Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday.  When I get dressed I try to coordinate my handbag with my outfit.  Black and brown don't always go together but when you're running late in your black boots you sometimes have to grab the brown bag.  Had I gotten up earlier I would have had more time to coordinate.

Matching your outfit is a small thing to coordinate.  What is really frustrating is coordinating our heart's desires and making sure they happen when we want them to.  Well unfortunately it isn't always up to us.  Today's quote is, "Coordination between desires and timing is best left to a higher power but never stop dreaming - never stop working."  

Take a moment to remember all the things you wanted to happen in your life. Now take a moment to feel the gratitude washing over as you as you realize the timing would have been all wrong.  That's right.  You can be just as grateful that something didn't pan out!  

Does this mean give up on your dreams?  Hell no!  Nor does it mean drifting into complacency.  With focus you will reap the rewards of reaching your goals but that will happen organically, not when you say, "ready!"

Let the power of faith course through your veins and acknowledge the higher power stronger than your desire that is working just for you, for me and for everyone.  Work, dream, focus, create and don't forget to continue to live your life with joy.  What you want and when it occurs will be exactly when it is meant to.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy


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  1. Thank you Amy . Lots is happening in my life right now and your blog hit the mail on the head. Perfect timing as always .