger ones are always the babies and like everyone says, where does the time go?  Is it really fast?  I was looking at some of the photos of them were my twins were younger.  Seems like a lifetime ago, not yesterday but it also seems like they grew up overnight.  All of you out there with children know exactly what I mean.  I will not say this is a bittersweet moment because it is the natural course of events.

I am so happy for my twins that they completed all the schooling of their youth and are off to the college of their choice.  There will be many tears today of that I am sure but my eyes won't shed them.  Although a milestone it is one of many more that they will have in their lives.  When you live through your children, when there is nothing else in your life except for them it can be devastating when they move on. 

I am happy that I have interests, a life, a Meditation and Reiki practice.  Today will be a day of happiness and one that celebrates their growth.  Today's quote, "Misery may love company but don't let that company be you."  Let it find someone else.  I will not allow that in my life so why should you allow it in yours?  We all know that person who thrives on misery and in turn tries to make all around him just as miserable. 

Use your power!  It's there telling you to celebrate whatever it is and not to look at the down side of anything.  Leave out bittersweet and just think sweet. Comforting that friend in need, even holding that bucket to let the tears fall in does not mean the bucket is for you too!  Celebrate what deserves celebration, be a friend but don't let misery cling to your side.  Keep that smile wide and have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!~Love, Amy 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Good Morning!  I know you are thinking exactly what I am.  When is this rain ever going to stop.  Hopefully tomorrow when my twins graduate high school!  Yes, quite a milestone.  Looking forward to a beautiful day and most definitely a one time thing.  Graduating high school is so important.  It is a true ending and beginning all at the same time.  I remember when my other son graduated and it too was a wonderful milestone for him and all his friends.

When all these kids move on to college and then to their dream jobs (we all hope), my hope is that they don't just work to make money and buy things.  In the beginning it certainly is fun to have money and be able to buy whatever it is you want but after a while, how many things do you need?  How many shirts?  How many pairs of shoes?  How many lattes will be consumed? 

My hope for my children is that they also find joy in themselves and giving to others.  Today's quote, "Instead of filling a void with things - fill your heart with love and compassion and share it with others."  That goes for all of us.  How many of us shop and buy things because we think this will "fill us up."  Of course it is fun to have something new, to buy something to enhance your home, to go out to a nice dinner BUT - don't do this to make yourself happy.  It won't. 

When you fill yourself with self love and compassion that need to constantly shop and buy will cease.  When you are kind to a friend in need.  When you do something nice for someone.  When you compliment someone or go out of your way for someone, that hole in your heart suddenly fills up.  There is no better feeling.  Stay out of the stores and enter your heart.  What a difference you will make in yourself and everyone you come across!  Have a wonderful Tuesday all!~Love, Amy

Monday, June 19, 2017


Good Morning!  I skipped yesterday.  Yesterday was Father's Day.  I hope that everyone who still has their dad around had a great day and was able to spend it with their dad or at least call and say hi.  My dad had a major milestone yesterday.  He never likes to talk about his age but he reached 95 yesterday.  He is truly amazing and not just because he has reached such an age with no major health issues but because he is really a great guy!

My dad was and is always a champion of the little guy so to speak.  He is one of those people who sees the good in everyone even down to the tiniest creatures.  In his mind we are all G-d's creatures and no one should cause harm to anyone or anything no matter how large or small.

Today's quote, "Emulate those with a big heart - not a big head."  Be like those who have an open heart and are willing to share themselves with others, not the people who tell you how great they are because of what they may have done.  Even if you have done something wonderful don't go around and brag about it.  Have some humility.  Be humble. 

Do wonderful things not for the adulation of it all but because you want to.  Always have a big heart, always show compassion and always be kind.  We hear this all the time but really do it.  The best thing you can do is to do something wonderful and not talk about it.  Do something good for someone or something because you want to, not for the applause.  Everything and everyone deserves kindness.

I learned this from my dad from the time I was little and he is the one person I have always tried to emulate.  Open you heart and find the compassion that is within you because it exists and share it with those around you! Have a great Monday everyone!~Love, Amy

Saturday, June 17, 2017


Good Morning!  It's Saturday, day before Father's Day.  There will be many posts about dads who are no longer here.  I am very lucky because my dad is not only here in body but so together in mind as well and as a bonus my dad's birthday is tomorrow!  My dad is an amazing guy and I hope to celebrate so many more birthdays with him.

You can be happy and healthy.  It's the way you live your life.  When people get older they are happy for all the time they have been given.  Today's thought, "No one thought should ever own you whether you give it to yourself or have it passed to you."  How long will you be here?  What are the odds of a really long life?  We are all different and shouldn't obsess over what anyone says. 

