Thursday, January 9, 2020


Good morning everyone!  Happy Thursday.  I am terrible with directions.  I used to think I was the only person who got lost but I discovered I was not alone.  When the GPS came out I echoed everyone's sentiments.  "They made that just for me!"  Anyone out there remember the days of those enormous atlases that lay on the floor by the back seat?  Those giant maps of the United States that dads used to use to find the way to Maine or Pennsylvania or New Hampshire or wherever that summer destination was.

No one has them anymore.  Everyone has a GPS on their phones or in their cars making maps obsolete.  I'm sure that somewhere there is a huge pile of atlases with numerous pages bent at the edges and water stains on the covers.  Truly there is no reason to get lost and if you do "recalculating" will be heard in a nano second!  If we do get lost it is because our minds are elsewhere.  While you are imagining plates of shrimp or pasta for dinner there is a possibility of making a right turn instead of a left.  A simple mistake and easy to fix.  If you do that everyday you may be hungrier than you thought or might just not want to go to your destination.

Little mistakes that don't impact us much are easy to ignore. The big ones are the ones we need to pay attention to so we don't repeat them.  But repeat them we do and more times than we would like to admit.  At one point are you consciously or subconsciously recreating a disaster?

Today's quote is, "Mistake followed by mistake followed by mistake is no longer a mistake but a choice."  For years I worked as an office temp hoping that one of the companies would hire me permanently.  It took several office chairs for me to sit in before realizing that an office is an office no matter how beautiful it might be.   My mistake was thinking that the next company would be different but when that light bulb finally got brighter I recognized that and changed careers.

Repetitive behaviors and actions producing the same crummy outcome need recognition and acknowledgement until that light bulb goes off .  No one wants unhappiness and misery to blanket their lives.  Mistakes happen but when they happen again and again you have made a choice to live unhappily ever after.  Recognition plus acknowledgement minus repetition equals happiness!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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  1. This makes sense Amy, how to stop the early morning feeling of not liking the dark and knowing as soon as the sun comes up and I’m outside I feel better is what I am working on .