Thursday, August 4, 2022


Good morning everyone.  Happy Thursday.  Our blue eyes and brown eyes come from our parents.  So do our dimples, short stature and ability to tan or burn.  Passed down through generations are the things we cannot see.  Our abilities, fragilities and tenacity.  Every soul inhabits much more than the genes of our parents.

Today's quote is, "We are the sum of DNA from our parents our grandparents and all the souls of our ancestors."  You may not have met your great great great great great grandmother, but her influence remains.  Generation after generation passes on not just our physical attributes but those that are blind to the eye.  

While the struggle that many of them went through has thankfully been left behind what they have given us is an appreciation for the hardships and joys that befell them.  Your legacy will be more than what you leave your children as their mother and father but the entourage of all of your ancestors way before your time.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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