Let go of negative thoughts and negative thoughts that someone passes on to you.  That can be really hard, I know.  Someone says one thing to us and we hold on for dear life!  Don't let that cripple you because boy can it ever!  How many of us have heard how hard it is for college grads to get jobs?  Well, depending on what you studied, depending on what you are looking for, depending on what you are willing to do, etc. etc.  Do you see what I am doing? 

There are infinite dependents.  Just because one person is having a tough time does not mean you will have the same tough time.  We are all different and we all want different things.  We are people, not categories!  So drop those negative thoughts like a hot potato and if someone passes it along to you simply kick it way out of the stadium!  Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!~Love, Amy

Friday, June 16, 2017


Good Morning on this Friday.  I am listening to the radio at this moment and a wonderful Grateful Dead song just came on.  This has nothing to do with anything except how music can really change your mood.  Not that I am in a bad mood right now.  Just really really sick.  I have a horrible cold.  Why is it that a warm weather cold is worse than being sick in the winter? 

Maybe it is end of year stress although I can tell you I have very little stress at my day job.  What stresses me out are people and relationships.  My daughter and her friend of many years had a falling out and I find that very upsetting.  I am in the belief that everything can be worked out and of course I have age, experience and wisdom on my side.  Today's quote, "Inhabit a place in your heart where love and understanding are the norm."  I truly believe that.

In that way it will be true that whatever is happening you can get through it with love and understanding.  The person who is upset, feels betrayed, feeling at a loss will be helped by the love and understanding you show them.  Sometimes when someone is angry that is all that is really needed.  Sometimes when someone is angry it is misdirected and they don't really even know why they are angry.

Open up your heart.  It can be hard especially if someone says or does hurtful things but know that to be truly present that is what you have to do.  Anger stems from many places and may not even be the current situation.  Be open, understanding and most of all loving for love is exactly what we all need!  Have a wonderful Friday everyone!~Love, Amy

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Good Morning!  Thursday and I have a summer cold.  Why are those so awful?  I don't know but I do know I don't feel great this morning.  Nothing one can do for a cold except to suffer through it and hope it goes away fast. 

Today's quote, "Put in the work - you will get the job."  I can put in the work to get rid of this cold.  Rest and sleep.  But of course I mean, put in the work and your life will be the way you want.  And of course you all know that is what I mean.  This goes for everything in your life whatever that may be.

We all have goals and if we want those goals to come to fruition then we are the ones to make it happen.  We are the only ones who will care enough to make the change we want to see in our lives.  Don't think that life is all about work either.  Have fun too.  Enjoy the process and the journey.  The end result should be exactly what you envision but find the joy too. 

Life should always be a balance.  No matter how hard you work for whatever it is you are going for, find the time for fun and joy!  Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!~Love, Amy

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Good Morning!  A little technical difficulty this morning for some reason.  Maybe the computer is as tired as I am.  Wow, I am really not awake.  I don't mind going to work.  Everyone works, at least most people work at a place.  Most people have to go somewhere.  What I really don't like is getting up at very early hours.  Not that I am a late night person either.  I'm not.  Mornings suit me quite well but they would suit me better at 7:00 rather than 5:00.

My day is going to be a good one.  Very busy once I leave my work place.  I have a client coming in for Reiki this afternoon and then some other things to take care of.  It does feel like one of those days where I will be happy to go to sleep as early as I can.  Oh, well enough of that. 

What I am working on, what I am transitioning towards is being able to do my Reiki session and Meditation sessions full time so that I don't have to go anywhere.  So I don't have to get up at 5:00.  Of course that is not why!  I had a client at 8:00 last Friday morning.  It's amazing what you can do and how energized you feel when you are doing things for yourself, even working.

I know this will happen because I believe it!  Today's quote, "We need to be reminded - if you want something to happen believe it - don't wish it."  Wishing is a waste of time.  A complete waste of time.  It's like saying I wish I could fly.  You can't fly and you will never be able to.  What you can do is make changes in your life by taking action and believing that action will turn into results.  It really is simple. all takes work and if you are not willing to put in the work then don't expect results AND...along with all that work, BELIVE your life will take the turn you want it to.  Believe things will happen in your favor. 

Believe that what you want will indeed become a reality.  We all deserve the lives we want.  Know it, feel it, believe it!  Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!~Love, Amy

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Good Morning!  Another toasty one coming up.  Summer is here in weather anyway.  Count down for me.  I actually got a very slight feeling of panic yesterday.  When you go from so busy to nothing to have to do at all, that is a very strange feeling.  That feeling did manage to leave rather quickly. 

