Thursday, January 30, 2020


Good morning everyone and happy Thursday to you.  If were able to share the holidays with both your parents then you are among the lucky ones.  I am blessed to have both my mom and dad on this earth.  My dad is an incredible human being.  I often refer to him as the Original Buddha.  He is the most mellow person I know.  He never worries about anything and sees the beauty in all.  I remember when my son was about two years old and wanted to kill a spider.  My dad looked at him and said, "don't do that, we are all God's creatures."  He then picked up the spider, tossed it outside and began a wonderful tradition in our home.

I never ever remember my father gossiping about anyone either.  It used to drive my mom crazy.  She is the complete opposite and isn't beneath sending out a jab or two to someone she is not fond of.  My father lacks the judgement gene.  The gene that allows us to know EXACTLY what someone else is like just by looking at them.

You know how genetics works right?  The dominant one wins out.  In my case I received the gene from my mom and have not been beyond a comment or two myself.  No one is perfect, right?  Here's the best part.  Sometimes the judgement I've made is completely wrong.

Here's another Amy story.  I went to a spa for a facial and while I was waiting to be called a woman walked past me.   According to my preconceived notion, she didn't look like what an esthetician should look like.  I was hoping she would keep walking but my appointment was with her.  Lucky me!    She gave me the best facial I had ever had.  Not only was she an excellent esthetician but she infused Reiki and sound healing into her facial.  Holy wow!

Today's quote is, "The best part of being judgmental is finding out you were wrong."   It really is.  It is the ultimate "Ah ha" moment.  We all talk the talk but do we really walk the walk?  Don't judge, we say.  Be kind, we say but do we act out those words?  We can judge anything and everything but in the process, we could be missing out.  Reserve judgement until you've seen it, tasted it, experienced it and done it. As the line from a poem by Mary T. Lathrap says, Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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