Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Good morning everyone!  Happy Tuesday.  Our day to day existence is taken up by our day to day stuff.  That stuff is our life!  Job life, home life, family life and hopefully some me life in the mix.  There are times we forget that we want more out of our lives because we are too busy doing.  When we are too busy doing we don't even remember what it is we wanted or wanted to change.  Wouldn't it be lovely if we could snap our fingers and say "now!"

Nothing works that way.  Change can be swift or gradual and something you have been working on.  The thing about change is that it happens when you are tired of  your present situation.  It is when you begin to think of what it is you would really like to be doing in your life.  The other type of change happens due to something completely out of your control.  When you think you couldn't possibly be ready.  

Let's say you go to work every day.  Might not be your dream job but there you are and one day, just like that, you get fired!  Let's say Prince Charming is not so charming after all.  Hmmm.  Let me tell you a story about a Reiki Practitioner named Amy.  One day at the studio where she worked, Reiki was not very well understood so she was asked by the owner what else she could do.  The owner and Amy decided that she could lead Guided Meditations.  These classes became so popular that word got out about Amy and another studio came calling.  

Well the owner was not happy.  She thought she not only owned the studio - she thought she owned Amy.  When she confronted Amy to ask her if she was teaching classes elsewhere, Amy said yes.  OK everyone!  Enough of that BUT the story is not over.   The owner was so outraged that I would dare to expand my practice (very spiritual right?), that she demanded the keys back and threw me out!

I was stunned.  I was floored and naturally I was upset.  I assumed I would lose my students and be bad mouthed all over town but that didn't happen.  The other studio flourished and my students followed me.  Other doors continued to open all because of getting the axe!

Today's quote is, "Messes create chaos and upheaval - sometimes the necessary force to propel you forward."  That certainly applied to me.  Had I not been asked to leave where I was, I would have stayed and continued to be abused, accepting it because I thought there was nothing else out there.  There are those who are complacent and prefer to stay put in their misery.  There are those who get change thrust upon them due to upheaval completely out of their control.

It doesn't matter what causes your shift.  Not everyone sails into change.  In fact most of us are resistant to it and only do something when catastrophe strikes.  Whatever works is what I always say.  If you are the latter in my description and disaster if  your boost for change, celebrate the fact that something lit a fire underneath you and propelled you forward.  

The very word chaos sends shivers down our spines but I am here to tell you to look at chaos as a catalyst, the very one to create the change in your life!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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  Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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