As of the moment that's exactly what I am going to focus on.  The moment.  Where I am now and what I have to do now whatever that is.  I had briefly compared last summer to this upcoming one in my mind but there is no comparison.  This will be very productive in many ways and I am looking forward to it.  Still there were many changes in my life this year.

Today's quote, "In the worst of times find the strength you never knew you had but exists deep inside you."  Events in your life can be fantastic but unfortunately part of life is facing adversity, devastation, loss, sadness, you name it.  It is all part of the plan believe it or not.  We all know that phrase that says what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  There is some truth to that.

Whenever we go through really tough times in our lives and come out of it, no matter how long it takes, we come out O.K.  We may have some scars, we will never forget that sadness but we move on.  Life goes on and then good things happen!  Wonderful things happen and those scars lighten up over time.  Those memories fade and don't hurt as much.  I have always said that you are much stronger than you know.  Life puts us through tests and it is up to us to pass them.  We may not pass them the first time we are always allowed a redo. 

No matter how many times you are tested, know that eventually you will be the winner.  Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!~Love, Amy

Monday, June 12, 2017


Good Morning.  It's Monday.  Why do I feel like I am finished with my day job?  Because I had a three day weekend.  Any time you get a three day weekend, it's very difficult to get back to work.  BUT - work it is.  No complaining here.  I have two weeks left.  How many of you can say that?  Summers off are worth everything to me.  It's when I can concentrate on my passion which is my Reiki and meditation. 

Today's quote, "Rely upon yourself for happiness - no one can do this for you."  We all know that is true but how many of us wait for things to happen to be happy?  How many of us say when the right person comes along we will be happy?  We are always waiting for things or people to change our lives.  We are the ones who are responsible for any changes that occur.  We are the only ones who are going to make this happen. 

Sometimes change comes quickly and sometimes it just doesn't but until it does we have to live.  We have to be.  We have to be happy and content in what is going on.  It is important to live for the moment and not just wait for happiness to come.  If that is how you want to live your life then you will always be waiting for something.  I am here to tell you to wait for no one. 

Put the responsibility for happiness upon yourself and no one else!  In many ways you will be free.  Release that feeling of when this happens or when that happens or when this person changes.  Be the one to change and watch change happen all around you.  Have a wonderful Monday everyone!~Love, Amy

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Good Morning on this glorious Sunday!  I say that because the sun is already out and it is already warm.  Quite a difference from last week.  Seems that summer has arrived.  Great beach day or just a day to walk outside and enjoy the sound of the birds.  Mia and I love to do that! 

I had an interesting night's sleep.  Many many dreams which is not uncommon for me.  At the moment I cannot remember a single one but as the day goes on I will.  You know how something happens in your day and you suddenly remember something?  I'm absolutely positive that will happen to me.  Maybe even while I am writing this! 

Today's quote, "Pay attention to the clues you receive in your dreams at night."  Life can be a puzzle.  What fits into what.  Where do I go next.  How will this work.  Dreams are there to help us sort things out.  It is our unconscious mind at work.  When people say they don't dream it is just not so.  Of course they dream.  Everyone dreams.  You may or may not remember but you had them as we all do.

Dreams are our way of working things out.  Some are more powerful than others to the point where we wake up startled.  I know that that has happened to everyone!  Nightmares are things we certainly do not want to come true which is why we have them.  So that in our real lives, everything is stable once again. 

Dreams could be warnings of what not to do and what we should do.  The point of today's quote is to get you all to understand that dreams have a very real purpose.  Next time you wake up from a good or even a bad night's sleep, try and remember what went on during your slumber.  Your guides are with you helping you to sort things out, helping you to understand what you may not be able to in the light of day.  Enjoy this beautiful day and have a wonderful Sunday!~Love, Amy

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Good Morning!  Day after prom.  An exciting time for everyone!  The hot weather finally arrived.  Told you it would come!  I was so happy the weather was beautiful for all the prom attendees yesterday.  To be dressed up and wet is no fun.  To be too hot and have your make-up run is no fun either!

Today's quote, "If you don't walk through fire it is because you were meant to walk through a field of flowers."  This is another way of speaking about your path.  Be happy that not everything is a struggle.  Sometimes you will struggle but sometimes you will float through and come out on top.  Sometimes you will simply smell like a rose.  If it is hard times you are meant to go through then that will have to be for the time being. 

It is never forever!  Never.  Always remember that.  Life is full of mystery for all of us living it but the Universe has our plan all written out for us.  We just have to follow along.  Not everything will be smooth going but at some point it will be.  Not everything will always be awful but might be for a period of time.  Our only choice is to wait it out, be strong and continue along. 

