Tuesday, February 4, 2020


Good morning everyone.  Happy Tuesday.  Positive affirmations are wonderful.  Their purpose is so that we remain...well, positive!  When you look at the mirror do you greet yourself with, "good morning gorgeous," or do you look at your face examining it with the precision of a forensic scientist noticing your perceived imperfections.

If that's how you start your day, looking at what's wrong and thinking of the difficulties that will greet you when walk outside your front door, where do you expect it to go from there?  Today's quote is, "Rapid descent occurs through betrayal of the mind - a mind which showers you with negativity and defeat."  Why why why do we do that to ourselves?  Habit!  We are in the habit on focusing on what is negative rather than what is positive.

We were all taught not to be conceited and not to boast about ourselves and to be humble.  There is nothing wrong with celebrating something great about yourself.  Life is about balance and the way we treat ourselves needs balance as well.

No, we will not be an expert in everything and yes, there is only one winner,  but just because you didn't get a trophy doesn't mean you are a loser.  Next time you feel that wave of negativity swimming through your veins, think of that one thing that makes you the unique being that you are.  Next time you are in the shower let those negative thoughts go down the drain and shower yourself with love, the love you deserve!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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  1. I have been waking up the last few weeks feeling mostly fabulous . The days are getting longer and mornings don’t feel so dark . I’m embracing waking up early . Thank you for posting this message Amy. ❤️ Pam