Tuesday, August 25, 2020


Good morning everyone.  Happy Tuesday.  Did you ever sip your coffee and spill it on yourself?  Of course you did.  Who hasn't?  Accidents happen.  No one to blame.  It just happened.  There are times when things just don't happen.  There are times when things have a disastrous end because of what we did in the beginning and the middle.  Learning to take responsibility for our actions is imperative so that we understand the outcome.

Blame is the easy way out and unfortunately the preferred route many take but it is impossible to think that in life's blunders, you had absolutely no input.

Today's quote is, "Remember it was you who had the final say in all your actions."  We have the ability to say yes or no.  We have the ability to stop and to go.  We are thinking beings who make multiple decisions.  Some good, some not so much but if we do indeed make bad decisions we need to remember that WE were the ones who made them.

Owning up to our mistakes is not always easy.  We feel humiliated and defeated and have a really hard time admitting that we caused our own personal disasters.  The only way to avoid the next one is to stop and think and learn from previous mistakes.  If we don't learn from our past actions we will continue down the same road.

Live, learn and keep on learning but leave out blame.  If you have to blame anyone, blame yourself and no one else!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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