Know that you do have more strength than you think and if you have to walk through fire, run fast so you don't get burned.  If you are walking through a field of flowers, make sure to stop and smell the perfume!  Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!~Love, Amy

Friday, June 9, 2017


Good Morning all!  What a quick week it has been.  Quick and long at the same time.  A nice day coming up and ridiculously hot in the next few days.  Plan your outfit accordingly!  If  you are too hot or too cold you always blame the weatherman.  If  you run out of milk for your coffee you can blame the person who used it last.  As you can see, blame is my topic this morning.  Very rarely do we look at what we did.  It's much easier to blame.

Today's quote, "After you finished blaming everyone else - take a look at the role that you played."  I'm sure I wrote something along those lines once before but it's important to remember that.  How easy is it to blame someone else for everything.  To take no responsibility for something at all.  That is a big problem these days.  We don't want to blame our children for not doing well in school, so we blame the teachers.  We don't want to blame our unhappiness on ourselves so we blame our situations, or the people around us, or our jobs. 

You know where I am going.  The list is endless.  Take responsibility for you period.  You are the one responsible for your own happiness in every aspect of your life.  If you are stuck at a job that you don't like, look for ways to make it better.  Find a soulmate at your job.  I know one exists.  Take a walk outside for lunch.  Being too busy is not an excuse.  Get out of your building and get some fresh air. 

You want to be doing something else?  Find a way to make that happen.  There is always a way to change your situation and your life.  It is entirely up to you.  Stop the blame.  Figure out what it is you need to do.  Find a positive support system.  Stop hanging out with negative people.  Blame is too easy.  Sorry if I sound unkind but this is a mold we all need to break out of!  You will be amazed at how great you feel once you take complete ownership of your own life!  Have a wonderful Friday all!~Love, Amy

Thursday, June 8, 2017


Good Morning all!  I promised the sun would be out and it will....later.....not at 5:11 in the morning!  I should feel energized but I'm not.  Quite tired today.  Had a wonderful meditation last night so that always helps me to get a good night's sleep.  I was just in the middle of slumber when I heard my son scream at the T.V. during a basketball game.  Please let the playoffs be done soon!

To be your best, to function at the top of your game you need to be rested, alert, happy and energized.  Today's quote, "Move over and get out of your own way - don't be the one to stifle your own progress."  That relates to getting a good night's sleep as well.  Of course it does, how could it not.  One way we get in our way is to run ourselves ragged doing a million things. 

We all want to be the best we can physically and mentally.  If you miss the gym one day I promise you, nothing will happen!  I promise you that you will not gain ten pounds and turn to flab.  If you serve leftovers one night, I promise you that your family will not leave you.  If you don't fold the laundry the second it is done drying, I promise you that there are enough clothes left in everyone's drawers. 

If you remain positive in the face of adversity, if you don't get deterred by the bumps in the road, if you never let go of your dreams, you will get to where you want to be.  Sometimes we are our own worst enemies.  We are the ones putting ourselves down.  We are the ones saying what could never happen.  Be the ones to say, "YES."  "It's my turn!"  Grab those pom poms and cheer yourself on.  I know you can do it.  Release those negative thoughts from your head.  Let them know they are not welcome.  Let them know they have no place there anymore.  Think ahead to your own progress and your own success and I know with all my heart you will get there.  Just move over and go for it!  Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!~Love, Amy

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Good Morning!  I'm not in charge of the weather but the sun will be out very soon!  One thing rainy dreary days make you want to do is sleep.  I for one had a great sleep last night.  I cannot remember my dreams but I know I was busy.  Something will happen during the day and it will spark something inside and I will remember bits and pieces.  That always happens.  Funny thing is that it could be the smallest, silliest thing.

Today's quote, "Even dreams take effort not to change to nightmares."  That could be both literal and figurative.  Be careful what you think about before you go to sleep at night.  If you are worried about something.  If you are nervous and anxious before you turn in for the night, those thoughts will stay with you and are certain to disrupt a good night's sleep.  Ever wake up anxious?  Of course you have.  We all have.  Not a good feeling.  You wake up with your heart racing like you had just run a marathon however; you don't feel much like a winner.

The metaphor is thinking that what you want is not what it seems.  That feeling that you have when you say to yourself, "what was I thinking?"  Your dreams are yours and no one can take them away.  Always go for what it is you want but make them a realistic reach.  Coming from me you might think, hmm, she's the one who says anything is possible.  Anything IS possible but what is possible for someone else is not necessarily possible for you.

Don't attach yourself to someone else's dreams or what someone says you should be doing.  Make your dreams your own always.  Know what it is you want.  Know your boundaries.  Know that with effort, your dreams will be just that, dreams come true!  Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!~Love, Amy

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Good Morning on this Tuesday.  I am quite sure the sun will shine again although we all must be forgetting what it looks like by now.  Wonderful meditation last night although a very strange sleep but here I am ready to face another day. 

