Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday.  Who likes to lose?  Who wants to participate in a race and come in last.  Is there a child out there who wants to lose in their soccer tournament?  Anyone brave enough to enter a baking contest is in it for the big prize, not to come home and say, "I lost."  

We can't win every race, soccer game or bake off but we can learn from the experience.  Maybe before our next race we have to stretch more.  Maybe those kids were too cocky because they won the last three games.  Perhaps our cake was too dry.  OR, maybe we just weren't good enough to win!  And that's ok.  

Today's quote is, "Defeat is part of the human experience - learn from it as  you would any teacher."  We have been doing a terrible disservice to our children.  We have told them from day one that the sun rises and sets over them.  We have told them that everything they do is awesome.  We have even told them they are perfect.  Determined to boost our children's self esteem we have simultaneously created ones who don't know how to handle defeat.

As adults we know that people lose at all sorts of things.  Defeat is more than losing a game.  It is a relationship that doesn't work out.  A job you didn't get.  The house that fell through, the one you really wanted.  The shoes that are in every size but yours.  The rain on your picnic.  Disappointments are part of life.

We all want what we want but we also need to know how to accept defeat and loss.  Accept it

 gracefully.  Learning to move on and let go is a most important skill.  It is in this way that you open yourself up for something even more wonderful and unexpected.    

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