Tuesday, March 23, 2021


Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday.  How many of us went to college to study things we were told would benefit us for our future careers whether they interested us or not.  How many of us were pushed either into or away from certain careers because of what someone told us whether we were interested in them or not.  Take it a step further.  How many were pushed into marriages that neither party wanted?  Let me say that for the most part parents want what is best for their children but do they always know what that best actually is?  

Not everyone is cut for 9-5 and certainly not 8-8.  Conventional marriage as we know it isn't for everyone.  Life as we are supposed to live it has been projected onto movie screens for centuries and has left a lasting imprint on us all but what happens when it doesn't resonate with us.  Then what?

Today's quote is, "We are not all made for a life of convention - embrace who you are with love and the utmost respect."  You're not a loser because in a family of doctors you chose botany.  You're not a loser because you chose parenthood before or instead of marriage.  You might be expecting me to say how different we all are.  Its not that.  We are more alike than not.  We want peace and joy in our lives.  We want to be successful and fulfilled. We want love, respect and happiness.  The difference lies in the way we go about it.

We can all sing and we can all dance.  Whether we hit the right notes or step in time, who's to say? Its your song and your moves. 

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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