I never thought I would be doing what I do.  I had no clear path.  Every day is offering me something new.  Yesterday a friend recommended me to teach a Reiki 1 class.  I never taught one before and my first reaction was that I couldn't do it.  But why I asked myself?  Certainly I sat through it.  I have been a teacher.  I still work with kids.  I am a mom.  I am a natural teacher so why the trepidation?  Because that's just me.

But guess what?  I am going to do it because of course I can.  Of course I have the ability to teach this class and of course I have decided to take on this challenge.  Today's quote, "Look not for the straight line leading you on your path - there is none - it simply does not exist."  The only thing I knew when I was younger was that I wanted to get married and have children.  Of course I wanted a career but I was never quite sure what that career would be.

I was not one of those people who knew from early on that I wanted to be a teacher.  In fact that was the last thing I ever wanted to be.  I also did not know from early on that I wanted to lead Guided Meditations and become a Reiki practitioner.  It happened.  Life happens.  Things happen.  As we travel on our path we are lead to where we are supposed to be.  For most of us, life is circuitous, it is not straight forward.  Know that that is perfectly alright.  Know that you will always get to where you are supposed to be. 

Know that there is a higher power looking out for your personal good and well being.  You might not get there on a straight road.  It may take many twists and turns but trust that you will be EXACTLY where you are meant to be.  Enjoy the ride everyone and have a wonderful Tuesday!~Love, Amy

Monday, June 5, 2017


Good Morning on this dreary Monday.  I hope you all read about my meditation weekend.  I woke up this morning really missing it and at the same time I couldn't imagine waking up on this dark, rainy day to go meditate.  It would be a tie between meditating and falling back to sleep.  It's days like this that Mia does not even move. 

When I wrote yesterday about my experience I said that I did not know what to expect and therefore really went with no expectations.  I didn't go thinking that I would come to some great revelation.  I really did just go for peace and quiet.  I went so that I could have a calm mind and be in a state where I could handle any kind of adversity.  Adversity is always around.  Everywhere!  Just like stress is everywhere.  As I said yesterday one of the monks said there is even stress in a monastery. 

I could see that.  Even a monk perhaps wants a higher station.  Politics are everywhere!  Why not even in a monastery.  I am learning over time to be truthful to myself and my desires.  I am much closer to that than I was before.  Today's quote, "The landscape can only be seen through open eyes - the truth can be seen with an open mind and an open heart."  Very true!  This is what meditation did for me this weekend.

The surroundings were beautiful.  I sat in the garden listening to the birds and the sound of the leaves as the breeze went through them.  I closed my eyes on occasion but did not want to deny myself of the beauty around.  Quite literally I needed to keep my eyes open, however; understanding myself, it did not matter whether my eyes were open or closed.  I knew in my mind and heart where the truth is for myself. 
No one knows you better than you.  What's the difference between closed eyes and open?  Nothing if you are truthful and honest with your feelings and thoughts.  Never shut out the beauty through life.  Take in your surroundings.  Take in the landscape.  But also, take in the truth with eyes open, sleeping or awake but mostly keep you thoughts open and clear and your heart will follow!  Have a wonderful Monday everyone!~Love, Amy

Sunday, June 4, 2017


A good afternoon to you all!  I have returned from my meditation retreat.  I had no idea what to expect.  I was a bit nervous and a bit excited upon going there but I have absolutely no regrets.  When does one allow themselves complete peace and rest?  Hard question to answer right?  We are all so busy with our families, our schedules, their schedules, work, the house, etc. etc.  For most of us the only rest we get is when we finally close our eyes for the night.

Although my children are older now and don't need chauffeuring around anymore, it does not mean they don't need ME around.  They do but I am very fortunate to have children and a husband who understand the need I have to be with myself, my thoughts and to expand what I do or what I like to say, practice what I preach.

I arrived Friday evening and was greeted by one of the monks who showed me to my room which was lovely and quite nicely furnished.  I even had my own bathroom.   I put down my things and headed off to the main meditation room for the 7:00 session which lasted about 2 hours.  It was so peaceful watching the light change from day to night as the sun set behind the trees.  I was very tired and fell asleep almost immediately only to be awakened at about 3:30 by the sound of Annchelee who is the greatest Thai cook in the world!

Yes, 3:30 is when she began chopping, cutting and banging pots and pans for Saturday's lunch.  Hmm...I thought this was going to be sound free and relaxing!  I thought wrong.  I was up once again at 5:30 to similar sounds.  Remembering that morning meditation is at 7:00 I got out of bed around 6:00, showered, walked around the garden and headed off to meditation.  Breakfast was promptly at 7:30.  I have to say, it was worth being woken up ridiculously early.  Annchelee made a soup with tiny meatballs, rice and spices that I would gladly trade in my daily yogurt for. 

