Tuesday, September 15, 2020


Good morning everyone!  Happy Tuesday.  All at once it seems like yesterday and forever that I have moved from the city and lived in the country.  Time has a way of doing that.  I have vivid memories of moving day, crying when I left my apartment in the city and crying again when I arrived on a rainy day to my new house.

Over time I grew to love my very new and different environment.  For the first time I was able to see an unobscured sky filled with more stars than I had seen in years!  What a difference 47 miles makes.  Staring into a starry night brings you back to childhood when you (and you know you did this) tried to count every star in the sky.

Looking up into a dark night illuminated by stars makes you think that anything is possible.  Anything!  And the best part is that no one ever said, "no you can't."  Today's quote is, "Now one has ever said there are too many stars in the sky."  Of course not!  Who would say such a thing.

We don't need an outsider to tell us what we already tell ourselves which is, "we can't," "it won't happen for me," etc. etc.  As children we were awestruck by the magnificence of the milky way and viscerally felt all the possibilities.

What happened?  We were given limits and we accepted them.  Silly us!  Release yourself from limitations.  Know that as there are endless stars in the sky there are possibilities that you never even thought of!  Let nothing stop you, least of all yourself!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy
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