Tuesday, January 12, 2021


 Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday.  You may know this about me already but I'm a shoe girl.  I love shoes.  I love boots too.  I remember buying a pair of adorable low cut, high heeled, black leather trimmed, maroon suede boots that were ever so snug.  I told you I was a shoe girl!  I could do it I thought.  They're not that tight.  At least not until I paid for them and brought them home.

The first time I wore them I thought I would have to amputate my toes.  Each digit from big toe to pinkie were huddled together in the shape of a C.  The lack of blood flow finally convinced me that try as I might, these boots just didn't work. I held onto them just to stare at their beauty until finally bidding them adieu!

We might love an article of clothing from our youth but worn twenty years later it looks like we are holding onto what was.  We hold onto relationships because we fear there is nothing better out there and not just romantic relationships but friendships as well.  If the past is no longer there then why do we hold onto it?

Today's quote is, "There is one thing that is impossible - holding onto what no longer exists."  We give ourselves reasons or shall I say excuses for why we stay in places we really don't want to be.  It made me sad to toss the shoes but I realized my feet wouldn't shrink.  Stop hoping for people to change.  They rarely do.  Stop thinking the job is going to get better.  It might get worse.  Stop holding onto a past that is long gone because when you do you will open yourself up to the love and happiness you so deserve.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy 

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  1. Amy
    What a timely message . Divine timing as letting go has not been easy for me .it’s 2021 now and while the past has taught me lessons I don’t want to look back anymore . Only forward