Tuesday, September 1, 2020


Good morning everyone!  Happy Tuesday.  Yes its Tuesday so make the most of it.  Before you know it it will be Wednesday then Thursday then the whole thing starts again!  The cup of coffee you had last Friday is a distant memory if you can remember it at all!  The anger you had last Saturday over something you can no longer recall is long gone.  Emotions that upset us are no fun to be locked into but still they need recognition.

Today's quote is, "Impermanence is all that is permanent - emotions are fleeting - be in each and every moment because they do not last."  Would it be nice to live in a state of permanent bliss or wouldn't it?  Sadness, anger, loneliness are uncomfortable and difficult to be in but if it weren't for them how would we know happiness, joy and love?

The best thing about any emotion is that they are not ever lasting.  They are here to remind us we are feeling beings.  Take yourself back to a time of incredible emotional pain.  I know, not the most pleasant thing to be asked to do but just for a moment be in that place.  Now remember a time when you were overwhelmed with joy.  Much for fun right?

Both of these times are no longer.  Both of these times are but distant memories but how great is it that pain doesn't last.  Of course joy would be the preferred emotion to be in but if we didn't feel the pain of sadness, how would we appreciate happiness and love?

Allow yourself to be bathed in every emotion that washes over you.  They are impermanent, they are fleeting and they do not last!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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