After breakfast I did something I never do.  I went back to sleep!  Yes!  It was amazing.  When does anyone take a nap after breakfast?  Don't say a word, I can answer for you.  NEVER!  I needed that sleep like I never needed sleep before.  It refreshed me so that I was able to meditate again at 10:00.  Afterwards we had a superb lunch, the one that began its preparation at 3:30 A.M.  The most delicious chicken dish I have ever eaten. 

I can't help but wonder if it was so tasty because it was or because I didn't have to cook!  Another thing that doesn't happen often.  Someone cooking for me!  After lunch we were free to meditate on our own which meant going back to the big meditation room but also walking the gardens, sitting in the sun and simply enjoying the surroundings.  The time went both slowly and quickly.  I allowed my thoughts to come and go as I sat in the sun feeling it warm my entire body. 

After a dinner of left overs which would be the envy of any foodie, we had a session of Qui Gong with a visiting monk from Montreal.  He gave us exercises that release stress, depression and anxiety.  Simple yet powerful movements.  I liked this particular monk very much.  Even though his life is so different than ours, he understood the stress of the average person and did not diminish it.  More meditation followed until the sun went down once again and then my comfortable bed called for me.

I had a most wonderful night's sleep.  I felt more relaxed than I have ever felt.  Up at 6:30, meditation at 7:00, breakfast at 7:30.  I was so full and not used to eating so much, (I couldn't stop!) that all I had was a banana and coffee.  I had assumed that the food would be all vegetarian.  Annchelee accepts requests but prepares as she sees fit.  My last and final meditation was at 10:00 this morning and I must admit, I was very excited for lunch.  Pad Thai.   Annchelee did not disappoint.  She made two versions.  One with chicken and egg and another one with lentils for a vegan meditator.  Both were fantastic. 

After lunch I sat in the garden for a little while and then went to the meditation room.  I thanked Annchelee for her delicious meals and hospitality and headed back home.  All in all this was a wonderful experience for me.  I am relaxed, calm and feel that my thoughts are clear.  I know I will be back. 

Friday, June 2, 2017


Good Morning!  We made it to Friday even though it was a short week.  Hope it went well for all of you.  This weekend is going to be really special for me.  I am attending a 2 day meditation retreat at the Redding Meditation Center.  I have done two 1 day retreats but never a "sleep over!"  I am both nervous and excited as I embark on this very new adventure.

Today's quote, "Experience is everything - leave judgement aside until you've done it all."  That's exactly what I need to do.  I have no idea what this will be like.  I don't even want to think about what it will be like because I need to be there.  I need to be on the premises, sleeping there and eating there.  It is also a mostly silent retreat but I don't think it is as strict as others.

Again, I don't really know!  What is it that  you judge without knowing first hand?  We all have a tendency to do that with just about everything.  Something hard not to.  Being open minded frees you from that.  Being open minded lets you not judge.  Being open minded gives you a chance to let things unveil themselves before you choose an opinion. 

And so for this weekend, I will not judge anything about it.  What I will do is let you all know how it goes.  I will not be blogging this weekend.  There are no electronics at this retreat.  The point is to be away from devices, people and thoughts.  I will sharing my experience with you all on Monday!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!~Love, Amy

Thursday, June 1, 2017


Good Morning all!  Thursday.  Did you hear that rain last night?  Seemed like it came out of nowhere!  Rain yesterday, then sun, then rain again.  AND - rain today!  It won't be this way for long and even if it is, there is not much we can do about it except maybe sing a song from our childhood but whatever you do, know it will be gone and don't let it affect how you feel.

Most of us prefer sun but rain is nice too.  Try and enjoy the beauty of it all.  The sound of the drops.  When we look outside it's even what we tell ourselves.  "Ugg, it's raining!"  Why not, "Oh, look at the rain."  A much better way to look at things and healthier for our minds.   Today's quote, "Healthy choices go beyond what we feed our bodies - it's what we feed our minds as well."  Are you feeding yourself good food?  Then feed yourself good thoughts too! 

We work so hard on keeping ourselves in good physical condition, to be the right weight, to look a certain way.  We need to put that effort into our minds as well.  Even more so!  In order to be in the physical body we want to be in we need to be in the right mind as well.  That's even more important!

Your mind and body work together.  That's just the way it goes.  When you hear of people who struggle with their weight, you have to wonder what's going on otherwise?  What are they holding onto?  What is preventing that loss?  A right mind will get you in the right state to work on your physical you.  From a distance it is easy to see someone who is just not happy. 

