Thursday, September 10, 2020


Good morning all!  Happy Thursday.  Have you ever fallen and seemingly out of the blue, someone is right next to you to help you up?  Have you ever been really down and gotten a text that immediately changed your mood meter?   No matter what has happened in my day, my four legged furry friend greets me excitedly with her tail furiously wagging and somehow anger, sadness, frustration and any problem I may have had dissipates into thin air.

If you ask the question, "what is an angel?" the answer might be a small little cherub with wings that lives in heaven.  While that might be the perfect Sunday School answer it isn't the only answer.  Today's quote is, "We walk with angels every day - we just might not see their wings."

Angels are part of our daily life.  They are the stranger offering a friendly smile, the person on the grocery store line with a full cart noticing your single item and letting you cut in front, the kid working in the ice cream store giving you your fourth taste of ice cream because you can't decide what flavor you like best.

A real heart looks nothing like a valentine, real heroes don't wear capes and true angels don't have wings.  Leave your preconceived notions in kindergarten.  That blob in your chest pumps life throughout your body and knows when true love has touched it.  The real heroes in this world are ordinary humans who care about their fellow man.  Angels?  They are the ones that make us laugh when we are sad, bring us joy when we can't find it ourselves and have the patience of, well, a saint!  We are surrounded by angels all the time~they just don't always wear wings.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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  1. Good morning Amy . You always write what I need to hear . Have a wonderful day .