Thursday, April 29, 2021


 Good morning everyone and happy Thursday.  The center of your being or your core is where you feel defeat or strength, courage or insecurity.  When you feel strong there is a beauty to how you stand.  Shoulders back, straight spine, confidence oozing.  When our self-esteem is compromised our shoulders curve inward and we lose at least an inch.  

An unkind word can send us into a tailspin whether it is true or not.  Some people know exactly how to press those invisible buttons but reacting or not is a choice we make.  Today's quote is, "No one can usurp your power - your strength and courage is yours alone."

Why do we abandon ourselves when we need self love the most?  Why do we ignore the compliments and cling to the criticisms?  Why do we allow self-doubt to take over when self-love should be front and center.  Does it go back to childhood?  Maybe but guess what.  We are no longer children.  Time to grow up, set boundaries and keep your power.  

You are in charge of you.  No one can overpower you unless you give them permission.  There are many things you can share but your power, strength and courage belong to you.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone. Love~Amy


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