Thursday, November 14, 2019


Good morning everyone and happy Thursday.  For those of us who like routine its good to know that Tuesday follows Monday no matter what else is going on in the world.  I for one love routine and structure.  It helps me to organize my day.  As varied as it may be on a Friday I take comfort knowing that Saturday is hours away.

Our routines may change but our day always begins when the sun rises and ends when it sets.  Within any given day we may feel confusion, struggle, enthusiasm, frustration and a million other emotions but we are still the same person in the morning as we are at the dinner table and while our appearance may certainly change, our inner being at 14 is the same at 40.  What changes is the way in which the lighting hits our perspective.  Growth is not just in height and width but in compassion and understanding. 

Today's quote is, "Transformation of a wave is constant yet it is still a wave."  As children we are under the influence of our parents, in unison with their beliefs but as we age we begin to question those antiquated convictions and form our own opinions.  This is all part of the growth process that turns us from children into adults with thoughts and beliefs of our own. 

If we were children who feared thunder, hated liver and loved puppies that child most likely still lives within us today but the child who was taught to hate and to hold grudges hopefully grew to understand and have compassion.  Like a wave in the ocean that is constantly moving, we ourselves continue to grow and transform to become better versions of the child we once were.  

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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