Thursday, April 22, 2021


Good morning everyone and happy Thursday.  The days of travel will be upon us again.  Will you travel light or bring everything in your closet?  Packing is always overwhelming (to me it is). What if its hot during the day but the nights are cool?  Do you still take that bulky sweater?  The one that takes up so much room or do you suffer in cold silence.  The wonderful news is that there are stores that sell clothing wherever you go and isn't it fun to buy something new!

Life is the ultimate trip.  We think we know what to expect but many times we are thrown a surprise.  Today's quote is, "I've traveled in knowing and wandered in confusion eventually finding my way."  Why do we get so bent out of shape when we make a mistake or is it a mistake?   How many times have I said that mistakes are there for us to learn from.  That applies to everything from cooking a meal to traveling down an unfamiliar road. 

Can you imagine never making a mistake?  Can you imagine getting everything right the first time?  Can you imagine never suffering hardship of any kind?  At first you might think that would be the ultimate but think about all the people, places and experiences that would have alluded you.  The one who would have been a horrible long term partner but was just the kind of fun you needed.  The tiny specialty store, the one with the great (fill in the blank) you would never have found had you not taken a wrong turn and all the incredible experiences you have had which are way too many to count.

Let yourself travel and wander, meander and completely get lost.  You will reach your designed destination.  Until then enjoy the ride.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone~ Love, Amy

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