Tuesday, June 1, 2021


 Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday.  Someone has a birthday today.  I know they're out there thinking of ways they will celebrate whether it is birthday number 5, 25, 55 or older.  I love my birthday.  It makes me feel special and honored to have been blessed with the gift of life from my parents and from the Universe who obviously thought I should be here.  

Life is just one of the blessings that have been bestowed upon me but there are so many more such as  water.  That's right.  Water is a blessing.  Having enough to eat is a blessing but so are plates.  Rain is a blessing but so are windows.  Clothing is a blessing as is heat.  I could go on forever.  Its not just the big things that we have been blessed with but the ones we take for granted. 

Today's quote is, "The Universe has blessed me with miracles each and every day."  Don't just read it.  Acknowledge it.  Take a look around you.  Are you sitting on a chair?  Do you have shoes on your feet?  Did you just have breakfast?  Maybe its  payday on Friday.  Each one of these is a blessing.  

We've been told to begin our day with gratitude.  And why not?  Saying thank you is the least we can do for the blessings we have received large and small. I would like to take this moment to acknowledge the Universe for blessing me with my beautiful twins twenty-two years ago today!!! Happy birthday J & J! 

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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