Tuesday, November 19, 2019


Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday.  Rarely do I need my alarm clock in the morning. My body is programmed to wake up at the same time every day but on those days when I'm really tired, the beeping of that tiny clock is deafening!  Another deafening sound we hear is the one inside our own minds telling us to give up. 

Stop that train right now.  Today's quote is, "Lower the volume on the voice of defeat."   The voice that says "yes" is always so much lower than the one that says "no."   Once we go down that road its difficult to find our way back.  We continue to spiral and list all the things we can't do rather than celebrate our successes.

I will reiterate this sentiment until you shed those beliefs like a snake sheds its skin.  You've DEFINITELY heard this from me on several occasions and I'll keep repeating myself until you believe not me, but yourself.  It doesn't matter if someone thinks your idea is crazy or may never work.  It matters that you believe in yourself.  

Let me tell you a secret.  There are more people out there hoping you fail rather than succeed.  Envy? Jealousy? You bet, with a little "misery loves company" thrown into the mix.  The biggest way to defeat yourself and break your eardrums is to share your desires with the wrong person.  If you really need to tell someone talk out loud and tell yourself.  OR!  Tell me!  I am here for you all.  

The right time to jump ship from your routine might not be now but it is time to build that dream brick by brick.  

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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