Tuesday, March 2, 2021

WINGS TO FLY - Tuesday 3/2

Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday.  What little kid hasn't looked up in the sky and wished they could fly.  I know I did when I was young and even recently while walking with my daughter the same wish came to my mind as we watched two hawks gliding in the sky.  In tandem we both said, "wouldn't it be fun if we could do that!?"  

The size of the bird never mattered.  Hawk or humming bird, they both have the ability to fly.  We might not have wings but we do have desire and it is that very desire that will allow us to fly as high as we want.  Today's quote is, "My wings are the perfect size - they allow me to soar to my destination."

The first thing we have to do is stop comparing ourselves to anyone and be happy exactly where we are on our path.  Would a sparrow envy a dove?  Of course not.  Each has the perfect sized wings to get to where they need to be.  Will, desire, longing and ambition come at different times for each of us but they do come and when they do, you will be ready to fly!

We don't have wings and we never will but we do have drive and desire, all that is needed to soar to our destination!  

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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