Thursday, December 10, 2020


Good morning everyone and happy Thursday.  How many times have you made plans only to see them fall apart and then delight in the fact that they blew up?  That friend who cancelled dinner plans, the one you really didn't want to see anyway.  That job you thought you really wanted but in your heart knew it wasn't for you.  There are times we think we know what we want.  Not just think we know but are convinced of our innermost desires and we sure as hell aren't going to let anyone tell us otherwise.

Its happened to me.  I'm sure its happened to you too.  Its fun to make plans but plan on something bigger than you letting things work out exactly as they should.  Today's quote is, "Understand that when you make a plan the Universe may have a completely different idea for you - be open to receive something even better."

I've defied the Universe numerous times and suffered the consequences.  Trust was a recurring theme in my life.  One that I had to learn over time.  LOTS OF TIME!!  Meaning, don't beat yourself up over recurring themes in your life.  You'll learn those lessons eventually.  Here's a really big lesson.  Know that the Universe doesn't pick and choose who to protect, who to look out for and who to help.  The Universe is here for all of us and our job is to trust in the bigger picture.

Although the path you are one may be more circuitous than you would like, it is the path you were meant to be on.  Never lose hope and always have faith.  Success is part of the plan but failure, heartache and disappointment can sometimes be hidden gifts.  Gifts that make us realize how wonderful it is to have gotten to where we are, exactly as we were meant to.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone~

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