Thursday, February 13, 2020


Good morning everyone and happy Thursday!  What will today bring?  Sometimes we know and sometimes we have absolutely no clue.  The latter is more fun.  It leaves you open to surprises!  Out of curiosity, which one of you said, "uh oh" in your head?  Who out there thought immediately that surprise is synonymous with disaster?  If I said more of you went to the dark place rather than the light, I would probably be right.  Too many of us are hard wired to feel the thorn instead of smelling the rose.

We have so much power yet we don't believe in our abilities.  We have so much strength but feel we are weak.  Perhaps we were raised to think we weren't good enough or maybe just maybe we did this to ourselves.  If you are the source of  your inadequacy, stop it right now!

Today's quote is, "Sweep away thoughts of insecurity and doubt for only a clear mind can be open to endless possibilities."  Possibilities for anything cannot exist in a clouded mind.  Overpowered by fear and doubt, we can see nothing to the right, to the left, in back or in front of us.  Use you inner strength and power to jump over those waves of negativity.  Repeat a mantra to yourself.  Do whatever it takes until you convince yourself that you are worthy to receive.

Insecurity and doubt are obstacles we place in our own mind but we are also the ones who have the power to remove them.  Waste no time!  Opportunity awaits!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! Love, Amy

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  1. Thank you Amy . Perfect , divine timing for your message .