Tuesday, June 8, 2021


Good morning everyone.  Happy Tuesday.  Did you ever watch a baby taking their first steps?  The determination is comparable to nothing.  No matter how many times they fall, immediately they get up and start again.  Throughout our lives we have fallen more times than we can count. As we get older that determination to get up is sometimes not as strong as it once was and so we stay down rather than rise.

Desire must be stronger than complacency and that my friends is how we need to roll!  Today's quote is, "I've soared and failed - I've flown and fallen - I will always get up and continue to rise."   We've all had our setbacks and failures.  We've all experienced disappointment and defeat.  We have a choice.  We can stay on the ground or rise to the top.  Does it take work, determination and desire?  Hell yea!  

We've all been there.  Success is more fun than failure but the only way to get there is to lick your wounds, dust yourself off and continue to rise.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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