Tuesday, April 6, 2021


Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday.  My lack of knowledge in the technological department is legendary.  At least it is in my family.  It has allowed me to be a source of endless entertainment for my children but in the end they pity my ineptitude and help me do what I need to on my phone, computer or iPad.

We can always rely on our family to find our weak spots and laughingly point them out but we can also rely on them to help us in times of need.  My favorite type of help is when it comes from out of the blue and when we are surprised by the kindness of strangers.  

Today's quote is, "Help appears in ways and places unexpected and out of the ordinary - when it does be grateful and say thank you."  Who doesn't need help?  We all do at some point.  Several months ago I was going through a difficult time and like an angel, this stranger, (yes, a complete stranger) reached out to me to offer guidance and support for no other reason than wanting to help.  What did I do?  I gladly accepted it.

The world has been a strange place of late but there are good and wonderful people out there willing to help those they never met.  However help arrives in your time of need be it ordinary or extraordinary, be grateful and say thank you. Thank you Kelley!

 Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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