Thursday, November 5, 2020

PUT AN END TO SUFFERING - Thursday, 11/5

Good morning everyone.  Happy Thursday.  As human beings, we have many things in common.  We like to think we are so different from each other but in reality we all want to be safe, secure, loved, prosperous and happy.  Not one of us wishes for sadness but on occasion we find ourselves in that place.  No one likes being angry but sometimes that emotion gets the better of us and while suffering on any level is certainly not desirable, we find that we suffer when we let our emotions take hold.

Today's quote is, "Suffering is the great equalizer among us all but does it have to be."  When we are sad, we suffer.  When we are angry, we suffer.  Expectation and anticipation can lead to suffering when the desired outcomes fails.  The amount of money in one's bank account does not protect you from suffering.

Some of us were raised in loving households while others found themselves in the most abusive of situations leaving an innocent victim to be both child and to self-parent.  It is difficult to understand why the Universe would put any child in such a home but it happens.

Those of us raised in enviable households can still find a friend in misery.  It is ultimately up to us to put an end to suffering by being our own protector, nurturer, friend and champion.  There are those brought into this world in the most horrific circumstances yet rise above while others simply cannot or don't know how.
Acknowledge the existence of pain and suffering but don't become life long friends.  Let joy overshadow pain.  Let happiness be stronger than misery and put a permanent end to all suffering.  It may not be easy but it certainly is a much more desirable way to live.

Have a wonderful day everyone! ~Love, Amy 

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