Thursday, March 18, 2021

FINDING YOUR KEYS - Thursday, 3/18

Good morning everyone and happy Thursday.  There are two types of people.  Those who throw their keys down wherever they happen to be and those who have a special spot for such items.  My mom is the former and I am the latter.  My mom can never find her keys.  I grew up listening to her perennial quandary.  "Where are my keys?"  It is probably for that reason that I always place mine in the same spot.  On the blue tray on the mail table.  

We can't get into our house without keys.  We cannot get to the store without our keys.  It is the intangible that also require the right keys.  Today's quote is, "Keys that unlock doors hearts and minds are ones we all have inside us given to us at birth - it is up to us when to retrieve them and put them to proper use."

Just like no one can find your house keys no one can tell you when to open up your heart to receive or when to open up your mind to see and understand in ways that you never have before.  No one can tell you when that perfect time will be, it is something you will inherently know and feel.  

The time for expansion arrives not with bells but with a quiet knowing.  When that time comes be ready for the fabulousness that comes with an open heart and an open mind.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone~Love, Amy

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