Someone who is not of the mind they would like to be.  Wake up and tell yourself it's going to be a great day!  Do this everyday!  Tell yourself you are magnificent and do this everyday too!  Put yourself on a pedestal and let the world see what you have told yourself.  That you are wonderful!  Have a great Thursday everyone!~Love, Amy 

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Good Morning!  Wednesday.  Dreams galore. Walking on the beach, traveling, very busy!  No wonder I am tired.  Busy night but still woke up without my alarm.   Why is it that no matter how much you sleep in previous days, it is still not enough on other days?  A question that may never be answered!  We all dream.  I dream so vividly that sometimes I feel like I never slept. 

Some look at sleep as a waste of time but it's not.  It is a way of course for us to refresh our bodies and minds and many times because of our dreams, it is a way to help us solve issues in our lives and problems we may have.  Today's quote, "Options are there - they always are - be open minded and see them all."  We have all heard of the phrase, "there are two ways to skin a cat."  Wow, thinking about that saying.  Pretty awful!  However, the message is that there are more ways than one to do something.  To do ANYTHING! 

We have to be resourceful and intelligent about the way in which we go about things.  Life forces us to be creative and use powers that we never knew we had.  Sometimes we don't see all of our options immediately but if we are open.  If we allow help in, things will come to us. 

There is never a dead end even if it might seem so.  Every bad situation has a way to change for the better.  It may take time and it may take work but know you are never stuck.  Breathe, always breathe before making any drastic decisions.  Help can come from ways you never imagined.  Be positive and most of all, always keep your options open!  Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!~Love, Amy

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Good Morning all!  I hope you had a wonderful and restful long weekend.  I did not write yesterday but I am back this morning!  Even though the weather is not what it should be for this time of year I still feel like summer is here and we should be headed to the beach!  Not feeling very beachy yet unfortunately but before you know it, the weather will do what it always does.  Go from 0 to 60!  Meaning going from cool to hot and no in between.

That does not mean I am not happy for the season.  I love them all.  Today's quote, "No one person and not one thing should make you dependent on your own happiness."  That can absolutely relate to the weather as well.  Sure we like to see the sun shining as opposed to the rain falling but that should not make us any happier.  A new pair of shoes is always fun but we should be just as happy with them or without them.

Most of all we should not rely on anyone to make us happy or sad or miserable or depressed.  Does that happen?  All the time.  It is said that no one can make you happy or sad, it is the power you give them.  Can we miss people?  Of course.  Can we be angry at someone?  Of course.  We are all emotional beings but we cannot let the actions of others determine our own happiness. 

If you don't like the way you are treated it is up to you to rethink your relationship or friendship.  Everyone needs to learn to love themselves and love their own company.  Only when that happens will you really be happy.  No one can ever make you happy.  That will always come from within.  People should compliment one another, laugh together and have fun.  When you can smile by yourself, others will always smile with you!  Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!~Love, Amy

Sunday, May 28, 2017


Good Morning on this Sunday before a day off!  I definitely slept longer than usual.  My body was telling me to.  Feels like such a lazy Sunday but I do have things I need to do so let's get started.  Today's quote, "Life will take you to magnificent places if you let it."  Another seemingly simply saying but true as well.

Where do you want to go?  Do you stop yourself?  Sometimes you are the only one getting in your way.  Stop doing that.  Trust and go with the flow!  Let things happen and they will always happen for the best.  Life is like that.  I've said it so many times and I will continue to say the same thing but sometimes you really have to let go and give in. 

Be amazed at life and be happy where you are.  Never stop wanting your dreams but let life be a sailboat taking you down a glorious river or even better, an ocean.  Life can be a wonderful journey if you can let go of expectations and let down your guard. 

Try it for today and see how you feel.  Take a deep breath and let go and enjoy the journey!  Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!~Love, Amy

Saturday, May 27, 2017


Good Morning and happy Saturday.  My house is so quiet and still.  Ugg - so much to accomplish today BUT - it will get done.  First is this and then Mia.  She will be at my feet any time now.  I put my sweatshirt on so she thinks it's her turn!

Today's quote, "You might think it's luck but it is the Universe telling you it's your turn."  Did something ever happen to you that you wanted and a friend tells you how lucky you are?  When something bad happens you are unlucky but when something good happens you are lucky. 

No.  There is no luck.  Luck has nothing to do with anything.  When something good happens that you have worked very hard on it is you manifestation and the Universe letting you know, O.K.  Now you are ready!  I have been in my house for just about 18 years.  I remember so well coming up here every weekend for months to look at houses. 

None of them seemed right except this one.  I absolutely loved this house and no other.  The realtor told us we were third on the list but my response to her was, "This is my house."  Of course she thought I was crazy.  I had to wait it out a bit but in the end, this was my house.  I knew it, the Universe knew it, I just had to wait. 

