Tuesday, March 16, 2021


Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday.  Seriously my friends, are you feeling chipper and ready to go or are you dragging your heels today.  If I passed you by you wouldn't have to say one word.  I would easily read your mood by either your facial expression, your gait, both or the vibrations you are sending out.  That's right.  Vibrations are visceral.  They are in each and every one of us and although you cannot see them you can feel them in yourself and in others.  

Today's quote is, "The language you speak is understood not with words but with the vibrations within you."  Communication need not be verbal with family members or close friends.  We feel their vibrations a million miles away because of our connection.  What about the ones we aren't connected to.  A co-worker or the person behind you in the grocery store or the one that gives you a feeling of "ick" just to be near them.

No one wears a sign on their forehead that says "ick" nor does anyone wear one that says "I care," but we feel them both don't we.  We steer ourselves from ick and run towards care without anyone uttering a word because those inner vibrations are screaming.

Actions aren't the only things that speaks louder than words.  Through vibrations we speak a language that is crystal clear.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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