Tuesday, January 21, 2020


Good morning everyone!  Happy Tuesday.  We humans go through a rush of emotions on any given day.  We experience joy and sadness.  Frustration and anger.  Misery and melancholy.  A smile is preferable to a scowl but sometimes the scowl wins out.   Like our emotions our facial expressions are temporary.  A grin can easily change to a frown and back again to a grin.

When you experience this wide range of feeling and emotion is it internal or are you the whirling dervish type that needs to let everyone in on your mood?  Corny as it sounds, a smile spreads sunshine. It creates a desire for others to want to be around you and share in your joy but when you see someone walking with folded arms and a furrowed brow we tend to move out of the way.

Today's quote is, "Carry yourself with dignity intensity and grace not only when the storm approaches but when the waves recede."  We can't be happy all the time.  We can't be miserable all the time either, although I'm sure we all know people who are.  Obstacles will find us. It is a part of life.  That smooth silky road will have an occasional bump or two.  How will you handle that flat tire?

Obstacles like our moods are also temporary.  When they come knocking on your door, take a deep breath, survey the situation in your mind and walk through them with grace and dignity.  Hard times don't last forever and when you have forged through them you can continue walking with dignity and grace and that beautiful smile on your beautiful face!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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