Tuesday, March 10, 2020


Good morning everyone.  Happy Tuesday.  Remember the game, Telephone?  It used to be played at parties where kids would sit in a circle and whisper something in someone's ear, then the next person would whisper what they heard in someone else's ear and so on and so on until getting back to the first person with what was supposed to be the original message.  Somehow that message would get completely mangled in the process leaving everyone in a fit of laughter.

You know when its not so funny?  When we make assumptions about what we've heard and then relay it to other people.  That is an explosion waiting to happen.  Today's quote is, "Assumptions made on hearsay ignite dangerous fires."  There are many types of people but one quickly comes to mind when reading this quote.  That type would be the "know it all."  Only someone who knows everything would be brave enough to make assumptions based on anything and everything they hear.

To some degree we all do this.  Name a topic and we can make an assumption about it.  Fat person?  Stupid and lazy.  Rich person?  Living on easy street.  Physically stunning?  Never alone on a Saturday night.  Smiling person?  Must be great to be happy all the time.  What we don't know is never on the surface but underneath.

That overweight person may be battling an illness.  The seemingly wealthy well dressed man or woman's only friend may be the salesman in a department store.  I read an article about men and women models who did indeed sit home many Saturday nights.  Why?  People were afraid to approach them.  And that happy, smiley person you see?  Perhaps a manic high.

The truth is we never know what lies behind a smile, a frown or extra pounds.  Assuming we do is wrong.  Not only is it wrong but assumptions we make and spread around could have devastating consequences.  Always always think before coming to conclusions of any sort.  Put yourself in the place of another.  We all feel pain and sadness but we can also spread joy and love and I think it is safe to say, we can all assume that's exactly what everyone needs!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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