Lots of things are already decided and not by us.  They have been decided by a power much stronger than we are.  Now of course being what you want and doing what you want takes work but know that it will all come to fruition when the time is right, when you are ready and when the Universe tells you, it is YOUR turn!  Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!~Love, Amy

Friday, May 26, 2017


Good Morning!  It's Friday!  The holiday weekend is upon us.  Hope you have great plans or no plans or that you can do just what you want.  Three days in a row is wonderful but sometimes it's still not enough time.  Aw, time.  Something we always want more of except of course if you are engaged in boredom.  Yes, engaged in boredom.  That is real.  When you are bored, try and disengage.  Daydream!  Yes, I am telling you to daydream.  Keep a journal with you and write things down.  Even when you are calm, your mind is thinking.  Write those thoughts down if you can. 

The weather is going to be nice for the actual weekend so if you have a bbq, you are in luck.  What about the weather in your soul?  Today's quote, "You don't need a weatherman to tell you if a storm is brewing."  Isn't that true!  We can feel things just like animals know when a storm is brewing, we know too.  The air changes.  It feels different and smells different.  That change can be a great thing though as uncomfortable as it is in the beginning.

Change scares us because it takes us out of our comfort zone but it is necessary for growth.  Sometimes there is a raging storm inside us because of the boredom factor.  Because we know we have to do something.  Yesterday was new moon wishes.  Talk about a storm brewing.  Did you feel anxious yesterday?  Were you not feeling yourself?  That's exactly how I was.  Something was off. 

Even during the night.  I had very vivid dreams and a headache even while I was sleeping.  Change is happening so fast for me that it is taking a bit of a toll on me physically but I know it is all good.  Don't be afraid if you have similar feelings.  Taking action to change your life is huge and even if you are ready you will feel it in many ways. 

Don't look at a storm as a bad thing.  Go with it.  Remember, there is a calm before a storm but after a storm there is often a rainbow!  Have a wonderful Friday everyone!~Love, Amy

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Good Morning all!  It's Thursday.  New moon wishes day!  It happens once a month.  This is the day the Universe will hear you and you will be closer to what it is you want in life, with people, relationships, career, you name it.  Today's quote, "On this day of new moon wishes communicate with the universe for today she is all ears just waiting to hear from you." 

Wishes don't manifest over night although some will manifest faster than others.  This is a practice I have been doing for at least nine years.  Yes!  Nine years.  It is not that she didn't hear me all these years.  Oh she heard me.  But everything has to be right.  Just like that phrase, the stars have to align.  The universe is very powerful and knows the right time. 

That is why sometimes you think you want something but it turns out it really isn't something in your best interest.  I knew and know exactly what I want but the timing in my life needed to be right.  It needed to work around my family, my current schedule, things that are already in existence.  If what I wanted happened even six years ago, I can tell you right now it would not have worked out AT ALL!

Everything is happening the way I want and fast at this point in my life.  I can guarantee it will be the same for you.  Know what you want, write it down and watch it manifest but also know the Universe knows better than you so don't give up!  Remember, ten handwritten wishes and may your dreams come true!  Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!~Love, Amy

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Good Morning all!  Hump day as they say.  Smack dab in the middle.  Busy day for me today.  I have a client coming early this morning for a Reiki session and then I'm off to pick up my college boy!  Very excited to see him, even his laundry.  Well, maybe not his laundry but definitely will be nice to have him home.  The dynamics of a house completely change when one of the family members is not there and then changes dramatically again.  So too does your food bill but a small price to pay!

This is the first time I have had such an early Reiki session but this is what the client wants so this is what she gets!  I'm available, I don't have to leave until a bit later so why not?  People who come for healing really need it and usually when an appointment is made the client is so excited to get that healing energy.  Today's quote, "Are you ready to go where you've never been before" can apply to me today.  Yes I am doing what I love, doing it in a space I never thought I would, (my home) and now a time that although seems to some a bit early, this is what I need to do to show my support for my clients.

It's all about what it is you want.  Can you push yourself to do things at different times, reorganize your day?  What is it that you can do to change your current situation if it does not please you? Going where you have never been before is a metaphor for change.  Sometimes you need to push yourself and stop saying what we all do and hoping what we all hope.  "I wish this would happen or that would happen." 

Nothing just happens.  NOTHING!  There is effort to everything.  If you are not willing to put any in then don't expect results.  If the same old way is not working, find one that does and don't stop until you get there.  You will eventually get there.  Know it takes time, patience, hard work and most of all a willingness to go to the unknown.  Is it scary? YES!  Is it rewarding when you make it?  ABSOLUTELY!  Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!~Love, Amy