Thursday, April 15, 2021


 Good morning everyone.  Happy Thursday.  I'm a fan of routine but not one of schedules.  I like regimens but I don't like deadlines. I do what I need to and I understand that some things are more important than others so I know what must be accomplished first.  

We are always looking at our phones to see the time.  We don't want to be late, or early.  We want to arrive on time.  But whose time?  Once you've asked what time it is, it is already gone.  Today's quote is, "There is only now."  I doubt very much that I was the first and only person to repeat this sentence but its a really important one.  One that we all need to see, hear, read and say.  THERE IS ONLY NOW!

And because there is only now we need to enjoy the now!  Not the tomorrow or the two weeks from now.  We need to be in each and every moment of our lives.  I certainly am NOT the first person to recite those sentiments either but again, it is good to see, hear, read and say.  

Instead of photographing our dinners (guilty), how about savoring the smell and taste.  Before you snap that gorgeous flower (also guilty), try looking at each petal.  Before getting in your car and driving to work, stop for a moment and listen to the silence and just look around. (YAY!  I do that all the time!)

Moments are many but actually being in them is rare.  Be a rarity and be in the moment each and every day!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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