Tuesday, November 26, 2019


Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday.  How are you going to dress on this chilly November morning?  Will you wear something warm enough to protect you from the cold?  When I was in college my mother had given me her old mouton coat to wear. 

For those of you who don't know what mouton is, it is the French word for sheep.  So yes, I wore a fur coat.  Please don't judge me here.  That coat was old and is long gone!  Sorry for the interruption but you needed to know.  OK, where was I?

Ah, yes.  I was talking about wearing my mother's old coat.  I loved that mouton coat.  I loved the feel of it, the look of it and the smell of it.  It was my mom.  She was very much alive (and still is) when she gave it to me. When it was on me I was immediately brought back to my little girl self seeing my hand in hers and remembering how I would rub her arm to feel her and the soft fur. 

It is amazing how an article of clothing can transport you to a different time.  Admiring myself in it I even looked like her.  But I wasn't her.  I was me.  I still am me with a mixture of influences from both my parents as we all are.  BUT...I am my own person.

Today's quote is, "The cloak of your mother and father have been worn and handed down - will you wear their's or your own."  It takes a long time to become who we are.  We are influenced by our caretakers; our parents and grandparents but we aren't them.  We certainly take bits and pieces from them.  We take their morals, their values and their beliefs but as we get older, we form morals, values and beliefs of our own. 

We must do this to be independent beings.  I saw my mom and God as one, their commands intertwined.  I prefaced every sentence with, "my mother said." One day I just stopped as I shed her thoughts to create my own.  The voices of those who raised you will always be in your mind and part of your being but that doesn't mean you become who they are.  Keep what you want.  Shed what no longer serves you and find who you really are.  

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!  AND have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.  My next blog will be Tuesday, December 3rd.  Enjoy the long weekend~
~Blessings and Love, Amy

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