Thursday, July 7, 2022


Good morning everyone.  Happy Thursday.  Finally, finally, finally, my time is really and truly my own.  I can get up when I want, make a nice breakfast and run my day however I please. It is now up to me whether to walk with Mia for an hour or fifteen minutes.  Well, actually it's up to her!  

My ex- place of employment would have me sitting for fifty- five -minute blocks of time, several times a day.  I found that to be excruciatingly boring, but such is the way it is in school.  If I was feeling that way just imagine how kids feel.  

The ones that were too fidgety were misdiagnosed with ADD faster than you could say what ADD means.  I don't have Dr. in front of my name but if anyone asked me, my diagnosis for so many of these kids would be boredom, treatable by moving around!

Today's quote is, "A rebel soul knows when to move for they cannot be still."  Schools are filled with rebel souls aching to do what they want and to learn the way they want.  School the way it is forces those rebel souls to daydream, to disregard the person in the front of the room and to appear as though they have an itch that cannot be relieved.

Sitting still is tortuous for these poor souls who bodies and minds need to roam free.  Sure, there are times we need to be still and to sit but if you come across a rebel soul understand their need to move is who they are.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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