Thursday, November 21, 2019


Good morning everyone!  Happy Thursday.  We all love when the sun shines.  We love beautiful days with crystal clear blue skies but we need rain too.  We need storms of all types from gusty winds, pelting rains and heavy snowfalls.  Think of a blustery, Autumn day.  The wind clears the air and blows the leaves.  Rain washes away those leaves and snow blankets the ground creating a clean cover.

In our lives we are the creator of  our own personal storms.  They may start small and slow before the crescendo of thunder and lightening but after that things slowly return to normal and to a place where we can start over and start fresh.  Today's quote is, "Storms are there to wash away debris and clear away all obstacles that caused you to trip and fall." 

I use the word storm as a metaphor to describe the tumultuous times in our lives.  Smooth sailing is what we hope for but a brilliant sunny day could change as quickly as the flutter of a hummingbird wing.  Even if we keep our eyes on the skies and our ears tuned to the weatherman, Mother Nature will always do exactly what she needs. 

The hurricanes we create are sometimes crucial to creating change.  You must remember that as much as we like to think change is gradual, beautiful and easy, it can also be sudden, ugly and difficult. 

We create storms by ending relationships, friendships, moving, and changing careers to name but a few.  A friend of mine recently quit her job after being verbally abused by her boss.  She didn't go to work thinking, "today is the day." 

She went to work on a Tuesday and changed it from ordinary to extraordinary when she walked into Human Resources to say, "I quit."  Only after she quit did she realize she will no longer have a paycheck.  Scary?  I'd say.  But this was the necessary storm in her life to allow a welcome change.  

Leaving a job that provides you with income is scary.  We get comfortable in our misery until we can't take it anymore.  Conjuring up a storm is sometimes our only way out but it is also what is needed to wash away all that gets in the way of our desired success, whatever that may be!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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