Thursday, June 3, 2021

THE SONG OF PRAISE - Thursday, 6/3

Good morning everyone and happy Thursday.  Take a moment and think back on a really difficult time in your life.  Now take a moment to remember the outcome.  Was it a learning experience?  Did you cry your eyes out?  Did you discover your inner Superman?  Trying times take a toll on us but we get through them.  Life is filled with wonder and dread.  It can't always be wonderful and thankfully not always dreadful.  The important thing is that we got through it and here we are.  Have you acknowledged how you persevered during your hardship?

Today's quote is, "Sing the praises of your accomplishments and feats with pride knowing what you overcame was far more difficult."  In times of suffering the pain can be unbearable.  We aren't thinking how strong we are.  We aren't thinking at all.  We are just trying to survive the moment but when pain and suffering end how do you reflect on it?  Do you beat yourself up over what you said or didn't say or what you did or didn't do?

When do you give yourself credit for getting through pain and suffering?  We beat up ourselves up, we put ourselves down, we acknowledge our limitations but not our strengths.  It takes a boat load of strength to get through hard times.  Sing a song of praise and I will be happy to sing it with you!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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