Tuesday, November 9, 2021


 Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday.  A level of quality or attainment is also known as a standard.  When we think of the word standard, quality comes to mind.  We can say, "I have high standards," but what does that actually mean?  It means that when you go to a restaurant you expect it to be clean, the staff to be courteous and the food to be delicious.  Who would willingly sit down in an establishment with roaches running around the floor?

Yes, that is an extreme example.  I suppose if one is hungry enough those high standards might drop down a tad.  Most of us were taught to work hard, try hard and to always do

our best.  We were taught manners and to be polite.  These days it seems like hard work is subjective.  Manners and respect for others seems to have vanished.  Does that mean we should follow along?

Today's quote is, "In the absence of standards we accept mediocrity from ourselves and everyone else."  Society has changed so much and not necessarily for the better.  If you're reading this then I know you also look at social media.  It literally sickens me the way strangers can "talk" to strangers.  Everyone wants to be heard but no one is willing to listen and if a disagreement occurs, nasty words are typed with abandon.  

We are better than that.  Why sink when you can rise?  It is just as easy to be kind as to be cruel.  Being cruel hurts your heart and the hearts of others.  Keep your standards high in everything you do.  Not only will you feel good but so will those around you.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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