Thursday, January 23, 2020


Good morning everyone and happy Thursday.  Are you all back to your pre-holiday weight?  Its funny how we watch everything that goes into our mouths before the holidays begin so we could eat as much as we want during them only to go back to step one a few weeks later.  What an odd ritual.  Why is food perceived as the enemy?  Why do we feel that we can't enjoy something delicious all the time?

Intentional deprivation can inadvertently lead to excess as we reach for the apple but really want that chocolate chip cookie. Certainly nutritional balance is important.  Balance is important in all aspects of life.  If we gave it some real thought, why is it that we deprive ourselves of anything.  I think that someone along our path told us we weren't deserving and we were dumb enough to believe them.

Today's quote is, "To the one who told you you deserve less - let them know they were sorely mistaken."  To the ones who said you are reaching too high.   To the ones who said, "you can't wear that!" "you can't go there," "you shouldn't eat this," "don't even think about it."

To all of them I say, how high is too high?  Wear what makes you feel good!  Go where your heart desires.  Eat WHATEVER!  And don't just dream about it....DO IT!  Sometimes all it takes is that one naysayer whose words get stuck in your brain while you ignore the other 100 who said, "go for it."

Only you know what is real for you and what is out of reach.  Negativity from others come from many places.  Unless you are in someone's head you will never know how their furniture is arranged.  Listen to yourself.  Go with what feels right.  When you do, you will never be wrong!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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